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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with O

-osity - Add this to the end of your adjectives and they sound funny. Example: Evilosity, wisdomosity, funosity

submitted by bobo

O-ba-geeze - Another way to say oops

submitted by i 4got my name

O.Y.O - On Your Own

submitted by Barry

Oatmeal - Cellulite (fat making ur skin "dimpley") usually on thighs

submitted by Carlayyy

OB-GLUB-GLUB-GLUB - The drinking or sipping version of "OM NOM NOM NOM"

submitted by Niji Jagaimo

Obeast - Huge

submitted by Dopey guy

Obeastie - An obese ugly beast of a person (originated from tasmanian women)

submitted by turtl3

Oboe - A hot guy. Orig: Me and my friend were looking in the dictionary and found the word "hautboy" and it means oboe. So whenever you see a hot boy, he is an oboe! ^,_,^

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Oenophile - A connoisseur of wines

submitted by Rachel

Off the bag - Really hot and good looking. (Like off the bag of A F)

submitted by JessicaS

Offic Edepot - Do not confuse this with Office Depot: offic edepot is a harmful drug that adults use when they are working...This drug is the most harmful, even more-so than cocain or marijuana, or even heroin. FEAR THE OFFIC EDEPOT

submitted by Your Adams Apple

Oggay Paa! - Okay

submitted by Tyagu

Ogliddidoggliddidog - The sound cartoon characters make to return to normal when they shake their heads after getting screwed up from a fall or something. Also the sound a guy makes while experiencing a piss shiver.

submitted by Tiny McSphincter

Oh, Snapp! - Haha, you lose!

submitted by I live in a TREE

Oh Trotterslumpingtonloops - I'm fed up of it, fed up of it all.

submitted by BG

Oh-ba-jeeze - Ooops!

submitted by Kris

Oh-Em-Gee - Other word for OMG

submitted by I Sawk.

Ohmylanta - Oh my god

submitted by Raina

Oish - To accept or agree with something

submitted by The Ben and Daniel Show

Old McDonald Comb-Over - When pubic hair gets stuck in foreskin

submitted by manumatt16

Old Skool - Old fashioned but we love it

submitted by AL£X T

On the cob - When something is corny. ie "That was on the cob, dude."

submitted by J

On your rag - To be on your period

submitted by Claire Amy Laura [Mackam Faggots]

One-eyed purple headed yogurt spitter - A penis

submitted by Nattyboy420

Oober - Outstanding

submitted by Erin E

Ooberly-gooberl - Turkey neck; quadriple chin

submitted by Jonni

Oobiedoing - thingy, whatsit, or TV remote control

submitted by quez

Oodles - Lots of something

submitted by connor

Oodos - Large breasts

submitted by jeffm!

Oofing - Having Sex

submitted by Leilani

Oohray - Got to say be said in a really fast aussie accent. They say it in QLD, Australia -Usually means goodbye or hello

submitted by free_range_chook

Oojamaflip - A thing, a concept, a watchamicallit

submitted by Niall's Disco Pants

Oompa - A polite way of saying poop (ex. "ugh i gotta go oompa!")

submitted by babysquirrel

Oozer - A guy who pre-ejaculates

submitted by Melissa

Oprah hair - Your bush

submitted by KennyMac!

Oprah-tits! - Websters defines awesome as something that leaves you in awe and this is for that special occasion that happens a few times in a life span where awesome doesn't cut it is now oprah-tits!

submitted by Chad Wickert

Oprett - To hide things, with no purpose or reason

submitted by sarsh

Oranga-tramp - Long haired ginger person

submitted by oijhref

Orange County Boppers - Motorcycle chicks with large jugs

submitted by KennyM!

Orgasmagical - When something is so Orgasmic and so Magical that it is Orgasmagical

submitted by Daithí Greene

Orgasmatastic - A mixture of orgasmic and fantastic

submitted by Craigg

Orgasmatastic - Amazing

submitted by Sally

Otemotesnoterdam - A place in germany that is painted snot green

submitted by Adam Bailey

Ouch - Short word for "that sucks" (not just used when someone hurts themself)

submitted by monnkey

Ouchahh - Condom stuck in vagina

submitted by Jon

Ouchga - The only word you can get out during a night of pain!

submitted by HeatherBob

Ought - When you don't have anything else to say, just say Ought. Ex: Guy1: "Dude i made out with this girl! She wasn't that hot tho" Guy2: "O.o ... Ought"

submitted by Grubb

Over Yonder - Where everything is

submitted by Smitty

Over Your Shoulder Boulder Holder - Bra

submitted by Julie

Overdose - Too much. eg: "You're an overdose."

submitted by Rosha

Ownage - To kick ones ass in competition

submitted by Mark Maksymiuk

Ownerer - A master of all that is ownage. He who is The Ownerer controls all others, thus, all others are Noobs. (gg)

submitted by Necrium

Uber-cool - When something is super cool

submitted by Paulie

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