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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with L

L-M-A-O - Lick Me All Over

submitted by Vele And Midasu

L.A.T.B - Look at that butt

submitted by smitty

L.A.Y.F. - Laughing At Your Face

submitted by suzie

L.D.B - Little Daddy's Bitch

submitted by Micheal

L.L.A.B - Laughing Like A Bitch

submitted by Shania

L.M.A.O.S.H.I.A.P.I.M.P. - Laughing My Ass Of So Hard I Almost Pissed In My Pants

submitted by Leo Meyers

L.M.F.O - Laugh My Face Off - when something is too funny to laugh your arse off

submitted by anonymous

L.O.L.L.A.B. - Lough out loud like a bitch

submitted by Glenn

L.O.L.S.M T.M.S.F.O.A.I.D.M.B.F.T - Laughing out loud so much that my sombraro falls off and I dropped my bean filled taco; use instead of lol... that gets sooo over rated

submitted by Sally Chessy Fingleburg

Ladle head - Somebody that has a head the shape of the end of a spoon

submitted by Adam Allen

Lala - Whatever, dismissive

submitted by Craig

Lamageddon - A riot

submitted by ikki mc fudge fudge

Langered - Totally and utterly pissed

submitted by slips

Lard-o - A person who is too fat to walk through a doorway

submitted by neb

Lardy-Dardy - Characterized by excessive elegance

submitted by catherine

Largered off your laa-laa - "Very drunk. eg "tonite, my friends, i shall proceed to get largered off my laa-laa, if that is quite alrite with you."

submitted by kelli xXx

Larkat - To have sex with your clothes on

submitted by Polala

Larly - "eg. "bloomin larly"

submitted by kelli xXx

Lasterday - Last night/yesterday

submitted by kaylr

Lates - See ya later

submitted by TML

Laughgasm - The feeling you get when your stomach drops when driving over hills fast.

submitted by Silly Dilly!

Lavid - Inability to talk, walk or generally behave in a social manner

submitted by Lara

Lawr - Derived from the words "lawl" and "rawr"; To be said when a person is fustrated yet amused at the same time. May also be said as "Rawl"

submitted by Niji Jagaimo

Laxcident - Thats what happens when you wish you 'only' farted.

submitted by Rickster

Le Shex - Evertime you would use the word 'sex' replace it with 'le shex'

submitted by fash

Leaming - Spacing out in class in a way that only you know your not paying any attention

submitted by jesus

Leather and lace - A great name for your local department store

submitted by KennyM!

Leek - Loser and a geek

submitted by zak n tashi

Leet - Said when something is awesome. Synonym: sweet.

submitted by Brien

Legend - When something i so good, it's legendary

submitted by Fluff

Leggit - "To leggit" means to run away quickly

submitted by Lostnbroken

Legless - Completely drunk. Cannot stand or do anything.

submitted by Kt

Leiberman Scratcher - Large mean dog - Not pure bread

submitted by Matt

Lemme in on the DP - Gimme a Beer

submitted by BOB

Lesbi-lisius - A lesbian that is fit but she will never go out with your sex

submitted by dawn smalley (im one of these but im not fit) im saggy

Lesbianic - Homosexual feelings that only occur when drunk or hyper

submitted by wheresthebread

Lesoff - The opposite of a moron

submitted by iddqd

Let the duds out - To throw-up

submitted by KennyM!

Lez Out - When 2 chicks make-out

submitted by Zach

LGTM - Laughing quietly to myself

submitted by tjcorey

Licken-ze-Dicken - A Gay Man

submitted by 4lyf

Lickmesplit - Oral Sex

submitted by Quinn

Lickumpcious - When you see a hot guy/girl say they are lickumpcious, means lickable and scrumpcious! YUMMY

submitted by KiKiOrngeSlice

Lid - The hair on ones head - "Nice lid, buddy!"

submitted by ssajr

LIDS - Poker Term: Lucky Idiot Donkey Syndrom

submitted by Donkbiz

Lieabetes - When someone compulsively lies.

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Lifted like a bench press - When you are really REALLY high.

submitted by getyourshitstraight

Like a Kenyan after a zebra - To go extremely fast

submitted by van den berg

Like Friggin' Heck - More of a saying, but it just has a better ring and reaction to it than the other version!

submitted by Kaitlin!

Lilliputian - Small person

submitted by Anonymous

Lillo - Litte cute thing

submitted by Macy

Limpdick - A man with no influence or power

submitted by Brigadier General Mansfield Cocknocker

Limper - Somebody who still uses slang from years past (i.e. P.H.A.T. or "Da Bomb")

submitted by Agent 8340328104

Linebacker's choice - A hard decision

submitted by mike

Link - Someone you dislike

submitted by Rosha

Lip Service - When someone agrees to do something but does nothing to support it

submitted by cazza

Liquid Balls - A person who gets drunk then thinks they are the biggest bad ass and can take on the whole bar. Even though they are the weakest person in there

submitted by Steve

Little Man Syndrome - A small man who buys big trucks, motorcycles to make up for his small body. They also wear tank tops that don't fit, and think they're tough

submitted by Steve

Llama - When all else fails, "llama" is the word to use

submitted by Sam

LMSFAO - Abbreviation of Laughing My Smelly F**king Ass Off.

submitted by Jadey-pops

Lobax - Saggy boobs

submitted by look_at_those_sAGGY_TITS

Lobster - Junky vehicle or cycle

submitted by jimmy zombie

Locochoco - Stupid and dumb

submitted by Pie face

Logan - (n form) A ubiquitous word with any and every meaning, when you are at a loss for a word use in the sentence : Man, today was really Logan ; also an ugly name

submitted by Logan

Loke - When you really like someone a lot, but don't quite Love them yet.

submitted by Mark Bowie <3 Alicia Rafferty

Lolageism - Laugh out loud hilarious!.. Use it to get funy looks from people who don't understand

submitted by Rhianneee:)

Lomush - Slut, hoe, whore, or bitch!!

submitted by Caitlin=]]

Looded - Too much lipgloss on

submitted by whatever

Looie - It's the feeling one has when you need to pee real bad!!

submitted by shobana

Loose-as-a-goose pussy - The pussy of a slut

submitted by kelli xXx

Lot Lizard - A truck stop hooker

submitted by ssajr

Loud Mouth Soup - Beer

submitted by Freerferret

Louloy - (Pronounced "Lu-Loy") I love you so much!

submitted by ANGELS-ON-FIRE

Love commando - The brave guy in your company who will take out the ugly one to allow you to score

submitted by flash

Love juice - Another word for the white stuff (not milk)

submitted by lennox

Lovedigger - A person who is only with another for his/her love.

submitted by Tony Elias

Lub - What you call the place between your ass and your thigh, when you can't tell where your ass ends.

submitted by 'connors a bitch'

Lubra Lips - Pronounced "Loobra" - Someone who drinks an unusual amount of liquid

submitted by 4lyf

Luciphistication - Being evil and doing it right

submitted by Aedus/Xerxes(TPP)

Ludaah - Crazy about the Girl's

submitted by GBN

Lufigrufnis - Stupid, idiot, or retard!!

submitted by Caitlin=]]

Luinner - A loser as well as a winner

submitted by anonymous

Luke Mal - Short form of "Luke Warm Mallard Duck" which is an ok looking girl.

submitted by Steven Glennie

Lully - To describe something that is lovely but the lazy and more amusing version!

submitted by Kayla and Amy

Lumpies - To carefully watch someone just to scare the crap out of them.

submitted by MQ

Lunapath - Lunatic and psychopath

submitted by joyce scully

Luncheonmeat Trunchon - Another word for male genetalia when being talked of around semi polite company

submitted by Mike

Lunky - Someone who is so fat they just scuff around all the time. They are simply, lunky!

submitted by Hannah T-izzle

Lush - Something nice or really good

submitted by

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