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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with A

-age - Add this to the end of your words for funny emphasis! Example: glugage, suckage, boobage, walkage

submitted by bobo

A bottle of ass - Something that tastes awful. ie "Yuck! This tastes like a bottle of ass!"

submitted by KennyM!

A case of the skitters - A case of diarhea

submitted by mike hawk

A i d s - Alcohol indused dizzy spells

submitted by mono

A Russell - A man with a big butt (and typically thinks that he is all that)

submitted by meeee!

A-Doi - Highest level (hottest girl) *see Doi

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

A-N-O-N - Anonymous Nonsensical Organization Noobs

submitted by Veleda

A-Yall - A Greeting in a homeboy styleee

submitted by Thomas James Durrant

A.F.I. - A Fat Infant

A.i.d.s - Alcohol in da system

submitted by East drift massive

A.S.S. - Attention seeking susan. officialy refering to my mates old girlfriend but can always be referred to as. attention seeking sexual or actualy sexy submarines...can be said like "that guys such an ass"

submitted by blak jack

A.T.F - Afraid To Fart

submitted by JK

A.T.F (Afraid To Fart) - A condition where you feel the need to fart but fear you might poop your pants.

submitted by {}={}AVOC

Aaah! My Groin! - Favourite sentence. Randomly said when you're hurt, even if its nowhere near your groin

submitted by Steveeee the Ninjaaaa

Aaawwubbis! - [uh-WOO-bis] A cry of surprise.

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Abberder - (abba - der) F**k off I don't understand so leave me alone

submitted by toblerone and twix

Abe Lincoln - Ejaculating on someones face then shaving their pubes and sticking them to their face.

submitted by arse

ablot - Someone that is majorly fat

submitted by anonymous chick

Ablot Rinds - The most disgusting food dish you ever tasted. Usually consists of fat.

submitted by Walalala

Abomination - Totally wrong!

submitted by Skater_gal

Absessed - Being obsessed with abs

submitted by the squishable one

Absofugginnada - Response to whats up/happening

submitted by CCAARRIIEE

Absofugginnada - Response to whats up/happening - "Absolutely f**king nothing"

submitted by Loren Maguire

Absoludicrous - Completely ridiculous

submitted by Brandt

Absolumaybe - Answer to question

submitted by claire

Absolutrific - Response to - How do you feel?

submitted by Loren Maguire

Abugawug-Ah! - To be said in a menacing tone in order to scare someone shitless.

submitted by Lizzie and Sarah (Rosie said it)

Accipe Hoc - "Take that!" in latin. Pronounced {ass-ih-pay hawk}

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Adorabahevenhoobendurgen - Bug

submitted by samantha marie gloria kr. jesus

Adorkable - When someone is being really cute, but also a total dork.

submitted by Aimee

Aeight - "Philly slang. Means "Alright" or "OK". If someone asks you "Do you think she is cute?", you say "She aeight"

submitted by YO-YO

Aflabajabawickiewoo - A word used to break a awkward silence, or can be used as a random come-back!

submitted by Jaybee

After alco burn - When you get a burnt throat and you have to drink gallons and galllons of beer to cool it down. (see also alco spark)

submitted by cozza cha

Agg - Super cool, not ripping off others style and gettin trendy. Also phrased as "Aggro Cragg"

submitted by Bilbo the destroyer

Agit - An Agit is a person who is not gay but acts it

submitted by Chits

Agnus - frontal wedgie

submitted by Katie

Aguamoose - Verb: To engage in nuptual activity. Also, a call to identify if there is anyone in the house engaged in said activity. (The correct response to this is 'Mooseagua'.)

submitted by Kingjellybean

Ahhhhh..Shizzle-Nizzle - When you want to do it but you can't

submitted by VodKatoAst

AIDS - Anal Injected Death Syndrome

submitted by zach craft

Airplane Blonde - "Someone who has bleached/dyed hair - but still has a "black box"."

submitted by Sadam Insane

AJ - Ass Jacker

submitted by Pepi&emma

Al-Doi - Girl would be hot and do-able with some alcohol

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

Alamak - "Oh My God" in Malay language

submitted by Ben Chao Wulala

Alazamboozle - A way of sying sh*t/f*ck in front of teachers/parents

submitted by Jimbob Joe

Alco spark - When someone sets their alcohol alight and drinks it

submitted by cozza cha

ALF - Alien Life Form

submitted by The Doctor

All - When something is all gone, i.e. The milk is all.

submitted by Phoust

All State - A person that thinks he is the best

submitted by Tanner Lorenz

Aloo me frate - Hello my friend

submitted by Claire Amy Laura Dean [Mackam Fags]

Amasslimated - being entirely intoxicated on a number of illicit substances

submitted by anon

Amazon - A really tall fit man or woman, who stands out of the crowd for their looks.

submitted by Leo

Ameeba - A large frontal lady fart

submitted by sisi and sasa from saaf london

Amul Baby Cock - A tiny penis. Based on the 'Amul Baby' mascot of the North Indian Amul Dairy Cooperative.

submitted by Lisa Lawrie

Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey - A monkey that lives up someones rectum!

submitted by Adam .A

And How! - I agree

submitted by Kyle

And you know what....have a nice day? - After all your b.s. I'm done with you, f**k off

submitted by michelle!! :)

Andhra Black Cobra - Either: 1. a very large penis, or 2. the deadly elapid serpent Naja naja madrasiensis.

submitted by Bhangra Girl

Angervate, angervated - "Very angry and agrevated, "You angervate me!"

submitted by irock

Angry Pirate - When you come in someone's eye, then kick them in the shin. The person then walks around like an angry pirate.

submitted by Don The paedo

Ankle Spanker - A guy that loves hitting on women to smell their feet.

submitted by Chris Welch

Ankle-biter - A baby or a small dog

submitted by ssajr

Annnnnd Sleeep - (hand motion of a talking puppet) A nice way of saying you are done shut up and get out of my face

submitted by heather :)

Anoos - The slang term for the anus

submitted by Buzza

Ant Eater - Its an uncircumzied penis

submitted by Hershal

Anton - When someone's voice breaks

submitted by Fenwick

Anus Turd Pounder - It's on the dollar menu at the state penitentiary.

submitted by 606337129

Any-Who - It is an easy way to transition from one conversation to an other like saying "any ways"

submitted by Andrew

Anyone Fuckoffee - As in "Anyone for coffee?". When your trying to tell someone to 'f**k off' without letting them know.

submitted by flobo

Apodyopsis - Mentally undressing someone

submitted by Brittany (:

Apol - In the event you are so good people call you an apol meaning "apologise now"

submitted by keena million

Appafugamuguffa - What you say when you do not understand something

Apple-Catchers - Big granny pants you can catch apples with

submitted by Basia

Aqua-freako - Major freak

submitted by hubba

Aquadextrous - The ability to turn your bathtub taps on and off with your feet

submitted by inkl

Aquatard - A careless or stupid boater or jet-skier

submitted by Rex

Aquind - When you're just getting to know someone as a friend but you're still acquaintances

submitted by Xena

Arabian Goggles - To put both of your testicles on someone's eyes while they are sleeping.

submitted by DUB

Arabian goggles - To get the arabian goggles would mean you got tea baged

submitted by anonymous

Arf - Stupid thing to say when you do something stupid

submitted by Sheepin

Arm clit - A stank p*ssy that smells like an arm pit

submitted by soulja boy

Aroo - "A sound made when someone says something to grab your attention... kind of like "what?" except you go "Aroo?"

submitted by Jackie

Arse Biscuit - When failing at a task this phrase can be used

submitted by twat

Arse-trumpet - To fart loudly to the similar sound of a trumpet

submitted by james

Artard - A retarded way of saying retard

submitted by angie

Artist - Just a retard or a very screwed up person

submitted by Crooked Ronnie

Ashblah - A word for a crazy blonde girl

submitted by Ashblah

Ashcolay - When you really want something to happen

submitted by oginger

Ashy Larry - A person who refuses to lotion after a shower. An ashy, or crusty looking person.

submitted by sy

Asi - To be said when you and someone else say the same thing at the same time

submitted by Emzi

Asinine - (As-I-Nine) Absurd

submitted by johnson

Ass backwards - When something is retarded or doesn't make sense

submitted by BrittBratt

Ass Bandit - A general term for a bummer

submitted by Adam .A

Ass crawler - Someone who doesn't just sniff asses but then continues to crawl up them

submitted by Karakazov

Ass Dweller - Someone who always seems to be living in your ass! Everywhere you go they're right behind you

submitted by J69

Ass goblin - A gay bitch (dude)

submitted by andrew

Ass Hot Spankable - Really freakin hot. Used in the movie "I robot"

submitted by sniperace777

Ass pirate - Someone who anally rapes

submitted by Karakazov

Ass-a-be-Jammer - One who ass jams

submitted by USSJAnge

Assclown - An idiot in its ultimate form

submitted by Karakazov

Assclown - A person that enjoys clowning with asses, to be used as an insult.

submitted by cap'n jazz

Asscrust - Calling someone the crust of one's ass

submitted by carebear

Assemisstic - Being negative with an ass hole attitude

submitted by Ritchie

Assgasket - The protective paper that you put on the toilet seat before you sit.

submitted by ronnie

Assgoblin - When a guy grabs a bunch of girls asses

submitted by The griffin

Asshat - Insult to be given playfully, along lines of Asshole but never serious

submitted by Sally

Asshat - Someone who clearly has their head stuck up their butt

submitted by Ross

Asshole Face - Affectionate term for close friends or to be used with close friends when referring to someone stupid.

submitted by Unit

AssHoleShits - Disliked people that you work with. Sounds like associates.

submitted by mr_l3londe

Assjack - A dumbass

submitted by KennyM!

Assploded - A really massive dump or bad case of the runs

submitted by Corey

Asstag - 1) To quickly touch or tag a person on the rear.

submitted by anonymous

Asteroid - What hemorrhoids should be called! (So, that would make a proctologist an astronaut)

submitted by Mt. Russmore

Auilite - the little amount of dirt that refuses to enter the dustpan when doing the gardening

submitted by beeps

Aunt Flo [came to visit] - It's code for a girls period. It also makes for a good inside joke.

submitted by Jolene and discovered by Lucinda

Aussie Kiss - Similar to a French Kiss, but given down under.

Austinawesome - A response to "what's up"

submitted by anonymous

Automagically - When something happens automatically as if by magic (for techno-phobes)

submitted by Rhiannon

Avec douche - French for "with shower". Used for anything, a conversation starter or filler

submitted by Claire Amy Laura Dean [Mackam Fags]

Awefreakingsome - Excited, happier than happy

submitted by emy

Awesomastical - Awesome + Fantastic

submitted by J-Lo

Awesomeness - The essence of awesome: the most awesome; the better of awesome

submitted by Ping

Awesomesauce - You're awesome, you're even more awesome, you're.. awesomesauce!

submitted by anonymous

Awesometabulous - Awesome + fabulous

submitted by Wolfy

Awesometastcial - Something is really awesome or cool and you just have to use something stronger than awesome or cool e.g, "Mayhem was super awesometastical!"

submitted by juggalette-e

Aye rights - Charv for yes, used by "normal" people to piss off Charvs by stealing their vocabulary

submitted by Claire Amy Laura Dean [Mackam Fags]

Aye Your Mea - Pronounced "I your mea" (sheep sound). It refers to slagging off one friend's mother.

submitted by Jackie Anne

Aye-yup - (pronounced, ay-yoop) How are ya, usually answered by cobbly-jonka

submitted by JoshMars

Ayer - To get drunk i.e ''im gunna get AYER tonight''

submitted by Laybourne

Burger Eater - Another word for lesbian

submitted by devo n tasha

Fiddlesticks - Awww man / ahh crap

submitted by jbieber007

Forest - Another word for a hairy fanny

submitted by devo n tasha n dawn

Gammy/Gammies - A blow job/blow jobs

submitted by hayley baby

Moo Point - If something is un-important for the time being it is a moo point

submitted by ciaran

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing - A phrase used by me and my sister to describe bigger women

submitted by kerry

Rrumple-stil-skin - When your penis curls into a ball

submitted by Koe0nkneyhm!

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