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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with G

G Rizz - It can be used in place of any word

submitted by Jim

G-leaf - Them twats that think they are ganstas but are just twats.

submitted by jak d

G-Unat - It's an insult towards people who are gangsters or preps and stuff. Me and some friends use it like everyday... "ja ja ja ja ja g-unat!"

submitted by Dai

G.A.Y - Georgous, Attractive and Young

submitted by Courtney Goy

G.G.G. - Goofey Goofey Goober - a peanut guy off Spongebob but his name is amazing I use it in time of depression to lighten things up

submitted by SOILHEAD

G.I.L.F - Grandma I'd like to f*ck

submitted by 3d

G.I.R.L - Meaning Guy In Real Life. Used a lot on multiplayer games to confuse and irritate others thinking you called them the opposite sex

submitted by zappy_flash

G.O.A.T - Greatest Of All Time

submitted by Erin

G.R.I.T - Guys Raised In Town

submitted by humairah

G.R.I.T.S - Girls Raised In The South

submitted by dp

G.W.A.S.O.P - pronounced (gwar sop) Translated means Ginga With Attitude Stinks Of Piss!!!! Or you can use G.W.A if you are a lazy bastard!!! Perfect response to a ginga who blows you out in a nightclub!!!

submitted by Chrisdarockstar

Ga Nooga Noogas - Boobs

submitted by Playboy Queen

Ga-hooz'dafringle - A word to be said at random, or to break an awkward silence

submitted by yogurt man

Gabby - What to call someone when they have gaps in their teeth because when you flip the b's upside down they become p's which turns the word into gappy

submitted by Emily

Gabriel - Alternative expression to "gay"

submitted by Mike N.

Gadzooks! - An English upper class cry of astonishment, esp. when one leaves a neasty stink in the toilet

submitted by Tony the king of homies, indeed.

Gaggle - It's when you laugh and gag at something nasty/funny

submitted by pablohoney

Gah - Nicer way to say God in vain

submitted by odessa girl

GAH! - A term used in surprise, generally for the completely unexpected

submitted by The Tangerine

Gah! - Can't be bothered with this!

submitted by JennyFur

Gah! Bumhug. - A twist on Scrooge, but about exasperated gay men.

submitted by la laa

Gambling - To try and fart without crapping one's self. If you gamble and win, no poo. Gamble and lose then you become that much browner.

submitted by Philip Fosdyck

Game Dirt - The grime that's left on your controller after a long gaming sesh

submitted by G-Dirt

Gammon - Women (i.e "nice bit of gammon" = "good-looking lady")

submitted by Benny J, London

Gammon Goalposts - A name for a woman labia. (vaginal lips)

submitted by Meddy

Gang Floo-shing - To be beaten without reply, in pool or something, by a team. Or Floo-shing to be beaten by one person without reply

submitted by Thomas James Durrant

Gangliated Jubate - A really tall, lanky, hairy guy

submitted by evil queen bee

Gangsta' Lean - To gangsta' lean is to put one hand on the steering wheel of your car, the other on your lap or out side the window, and to lean back as far as you can in your chair. Impresses gangsts' gurlz

submitted by JU

Gangsterlicious - Girl Gangster

submitted by Kala and Cassidy

Gank - To steal

submitted by Napoleon

Gaping Anus - A complete twat

submitted by

Gaplac - A guy that is gay

submitted by tanner

GAR - Manly beyond all comprehension - overwhelmingly so

submitted by Dante

Garbage - One's entire collection of genitalia.

submitted by Jake-Dogg

Gargle Blaster - A cocktail of alcohol that blows your head off

submitted by Sara

Garunga - A sort of battle cry or when something is very garungarish (quite spiffing)

submitted by Kienan 'Dear Slim' Molloy

Gash - "Bollocks, as in "oh gash, thats not worked" or "that was complete gash"

submitted by captain triceps

Gash - Dreadfully Awful

submitted by Philbert

Gash - A name for a girlfriend or lover

submitted by Lostnbroken

Gash - Cool

submitted by anonymous

Gay - Gives Away Yeasts

submitted by Anonymous

Gaybian - A girl who is a lesbian but looks like a man

submitted by Bill & Barry

Gaybibo - Happy, or Happy person, i.e "Are you gaybibo?" "I'm gaybibo!"

submitted by Kimmi

Gayrific - When someone or something is horribly and terrificly gay.

submitted by Willy Ruiz

Gazoooba - Said when someone smells

submitted by yoma

Ge'zzot - (pronunced "gzzo") Hot and sexy

submitted by drunkdog

Ged - A word from Blairgowrie, Scotland, can be used after any sentence, be it positive or negative, ged! It's a chav word but it's a braw scottish word!

submitted by Yvonne.

Geddles - The same as ged except it's the Stirling Uni version, however the word is yet to catch on, sigh.

submitted by Yvonne, ged.

Geebs - Refers to a studly guy i.e. Hunk, Stud etc

submitted by Alex (Geebs) Giebel

Gegs - Glasses. A person wearing gegs would be described as 'gegsy'

submitted by boro aims

Geh-het-to - Way cooler way to say ghetto

submitted by BROWNBAGIRL

George of the Jungle - A hairy dick

submitted by jeneva12

German Dart Kiss - Spitting lugies inside of each others mouth while making out hardcore

submitted by richards camel nuts

Gertrude - Quite rude. To describe an action, rather than a person.

submitted by Reno-kun

Get in my basket - Way of saying get into my bed but less sexual for the 4 year old cousins if they are coming round

submitted by Helen smith

Get in your guts - Wants to have sex

submitted by Ashley Marie

Get on it / Get ya neck in - Get with someone / Get off with someone.

submitted by woooo!

Get your sh*t on a stick - Get your act together, pull yourself together

submitted by tylerb

GettoRedneck - People who live in the getto but act like they're in the sticks in the country.

submitted by Mandi

Gey - Not 'gay' but 'gey' like stupid, idiotic, dumbo.

submitted by Nikki

Ghandis Flip Flop - Morning after a heavy night of boozy madness, you are going to wake up with the driest mouth this side of Australia! Feels like you have been sleeping face down in sand! That my friends is what I call Ghandis Flip Flop!

submitted by Chrisdarockstar

Ghandis Revenge - After a curry, the following morning you are on the loo for like half the day!!! Thats Ghandis Revenge!!!

submitted by Chrisdarockstar

Ghay - Basically "gay" but the "h" makes is sound a whole lot cooler

submitted by Claire Amy Dean [Mackam Fags]

Ghetto-Rigged - When something doesn't work well and you fix it with anything you's ghetto rigged (eg. my window cracked, so i ghetto rigged it with a trashbag and some duct tape)

submitted by evil queen bee

Ghettoblaster - Something undescribable; great or disappointing

submitted by Erin E

Ghettofabulous - Gorgeous

submitted by Ness

Ghettro - Ghetto Retro or old school ghetto.

submitted by Zach

Ghost Poo - A poo that seems to have disappeared, without any trace, when you turn around to look at it.

submitted by Meddy

Ghost in the hand! - Broke/poor

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Gibberfied - Being really crap at something

submitted by mattandy

Gibble - Big booty, but your breaths stinks and you're ugly

submitted by Deez nuts

Gibbs-slap - To smack someone on the back of the head

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Gible-enso - Completely stupid and dumb

submitted by bob

Giffle - The answer to all hard questions

submitted by Giffle

Giggady Giggady - Is nice, sweet, I like her

submitted by boshakaklaka

Gigglepuss - Someone who laughs a lot

submitted by poopluis23

Gikabeekabeeka - Flashdrive

submitted by shrimpie

Gimp - Unpaid prostitute

submitted by Kitten

Gimpy - Jacked up

submitted by kenzie

Gina - (Pronounced "Jy-Na") The webbed skin between your index finger and thumb

submitted by anonymous

Ginch - Story... as in "What's the ginch?" or "I don't know what the ginch is with that?"

submitted by Ali

Ginger Ninja - Referring to a Red head

submitted by neats45

Ginger Spice - Spunky redhead

submitted by Ashley Marie

Gingery Broth - A pumpkin, turnip, ginger and parsnip soup or a ginger persons 'fluids'

submitted by BB

Gink - A big dork

submitted by irishmissie

Ginos - Money

submitted by jimmy zombie

Give - An unspecified threat - ie "If you don't behave yourself I'll give you"

submitted by Rhian_Demon

Gizmo - Cute, nice looking, but will never go out with/date or sleep with that person

submitted by anonymous

Gizzard - An ugly chick that has a bad smell

submitted by will bishop

Glasgow Kiss - A Headbutt

submitted by Jimi

Glib Doop - A way of describing something that is really really confusing.

submitted by Ross

Globbery - When your socks are all loose around your feet, my sister invented this one

submitted by tmac

Globe Head - A chick who poofs her hair so HUGE that her head looks like a Globe.

submitted by Lisha

Globular Globby Glob - The phrase to descirbe the movement of fat people.

submitted by Lesbian Dildo Bum Fest

Glook - Another word for Bitch or Sh*t

submitted by Haley

Glover - Used to describe a person who has no friends

submitted by northern

Gnadger Scratcher - A guy who sticks his hands down his pants and re-arranges his gnagers with no shame whatsoever, even in full public view

submitted by anonymous

Gnar-kill - Overly awsome

submitted by ilsnob

Gnat butter - That white stuff on a dogs pecker in the summer that gnats stick to.

submitted by binski

Gnurl - To ram ones knuckle between someones balls and then push really hard

submitted by Ga Ga Lady

Go Long - Do a poo

submitted by Liz long

Go poke yourself! - It's more of a cus than anything, You can use your imagination for what it actually means. It can be added on to for example 'See that bush over there, walk over to it go inside and poke yourself'.

submitted by Paulie

Go suck a duck - Well, basically... just go away!

submitted by Duckling

GOAT - God Only Appreciates Toast (or anything else that begins with T)

submitted by Tim The Encanter

Goat Cheese - Chunky dripping lactant from nipples

submitted by J BENTLEY

Goddizzam - Goodness me

submitted by sinister clothcat

Gogsy - Cosy, snuggly, comfy

submitted by Liv

Going For a McShit - Entering a fast food restaurant with no intention of buying food, you're just going to the bog. If challenged by a pimply staff member, your declaration to them that you'll buy their food afterwards is a McShit With Lies.

Goingtay - Really Attractive Man! He makes you hott!

submitted by annjilla

Gollywash - Gosh, omg or similar. eg: "Gollywash that mans got no pants on"

submitted by jane

Gomp - Someone who is/looks very stupid

submitted by lube-in-a-tube manchester

Gomper - Even worse than a "gopper"

submitted by lushboy

Gomper - Ugly

submitted by anon

Gona-Sypha-Herpal-Aids - An illness/disease - Example: "Hey, Big Johnson! Make sure you wear your raincoat bro, wouldn't wanna catch those GonaSyphaHerpalAids!"

submitted by MickyBlueEyes

Gonads/nads - Testicles

submitted by Foolio

Gonasyphilherpilaids - A mix of a few sexually tramsitted diseases

submitted by Katie

Gonk - A very stupid person. Defined as: A plastic toy.

submitted by Daniel Cox

Goob - Ugly freak

submitted by Jenny

Goober - Large-eyed loser

submitted by mattandy

Goober - A person who picks their nose

submitted by Nicole hockisean

Goobernaught - Someone who is very silly and sometimes very immature about life. Cannot take many things seriously

submitted by Xia

Gooby - Good Baby

submitted by Karen from P-town

Gooch - The skin between your balls and ass hole

submitted by random_nutter

Goochmonster - Someone who won't stop bugging you! They really get on your gooch

submitted by N Ellis

Goochy - Awesome

submitted by avah s.

Good from far - Ffar from good - Refers to a person who looks good from far away but as you get closer it all goes downhill

submitted by ha-mez

Goodies & Baddies - Tampons & Pads

submitted by Nate

Goody - Every so often, we are graced with a Good Hoody. This is rare because most hoodies are uncomfortable and have bad hoods. If you ever come across a Good Hoody it's called a Goody :) EX. Guy1: "Dude, my hoody is so sh*tty, it has a pointy hood and is not even soft at all" Guy2: "Not me! I have a Goody! ;)"

submitted by Grubb

Gookerchu - Someone with slinted eyes

submitted by Dave

Goon - "Geek or someone who has just done something really stupid - "How much of a goon can you get?"

submitted by kelli xXx

Goon - Idiot

submitted by amy

Gooner - Idiot or someone that really pisses you off.

submitted by Tubba

Goontard - Can be a silly pet name or is another way of calling somone an idiot or a jokester or whatever... It's an all purpose word and can be used in place of "bad" words. eg "Steve is such a goontard for quiting his job!"

submitted by Kamela Raines

GOOOUUUUUUUU - What you say when you see something ugly, repulsive, or nasty that shocks you.

submitted by Tyler ZombieFyd McCain

Gooozfrabar - To be said to someone when they are particularly angry (to calm them down)

submitted by gazza426

GoPoop - When you poo and you look down the toilet and nothing is there...

submitted by Oliverrr :)

Gopper - A person that is a right old minger

submitted by lushboy

Gork - Dorkie geek

submitted by caramel

Gormazing - Bigger than amazing!

submitted by Heretical scribe

GORP - Someone who sits in th bathtub and farts then tries to bite the bubbles when they come to the surface. YUM

submitted by MickyBlueEyes

Gorp - A dweeb

submitted by irishmissie

Gos - Get the hell away from me or I'll kill you

submitted by Ghrazam

Gosu - Hella cool

submitted by boogie

Gotta go see a man about a wallaby - To go take a dump

submitted by sammy-boii

Gotter/Gottem - When someone says that you're wrong and you turn out to be say GOTTER (if it's a girl) or GOTTEM (if it's a guy) to the person who said you were wrong.

submitted by Humuhumunukunukuapuaa

Goud - Tampon

submitted by Smilfer :)

Gowl - As in "That guy's some Gowl!"

submitted by MISSY E

Gozzle Goozle Dang a Lang - A guy with an outrageously large penis

submitted by Anonymous

Graabir D'Booobi - Grab a girls booby

submitted by Yung JP

Graft - Sex

submitted by Hussie

Grandpa Munster's Secret Formula - The wet, cheesy mess that forms under a morbidly obese woman's tits, who doesn't shower for the duration of a heat wave.

submitted by M. Begora

Granola head - Someone with dreadlocks

submitted by Zach

Gravedigger - What you call a young lady whos with an old guy whose occupation is less or equal to a teacher

submitted by Tyler Zombiefyd McCain

Gravy - Meaning easy. Ex: "I can't believe he missed that field goal--it was gravy!"

submitted by Ashi

Gravymaster - Clutz... dumbness

submitted by android

Grazers - Carzy about monsters and scarys things

submitted by T

Greasy Sky Mask - When a guy rubs his sweaty balls on his hands and whips it on a girls face.

submitted by julie

Grebo - Grunger

submitted by

Greeb - Someone who wears alternative clothes (sorta punky clothes)

submitted by tArD.pMsL

Greek Style - To get it up the butt

submitted by sniperace777

Green Ronnie - Cheat/Cheater

submitted by JB

Grenade - The ugly girl with a cute friend. Your buddie has to jump on the grenade to save the team. AKA. wingman

submitted by DJ Maximus

Grenade - A really ugly girl or guy

submitted by --*Kimi

Greyhound - Really short skirt, 1 inch from the hair

submitted by james

Grimey - Messed up

submitted by Casey

Grinkles - Wrinkles in the skin around the gut of an obese person; can be used as an adjective ("look at that grinkly person") or as a noun ("wow, that person has a lot of grinkles")

submitted by alex

Griphorse - A twat, a loser, someone who generaly gets on your nerves eg, "you f***ing griphorse!"

submitted by si

Grizelfart - Old man fart

submitted by JillRissy

Grizz - The act of incredible bravery in the face of stupidity

submitted by BREEZZY

Grizzle-stick - A used tampon

submitted by ieatcake

Grocery Hole - Another word for anus

Grody - Something gross

submitted by Kayla

Grody - Gross and nasty

submitted by jessy

Grody Beans - Well, you can say this when you see something nasty. Example: a big fat chick licking stuff off herself.

submitted by Montana dudes

Grody-Bogeas - Icky, gross

submitted by Sam

Groinlicously Crotchtastic - A word that means you really want in a girls pants

submitted by lukey baby

Grollies - Snot/bogies

submitted by the bird

Gronk - "Someone who acts like an idiot and/or dickhead .eg. "your such a gronk"

submitted by emma

Grotbag - To be on a lower level of hygiene than everyone else

submitted by duffy

Grubble Bubble - A big bubble blown from the arse.

submitted by cozza cha

Gruff - Fart

submitted by Juggs

Grufty - A fat, hairy, chunky and rough girl

submitted by M

Grundal - The skin between your butt and ball sack

submitted by rasorid

Grundle - The part between your ass and scrotum

submitted by Clay

Grundletongue - When you fart and it drifts into your or someone elses's mouth, it's a grundletongue.

submitted by The Mighty Bob

GTF - Get To F**k

submitted by james

Gu Gu - Stupid like a dodo bird

submitted by anonymous

Gugungous - (Said juh-gun-gus) the sense of bigger than was expected.

submitted by Angel_of_Wrath

Guiche - The piece of skin between your anus hole and ball sac

submitted by Corby

Guigg - Milk and Vodka mix

submitted by drummerboy_on_fire

Gumper - A really ugly person, who smells really bad and has bad teeth!

submitted by Emi

Guns - Biceps

submitted by benny j, london

Gunt - The slope or angle between a womans belly button and her c**t

submitted by Peadar

Gunt/Funt - A word for the fat, oversized bit of an obese woman's vagina, the bit that hangs over her jeans

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Guntume - A person who trys hard to be cool but isn't

submitted by +*Sarshie*+

Gurbil - When in anger and in the presence of authority..this means gurr and bullshit

submitted by Erin E

Gurf - Moist region between the poon and ass and female version of the durf

submitted by Megan and Olivia 2010 babies

Gurnklesnitchelish - An adjective meaning nonsense

submitted by Billy

Gurpled - To sing in the shower

submitted by SHOWERMAN!!!~!!

Gurt! - A Bristolian word that exaggerates how big something is

submitted by Kayla from Bristol

Guttersnipe - A person of the lowest class.

submitted by Punxzilla

Guydea - An idea or thought from the male gender

submitted by jasonsgirl

Gwan - 'Going on', but can mean just 'hello' or 'alright'. Gwanly. Gawnificent. Gwantabulous. Gwaning. You Need It In Your Life

submitted by Dadddy J

Gwapa - An awkward social situation

submitted by anonymous

Gwli - The back lanes of houses down in the south wales Valleys

submitted by Rhian_Demon

Gypsys Kiss - To have a piss

submitted by Karlos

Jel - Jel is the same as jealous (usage: 'you are so jel!')

submitted by rep. of amanda and jo

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