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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with B

B-Doi - So-so hot girl, not too hot, just cute. Can also be used as Low B-Doi or High B-Doi

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

B.A.H - Blonde at heart, ususally refering to a brunette

submitted by MEEEEE!

B.A.T.A - Buy And Throw Away. A shoe company...

submitted by Arcazan

B.B. - Bodacious Boner

submitted by Leslie

B.F.E. - Bum Fuck Egypt. Middle of nowhere, you're lost

submitted by Dylan

B.F.M - Big fat mess. A good way to call someone without them knowing what you mean!

submitted by JustB3N

B.I.L.F. - Brother I'd Like F**k

submitted by Nurp

B.I.T.C.H - Beautiful individual that causes hard-ons

submitted by cazzy

B.I.T.C.H. - Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming, and Horny

submitted by Emily

B.I.T.C.H. - Being In Total Control of Him

submitted by B

B.I.V - Booger In View

submitted by Emily Smith

B.M.W - Big Mexican Women

submitted by Kelsey

B.M.W. - Black Man Wiener

submitted by Bobby White and Tig

B.O.B.F.O.C - Similar to butterface. It simply means Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch

submitted by Pasture Of Muppets

B.O.G.F.F.H. - Body of Godess, Face from hell

submitted by Johnny Longnutz

B.R.A.T - Beautiful/Ready for anything/Adorable/Together forever

submitted by I LOVE SAM

Ba-Donk-A-Donk - A particularly large female posterior

submitted by davjam89

Babbar - Term of endearment (adapted from baby/babby)

submitted by Anon

Babel - (pronounced babe-l , not babble) affectionate name for a friend eg. hey babel...see ya babel

submitted by Shelly

Baboy - Mad angry

submitted by Jessie goss

Baby Batter - Semen

submitted by The King of Plop

Baby Fat - Somebody who is overweight but won't admit it

submitted by Eric Chin

Back Porchin' It - Chill on the back porch

submitted by Tom cook

Back-alley Waitress - An overly-dressed prostitute.

submitted by ted

Backdoor bandit - A gay

submitted by Craig W

Backdoor milk man - Someone who delivers that smooth white stuff to your back door

submitted by tom barratt

Backdoor-Bandit - Someone who gives it up the chuff

submitted by DJ

Backup Friend - If all your good friends aren't there, this is the person you have to settle with.

submitted by ilsnob

Badabing-Badabong! - If you have done something well shout it out and feel proud!

submitted by Joooannnee

Badger - Quite frankly anything you want it to, from insult to compliment, via the word you can't quite think of at the moment

submitted by wasterbadger

Badger Scrotum - A really dumb guy with no clue

submitted by evil queen bee

Badgered - To be tired

submitted by smartie

Badgery - To be inserted before any four letter word to give it extra emphasis

submitted by hullabaloo

Badlabdabdabdab - That funny stuff that christmas trees are wrapped in.

submitted by Wooglefulness

Badly Packed Kabab - Eatting out a woman

submitted by PIP

Badong - Bad and Wrong so very bad and wrong is badong

submitted by Polly

Badonk-adonk - A nice butt

submitted by that guy

Badonkadonk - A female's special place

submitted by me

Badoosh - Used to annoy people, and to say 'get out of my face'

submitted by Joe

Badoozie - Big Butt

submitted by Mr. Ankle Spanker

Bag Of Doom - A person that is always sad and depressed. Example- "Cheer up you bag of doom!!"

submitted by xodeadlykisses

Bag of Doucheness - Similar to douche bag, only times infinity

submitted by Ty

Bag of smashed assholes - When you can feel no worse or lower than you do.

submitted by justinyourgirl

Bagel - A really hot guy! EX: Bagel w/ cream cheese=SUPER HOT GUY! Crumb=REALLY UGLY GUY

submitted by Babe-L

Bagel - A hot guy

submitted by paula

Baghead - An offensive word - "You Baghead" - Drug Addict

submitted by Stevie Sausage

Bagina - A fat girls flab that hangs over past her vagina.

submitted by Angel

Bagina - A female's large Vagina e.g "WHOA! You have one epic Bagina!"

submitted by Jose Doritos

Bah - Expression of disgust, boredom or laziness. Ultimate answer to all questions known to man and some of the more intelligent animals

submitted by Dynamite Heady

BAH! - Used as an expression when your just too damn lazy to say anything else. It's a great way to avoid unecessary conversation

submitted by Retard

Bahoovy - Kind of has a similar meaning as groovy. I often use both words together to describe a feeling of ultra happiness. A modern take.

submitted by Vickie Bellefontaine

Bail - To run like the wind, if you're doing something you shouldn't and happen to get caught you should BAIL

submitted by jellytot

Baited - To be caught. (eg. "you got baited")

submitted by Oakville player, what the hell you guys

Bajabbers! - A comment or exclamation you can use in any daily conversation.

submitted by Your Adams Apple

Bajazzafrical - An awesome dance move: ex. "Wow, that move was bajazzafrical"

submitted by Michelle

Bajingoo - A lady's front door ;)

submitted by me :)

Baked - When you have just experienced good sex

submitted by chris

Baked - High off your ass.

submitted by Don't worry about it!

Bakery Chin - Someone with a lot of chins

submitted by 4lyf

Baldwin - Girls use this to describe hot guys

submitted by hotmark89

Ball bag licker - To suck up to some one

submitted by col

Ball Baster - A woman or gay man's tongue

submitted by Dick Gizinya

Ball-Bag-Botherer - A gentleman who enjoys bothering another mans scrotal sack.

submitted by Baldman

Ball-Juggling - Procrastinating; taking forever to do something

submitted by Nattyboy420

Ball-sectimy - It's a funny nickname to give your friend. =]

submitted by BILO

Balloon Knot - Slang for arse hole

submitted by {}={}AVOC

Balloon Knot - An anus

submitted by John

Balls-Deep - To get right in there

submitted by Captain Coco

Baloon head - Inflated forehead

submitted by adam a.

Balsamic - Commonly used in terms refering to the cold weather. ie "It's bloody balsamic out here" meaning cold.

submitted by Joshy The Cat

Balsh - The part in between your chin and neck

submitted by Graeme McLean

Bamboozo - A lie

submitted by Rit

Bananas - When a guys ding dong is bent

submitted by vimpto

Banardon - A very bent shaped hard-on. (Banana/Hardon)

submitted by Seymour butts

Banga - Amazing. ie "That's awesome sweet dude"

submitted by kleo, kledizzle or desumpy

Bangarang - Expression of joy or surprise

submitted by wendaline

Bangin' - When something is cool or awesome

submitted by Loren Maguire

Banshee - Shemale

submitted by Holly Woodsmith

Baps - Boobs

submitted by jimmy

Barb Wire Boxers - When you underwear is cutting right through you...

submitted by Philbert

Barbie Gone-wrong - Someone who's trying to be a bleach blonde tart but has miserably failed!

submitted by becky

Barclay - To blatantly cheat in public

submitted by Colin Hunt

Barezz - An alternative to 'very' e.g 'Oh my god she is barezz pretty'

submitted by this girl

Bargainschnoff - A bargain that is so good, it requires an additional ending

submitted by anonymous

Barge-Pole - i.e., someone you would not touch with a barge-pole. A 'munter' or 'beast.'

submitted by Kirsty

Barmpop - An idiot

submitted by louise

Barry - It's a word for those really annoying people who go round starting fights and wear sports clothes and caps and also think they're cool

submitted by Craig Anderson

Barse - Space between ones bollix and arse

submitted by ciaran

Barsnicula - Random word to use for an object that you can't remember the real name of.

submitted by Brittany(((:

Bassfart - While sitting down, a fart that causes your seat to shake but makes little or no noise.

submitted by ted

Baszd meg - Pronounced Bahzd-mehg : F*** You in Hungarian

submitted by Jonni

Batch - A name only British Coventrians give to a roll or bun. i.e 'can I have that ham and cheese batch please?'…

submitted by Meddy

Battiestan - Say to someone thats a puff. e.g "you're from battiestan" or "hes a battiestan"

submitted by meza the almighty

Bazinga - A famous phrase which is used instead of a "HA-HA"

submitted by Maddieee

Bazookas - Mahoosive Boobs

submitted by Mice

Beach-whale - A fatty who gets on your nerves

submitted by DDAANNII

Beached whale - A REALLY fat person who is on the ground.

submitted by d-low3

Beans of Coolness - Variation on Cool Beans

submitted by Joel from Falls Church

Beans of coolness - Alternative to "cool beans"

submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by submitted by

Bear - An alternative to "well". eg. "Bear good"

submitted by james

Bear - To do something incredibly awesome while high or drunk.

submitted by BREEZZY

Bearded Clam - Hairy womens vagina

submitted by Vanessa

Bearded Mistress - A womens special place, not shaved

submitted by lennox

Beast - Someone, as the word implies, that is too dog-ugly for any other comparison to be made. See also, 'Barge-Pole' and 'Munter'

submitted by Kirsty

Beast - It's somethink that is really wicked. eg "That's beast" also see mint.

submitted by jess, cornwall

Beast Face - An ugly person

submitted by Chris' Friend

Beat it - To masterbate incesantly

submitted by Matt B and the boys of Munster

Beating around the bush - Having sex with a girl

submitted by Caitlin

Beatlejuice - What you get when you put John, Paul & George through the Ringo

submitted by Winnie the Mandela

Beats - To be pronounced "B-orts" when giving a best mate beats

submitted by anonymous

Beauty and the Beast - A girl who looks beautiful from behind but has the face of a beast

submitted by The Griff

Beaver Ball Licker - A suck up...just funny to say

submitted by Julie

Beaver Beater - A Dildo

submitted by 4lyf

Beaver Leaver - Homosexual male

submitted by Swanny

Beavers Muff - Dry mouth

submitted by devo n tasha

Bebble - An extremely ugly person

submitted by annie

Beconffuzzled - To be confused

submitted by alex

Bed - Squeaking - Another term for sex

submitted by naughti_girl XxxX

Bed Wetter - One who is overly fond of process, typically an auditor or security champion. Derived from the fact that such people are the product of a bullied childhood and or wet the bed till a significant age and very limited understanding.

submitted by TSB

Bediquette - Proper sleeping etiquette (not stealing the covers or snoring, etc.)

submitted by Adair

Bee-atch - A pimps hooker. but used in an affectionate way. i.e when talking about my friend i say my bee-atch did this, my bee-atch did that

submitted by con

Bee-atch - It's a cool word for bitch

submitted by anonymous

Beef - A disagreement between people, usualy scary chavs and common folk

submitted by happy shopper

Beef Curtains - A womans vaginal lips

submitted by Chrisdarockstar

Beef broth - Descriptive word to describe an ugly/facially inept person

submitted by Helsby

Beef Patty - Fat Girl

submitted by Manmeet

Beef Soup - Something disgusting

submitted by Rhiannon

Beef Tits - Man boobies

submitted by Rachy C--Thunder Bay

Beefeater - Gay on gin

submitted by Ralphie Roffleman

Beefy McManstick - A man with a large penis

submitted by Polly

Beer Coat - The invisible but warm coat worn when walking home after a booze cruise at 3 in the morning.

Beer Compass - The invisible device that ensures your safe arrival home after a booze cruise, even though you're too pissed to remember where you live, how you get there, and where you've come from.

Beer Muscles - "one obtains beer muscles after drinking their @ss off; they believe that they have super human strength and ability and constantly say to every person who looks at them, "WASSUP B!TCH"

submitted by mizz SYgon

Beer Scooter - When you are drunk and suddenly find yourself somewhere else with no recolection of the journey, the beer scooter took you.

submitted by Clackers

beer balls - Sweaty balls from alcohol consumption

submitted by MarkxCore

Beer-Goggles - The invisible glasses that appear while drunk, thus convertingthe 'Beast' into 'Beauty'.

submitted by L'Egiptian, Mass&Tintin

Beer-rape - Adjective, to be Beer-raped - to have beer forced upon you by a beer-rapist, usualy to the cry of "you're double parked, see it off"

submitted by Boredinbelgium

Beermonkey - Funny way of saying alcoholic

submitted by claire

Beersty - Thirsty for beer.

submitted by Caliman

Begezzled - Awesome

submitted by star denkhoff

Beish - Highest level of a bitch

submitted by cecil shikadance

Bell end - Something you call people you don't like, or if they're just annoying you

submitted by Mr Penis

Bellenduous - Similar to Bell-end, It means 'Bell-end like'

submitted by Jethro Walker =]

Belly Bostin - Sumthing to say after you have had something very nice to eat... usually a great complement to the chef/cook

submitted by Kaz

Belly Button Chicken Pox! - It means.. nothing really... just sounds weird and if you think about it.. ooh! Gross!

submitted by LatinaSpice15

Belly Fart - When you have to fart soo bad but you don't want to because people are aroud so you tighten you butt and you fart in you stomach

submitted by LemonSeed

Belly Pussy - When someone has a large belly sitting low & their pants are too tight-it squeezes the belly together causing a fold resembling a pussy

submitted by Nene

Belly Toes - When someone has a big, fat belly that hangs down to their toes!

submitted by Chelley

Bellyflopter - A bellyflop but with style

submitted by rax

Beltin - Looks/sounds stupid

submitted by rae

Beltin' - Something is well good, extrodinary, superb, couldn't be better! e.g. "Aye that were beltin'!"

submitted by Kaz

Benecoco - Kiss

submitted by will

Beng - A person with limited intelligence or learning difficulties

submitted by Biggy Boyle

Bentley - A loser, a person that sucks, an unpopular person

submitted by chikadee

Bermuda Triangle - when you unfortuantly see up a fat girls skirt. all you see is the small triangle of cloth. the bermuda triangle.

submitted by tall guy

Bertamous - Ghetto version of beautiful

submitted by Carley and I know michaela

Beswick - Slang for the word sh*t. For example - "Dude you are such a Beswick!", "I feel like getting Beswick-faced tonight!" and "This food tastes like Beswick"

submitted by Ted Maul

Betty - A really really hot girl e.g 'Tara is definately a Betty'. Originates from The Flintstones because Betty was hot. See also Barney and Wilma.

submitted by hotmark89

Betty Swollocks - Sweaty Bollocks

submitted by .:Azzar:.

Beure - (Pronounced "Be-Your") A sexy looking girl

submitted by Kate

Bhostcut - Bastard child of satan

submitted by anticurlsstalker

BI YA NIDI - Cool way of sayin hey!

submitted by BI YA NIDIER

Biatch - Bitch

submitted by kyle

Bibble - A random word in order to end an awkward or boring silence

submitted by Ruth

Biddie - Describes an extremely hot guy

submitted by Amanda

Biff - To snap-smack someone in the back of the head with the back of your hand.

submitted by Mike Hunt

Biff Baff Ridge - Area between front and rears bottoms

submitted by Danny the Fanny

Biffa - Have you ever heard of a "Biffa bin"? Well they're big so if you call someone a Biffa it's basically calling them fat e.g "You are so biffa"

submitted by courtney bourn

Bifkin - Piece of skin between your ball sack and your ass hole

submitted by John Andrews

Bift - A reefer

submitted by sinister clothcat

Big Booty Judy - A girl with a big booty

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Big Burp - My Boyfriend's Wrestling name!

submitted by Volleyballbabe0007

Big Chewsie - An extremely fat girl with a pretty face that would be hot if she lost a couple hundred pounds

submitted by Clay

Big-bowl-of-ugly - Used to say something is ugly i.e. "ew! he's a big bowl of ugly!"

submitted by ♥shoobittysheezblahblah♥4815162342SUGARHIGH

Biggit - Make it BIG

submitted by Dan n Matt

Bikini-bopper - A name used to classify a person or persons who dresses in revealing outfits, flirts with all cute guys and judges you if you don’t look exactly like them. - Also see "popular" and "plastic"

submitted by Laine Phillips

Bill - Calling someone a "Bill" is a much nicer way of calling them a HUGE asshole!

submitted by QUEENIE MAC

Billy Bargin - Good price

submitted by Cheap skate

Billy brown bell - A gay

submitted by ryan!

Binchy Boob - A girl with Big HUGE boobs

submitted by Jake

Bingle - Being single

submitted by Kyles

Bingo Wobblers - The fat on the underside of your arms that wobbles when you wave your hand, hence bingo. Old granny, fat bingo players

submitted by tara

Bingo Wings - Fat underneath your arms that wobbles when you wave. Basically fat under your arms i.e "Look at her bingo wings"

submitted by kiss_my_ass

Bink - The act of flicking someone in their nutsack, usually makes them fall to floor completely incapacitated.

submitted by Chuck U. Farley

Bint - Someone really annoying (usually an older person)

submitted by aimee

Bint - Slang for a girl

submitted by pb

Bird lips - Someone who drinks too slow

submitted by UOPac12

Bison - Sucks

submitted by jimmy zombie

Bisto Bitch - A fat bird that wears hardly any clothes and jumps about in a club wiping her gravy (sweat) all over you!!

submitted by Leigh

Bit - Female genatalia, e.g . "Cross your legs, your bit is showing."

submitted by Meh!

Bita craic lik - Good fun. ("Awh do I, it'll be a bita craic lik")

submitted by norn irish person

Bitch Jockey - A guy who is too bitchy to actually root a girl (e.g. "Don't be such a bitch jockey!")

submitted by Steph is the best!!

Bitch Pops - Alcohol such as wkd, smirnoff ice, barcardi breezer, archers etc also known as panda pops. Gay drinks

submitted by cookie

Bitch tits - Male breasts

submitted by oh no-one

Bitch-arse - Arsey bitch - Male or Female

submitted by Kev

bitchard - Female form of bastard

submitted by Paul

Bitchard - What you would call a guy who is acting like a total cooze.

submitted by John

Bitchassness - What you say to someone when they are being a total bitch ass. Like ''cut it with the bitchassness''

submitted by Funbags A.K.A. Joey

Bite My Cootie Butt - Same as Bite Me but with cooties

submitted by Alg

Bizatch smack - Talking about somebody behind their back

submitted by Stevie

Bizatches - Blackmore slang for Bitches

submitted by The Ginger posse

Bizinga - Victory

submitted by madster

Bizzatch - Another word for bitch only you won't get into trouble for saying bizzatch

submitted by catherine

Bizzeee Bizzeee - It can mean anything really. When some minger talks to you at a bar you say "am bizzeee". Or "What did you get up to last night?" - "owwww bizzeee bizzeee". Must be said in a really camp voice for full effect

submitted by SJO

Bizzle - "Bye babe!"

submitted by Georgiee Lou Attenborough <3 xx

Bizznatch - Another word for bitch, it's easy to say and funny too

submitted by joke you

Blaaaaair - It mean Ewww as in Tony Blaaaaair is so gross and annoying

submitted by Bizzi

Blabber Chabber - Someone who talks about nothing but random jibberish

submitted by ishmail

Bladdah-wiggly - Urgent desire to use the popular object A,K,A the Toilet.

submitted by Daeh

Bladdered - Drunk

submitted by Jon Aston, Walsall

Blade - An annoying person

submitted by Anthony

Blah Blah Blah Yackity Smackity - An interuption to be used when your half listening to someone but can't actually be bothered to hear the end of it and show them that you totally disregard everything they've just said anyway.

submitted by Polly

Blahugenhaffergogne - Crazy; Psychotic; Loony; Needs proffesional help.

submitted by Robin and Desiree

Blairing/Bushing it - Doing exactly what the world leaders are doing ... F*cking everything up!!

submitted by Narna (D.S)

Blar - Yell when you see a fat person

submitted by anonymous

Blargh - Means "Huh?"

submitted by James Mce

Blarr - A force similar to gravity which only works on fridays. It is similar to gravity in all respects except that it is slightly stronger which is why everyone feels knackered on Fridays

submitted by Superjim

Blashe - Annoying...exp "Tara" is so blashe!

submitted by Felicia and Natalie!

Bleedin deadly - Excellent

submitted by Jordanna- Ireland

Blimp - An insult that you can call your friends without hurting their feelings because you can change the meaning whenever you like. Also, if you are in a really random mood then you can use it for almost anything

submitted by Masta Rasta**

Blinded - Totally Pissed

submitted by Whits

Blingle Shingle - A total chav (towney), that acts like 50 cent

submitted by cozza cha

Blingtacular - Totally SWEET!!!!!!

submitted by El Stumpo

Blip - TV remote. Often lost.

submitted by Reno-kun

Blog - A criminal - stands for you "bacon licking old granny"

submitted by abi

Blogvasion - When a fellow blogger overruns or attempts to overrun your blog with massive amounts of bs

submitted by Snoozechao

Blondidity - A word that finally combines Blonde and idiot. The core of all those stupid blonde moments people have, even when they're not blonde.

submitted by KayDog

Bloob - Another word for ooze....e.g. "That ice cream bloobed all over my pants"

submitted by Pam

Bloob - Nasty boobs that are saggy....or are lice infested

submitted by PLK

Bloogey - When you sneeze and snot comes out

submitted by sarah

Bloomer Puddin' - Vagina

submitted by Diaper Dan

Blopper - Another word for a remote

submitted by Kat

Blow - Meaning to steal something (ie: lets go blow that condom)

submitted by a very horny guy

Blubber - Used when there is an akward silence.

submitted by Mad Corn Dog Dwee Dwee

Bluff - Belly button fluff

submitted by chris

Blugar - Someone hat's REALLY stupid, or dumb ex. : "He's so blugar!"

submitted by GhettoGurkl

Blumkin - Get BJ while taking a dump

submitted by nakassak

Blumpkin - Getting head while takin' a dump

submitted by Nattyboy420

Blumpy - Getting blown while taking a dump

submitted by Ken

Blurk - Puking a little when you burp

submitted by Anna

Blurter bottom - Someone who does lots of loud and stinky farts

submitted by jessms

BMOC - Big Man On Campus. Someone who thinks they’re all that in any situation!

submitted by KimG

BMW - Be My Wife

submitted by duqi

BMW - Big Mexican Women

submitted by Kathy

Bo-Jank - To Steal. "I bo-janked your money"

submitted by im shatpank

Boabed - When something unlucky happens to you or you are the butt of a joke then you are boabed (or the boabee!)

submitted by world domination

Boateng - Means GAY or GOOD i.e "hes a boateng" means hes a gay or "thats BOATENG" as in thats good

submitted by mezaking

Bob - The name in which you call someone if you have forgotten their actual name

submitted by Bill & Barry

Bob Marley - A type of soccer (football) kick, in which the ball stays near the ground. It's called a Bob Marley, because it keeps on the grass.

submitted by Kazer91

Bob Saget! - A word used in a moment of distress or anxiety, instead of using "GOD DAMMIT!"

submitted by XxiDecadencexX

Bobble boobies - When your boobies juggle about horrendously and your bra is too big

submitted by Bob

Bobby Dinero - Money, from dinero which is spanish for money, used in phrases like "Got no bobby to go out"

submitted by key key

Bobdrolic - To be silly

submitted by MamaduCpt

Bobs - Flip flops

submitted by >>lucifer<<

Bocca - Hair cut. ie "You've had a bocca"

submitted by chubgutz

Bochie - Something scary

submitted by Jaylene baiamonte

Bodaget - Complete and total moron (ie "You are such a bodaget")

submitted by your mom

Bodengi - You idiot

submitted by joker

Bogan - Something along the lines of wanker...

submitted by kc

Boge - An affectionate term for a younger sister

submitted by Skoof

Bogle - Pronounced 'boah-gal' - When something goes in your favour or you have done something good (Trisha off bo selecta uses it)

submitted by Joel himself

Bogle - A dance that involves swirling the crotch 360 in the direction of an attractive female, or the male of the group, who's a Melvin

submitted by Johnny Nocash

Bogus Master 5000 - An individual who's bogus level exceeds that of 4999.

submitted by Skatmaster

BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again

submitted by Ryan D

Bombed it - From the verb 'to bomb', when you get sweat patches usually under arm e.g on a night out you would say "I've bombed it"

submitted by key key

Bombing Pearl Harbor - I laid her/him already

submitted by yer mom.(:

Bombs away! - To be said after a male ejaculates whilst having sex

submitted by THEWORL

Bone of Contention - A hard-on that causes an argument. e.g. one that arises when a man is watching Olympic beach volleyball on TV with his girlfriend.

Bone Smoker - Homosexual

submitted by CLSB-KEGGER

Boned - Something that sucked, really bad. Ex: "Dude, that Boned!"

submitted by Invader Koala

Boner-waist - The buldge near the crotch of your jeans caused by sitting down, causing it to appear that one has a hard on.

submitted by Bob

Boneskitty - Crazy

submitted by Darrel

Bongi - Someone being senseless, very boring and irritating

submitted by nlliii

Bonobo - Dummy, idiot, fool, monkey

submitted by Bukator

Bonzer - "Great, good..."what a bonzer idea"

submitted by anon

Bonzer - Exciting or wonderful

submitted by Chicken Joe

Boo - Your boyfriend

submitted by GhettoGurkl

Boo boo - Bad, ugly, stupid, etc... Basically, it can mean anything you want it to mean i.e. "That girls hair be lookin boo boo." or "That dude is so boo boo." Or it can even be used like this "Ugh, your dumb dog just boo boo'd on the carpet!"

submitted by meme

Boobaloo - To get quite/very drunk

submitted by Anon

BOOF - A nasty nasty loud Fart

submitted by joe the HOBO

Boogawolf - A girl you dont even go after when your drunk

submitted by mick

Booga_Na! - Say or shout in loud tone to scare someone

submitted by Mr. Famous

Boogie! - To tell someone to move their fat ass!

submitted by ISHMAIL

Boogies - Pyjama bottoms

submitted by joanna & megan :) aka kings

Booglekipper - Boogerpicker

submitted by weighfwrfuo

Booked - Intelligent

submitted by Rosha

Bookie - Big ass head. ie "You bookie head"

submitted by Kelly Tucker

Boom Boom - When a lush lad walks past and you can feel the chemical reaction its boom boom

submitted by shazza

BOOM! - Starts a game of who can think of the most random sounds.

submitted by Random Guy

BOOM!!! - Like well fit... aka boomting, boomy, boomtingalingdingdangdong. Love it!!

submitted by conk!

Boomchicken - Something that smells like sh*t

submitted by Staphonski

Boomshakalaka - A more exciting version of "booya" when something turns out great."

submitted by Rochelle

Boomshanka - May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman.

submitted by iddqd

Boomting - Hot/sexy. ie "That Boy Is Boomting..."

submitted by bhaaybee

Boon - None/nothing/nobody/zero

submitted by natjesusdude

Boonka - It means you're mad ugly

submitted by nero

Boonoonoo - Banana penis, meaning very small penis

submitted by unknown

Boonta - Vagina or penis e.g "get ya boonta out"

submitted by caleb

Boosh beesh bash boosh - What you say after someone says something completely retarted, or not funny

submitted by mike bench

Booshank - Something good

submitted by LIBBY

Booster Seat - A funny name to call a short person

submitted by Slipped Halo

Booty Chokers - Pants that are so tight, they choke your booty

submitted by Vasko

Booty go pow - When a skinny chick has a booty. You see her frontside then when she turns around and boom! She got some booty!

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Booty Go Pow! - A skinny girl with a big bubble booty

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Bootyful - Beauty in the booty

submitted by umyas

Booyeh - Expression used when something has turned out good

submitted by Elmo Bane

Booyeh ka shine - When everything works out

submitted by Smel Gibson

Boozebag - a drinker

submitted by lyndsey d

Bop - Head/Blowjob

submitted by Em

Borange - Not good; rubbish; crap

submitted by on behalf of Ross Noble

Borbarigmus - The sound of a growling stomach

submitted by John

Boshty - Awesome

submitted by nessy

Boski - (Bo-ski) Best friend

submitted by joy

Boss - Something that is really good

submitted by danny chief

Botard - Hobo/retard

submitted by chris dostie

Botia Scank - Someone who enjoys boasting about hookin up with loads of people, mainly a female. Or who is just a plain whore

submitted by Michelley3

Bouank - Famously awesome, so cool, amazing! As in "Dude, you smell Bouank!" or "Damn that girl looks bouank"

submitted by haleemorgan<2

Bouncebackability - The ability to make a major come back

submitted by gaz

Box - Vaginal canal

submitted by Dank

Boxing Glove - What it looks like a lady with a large fanny is concealing in her pants.

submitted by Danny the Fanny

Brad - First, or sober stage of the one known as "Brad"

submitted by Napoleon

Bradical - Second stage of Brad, which is pretty faded

submitted by Napoleon

Bradiculous - Third and final stage of Brad; he's f*ucked up, man.

submitted by Napoleon

Brain - To give oral sex

submitted by YO-YO

Brassmonkey - A boner that just won't go away during the middle of school

submitted by rawker

Breadcrum - It means friend when you greet them. eg "Hey ma breadcrum"

submitted by Bellers

Break A Can/Tinny - To open a can of beer to drink

submitted by Buzza

Breaking the Seal - Your 1st piss in the pub, usually after 2 hours of drinking. After breaking the seal of your bladder, repeat visits to the toilet will be required every 10 or 15 minutes for the rest of the night.

Breasticles - Men have testicles, we women have Breasticles...

submitted by Aislynn

Breazy - Hot chick. Eg. "Your mom's a breazy"

submitted by bob

Breed - A unique breed of an idiot.

submitted by spicy

Bresticles - Hairy moobs (see m-section!)

submitted by Steph

Brew-Ha-Ha - A beer

submitted by Nattyboy420

Bridge Critter - Another word to describe a dirty homeless person (bum)

submitted by Jimi Hughes

Bringing shame on the family - "to fail in style e.g. "miss this shot and you'll be bringing shame on the family"

submitted by northern

Bristley - A hot girl

submitted by shaneo

Britney Spears - Beers

submitted by Cabz

Broadband milk - Unlike ordinary milk, this version can pour out of the container up to 10X faster

submitted by What's your name?

Brodeo - Gathering of mostly males.

submitted by Bukator

Broken red pen - To cut yourself while whackin off.

submitted by jennings

Brough - "(pronounced br-uff) adjective and exclaimation in reguard to the in-ness of an item. ie. "that is one brough shirt!"

submitted by erin

Brouhaha - A way of saying a cat fight or girl fight

submitted by Christian

Brown Kiss - When you blow a brown kiss you farted

submitted by lisa babe

Bruck up - Beat up

submitted by G

Brunkoss - A fat girl with a really tight skirt on

submitted by the man - the legend

Brute Force Marketing - Another name for spam

submitted by Mikewin

Bubble - Having a laugh about something unbelievable

submitted by Sprogg Daddy

Bubble - Having a laugh about something unbelievable

submitted by Sprogg Daddy

bubbler - (bubbla) A drinking fountain that bubbles upwards

submitted by kayla casto

Bubbles - When you get a burp but it doesn't reach your mouth and stops in your throat and it sounds like your tummy is bubbling.

submitted by BB

Bubblosophisticolicious - Bubbly personality, sophistcated and and looks delicious (describes a girl)

submitted by ThePhantomPratt

Bubyboofey - "Means "Love you lots" - said just before going to sleep"

submitted by jes

Buck Nuckle - Male version of a camel toe

submitted by Flipper12368

Buckaroo - The sport of stacking as many things as you can on top of an unconscious friend before they wake up

submitted by Boris

Bucket - A big vagina

submitted by alice g

Bucket Head - A stupid, worthless slut.

submitted by John Wilson from Kentucky

BUD - Abbreviation for Big Ugly Dyke. See also, SFU

submitted by Kazer91

Bud - Bitch, Ugly and Dumb.

submitted by gelato

Budgie Smugglers - Men's underwear briefs.

submitted by jenne

Budgies tongue - Female erection

submitted by Drew

Buffalo Butt - A big bottom

submitted by Smel Gibson

BUFFET - Big Ugly Fat F**kers Eating Together

submitted by Danny P

Bufty - Gay

submitted by McDee

Bugabalooba - Whatever

submitted by Julie McMauns

Buggerage - Extreme pain in the arse, generally caused by baggy boxers and tight pants. Or ex-girlfriends... ;o

submitted by Reno-kun

Buggle - Funny as hell

submitted by Cheez Puff

Buhmuhfuhfeautiful - Butt mother effin' beautiful (:

submitted by Minnie Mouse<3

Buhmuhfuhfugly - Butt mother effin' ugly :p

submitted by Minnie Mouse<3

Bukkakkerific - Awesome, fantastic etc

submitted by Admag

Buldunky - Like butter on a bald monkey (i.e. smooth) can be used sarcastically

submitted by ztreedad

Bule scene - A sex scene in a movie

submitted by someone

Bulldagger - A lesbian that acts like a man, or a ho that acts like a man.

submitted by brian

Bulldog chewing a wasp - Someone with an unfortunate face

submitted by sinister clothcat

Bulldog licking piss off a thistle - Someone with an unfortunate face

Bulled - Male term meaning had sex with a girl

submitted by G

Bum - Somebody Special

submitted by Liz Long

Bum bean - The little bits of sh*t you get stuck in your rectum hairs

submitted by liam simpson

Bum cheese - Anus juice, piles

submitted by dean, amy, claire

Bum Curry - An orange runny poo with small lumps in it

submitted by Buzza

Bum nuggets/clinkers - The shit that gets trapped in a mans anal beard

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Bum Plumber - To plumb the rear end of another male

submitted by Kidney Thief

Bum Weed - Anal hairs

submitted by anon

Bumaty - Another word for crap

submitted by liam edwards

Bumbaclaute - An expression like f**k

submitted by jordan

Bumbershoot - Toilet

submitted by SpenceR

Bumble Crunch - When you squeak a really cute guys arse

submitted by fatty-ov-hull

Bumchan - It means u have a sweaty arse

submitted by totti bogle

Bumfuzzle - Hairy bum

submitted by 007

Bumholion - Just like people from Africa are African, someone who is an asshole or bumhole is a bumholion.

submitted by cLydE

Bummie - Your close friend

submitted by stink

Bumping Squishies - To have sex :)

submitted by Slipped Halo

Bumpkin - Small female chav

submitted by Mal

Bumweed - Hair on your ass (context: "you've got a ridiculous amount of bumweed")

submitted by Benny J, London

Bung - When something's f*cked up

submitted by anonymous

Bunga - Sexual intercourse

submitted by jjap

Bungafied - A chick wearing granny undies. (not cool ladies!)

submitted by misterbone

Bunger - Granny undies

submitted by misterbone

Bungholio - A butt hole

submitted by Dakoda

Bungking - When somethings really f*cked up

submitted by anonymous

Bungtwaddle - The whimpering lamentations of someone who has repeatedly failed you.

submitted by Martha Focker

Bunk - Cool

submitted by ilsnob

Bunkey - A BIG weener

submitted by MQ

Bunny Boiler - A girl who is obsessed about a guy to the point of being scary - based on the movie "Fatal Attraction"

submitted by Anthony

Bunny Puff - An adams apple

submitted by angela st. john, CA

Bunny-fluffer - A woman (or very fat man) with fur growing under their tits

submitted by tom hill

Bunt - To have sex - "have a bunt"

submitted by Chance

Buntay - Said upon impact (when the guy thing, hit the girl thing)

submitted by Dirty_Russian

Burrs - When I was with my friends, we were making cowboy immitations, and instead of saying "uhh..your shirt is a little low.." One of us said, "Your burrs are showing". So it is an inside joke. It means 'Boobs'

submitted by Guest

Buruba - Be right back

submitted by MBD

Bust - Ugly butt-faced asshole

submitted by h-dawg

Bust - A request to for someone to give something to you, or you giving something to them. ie "Bust me a pen"

submitted by Jeff V

Bust-down - A girl you hide from your friends

submitted by mick

Butcher's Dustbin - A term used to describe a ugly womans nether reigons.

submitted by Andy.C

Butt Back - When someone has such a big butt that it goes half way up their back!

submitted by Chelley

Butt crusties - It's someone who doesn't wipe after going sh*t and then the crap forms and hardens and creates butt crusties

submitted by Millie_Villie

Butt Goblin - A small person who likes to eat arse

submitted by Chris

Butt Knocker - Dumb Ass

submitted by SY

Butt Munchies - It can mean hungry and/or something horrible. eg Bob bites butt munchies.. Bob is a butt munchy and he sucks munkey balls.

submitted by butt munchies

Butt nugget - A nugget that comes out of your butt, just this term is funnier

submitted by Lardo

Butt Nuggett - Nice way of saying "Piece of sh*t"

submitted by Cheri

Butt oil - Oil like black sh*t after a night of drinking dark beers

submitted by schula

Butt swab - Gay guy

submitted by jay dizzle

Butt-Burp - Another word for farting

submitted by Waffle

Butt-Slut - Someone who smokes the butts of cigarettes the morning after (you know, when there are no ciggies left, and they are desperate)

submitted by Zoltag

Butt-suckers - Really tight pants

submitted by dreabia

Butter Churner - A weasel of a guy (who is generally also a puss) who hangs around your girlfriend and pretends to be a "friend" while waiting and hoping for the opportunity to move in on her. Usual tactic is to offer her comfort and support at a time of weakness. This method takes time and patience, like churning butter.

submitted by Jimmy Jambalaya

Butter Head - Someone who has a hot body "but her head isn't"

submitted by ur momma

Butterface - "Describing a women with a great body, but not a face to match. i.e. "she has a great body, but her face(butterface)......"

submitted by Nick L

Butterface - When a girl's butt is nice but-her-face is ugly

submitted by anonymous

Butterface - Everything's nice, but her face.

submitted by curtis

Butterz - Fit/hot etc

submitted by Froggy

Buttmunch - Suck. Such as: "You (are a) Buttmunch!"

submitted by LALA

Buzzin - Cool

submitted by rae

BVH - Blue-Veined Hooligan. The 1-eyed skinhead.

Bwah! - To be yelled as annoyingly as possbile and called back...a sort of game (same as uhh!)

submitted by Erin

Bwaha - When something's extremely doubtable, but hilarious

submitted by Ash!

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