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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with F

42 - Answer to any question of which you dont know the answer

submitted by joe

F*ckMcMuffin! - A funnier and much more random term to use than just "F*ck!"

submitted by ♥StrawberryFieldsForever!!! 4 8 15 16 23 42♥

F-U-B - A fat, ugly beast. can also be said as "fubber." i.e. Lucy is a total FUB/fubber!"

submitted by Keera CULLEN

F.A.B - Fat Arsed Boy - for a teacher to use when describing a child to other teachers without the child knowing

submitted by SOILHEAD

F.A.O - To Fake An Orgasm

submitted by TITO

F.B.A - Fat Bitch Alert. When you see someone fat just yell FBA!

submitted by sadieee.

F.B.I - Fat Boys Inc.

submitted by Shopaholic118

F.B.I - Female Body Inspector

submitted by Freak bitch

F.F.P - 'First Fatal Piss' - the first piss u take when out on da lash n the rest of the nit is spent in the bog

submitted by Slips

F.I.S.H - Fit Intelligent Sexy Human

submitted by kayleigh & george

F.I.S.S - F.I.S.S stands for F*cking Itchy Scrot Syndrome. A syndrome where the victims testicular region becomes inflammed and rather irritable, causing discomfort. Can be used like the following: "Oh man I got fiss so bad, it's itching like hell."

submitted by Deanos

F.L - Forever Life

submitted by Holly Mullen

F.M.B.'s - F**k Me Boots

submitted by Yamma-b

F.M.F - Fine Mother F*cker

submitted by alicia

F.N.P. - F**king Near Perfect.

submitted by SIr Slip Digby

F.T.W - F*ck The What , an expression of just going totally insane

submitted by KrustyPoop

F.T.W - For The Win. When something is so good it beats all

submitted by anonymous

F.U.P.A. - Fat Upper Pelvic Region (usually for girls p***ies )

submitted by gPhar

Fa shizzle - Fur rizzle - For sure - For real

submitted by Tisha

Fabadabadosy - GREAT!!

submitted by Katie

Fabalabaloscious - Brilliant, amazing and all round cool

submitted by J o a n n e * *

Fabilush - It is to describe or compliment someone or something

submitted by Gawjus Ham'sey'

Fabtabulous - As good as it gets. perfection.

submitted by Matthew Jarman (Sexy)

Fabulousology - The study of all things Fabulous and Glamourous

submitted by Dr. Stu Nicholson, Ph. D

Fack - General curse - Cleaner version of f*ck

submitted by Paul

Faded - To get a haircut

submitted by Chad

Faded - Pretty f*cked up, but not beligerant. "I'm so faded"

submitted by Napoleon

Faded - Getting drunk

submitted by face

Fadge - Lady parts

submitted by tacato

Fadge-cheese - Someone who is acting like a complete fanny and stinks at something (generally use on friends)

submitted by Joel himself

Fafo - Extremely beautiful individual

submitted by doug

FAG - Fat Arse Girl

submitted by J O D Y N E

Fag master - Real real real gay person

submitted by killer kookiez

Fag-hag - A lady who hangs round with gays

submitted by chelsamaine

Faga - A hoe

submitted by gabby

Fagalicios - synonym for fagtacular

submitted by

Fagbag - Faggot

submitted by kristin

Faggie Milts - Another way of saying "oh sh*t"

submitted by chan chan

Faggoty-Anne - An insult

submitted by Gosu Noobs

Fagtacular - being of or acting like a fag. Used because fag is a pronoun but not an adjective (i.e. thats fagtacular)

submitted by

Fagtard - A person that is being so dumb they're worse than a fag and a retard together

submitted by Big M McNerney

Fagtardite - A mixture of a faggot, a retard, and a transvestite

submitted by screw you

Fagwash - No Idea what it means, say it in pure frustration. probably a fusion of several rude words

submitted by Sir Slip Digby

Fahtoosh - You fat ass

submitted by tina parkkkk

Fail cake - Someone that fails

submitted by sniperace777

Fajit - An un-gay faggot used as a harmless insult

submitted by Gosu Noobs

Fall down the stairs but don't hurt yourself - It's a nice way of cussin someone

submitted by quoted by "sam rogers"

Faludicator - A name for a random part of a car or piece of machinery. Used to sound like you know what you are talking about but don't.

submitted by Demonic Maggotpus

Famit - A very cheesey fart

submitted by stacey

Famn Dly - (Damn Fly) Used by my swim team when some one finds out they must swim butterfly but dont want to be scolded by parents and coaches

submitted by anonymous

Fanackapanning Doylums - Idiot

submitted by Moll

FanDan - another word for being an idiot

submitted by GR

Fang - Usually means going fast as in they were fangin' along but can be used anywhere as in "fang us one of those" or "did ya fang that outta your ass?"

submitted by random acts of charging badgers

Fanglemcmangledandrum - Really, really undescribably wasted

submitted by nathaniel davies

Fanny Batter - The excretion of the viginal area which is rather disgusting... e.g. 'Ah hud tae wipe ma fanny batter o'n the curtains afore e'd shag us!' (Scots Dialect)

submitted by Johnny Mac

Fantabulous - Incredibly amazingly fantastic and fabulous!

submitted by irock

Fantabulous - Far better than fantastic or fabulous, but has the effect of both without sounding ghey <>

submitted by VLADWERK - What else?

Fantallitistic - So awesome that fantastic just doesn't cover it

submitted by Swiftbutterfly.../$cuzimmagangsta

Fantasmagorical - Something so awesome, it simply denies any other description.

submitted by Dilbart

Fantastamoosie - Fantastic, brilliant, terrific

submitted by SexySmithy

Fantastical - The best out of everything else

submitted by yo momma bxtch :D

Fantiddlyastic - Supremely fantastic. Add "iddly" to any word to make it awesome

submitted by SAM cookies

Fantistic - A really fabulous, smart person

submitted by Keysa

Fanwat - A coloquial insult, an amalgamation of fanny and twat

submitted by HuDaFuK

Fap - To fart and poop at the same time

submitted by Andrew may

Fart knocker - Homosexual

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Fart Pocket - The area in which a fart was released and the stink will therein preside ex. "Jeez i was at Wal-Mart the other day and i walked through a rancid fart pocket"

submitted by Brain

Fartknocker - Dumbass

submitted by Brittany

Fartleberry - A crusty piece of poo left on your bum cheek after wiping

submitted by smelz

Fartracious - The odor of a fart or other noxious gas or similar foulness measured in levels of putridity on the Fartraciousness Scale. 1= eww, 10 = My eyes are bleeding!

submitted by Mr. Stinky

Farty McFart-Stains - Someone who leaves evidence on their undies after a fart

submitted by Munch

Fat ghandi - Go for a big sh*t

submitted by Pedro

Faunching at the bit - Eager to get going, nervous

submitted by KarenK

Fausty - See "Rank". Typically of smell, but can be used in a variety of circumstances. Something is fausty when the smell gets right up your nose and pollutes the brain. ex. "Whew! That's some fausty bilge water!"

submitted by Luke, courtesy of Faxe King

Feck - Irish slang for the F word. Said in a bitter irish tone makes it all the funnier

submitted by Mondonkery

Fectic - F**king hectic

submitted by nikib

Feebert - Funny

submitted by jonny

Feedish - somthing that is either just dumb or wants to be somthing of the other sex.

submitted by ~_Amber_~

Feeflenokka - Bad breath

submitted by nyki d.

Feek - French Kiss Someom

submitted by anonymous

Feen - Sexy Looking Dude

submitted by Kate

Feijing - 1) The little line around an object in film/TV that has been cut out and placed on a different background 2) bad editing

submitted by Zach

Felicianess - Extreme Happiness!

submitted by Natalie---Inspired by Felicia

Fent - A moron, idiot, etc.

submitted by Ne-Chan

Fern - That is one good-looking girl

submitted by Phil Clark

Ferndip - An unexplained piece of fuzz appearing on clothes, floor

submitted by Joyce

Fernert Beart - An exclamation used to express happiness and/or excitment

submitted by Phil Clark

Ferrell - A person brought up on the outback. A tramp. Somebody that uses body fluids as hair gel.

submitted by Paulie

Ferret - A cute term for an idiot in a real sweet way

submitted by sexy lady

Ferret Dave - A stranger in a pub who joins your conversation and buys the booze

submitted by Mice

Fersurely - When you are really sure about something

submitted by Rymc

Fester - To be lazy/nap, lay around

submitted by Dank Jones

Festering Hatchet Wound - A Vagina

submitted by AWWWWW_SKEET!

Fetch - Ugly, Stupid, Creepy


Fetcher - A useful diss akin to a 'git'

submitted by Karl

FeTeHompANo - The category name for all sexual postiions

submitted by chase k.

Fetish Farmer - A randy farmer who likes fetish clothes,

submitted by pear head elliot

Fezaw - A very big butt

submitted by danny

Fick Dich - German for F*ck yourself

submitted by ScubaSteve

Fifteh - A guy who reckon's his a rapper but he is really white

submitted by Dr.H , Bentley, 50

Figgadilme - You feel me?

submitted by Matt

Figgit - Another use for faggot, when someone pisses you off.

submitted by Chris Welch

Figjam - F**ck i'm good just ask me

submitted by mono

FILF - Pronounced "filth":- Friend I'd like to F**k

submitted by Blackdog

Fillarious - What you say when something is funny and hillarious

submitted by someone

Filter Off! - Say when you're in a public place, and someone made an innuendo and you want people to know that you turned it perverted

submitted by rishyfishy

Finding Nemo - Masturbating

submitted by Tom

Findlesern - Someone with a triple chin.. ie "Dude, check out her findlesern"

submitted by abigal adams

Fink - Used when something bad happens, like shoot!

submitted by Sema

Finnah - A more polite word than "F**k"

submitted by Chuck

Finter - The time between Fall and Winter - very very little snow, still warm, getting cold-but not cold enough to wear a winter jacket. - I hate Finter (also known as Fautom)

submitted by Amy Martin

Fire Crotch - A Slut

submitted by 4lyf

Fire hose - When you have very unpleasent runs and it comes out in splashes and tends to be very hot

submitted by cozza cha

Fish - Used in place of "f*ck" when parents, teachers etc. are around

submitted by The Unknown One

Fish Monger - Lesbian

submitted by Kidney Thief

Fisherman's Basket - A smelly, crab infested, prostitute

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Fishfinger - When your finger smells of fish ;)

submitted by upyourmam

Fishstick - An ugly smelly b**ch

submitted by Tyler James

Fitch - A Fat Bitch

submitted by KennyM!

Fittershitters - When something falls apart.

submitted by dog10014

Five-head - Someone with a forehead that is just way too big to only be referred to with the number 4.

submitted by Kaitlin!

Fizzy feet - Pins and needles

submitted by JoshMars

Fizzy good - Magic hangover curing tablets

submitted by anonymous

Flabadooby - Good/awesome e.g: 'Man thats so flabadooby'

submitted by awesomedude

Flabble - Skin that wibbles and hits you in the face.

submitted by cameron

Flabergast - To let out a mean one. I mean one that's wet and smells like total chaos

submitted by richards camel nuts

Fladge - eg 'You big fladge face'. Unknown meaning, but gets the point across

submitted by asherlaa

Fladingo Bag - Extremely gay/Justin Bieber/Jonas Brothers

submitted by Alan/Peris/

Flaggin - Stupid or dumb

submitted by omari

Flajo - Fart

submitted by anonymous

Flakey - ugly

submitted by Adasely Lopez

Flalala - Vagina

submitted by Meghin

Flamdozeld - Really weird like you don't know what it is

submitted by darren dellaway

Flame'r - A raging male homosexual

submitted by Flinker

Flamer - An obviously gay person

submitted by kristin

Flaming Fruitcake - I think it means a gay guy. I have no idea how the whole fruitcake thing works into there... but dudes at our school sayit all the time and it's random and funny.

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Flange - While Flange sonds rude it is actually While Flange sonds rude it is actualy "a protective rim". Use it as you see fit"

submitted by Belgium Bob

Flange - Complete codswollop

submitted by swiznasty

Flange Ache - The feeling you get when you see someone truly gorgeous eg "he is so cute, he gives me flange ache!"

submitted by The Vadgettes

Flangerific-Testifacationalism - Just a random but cool sounding word (make up ur own meaning)

submitted by Dan .H.

Flapper - When your dick is half hard

submitted by anonymous

Flaps - Any anonymous person you don't know or remember their name

submitted by daniel

Flargantuous - Relating to an elephant

submitted by Zooey

Flargen - Means "RAAWR"

submitted by Chris

Flat top - A persons fringe what sticks out in front of their head

submitted by dean young

Flatchette - A small fart

submitted by Lindz

Flausious - To relax and lay about in a barely conscious state. Cats are often flausious.

submitted by Vicki

Flawless Victory - When you take a dump and you go to wipe yourself but the paper is totally clean. Makes your day!

submitted by Anon

Fleedledeedle - Some random word that I made up!

submitted by bob

Flerp - An expression of surprise/disgust/horror

submitted by David

Fleuter - Something you call somebody when they've done something stupid

submitted by big pimpin'

Flibber-dee-jibber! - Exclamation of anger or frustration

submitted by Josh

Flibbertygibbet - Ditsy girl

submitted by meghan

Flibertyjibbit - Someone who`s a bit dizzy!!!

submitted by aimee

Flicker - Remote Control

submitted by Rhian_demon

Flikerbox changer - Yet another word for the remote control

submitted by rhian_demon

Flim - Anything you want it to be. (The more M's the better)

submitted by Brain

Flim Flam - Dane Cook used it on jay leno and it means when you are a waiter and a customer tries to pull a "fast one" on you

submitted by team weldin assemble-uri

FlimFlam - Womens parts

submitted by kissmekate

Flip Mole - A way of saying you are the winner

submitted by ciaran

Flip-flop - Laptop Computer

submitted by Marcus

Flip-slip - Somethinhg you do that you didn't mean to that ends up looking really cool

submitted by the weird guy down the street

Flipper-Flapper - T.V remote

submitted by Cory

Flippity Jibbet - In replacement of swearing. eg "flippity jibbet, I managed to f*** up"

submitted by e.l & m.

Fliptarded - A non-rude way to say retarded

submitted by Michaela

Flobberknocker - A weird lame person :D

submitted by clarissa funaki xD

Flobbyjobby - A bendy poo

submitted by Weeeman

Flocculent - Fluffy, Wool like. Ex: that muff is very flocculent

submitted by Vlad the Impaler

Flockynockyhilifilification - Moron

submitted by Emma

Flodding the pool - When you pee everywhere around the toilet

submitted by KennyM!

Floggerhythm - Beat with a stick to a beat

submitted by Notorius Tee

Flogging On - Surfing the Internet for some left-handed websites.

Flogging the Dolphin - Jacking off

submitted by fagthemasturbation

Floidage - To act like a floid. To have fun in an weird, outrageous and individual way

submitted by Friend of random acts of badger

Floop - arn it all!!!

submitted by ballin444

Flowage - Anything that moves, ie: wind

submitted by Amy

Flubnugget - Fat person

submitted by Natalie rox 4eva

Flufe - Lady's naughty bits

submitted by seroxat

Fluff - A replacement for F*ck... much more original if you ask me =P

submitted by VLADWERK - What else?

Fluff - To fart...

submitted by Katie

Fluff - A fart that sounds like deflating a pool float.

submitted by shane

Fluffer - Someone who gets guys hard for pornos

submitted by killer kookiez

Fluffy - Another word for fart

submitted by Krissy

Fluflab - Man flu

submitted by oginger

Flumbo - Awesome

submitted by rebecca anne summers

FlumpaDumped - Dumped

submitted by Karla

Flumpet - A vagina

submitted by me

Flumpigitalia - Flappy like, piggish, unuseable genitles.

submitted by Piss

Flumpy pig skin - Nasty, dispicable, used up vagina.

submitted by the dude

Flunkie - A way to say f**k in front of teachers/parents

submitted by i 4got my name

Flurrrp - Funny word to say when it is easier to confuse people than explain things

submitted by Rian

Flying Start - To wake up in the morning with an erection (also the name of a breakfast meal at Morrisons )

Fo'shizzle - For sure

submitted by neonbby

Fo Shizzle - The meaning of this word is actually quite simple: it means "for sure". It is commonly used in the recent times of this new age...Example: "Hey, check out this awesome site, are you gonna submit a word?" (response): "FO SHIZZLE!"

submitted by Your Adams Apple

Foakleys - Fake oakleys. Chavvy merchandise that is usually owned by chavs of the chav genre. e.g fake burrbery is furrbery not to be mistaken by the horrifically offending childrens toy furrby.

submitted by Rollo

Focka - "An abundance of something. Used synonomously with "really" or "very". I was focka frustrated"

submitted by Wendell Jordan

Foescraptic - People you hate and love at the same time

submitted by jesus

Fogie - Somebody who is very old and gross

submitted by lenny

Food - To eat eg. "Lets go food" (also can be used for i fooded her out)

submitted by MOOSE MAN

Food Magnet - Fat person who loves food

submitted by bob

Foodgasm - When your food is so good it's like "A Party In Your Mouth"

submitted by Amber&Amy

Foofoo - Lady Place

submitted by The Gee

Fooger Hole - A hole like a gopher hole that goes nowhere, usually found in a field. When a person steps/trips in said hole they will be promptly names a fooger.

submitted by Gavin

Foogle-Doogle - Making a mistake

submitted by ballin444

Foon - The difference between a fork and a spork

submitted by Butt munchies

Foopa - The fat below your belly button, also called a Muffin Top

submitted by Anna

Foot - Another, stupider, word for legend

submitted by layboo

Footard - Retard

submitted by Claire Amy Laura Dean [Mackam Fags]

Fop - A boy who is worried about his looks and is most likely gay

submitted by Know It All Chick

For Crease - For sh*ts and giggles!!

submitted by The Hazman

For-Life - Stunner For Life (sarcasm)

submitted by Jack Logan

Ford - First On Race Day

submitted by caiden

Forferd - Dang it

submitted by william

Fornitard - Someone who is crap at sex

submitted by The Hazman

Fort-fad - When you Roleplay but suck at it

submitted by Ctj_haze

Fourty-Seven - Another word for a retard. They have 47 chromosomes.

submitted by Brad Leathers

Fowie - Toasted sandwich

submitted by Maz

Frag - The F-bomb: org. from Vietnam era soldiers returning home loosely based on what happens to anything caught within the blast radius of a Fragmentation Grenade. Brought back with the SciFi miniseries Galactica.

submitted by Patrick O'Rourke

Frages - For ages

submitted by Rhian_Demon

Frantastic - Th new and improved word for fantastic!

submitted by Fran

Frawsomeday - Awesome Friday

submitted by twinklestar12

Fray Bentos - Synonymous with cool, awesome. Etymology: it is also the name of the best selling corned beef in Brazil.

submitted by Juliepie

Frazzelvac - To die

submitted by bum

Freakables - Say it when you're fed up.

submitted by Chrystina

Freaktard - Someone Who's a Freak and is a Retard

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Freckle Frackle - When someone with many freckles wants to have sex. For example, "You wanna freckle frackle?"

submitted by Kaytlyn

Fred - A really ugly guy, also if you see an ugly guy with a hot girl you say 'Hey its Fred and Betty'

submitted by hotmark89

Fred West - Like May West but worse - "Its not the Fred West"

submitted by Philbert

Free bird - Taking a sh*t without wiping

submitted by MENZ150

Fricken - Slang for fucking so nobody stares at you if your parents are around.

submitted by sucking

Friderday - A Friday that extends into Saturday.

submitted by TMZ Network

Fridge - Cold as, never been touched

submitted by burr

Fridget - Any woman unwilling to get with you, or will not give you anything you desire (sexually)

submitted by Dynamite Heady

Fridiot - A fricken idiot

submitted by im shatpank

Frig - The F Bomb: From England usually uttered as "Friggin' ay"

submitted by Patrick O'Rourke

Frigmarole - Unnecessarily time-consuming foreplay.

Frin-Fron - A fake person who thinks they know everything and doesn't know sh**

submitted by ABC

Fritata - Code for retard

submitted by nicholas

Frizzled - Faded / High as f**k

submitted by Kayla

Frog - A terribly misshapen vagina.

submitted by ted

Frolaise - Blond Afro

submitted by Drew

Frompambobulator - A machine that does absolutely nothing of use, but looks very cool.

submitted by Connor B

Fromunda Cheese - Homemade cheese "from under" the Nuts. (testicles)

submitted by CCVman

Front bum - Genital region of both male and female

submitted by ADDME

Froogle - Nickname for a Wally

submitted by Rachel

Froot Loop - A mad person

submitted by Lynne

Frou- Frou - All thing wonderful and fun. Or style of skirt.

submitted by bennet family

Frozenstool - When you pee in the snow but it freezes and sticks to your cock.

submitted by Lootsnezorf

Fruck - An offspring from parent f#@k and prick; a toned down swear word with attitude.

submitted by D-rock Ricksmcgee

Frugs - Used in the same way as drugs, frugs are the high a person gets from licking a poisonous frog

submitted by HRMP

Fruit - Fairy-like, when talking about guys....loose wrists and pink shirts etc

submitted by TheDane

Fruit Cake - Nerd; epic failure

submitted by fbaddiction..(:

Fruit loaf - Gay Boy, a less macho version of meatloaf

submitted by Nob Head

Fruitcake - An idoit

submitted by Hotmaychic77

Fruiter - Idiot/daft

submitted by danielle and sam

Fruluck - When you open a yoghurt and it splats all over you the stuff that hits you is fruluck as well as the whole experiance

submitted by Superjim

FTW [For The Win] - To give approval to something [eg - My Chemical Romance are ftw]

submitted by Claire Amy Dean [Mackam Fags]

Fuangi - The noise one makes when ones underwear is twanged extrememly painfully, causing extreme pain in the backside regions

submitted by Bazz Evans

FUBAR'd - F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition

submitted by soph

Fubby - Chubby and funny

submitted by LaLa

Fuck-wahed - Broken, usually applies to electrical stuff

submitted by Shakey

FuckinFodaFishinFannyFace - Someone who is so damn ugly that this is the only word to describe them.

submitted by N A T T L E E =]

Fucktard - F**king retard

submitted by Tommyhol

Fuckwitt - A person who is indescribably stupid

submitted by Roger Mellie the Man On The Telly

Fucoffe - Split it up! fFuc-offe

submitted by jonny bonerman

Fuddle - A small get together, lil party

submitted by Ali Puck

Fudge bag - A jerk

submitted by awash1

Fudge Factory - The place in which poop is made and stored

submitted by Sean


submitted by Selena

Fudge nugget - Aw crap!!!

submitted by Sonrie

Fudge Tunnel - Anus

submitted by Kidney Thief

Fudgie - A little turd

submitted by kiwi

Fudungle - Another way of saying the word sh*t/crap. Expression as in "Oh Fudungle!"

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Fuff puff - A fart that came out really fast

submitted by poop on a stick

Fufu - So lame

submitted by vana

FUG - Fat Ugly Ginger

submitted by Shaun and Wee PG

FUG - Terribly Ugly in every way

submitted by Ashley

Fuggles - Extremely fat boys

submitted by Maka

Fugly - Something that is so ugly you need to put the f bomb in front of it

submitted by Rainey

Fugly Troll - A very unattractive person.

submitted by Paulie

Fuklett - Something you say to little F##kers

submitted by Chits

Fularious - Pronounced like fuh-larious which is fun and hilarious mixed together.

submitted by Slipped Halo

Fully - No meaning, just use it before stuff to emphasise it! It's a fully good word to use!

submitted by Lizzie and Sarah

Fumply - Fat

submitted by hi

Fun-sized - Some one being short

submitted by Sexy Kid Bossche

Funbags - Huge tits

submitted by Blubber

Funchy - Odd. ie. It smells funchy in here. or....Dude! Thats funchy!

submitted by Ambies

Funderwear - A male who has fun underwear

submitted by volleyballbabe0007

Funfandandytastic - Fun fantastic dandy... basically a radical time!

submitted by AMANDA

Fung - The sound made when removing a large cylindrical object from a small hole due to pressure buildup. Especially in sexual intercourse

submitted by Jazzenodians

Funglay - Funny

submitted by Juan Medina Jr

Fungleming - A funny minger/girl

submitted by farky 94

Fungry - F**king hungry

submitted by kirk

Funkalicious - To be crazily cool

submitted by joe bloe

Funkiermonkey - A small hairy person with deadly personal hygiene probs

submitted by spode

Funkymonkey - A small hairy person with disgusting personal hygiene

submitted by hal69

Funtastic - Really entertaining

submitted by Susmita

Funwilzy - Funny, wild and crazy

submitted by kyles

Fur Burgers - A lady's genitalia

submitted by Juggular Duggs

Fusbal - A substitute for f**k - usefull in situtations when self-censorship is required. Also fun to say. Fusbal that!

submitted by Chery Poppins

Fuxunurmaddah - F**k you and your mother. I say it super fast so it comes out like that

submitted by Tyler ZombieFyd Mccain

fuzzy - Used for girls meaning stacked or having big knockers

submitted by Emerly

Fuzzy Pickle - A penis with too much hair

submitted by debbie love million

Fuzzyburger - Hairy vagina

submitted by bob

Fwafle! - An expression with a variety of emotional meanings; similar to the Spanish use of 'Ay!'

submitted by shacolourdes

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