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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with D

D,D,G - Drop Dead Gorgeous. A nickname for a very cute boy

submitted by kaylee

D-Doi - Doomsday chick - nasty nasty chick you wouldn't touch

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

D.I.L.F - Dad I want to F*ck

submitted by LemonSeed

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F - Does It Look Like I Give A F***....makes for a good bumper sticker

submitted by

D.O.R.K - Daughter Of the Risen Kink

submitted by Molly Wentzel

D.O.T.L.R. - Dandruft of the lower region, in other words "itchy pubes"

submitted by Samaj91

D.S.L. - Dick Sucking Lips

submitted by Michael

D.U.F.F - Designated Ugly Fat F*ck: A girl who is used by another girl to make herself seem more attractive.

submitted by DUDE

D.U.F.F. - Dumb Ugly Fat Friend

submitted by Luke

Da bomb diggidy - You're cool, you're the best or you're just plain awesome

submitted by tiajmarie

Da Bonana King! - Instead of saying "the bomb" {xD who says that anymore?} say "dude, you're da bonana king!"

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Da Port - Scum ridden town of South Wales; original land of the Chav, burberry and the GLC

submitted by Bob

Dabble - "You dont quite get the "Full Bag" of naughties from that person but you do have a treat! a "Dabble"

submitted by Danny Boy

Dadurr Dadurr - Its acutally more like a sound you make when someone says something dumb

submitted by Pablo

Dag - A word used by snowboarders. e.g. Dag, yo! or That is dag! or what the Dag?! or Daggin' board, man! or I have to take a dag! etc. Confusing, I know.

submitted by Kazer91

Daggury - A strange unconditionalised way of transport

submitted by finn

Dam straight - another version of the word yes (e.g "dam straight i'm right")

submitted by monkey

Dammis - Dumb ass

submitted by dunno

Damn skippy - It means the same as "damn straight", but it's a cuter way to say it!

submitted by aims from the boro

Damnit Hoe - It's the first thing that I say when I get hurt, I scream "DAMNIT HOE". It's pretty funny and also it's fun to say because its totally randome sometimes

submitted by Julie

Dang Girl! - Ya know what i'm talkin about!

submitted by Masen

Dangleberries - When someone has hemmaroids

submitted by wacko jacko

Dank - Cool

submitted by asdkljv

Dank - Very potent weed or cool

submitted by Chriven

Dannk - Gross, nasty

submitted by danielle

Dapper - Amazing/Cool

submitted by emzi

Dapper - Brave

submitted by Alexia (Belgium)

Dead on Arrival - A date gone bad!

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Deal - A man's privates. ex - "That little whore went right for my deal!"

submitted by Frank N. Stein

Debangle - When your pubes get tied in knot

submitted by mark

Dece - Short for "decent". You say "that's dece". Can be used in whatever situation like somebody gave a decent comeback and you dont want to put them down

submitted by felix

Dee-you - Cantonese word meaning f*ck

submitted by Joyce

Deebo - To take away from someone or to steal

submitted by The one n Onlii ganagsta mami KIKA

Deet - Getting stoned

submitted by beth

Defenestrate - To throw out of a window (real word)

submitted by Jamie

Defenestration - The act of throwing a person out of a window

submitted by Rose

Defenistrate - To throw someone out a window

submitted by yellowag4ever

Defenstrate - To throw someone or something out the window

submitted by winniethepooh

Deferistration - It actually means 'random urges to throw people out of top floor windows' but if someone is irritating you, you can say 'this guy is making my deferisrational problems worse, and i've run out of tablets'. The irritating person will be awed by your awesome intelligence at being able to say big words like 'de-fer-is-ration'!!!

submitted by fobolobo (and viv)

Degenerate - Complete waste of blood and organs

submitted by Tommyhol

Deluckchuck - Good bye

submitted by whitney

Deng - Stupid/Gay/annoying

submitted by dan the man

Denseass - Someone who is thick

submitted by kelli xXx

Derff - A number between 5 and 6

submitted by Luc Labbee

Derkuh - Another way of saying "duh"

submitted by anonymous

Desert Wellies - Used for flip-flops or opened toed sandals. See also Jesus sandals

submitted by anon

Detititated - When you hit a friends boob by accident

submitted by me dummy

Deuce - A very ugly girl

submitted by Kevin.y

Deuche - An idiot

submitted by e.l & m.

Deushce bag - Chuffer cleaner

submitted by Mrs. Fliginger

Devils Lettuce - Weed. :)

submitted by Claire

Devoed - Formed from Devastated when something goes wrong.

submitted by anon

DFNU - Dead from the neck up!

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Dhia-rumpus - Severe diarreha

submitted by von

DHL - Delivery Halfway Lost. A delivery company...

submitted by Arcazan

Diabolic - Wicked

submitted by bijesh

Diapers - The girlfriend of a man who is so young by comparison to her mate that when he was her current age she would have been in diapers

submitted by faxe king

Diarhoftenliftenstief - "Lipstick" in german

submitted by amp

Dib dab - When an older male has a liking for younger females

submitted by raffa

Dibber - TV remote.

submitted by Reno-kun

Dick Duster - Any queer with a thick beard, or just call someone with a beard a dick duster

submitted by tenpen

Dickalicious - A yummy man

submitted by Jasminbelle

Dickmatized - When a girl is whipped over a guy for sex. i.e "Dude, she's so effin dickmatized over you."

submitted by Blaspheman and Corrupt0r

Dicksnot - When you're really really GAY

submitted by Caitlin and Elyse

Dickturd - General insult for someone who has done something stupid

submitted by Sazz

Diddims - A sarcastic way of saying "I dont care"

submitted by Jessi-Lee

Diddle Fritter - Someone that's an idiot

submitted by a kiddie

Dig - Cigerette

submitted by Nobber

Dig in the Grave - When a Man needs a shave.. Need a Dig in the Grave

submitted by Philbert

Dillhole - Another word for moron/idiot.

submitted by en

Dilligaf - Does it look like i give a f*ck

submitted by stacey

Dilligaf - Do I look like I give a f**k?

submitted by kev

Dilligaff - Abbreviation, Does It Look Like I Give A Flying Fu**.

submitted by Lovejoy

Dime - A fine ass honey,

submitted by Kevin.y

Ding - Used by snowboarders when describing a dent in stuff, for example, "My board is so dinged up dude!"

submitted by WaWa!

Ding-dang-do - That is quality/I am happy now

submitted by Nickers

Ding-Dong - A dick, or can be used as orgasm (Baby, make me go Ding-Dong!!!!!)

submitted by Melissa

Dingaling - Male's fun parts!

submitted by RayRay! :D

Dingle-Berrie-Mcspaz-Atron - A person who spazes all the time and can spaz very easily

submitted by ADD ME

Dinglebarry - When you pick a piece of hair out of your bum after taking a shower!

submitted by yums

Dingleberry - Stupid person

submitted by Mike

Dink - A gay faggot. ex. "Mike is a dink"

submitted by kristen

Dinkas - Toes

submitted by tabatha

Dinkiewhompus - 1:a slang term for a useless trinket, thing, or sometimes person. 2:useless fat kid who won't stay out of the fridge

submitted by cody v.

Dinlow - Westcountry (wiltshire) term for a stupid person. As in "what did you do that for you f**ing donlow?"

submitted by core_confusion

Dipthong - When someone does something stupid and you go "Don't be such a Dipthong!"

submitted by livinwthem

Dirt road - Poop stuck on your anal hair

submitted by KennyM!

Dirt-e-Squirrel - A real dirty person

submitted by ur mom

Dirty Clouch - Lighter

submitted by jackie

Dirty Rotten Flatterap - Damn it!

submitted by Grandma Norma Jean

Dirty water - You know someone who says something mean about someone else.

submitted by none

Discombobafryer - A really bad chef

submitted by Oli D

Discombobulate - To confuse (real word)

submitted by Jamie

Discombobulated - Something is totally f***ed up! eg. "My hair is discombobulated!"

submitted by chaz

Discombobulated - Out of it or confused.

submitted by asher

Discombobulation - When you are confused

submitted by i.p.freely

Disenclined to Aquiesce to Your Request - Means No.


Disgabooberated - In a flap, confused, out of sorts

submitted by lee allen

Disgustipating - Something disgusting and frustrating.

submitted by Dibart

Disney Land - Another word for vagina.

submitted by Mrs.Urie

Ditch - A chick you suspect of being a lesbian because she is a total bitch to all men

submitted by S.Toner

Ditch some dirty water - To have sex to get rid of the horn.

submitted by mal

Dits - Male Breasts

submitted by Angus n Scott

DLATLSH - Damn look at that lesbian she's hot!!

submitted by 2 anonymous naughty chicks

Do as I do tell you not as I do do - Do as you're told

submitted by Rhian_Demon

Do one! - "F**k off", basically

submitted by Sarah.h

Do-nut - An Idiot or Fool who does something stupid

submitted by anon

Dodecaheadron - Dont know, something to do with 10, bloody good word though!

submitted by Jimmy Grant

Doesoap - One who is not very bright

submitted by P.Simmons

Dof - When somethings so hilarious you shout "that's dof!"

submitted by Chicken licken

DOG - Doddery Old git. Used to describe that annoying driver in front who insists on going slow.

submitted by Andy

Dog Noses - Ski slope sagging tits

submitted by Fur

Doge - Expensive, good weed

submitted by Napoleon

Doggina - Female dog's genitals

submitted by Angie

Doi - Used in reference to a pretty girl. (ie "Dude...doi")

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

Doidle - (pronounced 'Doy-dell') Means mistake, when the word mistake doesn't quite fit.

submitted by foxflight

Doink - A foolish or stupid person

submitted by Jiggy

Dola - Short for "Don't laugh"

submitted by Rosha

Dolo - Slang for Penis (Some places in Hawaii)

submitted by Ian

Dololly - A thing... can refer to any object

submitted by Amy Castillo

Domas - Dumbass

submitted by Ping

Don't make me have a B.F.! - Bitch Fit!! A wobblie or strop

submitted by squirt

Don't you feel milky? - Don't you feel stupid?

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Dondillas - A group of blokes going on holiday to party and get pissed.

submitted by Dan

Dones - Somebody who can be found festering in their bed, coming out only to eat food (often tuna) or to urinate.

submitted by Sats

Donker/Doofer - TV Remote

submitted by j

Donker/Doofer - TV remote

submitted by j

Donkey - Another name for an ass (eg. "She has such a nice donkey")

submitted by eanna burke

Donut - You really WANT that person. Ex: if they're name is Ben..."I want a Ben-donut"...yummy!

submitted by lukewarmbabe

Doo-hickeys - "Mysterious gadgets for which there appears to be no "real" term, e.g. most parts of a Swiss Army Knife"

Doober - Dorkie goober

submitted by caramel

Doobie - A joint

submitted by Jack

Doobie Snack - To smoke a joint

submitted by chrondons

Doodad - A word used when you can't think of noun. ex. "it's the right doodad that you cut."

submitted by summer lee

Doodamakokabear - You're a stooge/idiot

submitted by Chloe

Doodash - A fat kid or person

submitted by jennifer

Doodle - A girlfriend.. Use in context like "I had no idea you had a doodle, but tis nice enough"

submitted by annoymous

Doodleberries - Testicles

submitted by Lauren

Doodlebutt - Idiot

submitted by bizzi

Doohicky - Something that you can't remember the name of!

submitted by Leanne

Dookie - To take a crap

submitted by numbernum

Doolaley - Not all there

submitted by Chaz

Doomaflatchie - Any object, idea, or person whose name you've forgotten

submitted by Jimbo the himhoe

Doomaflotchy - A thing which you can't remember the name of

submitted by lauren

Doomer - Complete Dumbass

submitted by Mykul

Doomslice - A terribly embarrassing insult

submitted by Mistress Doomslice

Dooooooooom!!! - Something really good. ie "I just got laid" "Dooooooooom!!"

submitted by Clayyy401

Doorknob Licker - Much like a 'Window Licker' but very worse because you can't make it to a window

submitted by riley is the shizzzz:) much loveā™„

Doosh Bag - Meaning 'Arse-hole' but without swearing

submitted by Amy...ox

Dooshe - Said when giving a friend a friendly punch when joking around or accompanied by an evil look when they say something offensive but jokey and you're too far away or cant be bothered to give them a punch

submitted by Shelly

Dooshe - A guy who is completely stupid

submitted by Andy

Doot duder - Remote control for the TV

submitted by arseface

Dooz Fest - A person, place or thing that is very odd or crazy

submitted by Dooz fest

Doozey - Idiotic, funny, annoying

submitted by anonymous

Dope - Totally awesome

submitted by Louie

Dord - A mix between a dork and a nerd

submitted by Cassie

Dorkass - The mix between a dumbass and a nerdy dork. Used great in combacks if somebody calls you a dumbass.

submitted by haleemorgan<2

Dorkatard - A complete idiot

submitted by Saywhat?!

Doubcheeburg - Double cheese burger

submitted by ann

Double bagger - Someone with a really hot body but an ugly face, so you need to put two bags over their head when you do them

submitted by anonymous

Double-bagger - Rhy

submitted by Rhy

Double-parked - When you have two alcoholic drinks on the table at once you are "double-parked" and must "See it off"

submitted by MellyD

Doublets - What my daughter used to call twins!

submitted by GeeJay

Douche McFagqueer - A name for a person who is gay and/or a dumbass

submitted by Andrew

Douche Nozzle - The dirtiest part of the douch. ie "You are such a douche nozzle"

submitted by Sparkzor

Douche Nozzle - The offender, when an act of douchebaggery is being perpetratred.

submitted by Beau Dacious

Douchebaggery - The act of being a douche bag. e.g: "How 'bout we stop with all the Douchbaggery"

submitted by Bigmike

Douchebagin' - Doing unpleasant things ex "Quit douchebagin' yu douche"

submitted by Brain

Doughnut Puncher - Slang for gay man

submitted by col

Douz - Stupid, dum, fat, annoying, etc.

submitted by Themelis P.

Downgy - You are too horny to do anything

submitted by N/A

Draculas Teabags - Used tampons

submitted by dean, amy, claire [the fat mafia of mackem land]

Dramarama - More then a drama but less then a crisis

submitted by moi

Dramastically - Drastically Dramatic

submitted by ME

Draw Mud - Wet Fart

submitted by anonymous

Drippin - Hot, cool, sexy; anything good in life.

submitted by CARRIE

Drongo - Idiot or simpleton

submitted by khilmer

Drop an otter - Poop without flushing (left it swimming)

submitted by Louie

Drop the kids off at the pool - Go for a poo

submitted by mog

Drunt - Also see gunt/funt. It is a diseased version of this

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Dry Scream - When a girl is faking "it".

submitted by mike

Dry shite - A very boring person thats stindgy and has a terrible sense of humour

submitted by a Bearded upper leg

Duck - An ugly person

submitted by dreabia

Duck - Used as a replacement for the word "two", so 'duck' inches for two inches.

submitted by Duck Inch Pickle

Duck butter - The sweat in your croch.

submitted by Montana dudes

Duck Butter - Mixture of faeces and semen after anal sex

submitted by Luke

Duck smacking - When your get duck butter on your hands and wipe it in a friends face. SEE duck butter

submitted by Montana dudes

Ducktacular - Something that tastes as good as a duck, and can even make you orgasm, if you're weird

submitted by Dynamite Heady

DUDE - Dumb Ugly Dick Eater

submitted by Erykha

Dude-way - A cool person

submitted by chikadee

Dufa - Do for now

submitted by anonymous

DUFF - Designated Ugly Fat Friend

submitted by gary

Duffa - To do something silly

Duffy - A geeky/swotty looking kid

submitted by anonymous

Duhuhuhuhuhhu - This word, just like gouuuu, is used when something is seen or heard as shocking and deserves the noise

submitted by REMO

Dukey - Poophead

submitted by take mloke

Dumb-Snap - Somebody who does stupid things

submitted by Schwan

Dumper - Someone that wont stop talking

submitted by duche bag

Dumpster day - Where you don't go to the loo for a poo for a week or more and you get it all out in one day, it takes a while but you are glad after it.

submitted by cozza cha

Dunbar - When you are to f***ed up to move. eg "I am dunbar"

submitted by sam

Dunkle - To dint or crumple

submitted by the word girl

Dunzo - Done, finished, totally over with

submitted by Lo

Durawear - Worn out

submitted by Lady Cass

Durex - Do you reckon?

submitted by James

Durf-durf - An overly dramatic way of saying "duh you idiot" (sad slowly to make it sound more irritating)

submitted by Turquoise

Dusted - Extremely intoxicated

submitted by anonymous

Duswin - Complicated

submitted by Jon

Duswin - Complicated...

submitted by Jon da scone

Dutch oven - Made by farting under the bed covers

submitted by anonymous

Dynamic Butt Monkey - A term used for annoying retards who love their mums

submitted by Simon B.

Dyson - Someone who sucks up all your cocaine.

submitted by Jason

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