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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with K

Cankles - Cross between calves and ankles. Fat people have these

submitted by anmada hugenkiss

K'tanked - Completely wasted

submitted by scplayer

K.M.A.P.S.I - Kicks More Ass Per Square Inch

submitted by bunghole warriors

KABOB - Like shish kebab, but it means that you just ate something that does not agree with your digestive system.....IT BURNSSS!! FEAR THE KABOB

submitted by Your Adams Apple

Kacper - Wierdo/Freak/Spaz E.g "You're such a Kacper"

submitted by Marcin Blaghski

Kafiltafish - To be cool and/or awesome

submitted by Billy and Adam

Kafuffin - Talking smack (he's talkin all a kafuffin)

submitted by im shatpank

Kagebers - A funny way of saying haha or lol

submitted by Christian

Kain - If something Kains, It hurts like a bitch.

submitted by michael

Kakson - Just another word for sh*t or it can be used as a form of abuse

submitted by Keith Mole

Kangol Kevin - Those young tracksuit Townie types who insist on proving how hard they are by hangin around the local KFC and staring at everyone and tearing up the boy racer circuit in an Escort RS turbo

submitted by CantBArsed

Kappa Slappa - Girls aged (14-40) who wear so much gel in their hair they need an environmental health warning and have permanent PMT and in sist on getting off with Kangol Kevin at any given chance

submitted by CantBArsed

Karacka - Emphasization of the word cracker. Reference to white trash

submitted by KrustyPoo

Katach - Very good

submitted by Vinnce

kataya - KaTYEah...who knows. When ninjas attack, they say this

submitted by Mickey Lee

Keef Jeefing - Masterbating

submitted by KennyM!

Keegdern - The COMPLETE opposite of a geek/nerd!

submitted by Joe Mama

Keeler Dude - To be used in place of cool - "that looks KEELER dude!"

submitted by ~Emily~

Keeping the Faith - On a particulary difficult shot in pool, or when someone drops a chip, etc. keeping the faith is said because you should never lose hope in someones ability to recover

submitted by Thomas James Durrant

Kelong - Is Singlish for match-fixing in soccer games

submitted by me

Ken & Sue - A fitty is Ken (10/10) & a minger is Sue (2/10)

submitted by Weever & Nora

Kerfuffle - When something goes wrong its all a kerfuffle

submitted by sheeky

Kess a ma - What's your problem? (in chinese)

submitted by allisyn chu

Kestrel - Use in place of grumpy or angry. eg “Oh, quit being such a Kestrel!”

submitted by GUD

Kewub - Gorgeous princess, heaven on earth

submitted by Matthew Jarman (Sexy)

Keya - Shut the Fu** up

submitted by bob billy joe

Kfish - Someone who is always right, no matter what the subject is

submitted by Alison

Kibbibble - It means nothing much, but you can say it after ouch ("ouch kibbibble") or just randomly whenever you feel the need.

submitted by Sarah

Kick Part the Starty - To get a party into action while drunk

submitted by Pablo

Kickin' - Means cool or wicked ("that was kickin'")

submitted by im shatpank

Kickstand - The thingy on the side of the chair to put the foot rest up or down

submitted by Jess bo bess

Kiddles - That unwanted affection from parents to kids at un-cool times

submitted by Unknown

Kief - Cool

submitted by Alfred

Kief - Cool

submitted by Faiza

Kifed - Another word for shagging

submitted by fark

Kifflin - Chillin; just hanging out

submitted by jesus

Kiki - Vagina

submitted by carla

Killer Bud - Weed/pot/marijuana

submitted by Masta Rasta**

Kimfonica - It's the short one worded way of saying "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" which is evidently worse...

submitted by Plasticspleen

Kimmeh - (pronounced kamm-eh) a foul odious person who although lacking in any social skills still considers themselves popular and sought after

submitted by Total_Carnage

King Vogo - A guy who doesnt even try to strike out. he just does

submitted by Ty

Kingil - Ass hole

submitted by darren

Kingish - A woman or man that you idolize. They take control with ease.

submitted by annjilla

Kinnon - Short version of saying ' Kidding On '.

submitted by Jack Logan

Kio - Love

submitted by osvaldo

Kirbibble - Nonsense, i.e"I don't need your kirbibble!"

submitted by Henry the Emo Kid is my BFF 4 8 15 16 23 42

Klackton/Klactonville - To be said when your getting pissed of by some one whos showing off their geography skills - you ask the which continent is klacton/klactonville is in

submitted by rax

Knicker Snot - The fluid from sexual contact

submitted by CyberGoth

Knicker Toaster - Another way to say Radiator

submitted by Oli

Knjich - When you want to say that somebody is a horse-but just joking-say 'knjich'

submitted by eowyn

Knobadge - Sexual intercourse in a rough uncaring manner

submitted by von

Knobjockey - A guy who rides knobs

submitted by Fluff: ruler of earth

Knokarama-Street - A cross between a soap opera and a porn film. e.g Channel 5 adult dramas

submitted by spode

Kodge - Another word for "mate"

submitted by neats45

Konrad - When someone goes completely over the top and/or gets violent

submitted by Fenwick

KooBa - Big Butt

submitted by Nunya

Kooch - Vagina

submitted by anon

Kosh - A weird kid

submitted by asdfsa

Kouta - Cool, awesome, wicked etc

submitted by Anonomous

Krackalakin - (Crack-a-lac-kin) Really awesome

submitted by Nean xoxo

Kronk - A big smelly turd

submitted by MikeyD

Ktlatsí - One that lacks the mind (Stupid).

submitted by T'kani Olzän-Utcite

Kuddy - Having great sex

submitted by Rahyel

Kuku - Stupid

submitted by shalala

Kurva - Pronounced Koor-vah : Whore, slut in Hungarian

submitted by Jonni

Kush - When you're comfortable beyond comfortable. (eg: "Dang, this bed is really kush.")

submitted by Elisabeth SOO FINEEE

Kush - Weed. Damn this is some good kush

submitted by Your mom

Kwonger - One of those Japanese people who is always talking to one of their Japanese friends in Japanese, therefore making it impossible to understand what they are saying OR a Japanese person with such an accent that it may be very hard to distinguish what they are saying.

submitted by Josh

Kwyjibo - A fat, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin

submitted by Pablo

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