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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with Z

Zads - "Suprised. "My Goodness!" or "Whoa!"

submitted by YO-YO

Zaftig - Plump women

submitted by maemae

Zah - Means you dont understand and you want them to repeat alot slower and in english

submitted by jungle_girl

Zang - Just another way of saying "dang"

submitted by Jiggy

Zanussi - On zanussi... means spaced out

submitted by rOB

Zanussi - Space/spaced out

submitted by rOB

Zapazeronlonie - Whipping out your penis

submitted by jack

Zapper - Remote control

submitted by angel...until naked! ;P

Zappity - TV remote

submitted by Jack Meoff

Zarfin - A quick movement made in confusion, eg "I'm zarfin out, man". Kinda like "I'm trippin out, man"

submitted by lemon

Zebadee - Dumb ass

submitted by Jamie Garrett

Zebra - A thing with a humongous butt

submitted by John Peanut

Zeek - Penis

submitted by beanz

Zepedy - A male slut always springing about

submitted by spode

Zester - Someone zesty

submitted by Kaitlyn

Zesty - Something cool, or funny, or bad, or lame

submitted by Kaitlyn

Zinc - A nick name for a best friend

submitted by quirt

Zinged - After taking the p**s out of someone, you say "zinged!"

submitted by sam west

Zingydongdingalinger - Gummy bear flavored condom

submitted by kiwi

Zinzer Bin - A good thing

submitted by lizzie

Zipped up - Means you're a person who obeys the rules constantly, like a browner

submitted by AnOnYmOuS

Zipper-Zapper - A remote control

submitted by justin

Zizzified - Extremely cool

submitted by saz

Zoidberg - Nasty girl with crabs which have evolved into lobsters.

submitted by Ward Perfect

Zoinks - Thats big!

submitted by FunaiDewd

Zombalistic - Hardcore, rad

submitted by april

Zong ! - Awesome !

submitted by Aussie Nick

Zonk - Intoxicated or to be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol

submitted by brittany

Zoo Keeper - Someone who puts up with your sh*t

submitted by bow chicka wow wow

Zooblah - Having a good (zooblah day)

submitted by Donitza

Zoolander - Ugly person that looks like a zoo animal

submitted by 4lyf

Zoot - A fat spliff

submitted by Bezza

Zowei - To be said when you get hurt

submitted by anonymous

Zuffle - When a common lad shags a posh lass and wipes his dick on the curtains before leaving

submitted by shaz

Zuggy - Splif

submitted by kjjkd

Zumba zumba - A really, really, really hot guy

submitted by kate

Zurble - An action similar to "waddling"

submitted by Katie \m/(>.<)\m/

Zwak - Type of juice that only tastes good when you're high.

submitted by -fish-socks-

Zwitter - German for hermaphrodite

submitted by ScubaSteve

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