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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with S

F**king Bangee - Say it when something good or funny happens

submitted by leeroy

S'cmon - Come on just with an 'S' a cooler way to say it.

submitted by Becka

S'Coffee - Farmers Union Iced Coffee, (its an aussie thing)

submitted by Big Red

S'funny - It's funny

submitted by Jonathan

S'later/Slater - "See you later" but in a cool way.

submitted by aims.

S S S - Going for a triple S.. Sh*t, Shower, Shave.

submitted by Spanner man

S.A.B. - She's A Bitch

submitted by Nickers

S.A.M.M.W.I.C.H. - Satisfying A Man's Muth With Incredible Creations Hurray :D

submitted by charliey

S.F.B - Skinny Fat Bitch - someone that eats a lot but doesnt gain weight

submitted by Hahahahaha

S.L.A.P.P. - Sounds Like A Personal Problem

submitted by Samantha

S.L.U.T - Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing

submitted by Sweet but a Psycho

S.M.S. - Someone who is short and is fun to make fun of. aka Small Man Syndrome.

submitted by the loaf

S.S.S - Shit, Shower and Shave

submitted by KennyM!

S.W.A.G. - Saved With Amazing Grace

submitted by Molly

S.W.A.G.G - Sweet, Wonderful, And Gorgeous Girlz

submitted by rhedd ken :)

Saaaaa - 1. What in the blue hell is going on? 2. Are you Serious?

submitted by Kenny

Sac a la douche - French for "Douche Bag"

submitted by Arile

Sac-up - Variation of man-up or grow a pair

submitted by Zach

Saca-fa-ditch - Son of a bitch

submitted by william

Sacked - To get hit in the balls i.e Reed just sacked me!

submitted by Andy

Saddam Hussein - Said on a golf course, when your ball goes from bunker to bunker

submitted by golfer

Safeties - When something is safe, as in the cool kinda safe, you spread your legs wide apart, do that thing where you flap your index finger about to make that clicking sound, the way that gangstas do, with both hands and you proclaim Safeties!

submitted by the Jade

Sagga-Muffin - Saggy (people or animals only, no objects)

submitted by manda

Sakibobo - Classy, elegant Boys

submitted by Asake Olumide

Salad Dodger - An excellent phrase for an overweight person.

submitted by jeni

Salata - See you later

submitted by fuddage

Sally Gunnel - Said on a golf course after a drive if the ball skids along the floor but goes a distance ie, Its Ugly but a good runner hence Sally Gunnel

submitted by Belgium Bob

Salmon - Used to descibe a person who is funny, flexible and most probably an alcoholic

submitted by herachio

Salmon Flaps - Labia

submitted by Kidney Thief

Salsa Salsa - When a really hot guy/girl can dance or gives you the eye you say 'Salsa Salsa'

submitted by hotmark89

Salty - Stop being salty. (a drag, an a-hole etc.)

submitted by Freddy

Sam's-Tastic - A word meaning something fantastic at Sam's Club stores across the U.S.

submitted by Robert

Sammied - To be drunk and high at the same time

submitted by jally

Sand Burners - When your boobs have dropped

submitted by devon n tasha

Sandusky Slop-n-Drop - While traveling through Ohio, grampa craps his pants in the back seat. The rest of this misadventure would take to long to desribe here. Let's just say the local laundromat has a new name.

submitted by Lumpy Braunschweiger

Santa is coming down my chimney - Another way of saying i want someone up my dusty, never-been-used chimney on Christmas.

submitted by Bill & Barry

SARS - Severe Ass Ring Sting

submitted by Philbert

Sasquatch - Extremely hairy fat man. E.g "look at that sasquatch!"

submitted by Adam c

Sass - To know, or to know about. ie; "do you sass that guy?"

submitted by Jon Carbon

Satans Mouthwash - A drink (from my dad's point of view, Dr. Pepper) that tastes disgusting

submitted by Bella

Saucey - Sexy

submitted by Izzy

Saucy - A get-together, mainly refering to when guys get together to play video games.

submitted by Scribbles

Saunter - A derry term that means 'f**k off'

submitted by fash

Sausage jockey - A man that likes taking it up the behind

submitted by ASR

Savage - A total nagg, who is a goat (Beast) at everything. You totally have high feelings for this person.

submitted by Destyni

Sawyer - A person who gives random people they don't know well harsh nicknames/a really hot badass redneck (i.e. "Great, the boat sent us another Sawyer!" "Hey, don't be a Sawyer!" "OMG that guy is a total Sawyer!")

submitted by 4 8 15 16 23 42

SBD - Silent But Deadly (as in farting without the sound but stinks enough to kill everybody else)

submitted by charlize England UK

SBD - Silent But Deadly (when talking about a silent yet very smelly fart)

submitted by james

Sbum - Scum but more sick.

submitted by cozza cha

Scammer - When someone totaly screws you over or is acting like an ass

submitted by scamman

Scard - A person that is weird e.g 'mike is scard' this can also be used to describe a situation e.g when you get de ja vu you can say 'thats scard'

submitted by blok-hed almighty the 3rd

Scared-of-skinny - A nice way of calling somebody fat

submitted by Rosha

Scaterrifered - Scared/terrified

submitted by bob

Scattered - Lost, wasted. drunk

submitted by maya

Schare - Time to go

submitted by dave bogo

Scheister - Someone who is cheap, always trying to get out of paying or using money

submitted by James

Schibbly Dingle - When someone has a small shriveled up penis

submitted by Dee

Schieff - A guy who flirts with girls the whole time and gets no where

submitted by ollie

Schleinerickis - Penis

submitted by kiwi

Schlief - The verb to schlief. The act of actually schmoking the herb. ie. Let's go schlief man!

submitted by Lurap

Schliefen - The adjective/adverb. Means being absolutely rat-arsed from the herb. ie. I'm so schliefened!

submitted by Lurap

Schliefen - The noun, basically our little term for the herb. ie. I just got an eighth of schliefen.

submitted by Lurap

Schmall - Weak or insignificant alone, but strong when there are many

submitted by Dave

Schmanzy - Said sarcastically when someone is trying to be really fancy; as in 'ooh schmanzy!'

submitted by Liz

Schmeckel - A very small penis

submitted by TMAC

Schmeksy - More affectionate version of sexy, 'cos you love them/it!

submitted by Anon

Schmerple - Sound you make when someone pinches your face together (old people)

submitted by Kieara and Ash

Schmirty - (sh m ear tee) A negative term used while describing a person. Slut, Liar, Two faced.

submitted by The Coconut

Schmoost/Shmoosties - A schmuck or group of schmucks not worthy of being called schmucks

submitted by The Doctor

Schmugen - German for cool. "That is so schmugen"

submitted by Jeffrey and Veronica

Schnigglepeuf - A really enjoyable fart

submitted by Chriven

Schnippel - The tag hanging out at the neck of a shirt (e.g. "your schnippel is hanging out")

submitted by Pingu

Schnook - To cuddle a small animal. ie a mouse

submitted by Moi

Schoopies - Most expensive brand of anything

submitted by acetylcholine

Schootie Booty - Ugly people who have big butts

submitted by mia

Schwantz - One who doesn't know what they are doing.

submitted by ssajr

Schwicked Bent - The definative form of 'Swicked'

submitted by Sude

Schwigga - Means "You're a retard" and can also mean awesome

submitted by person u dont know

Scooby/Scoobs - When you do know a guys name and you wanna thank them you say 'Thanks Scooby' or 'Thanks Scoobs'. Or if you see someone you know but cant remember their name you say 'Hey Scoobs' or 'Hey Scooby'

submitted by hotmark89

Scooped! - When you get caught red handed at something.

submitted by McDee

Scopel - The bit between your cock and your bellybutton

submitted by cozza cha

Scorpion - A kind of unintentional faceplant in which your legs rear up behind you and your feet wind up over the back of your head. Good for a laugh if it's not you.

submitted by ssajr

Scrackin - Greetings, I trust you are well?

submitted by sinister clothcat

Scragged - Screwed, as in: "Oh, we're totally scragged!"

submitted by Dick

Scram - To scratch another with your nails (Usually done by girls)

submitted by Kele

Scramel - Someone that looks and smells worse than a camel

submitted by Budgie nugget

Scranage - Loads Of Food

submitted by Ami�e

Scranny - Food. Use in phrases such as "Lets Go out and get some Scranny!" "I could do with some Scranny" etc

submitted by Dorwii

Screepy - Not quite scary and not quite creepy

submitted by Muesse

Scroggs - To have intercourse as in "Samantha scroggs lots of people"

submitted by brittany moseley

Scroging - To screw (ie "I walked in on them scroging")

submitted by paul

Scroonie - A nasty ghirl who is below scum. This is usally used if girl has stole boy friend.

submitted by sam and lauren

Scrotch - This is one of my favourites that I made up... "Scrotch" as into to scratch my crotch :D

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Scrote/Scrot - Formed from Scrotum describing a low-down dirty scumbag

submitted by anon

Scrotum of Ass - "I really dont like what you just did"

submitted by thomas

Scrub needs a Scrub in the tub - A dirty person needing a shower

submitted by snot

Scrud - The dried out skidmarks of a toilet. ie "Smoke my scrud" or "scrud lover!"

submitted by cammy

Scrud - The dried out skidmarks of a toilet

submitted by asherlaa

Scrudge - The burnt black that appears after a fire goes out

submitted by mike'p

Scrumdiddleumcious - Something really tasty

submitted by star denkhoff

Scrumtralescent - Meaning the ultimate good. Nothing is better than something that is scrumtralescent. Will Ferrell used it first on SNL.

submitted by will

Scrundies - Dirty men's underwear

submitted by LindZ

Scrut - A stinking dirty cheap trashy person

submitted by Rebecca

Scruttocks - A Very Mean Insult! Cross Between Scrotum and Buttocks

submitted by CS Punk

Scump - To have sex

submitted by cp

Scuzzlebutt - A loser who smells bad

submitted by keena million

See ya 'round like a donut! - "The same as "See ya later alligator"

submitted by Elaine

See ya later a while pedophile - My goodbye phrase, as in 'See ya later, aligator'...'In a while, crocodile'

submitted by Lovejoy

See you in the ketchup factory, bubbleface! - I'm really not sure what this means, but I think Reuben said it on iCarly as an insult. :/

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Seed! - An exlamation said when you are very very happy!

submitted by KFC LITTLE BUCKET

Selfshit - Its when you should keep it to yourself or between the group that knows about that certain something. So if you're talking around people and you slip up maybe one of your friends might yell "Selfshit" and you change the subject

submitted by pablohoney

Selppa - Instead of "What the f**k", it's 'What the selppa''

submitted by trevor thomas

Semi-Lob On - When you only have half an erection (e.g: "you're so fit your giving me a semi-lob on")

submitted by Onceca

Septic tank - Yank (Aussie slang for an American)

submitted by myxlplyx

Sere - Seriously?

submitted by MBD

Serial - It is a funny way of saying "Serious" as in... "Are You Serial??"

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Sex-grabs - The word for the fat bit on a girls hips (alternative to love handles)

submitted by ...someone

Sexcapade - Engange in an adventure of which the ultimate goal is to have sex, like a tryst, but with more of a porno feel.

submitted by Dynamite Heady

Sexermercise - Having sex just to get fit

submitted by tom

Sexesh - Alternative word for sexy

submitted by Fran

Sexessories - Any of various items used during sex (condoms, handcuffs, lube, etc.)

submitted by ted

Sexual Hair-Ass-Ment - Rubbing your ass in someones face

submitted by KennyM!

Sexwee - Having an orgasm

submitted by East drift massive

Sfexy - F**king sexy

submitted by Allison

SFU - Short, Fat, and Ugly. A word we guys use about girls. If they hear you say it, just preted you were talking about San Francisco University

submitted by Kazer91

Sh*t a smurf - A really big crap (ie "I just sh*t a smurf!"). Or, being really surprised

submitted by sniperace777

Sh*t Kickers - A pair of comfortable old boots, that no matter how much he is badgered, a man will not part with. These boots usually outlast three relationships. In the beginning, they exude his character, loyalty & stability. In the end, it's just those "effing sh*t kickers!"

submitted by Burly Stinkfoot

Sh*ting fruity pebbles - To get really REALLY mad

submitted by sniperace777

Sh*ttola - A crappy brand of anything (ex. Generic cereal)

submitted by Jeana Stegman

Shaboinkin - Sexing

submitted by laura

Shaboosh - Go away

submitted by Joe

Shabooski - Means boy friend. Ex. "Back off skank, that's my shabooski!"

submitted by Heather Reed

Shadomp - Extra part of something

submitted by n_ya_bootyhole

Shaft - When someone on Prozac doesn't take their medicine and they're a little cranky. (Said in a high, squeeky voice)

submitted by Bobaroni

Shagg Dog - Someone who has really shaggy long hair, as in "Eeew look at that Shagg Dog"

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Shagnasium - The bedroom

submitted by ssajr

Shai-sha - What just happened? [totally blown away]

submitted by julia cullen

Shaiggle - Means great, good, sweet

submitted by Becca

Shake & Bake - Something to say when you are really happy

submitted by holty

Shamboozled - When you've fallen for a sham

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Shammered - Combine smashed and hammered and you are shammered

submitted by bobit

Shan - Shan can mean alot of things depending in the context it is used. Commit an act like kicking a puppy would be shan, its would be shan to laugh at a disabled person... Also it can be used other than the word pathetic. Like "he has a shan cock", or "her glasses are shan"

submitted by Stoop

Shandy - To screw something up.

submitted by Timmy

Shanger - Someone who is shocked and angered is shangered

submitted by Mister Moe

Shank - From the Dutch....Gher-Shank, meaning a wank in the shower

submitted by The Daddy

Shank - A cross between a shag and a wank

submitted by Sprogg Daddy

Shank - verb: To cut something; i.e. I shanked your arm with a piece of plastic from those balls out of those 25 cent machines

submitted by louie

Shank - As in from ham shank (food) cockney rhyming slang for a wank (masterbate)

submitted by mushypeasuk

Shank - When you spank somenone and it frightens them so much that they sh*t themselves. (very rare in occurence.)

submitted by ted

Shank - Definition 1: A shank is a knife Definition 2: To shank somebody is to stab

submitted by Lostnbroken

Shank-Zooom - Very quickly

submitted by Jazmin

Shantz - Those clothes that are not quite shorts and not quite pants.

submitted by Lance

Sharded - When you crap a little in your pants when you fart

submitted by nemisis

Shark Week at Cooch Creek - A woman is on her period

submitted by Marc

Sharkin` - Moving in for the kill with the ladies (often accompanied with a raised hand in the form of a dorsal fin and the theme music to Jaws)

submitted by Jim Roe

Shart - Shit - Fart. Where one follows through after farting

submitted by dirty little messer

Shart - When you think you're going to fart, but accidently shit your pants.

submitted by ronnie

Shart - It's when you go to fart, but shit on yourself

submitted by Stephanie

Shasty - Sh*tty & nasty

submitted by kt&kc

Shat - To have taken a sh*t

submitted by KennyM!

Shatpank - Meaning something is good, great

submitted by link

Shatpank - It's a word to say when you are pissed off but don't want to swear

submitted by the guru

Shave Goats Together - To bond/get to know each other

submitted by Tams

Shawodie - To be screamed at top of lungs in a gruffty old mans voice when delighted

submitted by Pete

Shayeea! - {shuh-YEE-uh} Used to say "yes" while conveying extreme enthusiasm

submitted by �sʞɔos ɹnoʎ sʞɔoɹ uǝןןnɔ ɐɹǝǝʞ

Shazam - Magic

submitted by trish

Shealildodoo - A Funny Phrase I Came Up With

submitted by Owen Spence

Shed head - Someone with a really big forehead

submitted by cozza cha

Sheeeeiiiiiiiiitttttttteeeeeeee - 'Shite' said in the manner of a northern monkey in order to describe something of poor quality. ie "That was Sheeeiiiiiiiite"

submitted by Guyliath

Sheepiality - Sexual relations between a human and a sheep

submitted by Paul

Sheeple - People who act like sheep.

submitted by Amilikka

Sheesh Kebab! - An exclamation to be said when something unexpected happens.

submitted by Alvin Ben

Sheisty - "Something that is kinda shady but you also get screwed over somehow. Ex "That was shiesty when my best friend slept with my guy."

submitted by Emily

Sheridan - Kev, Towny, Trendy - one who likes their Burbury cap, Henry Lloyd jeans and bleached hair

submitted by munter

Shhbidah - A nice quick way of getting someone to shut up

submitted by Lindsay

Shhh.... It's quiet time now. - Stop talking to me. A nice way to say "shut the f**k up and get out of my face". My brother in law uses this all the time.

submitted by Lauryn

Shi Shi - A polite was of saying pee, like at a party. (ex. "damn, i gotta go shi shi")

submitted by babysquirrel

Shi Shi Pot - Toilet

submitted by babysquirrel

Shibby - "Another term for "Hello". (from "Dude, Wheres my car?")"

submitted by Big tits lucy

Shibby - Weed, as in the expression "Do you have any shibby, biatch?"

submitted by eds 1 ball

Shibby - To move hastily

submitted by the shiberist

Shibby - It's like when you say "That Rocks!". Shibby means cool

submitted by Patty hugger

Shibby - When something is totally awesome!

submitted by Chris j b

Shiipes - It means "f**k" in a good way and you can use it in any form of speech

submitted by dylan lindsay

Shim - A person inbetween male and female

submitted by Ben Evans

Shim - Guy dressed as a woman

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Shimmy - 1. To vacate one's environment 2. To bugger off

submitted by The inventor of the word

Shirley's special sauce - Smelly orange discharge of the vagina

submitted by paul jennings

Shish Kebab - A really hot woman... don't ask why!

submitted by boo

Shit-ank - (pronounced shit - ank) After much deliberation, this is the correct version of a shit and a wank

submitted by The Daddy

Shitari - A foreign computer company

submitted by toby b

Shitetasticularistic - 1. To describe something which is very bad. 2. The shittest of the shit. 3. The Matrix sequels.

submitted by The Architect - but please, call me Larry!

Shithoused - VERY drunk

submitted by The General

Shitty Beatles - instead of saying shitty deal or that sucks you say shitty beatles

submitted by diggity

Shitty Mc. Shiznit - Most Awsome

submitted by 4lyf

Shivers - That's so hot it gives me the shivers!!!

submitted by Your period

Shizersnuten - Based on the german word for sh*t it simply means reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaly sh*t. Often used as "Oh Shizersnuten!" when something bad and unexpected happens

submitted by Stewie Fukin Eff

Shizfarkle - An alternative for Damn or Sh*t

submitted by BearBear

Shiznakians - A group of faeces i.e. That is the biggest pile of SHIZNAKIANS i have ever seen

submitted by frank james mio

Shiznit (the) - Excellent or high quality

submitted by sinister clothcat

Shizskull - Dumbass; idiot

submitted by Kevin O'Neill

Shizzle my Nizzle - To hate your American friend

submitted by Libby in the library

Shizzle-Ma-Nizzle - AMAZING!

submitted by J o a n n e *

ShizzleNizzleMCnagger - You say it when you screwed up really bad.

submitted by vicky

Shlang - Penis. eg "He has a massive shlang"

submitted by Trevor Bouchard

Shlappy - Stupid

submitted by Carrie

Shloba-Shleebie - A stupid response for a stupid question

submitted by Hunter Dennison

Shlong-face - When someone (particularly a male) has eyes that are to close together, and a big nose: resulting in a face that looks like two eggs and a hankie. (Common uses Check out that Shlong-face. Or Thats the biggest Shlong-face Ive ever seen. )

submitted by Stiff Tiffy and Miss. Tappy

Shmamcaked - Absolutely wasted

submitted by Brent Hale

Shmegma - Dried semen on the side of your leg

submitted by jeff m

Shmekel - A penis

submitted by Joe

Shmez - Another name for cronic/weed

submitted by chronsons

Shmigadoo - A word used when you feel like not using real words

submitted by chamickisrew

Shnarf - Sound made when you want something you can't have, generally referring to a member of the opposite sex (for example, you're with your girlfriend when a hot chick walks by, you say "shnarf" under your breath)

submitted by who me?

Shneil - noun: Booze (e.g. lets go out for a shneil.)

submitted by benjamin

Shnikeys - Oh sh*t!

submitted by Brad

Shnoz - A big nose!

submitted by Amanda and i am a stupied boyfriend stealer!!

Shoke - Awesome

submitted by macy

Sholla - What's up?

submitted by jomadi

Shondo - What the hell are you going to do?

submitted by Mark

Shonky - "A variation of shoddy, meaning not up to scratch or below par, used when referencing just about anything, i.e. "Don't buy that it's bloody shonky"

submitted by fat_bloke

Shoober - A woman who publicly shifts her bra constantly.

submitted by Nadia B

Shoof - All of the worst of things put together

submitted by silkE

Shoop - Shut up

submitted by allie q

Shovel chin - A person with a really pointy chin

submitted by cozza cha

Show, The - The person who gets the drunkest and does the most ridiculous stuff is said to be "THE SHOW"

submitted by Twisty

Shower Pill - You offer an imaginary shower pill to those people that dont take a shower after a football practice or something

submitted by anonymous

Shpaff - To sIap someone on the back of the head

submitted by Toronto

Shrewd - Someone who is selfish, rude, and/or weird.

submitted by Rue

Shrimp dick - A small penis.

submitted by Tredasensei

Shrugnuffer - A person with little or no social skills. i.e. "I don't like Ned..he's a bit of a shrugnuffer."

submitted by Brain

Shubletruphobia - The fear that guys have of shopping

submitted by Summer-Autumn

Shullbit - An appropriate way to say bullshit around parents/teachers or little kids

submitted by CrAzY

Shun-hump - When a person is dragged into a gay bar of the same sex, only for the people inside to try and crawl over each other to get away.

submitted by Dante

Shweeeet! - Sweet but a cooler way to say it

submitted by kaitlin!!!!! =]

Shwiggness - Anything related to being Awesome or Cool

submitted by Ghrazam

Shwing!!! - When you see a hot girl you shout it and point your knob in their direction (like the Waynes World guys)

submitted by Hazman the great

ShWoteva - Shut up + Whatever/get out of my face

submitted by Kimmeh + Sazza

Sick - Something totally awesome

submitted by Dizzle

Sickter - Like with the richter scale, 1-10 on how cool it was. Used mostly in skateboarding.

submitted by ilsnob

Side Ways Sloppy Joe - Vagina

submitted by Tom

Sideboob - When a girl (or boy) wears those ingenious tops which cover very little and a section of the breast area is displayed

submitted by Moi

Sideways Smile - Vagina. Nicked off Sue White from Green Wing

submitted by dr.mccartney

Sieving It - Needing a piss every 5 minutes when out drinking

submitted by anna

Signing the dotted line - To be with someone a long time

submitted by PIMP

Sikies - Just kidding

submitted by greg

Sikka - A coin

submitted by divya raval

Silly Goose - A dumb person

submitted by adam the bored boy

Simpleton - Someone who states the obvious, and is as dumb as a plank

submitted by IMO

Simpsonism - "Believing in "The Simpsons" as your life philosophy "

submitted by Triple H

Sin - Add it at the end of a word. Ex. "I'm eatsin"

submitted by Nick

Singular - To be said when you can't be bothered to stick your middle finger up at someone or if its to a lecturer/parent etc (see also plural)

submitted by Emzi

Sink biscuit - Derogatory term with no real meaning, similar to 'AAAAAAAHHHHHH' when shouted in someones face

submitted by googlemooglemaximus

Sir Lanceapot - A pot head

submitted by cozza cha

Sir Slash - For those very few people who you just can't seem to kill online. eg "Wow he's a sir slash"

submitted by keena million

Sis - (South African slang) Gross/disgusting eg "Eww SIS!!"

submitted by cassie

Siscideez - Kinda crazy...coo coo...loopy...weird

submitted by bubba

Siw - To chase a boy/girl

submitted by +*Sarsha*+

Skack - Rancid, milk white puddles found near the dumpster behind a diner, that is primarily composed of hamburger grease and liquidy mayonnaise from cole slaw.

submitted by Dumpster Flingsnot

Skafe - Variation on 'safe' - used instead of 'cool' or 'good'. e.g "That was skafe!"

submitted by Betz

Skank - Minging, horrible, disgusting, grotty, gross, etc...

submitted by anon

Skank Bag - General insult for a slut

submitted by B*tchPlez

Skankadoodle - You're scandolous for what you did in a funny way

submitted by Mon'kesia B.

Skankbag - A girl that has sex with everyone

submitted by khalil & katie

Skankin - The dance done whilest listening to ska punk

submitted by slips

Skanking - Minging, horrible, disgusting, grotty, gross, etc...

submitted by Joanna D

Skapudgey - Used when you can't remember what the word for something is called (i.e: "Hey hand me that skapudgey over there!")

submitted by JEMMA!!!!!!!!!!

Skata - Sh*t in greek

submitted by skatanafas

Skatface - A term referring to a state in which the face is covered in fecal matter

submitted by skatmaster

Skeef - To borrow (usually without permission) with no intent on returning... unless asked about it.

submitted by Robyn

Skeet - Cum or jizz whatever you want to call it

submitted by mike hunt again

Skeet - Male semen

submitted by Caitlin

Skeetel-deet - Get moving, ex..."Lets skeetel-deet"

submitted by

Skeeuuu - To holler at a girl.

submitted by Reed

Skeeze Tweeze - Difference between a slut and a tease

submitted by samthaman

Skemborlu - Shut up

submitted by richard

Sket - (Pronounced Ssssssssssssket) Someone you dislike, usually a common, poor, unclean person.

submitted by Jenna

Sketchball - A loser, or super cool person

submitted by ninja4103

Sketchy - When you hear or see something abnormal, weird, unbelieveable or strange.

submitted by {}={}AVOC

Sketchy - Awesome, messed up, completely cool, or just fun to say

submitted by sketchball

Skeverised - When a larger lady comes on to you

submitted by Jon Marler

Skidalurp - Nothing and everything at the same time

submitted by charles foster

skiff - Intelectually challenged

submitted by rax

Skillage - Totally Awesome!!

submitted by banginman

Skin-Back - Slang word for a girls vagina

submitted by Andy

Skint as a ginger prostitute - Completely out of money

submitted by ryan!

Skiprat - Unattractive (normally dirty) person who tries it on with you

submitted by sham

Skittelaritz - Goodbye.

submitted by bibble<3

Skitter brough - Holy s**t!

submitted by keirn

Skittles - Small poos

submitted by cap'n jazz

Skittyotto - Lets go/get moving

submitted by chase

Skizzy - School

submitted by Wanita

Sklore - A skank, slut, whore

submitted by Duran

Sklut - A slut animal, usually a bird

submitted by cozza cha

Skoochie - It is a combonation of a skank and a hoochie.

submitted by ambie

Skrilla - Money, Cash, Doe, Beanz, cheddar

submitted by xXxHeavilybrokenxXx

Skronk - verb. To shag

submitted by Sally and Krista

skull f**ked - Completely pissed, rat arsed, drunk, paraletic (you get the idea)

submitted by the tank from southampton, up with britain and down with france!!!

Skullduggery - When someones up to no good or when theres something going on behind your back e.g. "there's some skullduggery going on and I'm gonna find out what!"

submitted by C-Pain

Skweepy - The feeling you get after shaving your rectom hair. ie "I have a skweepy manhole"

submitted by Rhoni

Skyfe - Not an alternative to cussing, it is cussing- Use it with other cuss words or by itself. Reffering to someone else such as "F**king Skyfe"

submitted by Geordan Strain

Slached - When a girl slaps you and u get slapped and scratched at the same time

submitted by Seth S. from WI

Slag-tag - A big love bite

submitted by kat XxX

Slagazine - Magazines which make little or no demand on the readers intellect, eg Hello - People - Heat - Now etc

submitted by Raimundo

Slammered - Hella ugly

submitted by keem

Slampt - Lazy, retarded, relaxed

submitted by Brad

Slangers - A womans dirty pillows

submitted by Leek

Slangle - A penis that is very long and very thin

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Slap Cock - Time wasting or messing around

submitted by UOPac12

Slap Head - A bald person

submitted by anon

Slapnuts - Salutation to an idiot:

submitted by John

Slash - Slut

submitted by sss

Slip-Flip - Something you do on accident but ends up being really kool

submitted by Slip-Flip master

Slippyup - A dopey person

submitted by anonymous

Slitty - Smart

submitted by Lisa

Slizzel - Slut

submitted by sliz

Slod - Someone who thinks they are hard/wannabe rudeboys

submitted by fez

Sloggle - To wipe out while skiing

submitted by LIzzie.

Slore - A slutty whore

submitted by spoon

Slore - A cross between a slut and a whore.

submitted by Shae F.

Sloshed - Pissed

submitted by Whits

Slot rot - A punani that is so horrible and unwashed that it smells like it's rotten

submitted by Boulton

Sloth - A really dumb guy

submitted by muhahaha

Sludgey - Entry and copulation with one or multiple areas of the brain, face, throat, or spinal cord, often resulting in brain damage and paralysis, if not death.

submitted by William Timothy Treal Taylor XXXVIII

Sluffish - When ur tired and feel all snuggish and warm

submitted by bizzi

Slug - Really ugly slag

submitted by joe-ryan

Slunt - Vagina of a promiscuous woman

submitted by comando

Slurry - Its another form of slut

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Slut rag - A slut

submitted by anonymous

Slutbag - A reserve slut you pull out at the end of the night for everyone to share

submitted by sadae

Slutdog Millionaire - For all the ugly ass slappers with no class

submitted by Munch

Slutpig - A slut who is really really ugly!!

submitted by Luke

Smacking the Pelt - Having sex

submitted by schula

Smackle - To smack someone so hard it's like they were tackled. i.e. "She just got the shit smackled outta her!"

submitted by Toobs

Smackweasel - A guy who is bald in all places and looks like a weasel

submitted by jambo3001

Small bus - Not too smart, just like kids that take the small bus to shcool

submitted by DENNIS BORGES

Smart as nine. - Something not quite good enough to be a ten.

submitted by Sense - England

Smarticle - Very, very, very smart

submitted by Kaya

Smeagol Monkies! - Darn it!, Shoot!, etc.

submitted by Jenny

Smeb - A complete idiot

submitted by bizzi + chipmunk

Smecknoff - A violent version of snap, and also a genital disease ...

submitted by Lizzie and Sarah

Smeg - To take your hand and wipe off your ball sweat then wipe it under someone's nose and/or face

submitted by brian ferro

Smeg - The residue left behind after a wet fart

submitted by aynle loobe

Smeg-head - Dick head

submitted by Jennifer

Smeg-head - The ultimate diss!

submitted by mr potato

Smegma - Something yucky

submitted by maemae

Smexii - So sexii

submitted by jane

Smiggle - Sausage. ie "Oh my, what a large swiggle you've got there!"

submitted by bizzi + chipmunk

Sminged - Very drunk, smashed, hammered, legless

submitted by HuDaFuK

Smintage - A word for when some in kewwl happens i.e. 'OMG that new top is sooo smintage' =]

submitted by beckaay

SMMMMEEEEEEEGGGGG- HEEEAAADDDD - An alternate version of Smeg Head..and far more effective

submitted by Karl

Smokin Okin - Really cool

submitted by jessica

Smoof - Putting it quite simply, another word for a turd

submitted by Anon

Smoot - To look for i.e ''i'm going to have a smoot around for my mobile phone''

submitted by kayleighbaybee

Smuner - A really small weiner

submitted by Steve Ingrassia

Smurdly - Name of a creature kind of like the unicorn or narwall

submitted by Sam

Smurfif - What a gay!

submitted by Donius

Smurfin - Slapping a person on the face with a semi -hard penis

submitted by Jamie Garrett

SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F*cked Up

submitted by anonymous

Snaggle - Act of man being scraped by teeth on privates (caught a snaggle)

submitted by JoJo

Snagiggle - An unexpected diss , embarassment

submitted by R. Davis & Aaron

Snarf - While barfing, you sneeze.

submitted by Strobethinker

Snarky - Short tempered or irritable

submitted by noodles101

Snart - A sneeze fart

submitted by sarah

Snatch Splitter - A very large penis

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Snazz Attack - Someone who just messed up or did something embarrassing. ie: "that girl had a snazz attack"

submitted by katie leeeee

Snazz-tastic - Very snazzy/stylish

submitted by Joe

Sniblet - Not a sliver or a niblet

submitted by sarsar!

Snicker-Knickers - You've got shit skids in your knickers

submitted by kezy nd tom

Snipper - Something thats annoying to you but you dont know why

submitted by william

Snirky - Something that's not to great, but not too bad either. Inspired!

submitted by Joe Mama

Snitcharama - There's drama then it ends with someone snitching on someone else

submitted by yogal

Snitzel - Darn, darn it, dang it

submitted by joshi

Snocka - Someone who wears their hat backwards

submitted by Billy Madison

Snoochieboochie - Sweet

submitted by miramax

Snookied - To get hit in the head

submitted by jorge

Snoozon - Subatomic particle emitted by sleeping cats and children that make YOU sleepy

submitted by Atheleas

Snorf Merchant - Someone who isn't safe

submitted by 453

Snorkelie - Scuba diving

submitted by TK

Snorro - Extremely boring, to the point of slumber. ie."That history lecture was snorro."

submitted by thetwons

Snot Roller - When you laugh and your mouth's closed and snot comes out of your mouth

submitted by sarrah <3

Snotchal - Another word for the annoying yet strangley sexy phenomena of camal toe

submitted by spode

Snozauge - Snoring Fat Person

submitted by Brad

Snozbagged - Very very very very very very very drunk

submitted by Polly

Snozzcumber - Idiot

submitted by anonymous

Snozzel - Nose

submitted by Jon Aston, Walsall

Snudge - A funny word for your mate e.g "Alright snudge?"

submitted by Aldo & Dunny

Snuffle - Fighting or yelling

submitted by jessica

Snuffluphigus - A person who is fixated on giving oral sex to a woman

submitted by spode

Snugans - "(pronouced snu-gans, not sung-ans) - To mean ok, as in "is it snugans?"

submitted by northern

Snurdler - Someone who has a hobby of sniffing bike seats

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

So's Your Mum - It is the ultimate comeback to almost anything, i.e. 'You're so stupid, you got a d*** coming out of your forehead' you would say "so's your mum!!!"

submitted by ya mum

Sochizzile - To chug a 20oz soda in 20 seconds

submitted by justin

Sodding - Used to describe something, as in "A sodding crazy person!" Or "You're acting sodding insane!". A british word

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Soft Cock! - Someone who won't stand up for themselves

submitted by by Paul S

Soop - When you're taking a sh*t and someone rattles the doorknob and you suck it up and have to push out double the amount later

submitted by rawker

Sort - Someone who is good looking - "You're sucha sort!"

submitted by x0x0x

Sound - Cool, wicked, rather good

Sound - Brilliant

submitted by liam simpson

Soup - A way of describing your hatred for someone e.g u wish to throw soup at someone

submitted by Me

Soupy - Someone with badly dyed blonde hair, black roots and far too much badly done make-up.

submitted by Rebecca

Spaccattack - To go completely crazy at anyone or anything.

submitted by Yo' Mamma

Spacktard - An incredibly idiotic retard

submitted by spicy

Spadoozle - To pound in the ass

submitted by Tommygun

SPAG - Stupid Person Acting Gay

submitted by abi chancellor-cole

Spak - Arsehole

submitted by anonymous

Spakygackwack - It means when someone is doing something so stupid you can't belive so you say "look at that spackygackwack"

submitted by miz & Al radio skate hull

Spam Javelin - A penis

submitted by CyberGoth

Spambidextrous - Being able to shine one's sceptre with either hand

submitted by Pleb

Spamoni! - It is really an Italian ice cream logg, but my friends and I use it like this..."I just spamonied your mom last night". It can also be used as an alternative word like this..."holy spamoni!"

submitted by sniperace777

Spandexularly awesome - When something is awesome

submitted by FunkyFresh

Spanfabilous - Spangly and fabulous all at the same time

submitted by laura

Spank my ass and call me betsy - Said when one is completly suprised by the turn of events.

submitted by Belgium bob

Spankachief - The sock or handicef used after a man to hand session!

submitted by nathan

Spankster - A spanish gangster

submitted by GreenBay Fan # 50

Spanner - Someone who does extremly thick things e.g "you absolute spanner!"

submitted by Nikki Robbo

Spantacular - When your siblings get whacked for something you did

submitted by me

Spasturd - Someone who#s a spaz and a bastard

submitted by lindz n tasha farkkkk

Spatchulator - A word for any kitchen utensil which you cannot remeber the name of

submitted by her

Spaz - To completely freak out

submitted by Jenz*

Spaz-a-tron - A wheelchair bound spaz that has one of those voice computers. I.e. Steven Hawking / Androids

submitted by Adam. A

Spazdicated - Something that doesn't work i.e. my computer is spazdicated

submitted by Kimmeh + Sazza

Spazz Attack - To throw a temper tantrum

submitted by Lynne

Spazztastic! - When a person is so overwhelmed with positive, giddy emotion, that they cannot control their happiness.

submitted by Niji Jagaimo

Special Place - The sexual parts of the body

submitted by ADDME

Specspitement - A higher form of excitement. usually used when you are so excited you can not pronounce the word "excitement".

submitted by Lauren-May and Andrew-age baby

Sped muffin - Some fag who thinks he's cool

submitted by !NICK!

Sperm Wail - or Spuphemism. A verbal outburst during the male orgasm.

Sperm Belly - Otherwise known as front bum or gunt. The round gushy package located between the vagina and stomach

submitted by Brudge

Sperm Perm - When a male busts a load in a womans hair, since its sticky the hair is stuck together and gives the woman a perm

submitted by spermpermer

Spermguts - A Whore

submitted by 4lyf

Sphincterjiggle - Whenever you fart your butthole jiggles!

submitted by adam renz

Sphincterous - The combined sound & smell of a very long, loud, putrid fart

submitted by Mr. Bean

Spice Boy/Boys - Those guys that you see at clubs working their moves like they are the greatest thing ever!

submitted by Nicely

Spiderman - When you are doing a chick and you cum in your hand and when she turns around you throw it in her face and yell "SPIDERMAN!"

submitted by Chuck Norris

Spife - When you use a knife as a spoon

submitted by That drum FREAK

Spiffy - Very cool; Synonym: Aww...snap...

submitted by Humu

Spiffylicious - Totally amazing and fricking awesome

submitted by kt&kc

Spike - One who bangs almost anything

submitted by boredatuni

Spinal discharge - A name for someone with back problems that you dislike

submitted by Gareth Furbank

Spinning - You are confused - 'I'm spinning'

submitted by Chloee'x

Spinoff - Loser

submitted by rakel

Spknork - Pronounced: "Spi-no-rk" It is a eating utensil that combines the uses of a spoon, fork, and knife. May also use the slang "Splade"

submitted by Niji-Jagaimo

Spla - Your foot

submitted by C McKee

Splagg - Any random liquid which burns peoples tounges

submitted by Paddy

Splendiforous - Another word for splendid or great

submitted by jim

Spludge - What a woman does after sex by using the toilet.....ex; "Honey, I'm going to spludge"

submitted by Lori

Splugh - A mix between gross and exciting

submitted by Doug

Spok - A nerd or geek

submitted by ryan

Spong - It's a cross between a spastic and a mong

submitted by Wayne

Spongebob - High School dropout that works at fastfood restaurants for a living. ''Yes, I would like fries with that Spongebob''

submitted by SillyDaniel

Spoofer roony - Awesome, amazing

submitted by sara friend

Spook - Refers to a Creeper (creepy lookin' person)

submitted by Me

Spork - Noun, A masterful yet mutated cross between a spoon and a fork

submitted by Helsby

Spork - A penis that has excessively long foreskin

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Spraugle - To unsuccessfully thrust one's penis in the direction of a females earlobe.

submitted by krisandgrace

Sprinkler - Someone who pees and it goes every where around the toilet instead of inside

submitted by junior

Sprog - Word used for a generally small person

submitted by katie

Spting!! - Noise you make after spitting

submitted by GoogleMoogleMaximus

Spudoinkle - What you say when you're in shock (replaces woah, wow, etc...)

submitted by Schwan

Spuffington - A boy who could swing either way

submitted by Steadfast the great

Spunk Bucket - A man who likes the love juice up the rear

submitted by lennox

Spunk trumpet - Penis

submitted by alpha cheeba hawk

Spunker - Good looking lad (ie "Who's that spunker??")

submitted by Cezza

Spunny - Stupid and funny

submitted by anonymous

Spy - Used when a girl in your group of friends dates another guy in the group

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

Squam - To squeeze and cram

submitted by Bonnie and Clyde

SquapyChoppy - Something smells like Diarea

submitted by volleyblonde

Squeaky pickles - Let's take a bath

submitted by Katie and Ashley

Squeebo - To express extreme displeasure or hatred towards someone

submitted by Ulderico

Squeeker - TV remote

submitted by Walla

Squeezo - Polite way of saying a poo when you are a kid

submitted by louise

Squidgydump - It's my way of saying i've got the scoots

submitted by someone with too much laxatives

Squigg - Hot slutty young girl

submitted by Harrison

Squiggle - A term to mean movement like "move up and let them sit down" is: "squiggle along and let them sit down" or "I'm just going to walk across the car park to do so and so" is: "I'm going to squiggle over there...". In the past tense it's to squaggle and in the future it's the same as the present

submitted by Tasha

Squircle - Half circle, half square

submitted by smitty

Squire - When you cry like a girl

submitted by TYLER C K

Squirlies - Short and curlies - pubic hair

submitted by Fizz

Squishy - Its when you put ketchup packets under the stubs on a toilet seat so when someone sits down, it bursts everywhere.

submitted by Mazoku

Squit it - Stop and quit it at the same time

submitted by Mamantha (meg and samantha)

Squitiker - You got the sh*ts

submitted by yourmum

Sqweeter - Square metre, as in this will need 3 sqweeters of dirt before we can do the job!

submitted by Boo

Srinkfei - Foreign girl with face hair

submitted by Ty

SSWAPS - semi SWAPS or as known as semi saggy tits

submitted by Juggs

STAA - Sir Taps a lot of ass

submitted by Jake Jeckel

Stackable - Very short

submitted by Sexy Bossche

STAIRS - Sexually transmitted aggressive itchy rash

submitted by stef

Stankful - Very smelly

submitted by a girl u dont know

Starfish - A person that just lays there during sex, makes the other person do all the work

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Staring contest - A make-out session. The history: My buddy was having a staring contest with a girl at college, and to win she just started making out with him. Too bad it didn't work, but it gave us a new term!

submitted by Ashi

Starspanglemangled - A way of saying that you drunk way too much on a night out. ie "I drank so much I was starspanglemangled"

submitted by Ross

steamin' - completely rat-assed, wasted, off your rocker!!

submitted by meg and nat, ultimate steamers

Steaming - When you're full on pissed

submitted by devo n tasha

Steaming Chowder - The milky secretion that exudes the penis after an orgasm,

submitted by RMD

Stegarumpous - Celulite covered asse that through trousers looks like dinosaur scales

submitted by von

Stella Vision - The result copious amounts of beer has on women. eg. "She looked good thru stella vision"

submitted by ging

Stellar - When you think something is really awesome but "awesome" isn't the word for it.

submitted by Abri

Stink/Stinker - Another word for f*ck or f*cker so that you don't say the f word in front of children!

submitted by ewin

Stink Pickle - A name for a Turd or a good pooping.

submitted by Mitch

Stinkbag - A slut or Dirty girl

submitted by Caison the maker of Yuckbuddys

Stinkpretty - Cheap perfume

submitted by Jon

Stinkwrinkle - Buttcrack

submitted by John

Stippies - The pulp in orange juice.

submitted by Me, of all people.

Ston't - A mixture of stop and don't.

submitted by chicken face

Stool Pigeon - An idiot

submitted by the cookie monster

Stopher - Someone with rocks for brains, so called after a bloke i knew called chriSTOPHER

submitted by Sense - England

Stoppa-flop - Jockstrap

submitted by allytori

Stormtroopers Day Off - Relaxing all day

submitted by Mike

Stotta - Stands for So Totally Over The Top Awesome!

submitted by K-Byatch

Stotta fotta cotta - Son of a f*ckin' C*cksucker (aggrivated, irritated )

submitted by Marcy N

Straddlage - The act of straddling

submitted by Jenni

Straight off the clamshell - Really, really, really good

submitted by uksurf

Strapped - An object of the coolest variety (ie - "Whoa man, that car is strapped")

submitted by Twisty

Striker - A guy/girl who can score at will, wherever, whenever

submitted by striker

Stripperism - The act of being or wanting to be a stripper

submitted by Bremily

Strumpet - A loose, skanky person

submitted by busty la rue

Stu-co - Student Council

submitted by allie n elizabeth

Stuck on stupid - When everything you say or do does not make sense. Usually when you are in love

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Stuck On Stupid - You're stuck on stupid mode

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Studet - Stupid idiot

submitted by abby

Studying - STUdents DYING

submitted by casey

Stumblebookin' - When you're drunk and have no control over your limbs when you're walking/running/falling.

submitted by arkitect13

Stumfy - Stupid, goofy, and dumb all at the same time. Look around! This could describe most of your friends

submitted by drisith18

Stummy - Stomach/tummy

submitted by kaylr

Stupo - An extermly dim-witted person.

submitted by jim

Stuppy - Pronounced Stoo-Pee.. Cute Way of Saying Stupid!

submitted by anonymous

Stuptard - Stupid retarded AOLer

submitted by Turquoise

Sturry - A pointless run where you don't move any quicker, though try to give the impression that you are

submitted by Tim J

Stutta bug - Kid who stutters

submitted by old gregggggggggg

Sublimina-Poo - When you take a dump and look down at the formation of the turds floating in the water and it creates a subliminal message. Ex: Guy1: "Dude, why would you burn down that house?!" Guy2: "I SWEAR, my poop made me do it! :("

submitted by Grubb

Suck my handlebars - Something you say to fat chicks in wawa in order to get them to leave you alone. Same as hey fatty leave me alone

submitted by Timmy G & Mikey Lee

Suck Face. - To make out. usually in public. ie "She always sucks face with her boyfriend in the middle of the hall"

submitted by miss tianna marie. :]

Suckin Ferious - Switch the s and f around and you know. It sounds so hilarious

submitted by Pollo

Suffuitable - An adjective to something of sufficient quantity and suitable for the task

submitted by sharky

Sugar Honey Ice Tee - Sh*t

submitted by yasmine

SugarPlumPoodle - Some fat posh snob!

submitted by Lexxie xxxx

Suggyburger - When a girls privates are pretty saggy suggy.

submitted by laura and bee fo sho.

Sulsucker - Someone who has no life

submitted by william

Summer Teeth - Describing an ugly set of teeth. Some'er her Some'er there (Summer Teeth)

submitted by Mike Weber

Sunny - Hot, cute, sexy

submitted by Rosha

Supercraptacular - Extra shitty

submitted by kevin

Superfantasilicious - Sarcactic word for horrible/ugly/drole, or it can be used as a good word such as awesome, great or cool!

submitted by Shelby M.

Superheroninjapirate - A person who helps and gets along with everyone (or a pirate, with ninja training and superpowers)

submitted by Doug and Kelsie

Superific - Its not Super or Terrific it is: SUPERIFIC!!

submitted by QueenBee

Superman that ho - To jizz on her back when she is asleep and then pull the covers up so it sticks to her when she wakes up.

submitted by C Diddy

Supertenelaconatocos - That tingly feeling you get when you're scared

submitted by kris busse

Susan Kennedy - Same meaning as M.I.L.F, cos lets face it she is a M.I.L.F!

submitted by Big Dave

Sushi - A girls vagina. eg "Did he have sushi for dinner?"

submitted by Lyss<3

Suss Badger - Used anywhere to refer to sumthing really suss

submitted by random

Swag/Swagalicious - A term applied to anything which is deemed to be really really cool/great/awesome.

submitted by N-dizzle

Swah - Word of war, used while inflecting a blow to scare your apponent in a ninja sort of way

submitted by Vince from the big WhOrleans

Swamp Donkey - Ugly fat girl that hangs around bars

submitted by nemisis

Swamp-Donkey - A deeply unattractive woman.

submitted by luke b is gay

Swanky - Since "swag" is overused I decided to start using swanky. It's better. It's hood.


Swanne - Southern slang meaning you swear

submitted by Ashley Marie

SWAPS - Saggy tits

submitted by juggs

Swass - Sweaty ass

submitted by hockeychick

Swawesome - Someone who has swagger and is awsome at the same time.

submitted by jess

Sweater Meat - Tits

submitted by Ann Gyna

Sweaty Homunger - Someone who races Hobo's round a dogtrack that they sweat so much that it can be caught in bottles and sold at manufacture companies.

submitted by Simon

Sweaving - When you are swearving and weaving at the same time

submitted by matt

Sweetassnessocity - Friggen cool and sweet!!!

submitted by october.sunshine

Sweird - So Weird

submitted by DEBDATTA

Swellagant - Swell & Elegant

submitted by davjam89

SwellBean - Someone with a bean head or a big head

submitted by mr Swell bEAN

Swerve it - Avoid doing something

submitted by slips

Swicked - Meaning Good

submitted by Sude

Swift - Slapping a girls boob without them knowing

submitted by oginger

Swindel - To steal someones girlfriend/girl that they like

submitted by Dean

Swingy - Noun/Adj.: Swingy;To imply a person(s) of not relating to be heterosexual. Verb: To Swing;

submitted by anonymous

Swishy - Adjective: To describe somthing that is cool or cute, "That dress is so swishy"

submitted by anonymous

Switch - Bitch

submitted by Adj

Swiznasty - When something is f**king awesome

submitted by Brad Merchant

Swiztastic - F-ing awesome; beyond fantastic

submitted by chapdav

Swizzle - Cool, great

submitted by chapdav

Swobble - Use instead of saying "swivle" while holding up your middle finger

submitted by bizzi + chipmunk

Swoot - Combo of sweet and cool. Cool kids say it.

submitted by Big M McNerney

Sy Thy Lighty - See you later

submitted by dave

Sy Thy Lyty - See you later

submitted by tom

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