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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with M

Ass like a japanese flag - Sore ass

submitted by lola

M.B.A. - Mono Brain Adult

submitted by Pero

M.M.M - Mama Mia Moment! Singing for the sake of singing even when you posess the acknowledgement of tone-deaf-nosity! Very fun

submitted by Flo!

Macadamia - Subtle name for a crazy person. ie "Here comes a Macadamia"

submitted by Lyn

Macchi - Perverse, sick, wrong.

submitted by Reno-kun

Macginn - Annoying cling-on. something you can't get rid of, like a bad smell!

submitted by cbs alc

Macked-out - Horribly old-fashioned and uncool, ie huge cell phone from early 90s or enormous 80s American Buick

submitted by Sally

Mackloid - "When someone sniffs their nose and they swallow their snot. example: aww man, that was a nasty mackloid! Or as an insult - "don't be a f***ing mackloid!"

submitted by waffle

Mad as beef - Absolutely mad

submitted by laurie and emma

Mad dog - That's heaps cool

submitted by AnNi

Mad Nuts - That's awesome or cool! eg ''Hey that's mad nuts bro XD''

submitted by SillyDaniel

Mad wae it - To be excessively disorientated due to alcohol

submitted by Conly

Mafo - An extremely handsome individual

submitted by James M

Maggoted - Totally Pissed

submitted by Whits

Magic - Something someone does really good e.g "that's magic, that!"

submitted by LIL-simo

Magic wand - Male sex organ

submitted by ADDME

Magical Things - Such as a magic wand is a tampon and a magic carpet is a pad and if you're magical you are on your period.

submitted by dan the man

MAGOOOOO - When you're in pain, use instead of 'Aw!'

submitted by Betz

Magotty - A very weird person

submitted by Megan

Mahoosive - Bigger than huge

submitted by Ana

Mahoossive - very big (massive huge)

submitted by sarah

Mahusive - Absolutely massive and huge!!!!

submitted by Mad Midget

Major Critchley - When you have really itchy testicles.

submitted by Scoof

Makasalaboff bag - You stupid uncool person who thinks they can rule everyone

submitted by kirsty sprouthead

Make some Pudding - To take a sh*t

submitted by KennyM!

Malabar Masala - Double entendre for: 1. North Indian cuisine heavily infused with South Indian spices and ingredients. 2. Sexual relationship between a fair Indo-Aryan female and a Black Dalit-Dravidian male. Controversial as destructive of South Asian patriarchy and Indian caste systems.

submitted by Awadhi Aunty

Malaka - Common greeting, also w#nker in greek, prefix with YASSU and you have a handy everyday abusive greeting for friends and loved ones

submitted by f

Male Misscarridge - When you go for a crap but nothing happens except for a bad smell

submitted by Aisan persuader

Malteaser - Blonde on the inside, brunette outside

submitted by em

Mamma Jahamba - "Some twat that thinks they`re a gangsta, often called a "badass mamma jahamba"

submitted by Ben

Mammy - Big Big girl

submitted by Matt

Manarexic - Anorexic Male

submitted by 4lyf

Manbeast - Manly woman

submitted by libby d

ManClap - When you make your balls clap together

submitted by Birk hahaha

Mandanda - Booty

submitted by Biboh

Mandy - If someone's mother is a Mandy she's pretty but has ugly kids

submitted by hotmark89

Mangeled Badger - Its someone who is really really really drunk

submitted by absgtcd

Mangina - Transvestite

submitted by berg

Mango - Fat ass

submitted by i roc, u suc, end of story

Mangos - Big boobs

submitted by diiididiid

Mangus - Extremely large, or incredibly awesome.

submitted by easttexas937

Mannion - An extremely uncoordinated person

submitted by moo

Manpon - When a guy acts worse then a girl, or a deuchebag

submitted by lzxray1964

Mans - People eg. "Theres nuff mans waiting"

submitted by G

Mantasmagorical - That's awesome!

submitted by boogerbear

Manvantators - Boobs. eg "Look at her manvantators they're huge"

submitted by clough

Manwhore - A guy who's a whore

submitted by someone

Mao (Mah - ow) - "Food or to eat food ie. "I want some Mao, Do you want to Mao?"

submitted by Pimpin' Llama

Map of tazzie - a womans pussycat in Aussie slang

submitted by sez

Marasmus - Mental and physical undernourishment in person

submitted by pupsik_inc

Marawhatta - Weed

submitted by Silly Daniel

Marion's Bucket - Having a great time!

submitted by Paul Farquhar

Marmaloid - Someone who is all fingers and thumbs and cant do even the most basic of tasks. Good name to call someone who attempts repeatedly to get the key in the lock after a drunken night

submitted by jenny

Marmite Masher - A general term for a gay bloke

submitted by Freerferret

Marra - A friend or mate..from cumbrian slang

submitted by Karl

Marveleriffic - Combination of marvellous and terrific

submitted by Hypopituitarism septo optic dysplasia

Mary - The attractive girl in a group - the opposite of a "Rhoda"

submitted by ssajr

Mary Jane - Marajuana

submitted by Alex & Anna

Mary Jew Ana - Marijuana

submitted by silliwilli

Mash - To go somewhere,

submitted by odessa

Mashin - Having a good time

submitted by bizzi

Mashugana - Scream it when you get mad

submitted by kat

Mast - A person who truly dominates all other

submitted by Andrew

Master of the Bogus - An individual who's Bogus level exceeds that of 9999, and has mastered the art of Bogus.

submitted by Skatmaster

Masterblasta - A real chav that is blastin out there rap on an I.C.E system on there vauxhall corsa.

submitted by cozza cha

Mastication - The action of chewing which sounds like a very different action

submitted by Sarah Hanson

Matesticles - Majestic testicles. eg Sarah: "Wow, last night was great!". Marge: "Oh really!? How'd it go?". Sarah: "It went really well, my date had matesticles!"

submitted by Anonymous -L

Math Help - Secret term for making out etc to protect yourself from parents

submitted by lindsay

May West - Not the Best - "Its not the May West"

submitted by Philbert

Mayhemer - Doer or practicer of mayhem.

submitted by Nick

Maynard - A nickname to call someone when they act extremely stupid

submitted by Emily

Mayor Chunks - A person resembling a wobbly water bed

submitted by Phil

mc (prefix) - "derived from the popular american mcdonalds fast food chain the prefix goes before any noun or adjective that the users wishes to enhance. ie. mcf*ck off, mcawesome, etc"

submitted by erin mcdonald

Mc Chumber - A weird god which encourages you to say his name in vain. he recognises that it helps vent anger and prevents other less harmless words being used. Noun. as in "Oh Mc Chumber, i forgot to do that!"

submitted by Kate

McBitch - "Son of a bitch" because "Mc" means "Son of a".

submitted by ahdw

McGuinness - Someone who sufffers from an abnormaly large and cube shaped head.

submitted by Kent

Mcgurk - Having to take a poop

submitted by Tanner Brown

McLovin - When you want to say you like something. ie "I'm McLovin it!"

submitted by piddlypeter

McSpanky - This term is what me and my little sister use when we see a really hott guy. A hott guy who looks spankable.

submitted by Autumn ;) (and brianna)

McTits - Tits less like a porn star, more like Ronald McDonald's ass cleavage

submitted by Ty

MDL - Mutton dressed as lamb (old person dressed like a whore)

submitted by nelly the elephant

Mea - Mother, mum, mom (generally refers to your mother)

submitted by Jacky Anne

Mean-muggin' - When someone is staring at you angrily; or too hard (ie "Why is he over there mean-muggin'?")

submitted by Jayar

Meaner - A mean person

submitted by Joe

Meat flute - A penis

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Meat Puppet - A Penis

submitted by John

Meatball - Someone who occasionally speaks with an English accent

submitted by JC

Mechanical cat - The word used to describe a sex toy for both genders

submitted by Bill and Barry

Meco - Silly

submitted by tarliah

Mecrob - It's really disgusting Thai food that tastes like mung...

submitted by Plasticspleen

Meep - see 'Bibble'

submitted by Ruth

Meep! - When you're really annoyed and cant come up with anything else.

submitted by Katie Darwood

Meeple - Sh*t, Damn

submitted by BG

Meeyer - (me - yer) Like when you fall over, some people make this strange sounding word

submitted by nick

Meff - A person of mental ineptness who is not all that attractive, but somehow manages to convince them selves that they are god's gift and highly amusing.

submitted by annon

Mefftard - Retard/spaz

submitted by demushy2k9lol:-p

MEGA - Makes Every Girl Aroused

submitted by Suzanne

Meh - Mot impressed/that sucks/can't be bothered

submitted by lor

Meh - If you are losing an argument just say it and you win!

submitted by spud

Meh - To be said when you are dissapointed. I.e. If someone asks you to do something you don't want to, you reluctantly stand up and whine "Meh-eh!"

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Meh! - To be used when too lazy to say Bah! Also as in you don't care enough to answer!

submitted by Sean Scott

Meiso - A friendly insulting word

submitted by athan

Mel - Substitute for cool, great, awesome

submitted by chugga bo

Melanie Blats - Tats (Tits)

submitted by Jon Aston, Walsall

Melon-tard - A funny way of saying retard

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Melvin - One of those people who are always around, but you never notice them there. They fade into the background, unseen, unheard, unnoticed. But they're there

submitted by GentTouchesMen

Mennen - The act of having sex with the skin that forms on certain foods such as custard and soup!

submitted by HaNK

Meowsers - Cool, Awesome, Dorky. ie "That shirt is so Meowsers!"

submitted by ANGLES-ON-FIRE

Merk - To beat someone up for no reason

submitted by fififififififififififi

Merked - When someone is really ugly or when someone has been beat up. e.g "He got merked up".

submitted by rayray

Merkin - Fake pubic hair, most commonly found on a woman

submitted by Robert

Merkin - A wig for down below - search on google for hilarious results!

submitted by Adam A

Mersh - Cheap, crappy weed

submitted by Napoleon

Messy - When something bad happens (e.g dirty)

submitted by jono williams

Miadontas - Way too confusing dude

submitted by jesus

Mic - The ability to sing

submitted by Rosha

Michelin - As of the mascot for michelin tyres, an insult to a fat kid! eg: "Look! Here comes Michelin!"

submitted by vicky

Midgetstrikin - Short

submitted by Rosha

Miffed - In between pissed off and annoyed

submitted by Lil_kitten

MILF - A Mother I would Like to F***K

submitted by Furbone

Milfy - If someones mother is milfy you cant decide whether you'd f**k her or not

submitted by hotmark89

Milimeter Peter - Tiny penis

submitted by tyler

Milkyway maker - Someone who gives it up the chuff

submitted by DJ

Millennium Domes - The contents of a Wonderbra. i.e. extremely impressive when viewed from the outside, but there's actually fuck-all in there worth seeing.

Minarfinated - Messed up, crazy, not right, e.g "Your bedroom is minarfinated!"

submitted by AJ

Mindy - If someone's mother is a Mindy she is butt ugly, also see Mandy

submitted by hotmark89

Ming Daddy - A Ming Daddy is a word used to describe the uglyest person you know

submitted by Morgan Shaw

Ming Meister - Very ugly person

submitted by Big Pete

Ming-monged - When you are extreamally drunk and are unable to form words properly

submitted by lube-in-a-tube manchester xx

Mingalicious - Something that either looks or smells so mingin' that it's good

submitted by Dan

Mingbats - A term of disgust

submitted by Lewis Chisholm

Mingeleaf - A hairy fanny

submitted by mingeis-salty

Minger - A hore or a tart gone wrong and looks ugly

submitted by keeley from fitzwimarc skool

Mingle - Minge... that I spelt wrong on MSN and has been refered to as a mingle ever since

submitted by Claire [Mackam Retard]

mingmong - affectionate word used for dippy friends NOT meaning as in the separate form either minger or mong

submitted by Rach numi

Mingmong - A retard

submitted by devo n tasha

Mingrat - An ugly person

submitted by Couchy

Mini Fridge Moment - A triumph

submitted by Karl

Mini-Moose Moment - A moment of triumph {reference to Invader Zim}

submitted by anonymous

Minkey - Another word for a womans special place

submitted by Enda Mc Namee

Minkey - Another word for a womans special place

submitted by Enda Mc Namee

Minkly - So-so. eg "She has a minkly ass."

submitted by clough

Mint - Something that is really really cool - it's mint!

submitted by Sarah and Lizzie

Mint - Cool or great

submitted by Kirsten

Mint/Minty/Minted - 1. Mint. A sweet consisting of sugar and other shitty addatives to clog up your heart, 2. Minty. Descriptive of something shit, 3. Minted. Someone who has a lot of money eg. Paul Daniels

submitted by Helsby

Minute Laid - Having sex in under 60 seconds example : "Hey guys i just got minute laid!"

submitted by KennyM!

Mirror Disease - It's when a man has such a big belly that the only way for him to see his penis is by looking into the mirror.

submitted by StringStrangled

Mississippi Masala - Double entendre for: 1. North Indian cuisine heavily infused with ingredients of Black Dixie cooking. 2. Sexual relationship between a fair Indo-Aryan female and a North American Black male. Derived from the far more controversial "Malabar Masala", and later popularised by Mira Nair's film of the same name.

submitted by Awadhi Aunty

Mistakasaur - Someone who screwed up

submitted by Bukator

Mistakasaurus - Someone who really screwed up.

submitted by Bukator

Mistakasaurus Rex - Someone who really really screwed up.

submitted by Bukator

Mitch - An overly huge unibrow

submitted by jhon freeback jr.

Mitties - Man titties

submitted by Kieara and Ash

Mlip - To describe anything that you cannot think of a name for. Can also be used as a generally confusing word.

submitted by Gothic Moot Man

mmmmince - What you cry when a friend orders a girly alcopop

submitted by Vlad the Impaler

Mod - Term Used in Late 70's instead of the current word Chav, Townie etc

submitted by Dorwii

MoFoBuglytch - Mother f**kin' Butt ugly Bitch

submitted by Brittany!!!

Moist - Used to describe something sweet or cool

submitted by Cbelott

Molassochist - Someone who derives pleasure from causing a process to move painfully slow. Ex. The guy at the DMV is a molassochist!

submitted by Mike Shryock

Mole Head - Someone with a big mole on there face

submitted by stu

Molestacular - It's like a Killtacular (like in halo 3) only with molestation.

submitted by kooba

Momoberry - Feeling peachy, quirky, stylish and sophisticated

submitted by piper

Mona Lisa - Adj. Description of a poo that is a masterpiece

submitted by Helsby

Monet - To refer to a gilr like monet painting.....looks great froma distance but up close its just a mess!

submitted by Steven Feeney

Mong - Stoner/army slang meaning to just sit and chill

submitted by fraudstar

Mongoose - A person who mongs out with or without weed

submitted by Gareth Furbank

Mongy - Used when describing something uncool. eg "Dude... that is so mongy..."

submitted by kc

Monkey Bath - "A bath so hot, that when lowering yourself in, you go "Oo! Oo! Oo! Aa! Aa! Aa!"."

Monkey Ass - A annoying chaffing in the crack of your ass & inner portion of your legs. (Making you walk like a monkey)

submitted by {}={}AVOC

Monkey boy - 1) cute fool (french), yet still a dumbass (e.g., Beavis); 2) dance performed by Beavis on the back of the sofa ("doin' the 'monkey boy'!")

submitted by ridelikeaturtle

Monkey brow - A person with the forehead of a neanderthol

submitted by adam .a this is a discription of me

Monkeys-chuff - "As oposed to another 4 letter word. e.g - "I couldnt give a monkeys chuff!"

submitted by aimee

Monko - Japenise for pussy

submitted by curt w

Monster - A true legend, allbeit possibly very short term. Also known to be the opposite of a "piddly"

submitted by Benny J, London

Moo Point - It's unimportant,. It's like a cow's opinion, it just doesn't matter. It's moo.

submitted by Bloody Hell I Dropped My Fishy Crackers!!!

Mooama - Moose/llama (my nickname too) pronounced MOO-AMMA (like momma without the m)

submitted by butt munchies

Moobs - Man Boobs

submitted by hannah and soomi

Moobs - Man Boobs

submitted by Hanners

Mooch - To walk anywhere but not know where

submitted by liam simpson

Moof - A dumb fat person

submitted by mike hunt

MOOF! - An exclamation of surprise said very loudly in a broad Yorkshire accent.

submitted by Boo

Moofish - Annoying, refering to a person. ("Man you're a Moofish")

submitted by missijo

moogly - Really, really ugly

submitted by Turquoise

Mook - A big dumb guy

submitted by ssajr

MooMata - It doesn't matter

submitted by Teh Uberness

Moonpig - A hideously unattractive lady

submitted by sinister clothcat

Mooseagua - The correct response to 'Aguamoose' - (see Aguamoose)

submitted by Kingjellybean

MooseKnuckle - A guy's camel toe

submitted by Rousenheimer

Moosh - To eat quickly, ie 'I mooshed it down'

submitted by Joe

MOP - Mortally Obese Person

submitted by Dante&Brandin

Mop Chop - Haircut

submitted by McDee

Mop Chop Shop - Hairdressers

submitted by McDee

Mophone - Poop

submitted by Lizzy

Moradiot - An idtiot that does a moral thing

submitted by julie

Morgasmic! - Inside word. As delicious as Morgan

submitted by lino

Morrocosialatydolychachacha - It means have fun and live large

submitted by Breanne Paige!!

Mortification - To offer it up as a mortification' means to give something up painfully and usually means food!

submitted by Emile

Motard - Some kind of retard

submitted by jackal651

Motorboatin' - When someone does something really fast

submitted by pablo

Mott Chops - Vaginal Flaps

submitted by Sophe

Mouldies - Parents

submitted by chloe f

Mouldy hang - Lousy get together/party/event

submitted by Leo

Mound Divider - When a females underwear & pants get lodge in her tweeter. (AKA camel toe)

submitted by Stiffy Tiffy and Miss Tappy

Moustache ride - The act of a man giving a woman oral sex

submitted by dkg

Mouthgasm - When you taste something so good, it's like your mouth had an orgasm

submitted by Midasu

Mower - Used as 'the mower' as a nick-name for someone that's 'cutting the grass' by taking a ladyfriend etc

submitted by hayo

Mozzarella - The cum stuck in your underwear

submitted by KennyM!

Mr/Ms/Mrs Frankenhind - When someone's behind is abnormally huge or grotesque

submitted by Veleda

Mr. Plow - Using in excess of three condoms during sex at a time

submitted by Ty

MT - Monkey Tart: A saucy little minx

submitted by TSB

Muahahahaha - To be used when you are feeling particularly evil. Similar to Bwahahaha, but more politically correct.

submitted by Ms. DeVille

Mud Pie - When your butthole is darker than your skin tone

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Muff Gruff - Queef

submitted by Juggs

Muffin - A word for the annoyingly confident

submitted by E.R. Madison

Muffin - A silly/stupid person

submitted by Bryson

Muffintop - Like a muffin, its a fat girl that has a flabby belly overhanging her jeans/skirt etc

submitted by Darud

Muffle Schnuffle - Shut up you silly nuf nuf

submitted by the squishable one

Mugmuggling - The simulatious action of preparing a hot beverage (either tea, coffee or a cup-a-soup), while simultaniously being violated with a german gentleman with an instationable appetite for sausage buggery.

submitted by Ste Wilko

Mugumbose - Huge boobs

submitted by mase

Mulan - Farting in the bath and following through.

submitted by Jake H

Mulaw - A ghetto word for money

submitted by LiL - D

Mullet - "As in "YOU MULLET", for a highly offensive insult "

submitted by Big Dave

Munchies - Getting hungry after smoking green. i.e. i've got the munchies

submitted by THE troublesome three

Munchkins - My dad says it when refering to children

submitted by Ash!

Mung - The foul odor emitted when obose people do not wash the bateria under their flaps of skin.

submitted by Dave

Mung - The stuff that comes out of a pregnant womans stomach

submitted by jeneva12

Munjers - Breasts... as in nice munjers

submitted by munjer man

Munt - A mangina, formed when a man tucks his junk between his legs and exposes the rest

submitted by comando

Munted - Something is wrong ot stuffed up...

submitted by AB ANU

Munter - Adj.- an extremely, offensivly ugly person. A 'Beast', or 'Barge-Pole' of a person you have no wish to look upon any further

submitted by Kirsty

Munter - A really minging girl eg 'shes a right munter'

submitted by mc kirgz

Munter - Very ugly

submitted by chloe

Munter Hunter - A man who searches out ugly girls as he will get turned down by anyone else

submitted by Phil

Munty Mack - When someone vomits and then kisses someone

submitted by turtle

Muppet - The commiter of an incredibly dense act

submitted by Penfold

Muppet - You are an extreme cougar

submitted by ME

Muppeteer - A totally scrwed up cougar, one stage up from the basic muppet

submitted by ME

Muppetron - The second most cougarish name. If you get called this then I pity you. You have no chance in life and you should go and kill yourself

submitted by ME

Muppetsaurus - The ultimate insult. Worst possible thing to be called. If somebody calls you a muppetsaurus, there is no point in even killing yourself because you will only instigate unbearable scandal about who didn't help send you on your way to your horrific death

submitted by ME

Mustang - Poo stuck to your bum hair. They can't fall off so they Must Hang on

submitted by Stephen

Mustaphaweewee - A continual sentence said as you run to the bog after cosumming a curry and 26 pints

submitted by spode

Mutet Ring - A hairy arse-hole

submitted by Aubrey

Mutley - Someone with an irritating gruff in "Calm down Mutley"

submitted by Cleo

Mwah - The sound of a kiss for use in texts/e-mails. You can also say this when cheek to cheek air kissing.

submitted by Anon

MWAPS - Either man tits or someones mothers tits

submitted by Juggs

Mystery Bus - The bus that arrives at the pub on Friday night while you're in the toilet after your 10th pint, and whisks away all the unattractive people so the pub is suddenly packed with stunners when you come back in.

Mystery Taxi - The taxi that arrives at your place on Saturday morning before you wake up, whisks away the stunner you slept with, and leaves a 10-Pinter in your bed instead.

Mystery Bus - The bus that arrives at the pub on Friday night while you're in the toilet after your 10th pint, and whisks away all the unattractive people so the pub is suddenly packed with stunners when you come back in.

submitted by rich

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