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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with P

'Pack it in soft,bag n' all' - 'You might as well do it'

submitted by dave

P.A.B or P'ABE - A person who acts tough but is actually softer than a fabric softner sheet, originally meant Pakki Acting Black (i.e someone who is not hard, acting hard)

submitted by Kevin

P.A.L - Personal Ass Licker

submitted by nathan donald

P.H.A.T - (sounds like fat) Means Pretty Hot And Tempting

submitted by supa_sexy_spy

P.I.C.N.I.C. - Computer tech talk - "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer"

submitted by The Dawg-Father

P.O.N.T.I.A.C. - Poor Old N***a Thinks It's A Cadilac

submitted by aj= ass jacker

p.o.o.t.f. - person or object to f*ck

submitted by funny

P.O.T.H. - Power of the hole

submitted by Bill Gordon

P.T.A. - A shower for women who only hit the Pits, the Tits, and the Ass

submitted by Rabbit

Paddy Wack - Nerd, Loser

submitted by Jiggy

Pajama time - Sex time

submitted by Tyler ZombieFyd McCain

PAL - Personal Arse Licker

submitted by bob

Palminia and her five friends - Masturbation

submitted by spode

Paltry - Rubbish, crap, pathetic

submitted by Paulie

Pancakes - The flappy bits that hang out of fat chicks' clothes when they're too tight

submitted by Dynamite Heady

Pantene crisis - Unbelievably bad hair (eg backcombed, hairsprayed hair after 2 nights of clubbing without a wash in between) that would need copious amounts of Pantene to rectify!

submitted by TheDane

Pants - Absolutely rubbish

submitted by katie

Paper bag job - A girl who has a hot body, but unfortunatly an ugly face

submitted by Jammo

Paperwork - Issues

submitted by Rosha

Parched - When someone hasn't had sex in a long time and their down area is dry

submitted by ZMan

Part - A pussy fart!

submitted by Muckin' Fonster

Partooschkey - Big butt

submitted by Bethani; Bibi; Oprah

Party Pickle - A dick ready for action. A party treat for the ladies. Created in OKLAHOMA

submitted by RGB

Party Supplies - My mom and I's codeword for tampons

submitted by Corpat

Party-foul - when you spill your beer, cause drama, act retarded ect. and disrupt the party...... you have commited a PARTY FOUL!!!

submitted by anonymous

Pat - What you call someone who seems to be a hermaphrodite. You cannot tell if this person is male or female, so just call them Pat (Patrick or Patricia?).

submitted by Kazer91

Patowed - To get totally hammered this weekend

submitted by tree

Pay-pay - Used when everything is going wrong and you shouldn't cuss because you're a teacher or talking to one. ex: "This is pay-pay!"

submitted by Julia the Bored

PC Piglett - Someone who is horny

submitted by beth&nicole

Peacanboddieluse - A very hot girl

submitted by LIl Peacanboddieluse

Peach - "An even fairier version of a fruit (see "Fruit"). As in, "Hes so fruity hes a peach!"

submitted by TheDane

Peach - Something that is nice

submitted by Geth

Peach - Nice bum. As in "she's got a peach"

submitted by anonymous

Peach Yogurt - When asked what boogers taste like, my cousin answered "peach yogurt"

submitted by volleyblonde

Pear drops - When you go to the toilet and you think you've had a really big shit but when you look there is only a few droplets floating

submitted by cozza cha

Pear Necklace - When a guy gets off on your neck

submitted by ozbrn80

PearHead - A name for a peron with a pear shaped head

Pearl - A substitue to "girl", when you don't want anyone to know what you are talking about

submitted by Anonymous

Peck & Decker - An extremely small penis, not fit for sexual intercourse

submitted by Seymour Butts

Pecksniffian - Hypocritical person

submitted by maemae

Pedestroid - A pedestrain

submitted by Smel Gibson

Pee-wee herman - Said when you need to go to the toilet

submitted by Sacred

Peel/Peeled - Someone or thing is stupid

submitted by seth

Peeshy - What God says instead of cock.

submitted by Diddy Dirty Money Delvecchio

Pencil - Penis

submitted by someone

Pendeja - It means "stupid" or "motherf**ker" in Spanish

submitted by anonymous gurl

Penearse - When you hate someone so much you can't decide whether they are a penis or an arse :- "You are such a penearse"

submitted by A friend of a friend

Peng - It means to be sexy!

submitted by haydn

Peng - Strong/good - usually for describing weed

submitted by G

Penis bob - An ugly Guy with a very attractive female, it could also be used as a substitute for douchebag.

submitted by Dennis Petzold

Penis Leash - A very off-the-wall insult to an annoying person, and also a sex toy.

submitted by Insanity Pirate

Penitoris - Unusually small or unable to differentiate between a clitoris and a tiny penis. What a hermaphrodite would refer to his genitalia as. A man who has a less than adequate package on display for others to heckle.

submitted by Mikey (no penitoris)

Pennis - Penis tennis - Gay intercourse.

submitted by Mr. T

Pentapotamian Posterium - Scientific Graeco-Roman term for the Punjabi Woman's wonderfully large steatopygian Buttocks.

submitted by Bhangra Boy

Perd - Nothing, Everything. Usually to define an individual, can be used as a substitute for any word. E.g "James is a Perd who likes to perd himself"

submitted by Gimli son of Rosas

Peri Peri - As in "Here boy" but "Here Peri Peri"

submitted by the squishable one

Perogie - I worked at a restaurant and when a hot girl/guy in we would shout "Perogie"

submitted by the tv preacher

Persian shower - When you cant be arsed to take a wash or dont have the time, so you just cover yourself with deodorant

submitted by Willy-mon-doo!

Pete Tong - "When things dont go to plan..."it all went a bit pete tong"

submitted by helen

Pew - A wooden bench in a church (at more than 50, the name still makes me smile. Yeah like you don't too)

submitted by Confucious

Phantasmagorical - fantastic/surreal.......

submitted by HOBBO

Phantom - When you know you pushed a turd out but there is nothing in the toilet

submitted by Holly Woodsmith

Pheasant - A really annoying person that belongs in a birdcage

submitted by asscrust

Pheeeu - "Should be accompanied with a throwing of your arms into the air in a "i dont give a shit" kinda movement when you just cant be bothered anymore like when you're having an arguement and the other person is wrong but just wont give in."

submitted by Shelly

Pheeeu - "Should be accompanied with a throwing of your arms into the air in a "i dont give a shit" kinda movement when you just cant be bothered anymore like when you're having an argument and the other person is wrong but just wont give in say pheeeu and walk out"

submitted by Shelly

Phlanarfulflunk - A skateboarder that is the best in your town

submitted by Ty

Phoner - When you get a phone call and get turned on.

submitted by VampyOfChatango

phugus - Absolutely anything, usually something unpleasant i.e 'I Got Phugus On My Hands!'

submitted by gibbs

PI-KAAH! - A random word you say to break an awkward silence. almost like the sound a crow makes....

submitted by ~Fish Socckks~

Picasso Arse - A woman whose knickers are too small for her, so she looks like she's got 4 buttocks.

Pickle (Pickle dick) - One with a small penis

submitted by anon

Pickle-snoat - Jaw-dropping impressed/amazed [usually used when having sex]

submitted by ( . )( . )mychachas

Pickleweasel - Getting your dick caught in the zipper of your pants

submitted by KennyM!

Piddley diddley department - The bathroom

submitted by Linny

Piddley-Diddley department - When you need a wee and are a bit drunk...

submitted by Lizzie and Sarah

Piddly - A worthless individual [Context: As it's a noun, feel free to use the phrase "She's a piddly". It's also known to be the opposite of Monster

submitted by Benny J, London

Pifkin - To have left over toilet paper stuck in your ass crack

submitted by jake9797

Pig Dog - Really ugly chick who looks like a pig and is a total dog!

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Pigga - An asian nigga

submitted by anonymous

Piggly Wiggly - Indicates any convenience store but more fun to say i.e. "Dude just buy some KY jelly at the Piggly Wiggly"

submitted by Heywood Yapokeme

Pigleting - "To have a really lazy day e.g. "I can't be bothered today...I'm pigleting"

submitted by Inverness

Pikeing - Stealing

submitted by hayden coe

Pikey - Someone who has money but wont spend it coz they are tight!

submitted by k

Pikey - Townies that form large packs around McDonalds. Attire: Ben Sheman shoes, Kappa & FCUK gear, burberry cap, smoking B&H

submitted by Dez

Pikey - Someone who doesn't have any money, steals it from other people and yet still can't work out why he looks like a Pikey wearing his Reebox Classics, Trackie, Baseball cap in the air with optional Trackie hood to cover.

submitted by Kev

Pilfamilkascrim - I'm so horny, ie *I am so pilfamilkascrim*

submitted by jesus

Pillow Biter - Homosexual

submitted by Cabz

Pillow-Biter - A gay man

submitted by -

Piltch - Fish (Calling someone a fish)

submitted by Andrew Brackin

Piltchy - Fishes (Calling more than 1 person a Piltch AKA Fish)

submitted by Andrew Brackin

Pimmel - Penis

submitted by beanz

Pimms o'clock - Time to get wasted

submitted by Guyliath

Pimpette - Girl version of a pimp

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Pimptastic - Being pimp to the highest extent.

submitted by Shaun

Pimptress - The female version of a pimp

submitted by Kelli

Pinch a Loaf - Means to take a sh*t.

submitted by Tommygun

Pinglish Conversations - Sex

submitted by Boo

Pink Taco - A vagina

submitted by Carrie

Pinked - When you touch the ball over an on-rushing 'keeper in football, you 'Pink' it.

submitted by Timmy

Pinksy - Peeing

submitted by pink and purple

Pinney - Cheap

submitted by irishmissie

Pino - Love

submitted by lqla

Piparoo - Dumbass, socially unacceptable person.

submitted by Momma Natale

Pipes and Stripes - Male strippers that are either acting as plumbers or convicts

submitted by KennyM! & MikeD!

Pipshe - A small piece of lint very observable on clothing

submitted by Vixcha

Pirate Hook - Curved dick from excessive jacking-off

submitted by Ty

Pisshiver - That involuntary shudder a man experiences after a long, satisfying beer piss

submitted by Beer Piss

Pissification - To piss on something, hence pissify it

submitted by Ty

Pissitivity - Tension in the room; eg: "the level of pissitivity in the meeting was high."

submitted by owlmusic

Pisspoor - Very bad job

submitted by josh

Pisspumpkin - A watermelon

submitted by Terry

Pissy Missy - A person who is whining

submitted by dude

Pit Stop - Your regular check of arm pit smell.

submitted by M&M-K

PITA - Pain In The Ass

submitted by Danny Paul

Pita Potta - A homosexual

submitted by rebecca

Pith - To kill by cutting the spinal cord. One of many definitions.

submitted by $T@LK3R

Pity Platter - Giving to those who are feeling sorry for themselves.

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Plank - Someone that is thick or stupid

submitted by Daniel

Plasmatic - Completely awesome; like if something or someone is extremely hot.

submitted by Kurfy

Plastic - Someone or something that is really cool!

submitted by ducky

Plastic - A stuck up perfect preppy hot girl

submitted by chris dostie

Platypus - Someone who looks like a bunch of different animals put together in human form

submitted by Doug

Playstation claw - This is where you play games for a long perod of time and your hand returns to the shape of the controller when relaxed

submitted by ADDME

Pleb - A posh townie (chav)

submitted by mr skittle 666 pentagram hahaha joking ill stop now

Pleb - A compleate idiot

submitted by lube-in-a-tube manchester

Pleb - Someone with out a degree

submitted by liam simpson

Plebdazzle - Something that Plebs like, such as football, the lottery, reality television, and drunken fighting.

submitted by Vicki

Pliggle - To describe anything painful that you are about to do, have done or are doing.

submitted by Gothic Moot Man

Plob - A pleb who denies it

submitted by Hannioo

Plonker - A dickhead/idiot/erm...just an insult if somebody has done something really, really stupid. Like dancing to 'Barbie Girl'. Oooh, you fool.

submitted by Goosefrag

Plooga - An unusual thing. e.g "That is very plooga"

submitted by lemonhoneydew123

Ploops - Poo crums left on the toilet seat.

submitted by oginger

Ploopus - What one might smear on their ball bag or vag when wiping an unexpectedly slick sh*t from top to bottom instead of vice versa

submitted by Chocolate Teabag

Plumper - A fat person

submitted by Smel Gibson

Plumpkin - A really cute chubby girl, not fat, just chubby.

submitted by Chelley

Plumsy - An insult. ie "oh shut up ya plumsy". Also referred to as a girls private part!

submitted by Bob

Plunger - When you add more force to whaking off when you can't cum

submitted by rawker

Plural - To be said if you cant be bothered stickin the V sign up at someone or if it to someone like a lecturer/parent etc

submitted by Emzi

Plush - Nice way for a guy to call a girl fat without upseting any nearby females.

submitted by LOLer

Plut - Sluts that work in Pizza Hut

submitted by Danni and Emma

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - A lung disease (doctors make things so complicated!)

submitted by singacow

Pocket hole - When someone makes a hole in their pocket so they can feel their genitals!

submitted by cozza cha

Poindexter - A nerd

submitted by ssajr

Pointy - Piss Off I'm Not Telling You. ie When you're with your family and someone askes you who you are going out with just say "Pointy!"

submitted by milliey

Poisondwarf - Someone little who is real annoying

submitted by aimee

Poke-e-Man - A homosexual

submitted by 4lyf

Pol - Pal, but better, and you must emphasise the P and rise your tone as you say it or you have said it wrong

submitted by Aiden

Pompus Ferrell - Somebody that is pompus and a ferrell

submitted by Paulie

Pontafix - Farting in the shower and following through.

submitted by Jake H

Pontiac - Poor Old Nigger Thought It's A Cadillac

submitted by bobby white

Pony - Utter crap!

submitted by Jimmy Grant

Poo-glue - Residue that remains in your pants no matter how many times you wash them

submitted by butt paste

Poochy - Something that is not pleasing to any of the senses. ie "She looks Poochy in that dress" or "That sandwich tastes poochy"

submitted by patricia M

Poodle-socket - Car glove box

submitted by KarenK

Pookie - Peace

submitted by macey

Pookie - Cutie

submitted by Tep

Poon - To make sexual advances towards, or more explicitly to sleep with, anyone. From "Poontang"

submitted by Toby

Poon - Guys use it to say hot chicks

submitted by stef

Poon - Everyone is wrong. Poon is a noun and it is an insult to a person who is an idiot.

submitted by olivia

Poon - Vagina

submitted by Olgregg

Poonami - An explosive crap that requires a shower and maid service.

submitted by fuggily wuggily

Poonami - Explosive and watery diarrhea as opposed to Poon-ami (n) An extremely heavy menstrual flow. This would make it a synonym.

submitted by The Taint Dweller

Poonami - A really heavy menstrual flow.

submitted by John A.

Poonani - A stupid Person

submitted by Justin

Poonani - Female Portion (in england)

submitted by Mr-G

Poontang - Female sexual organs, generally used in reference to sex

submitted by HuDaFuK

Poontang - Slang for vagina, or sex

submitted by David Wheeler

Poooopeeeeeeeschlong! - A bad experience

submitted by Punk Rock Max Grims

Poop-aloop-Aquak-alaka - "It's gone"

submitted by bobv

Poopa-loops - Cherrios in your poop

submitted by Gayland Mc Flabbat

Poopen-Stroopen - Your backside

submitted by Pingu

Pooper Scooper Deluxe - A exclamation that either describes pain, frustration, aggravation, or an insult

submitted by mr jay vId0

Pooperstroodle - A poop that looks like a stroodle

submitted by Cyanne

Poopish - Boring, not feeling well, not good

submitted by Nobogal

Poot - Farting when you have to shit

submitted by Tortoise

Pooter - You know when you're trying to take a poo and nothing comes out but a fart? That's a pooter!

submitted by That dude from across the street who's trying to kill you.

Pootie - Someone who changes their mind constantly, also used as another term for poser

submitted by J69

Pop a Squat - It means you have to pee (i have to pop a squat)

submitted by Brittney and Brittney

Pop a jimmy - To get a boner

submitted by Tyler,mike,kav,baker

Pop it off - A word with various meanings, mainly to get a duty done. (i.e. boning, drinking, or toking)

submitted by kingoftheworld

Pop out the Machine Gun - When you have 20 small farts in a row

submitted by KennyM!

Pop-corn fart - Someone who is an extreme idiot/dork/loser

submitted by mike hunt III

Poppin Jay - Technically it's a conceited person. but we just say it whenever. :D

submitted by miss tianna marie.

Pork with Beans Roll - A fat person who farts a lot.

submitted by This name for rent

Porky Cheese - Portugal

submitted by rax

Porn buddy - A pact you make with friend so that in the unfortunate event of your death he will clear out all of your porn stash to lessen the anguish of your poor parents

submitted by Raimundo

Posh Wank - Wanking with a condom on

submitted by Dinsdale

Postard - One who posts retarded things to your blog or facebook

submitted by Dave

Pot nob - A misfortunate guy who got his genitalia caught in a bike chain, riped off, then forced to wear a ceramic phallus

submitted by Karakazov

Potato - A person with a weird shaped body

submitted by

Pour me some love - Showing love/ Giving love!!!

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Praying to the Porcelain God - To puke

submitted by en

Preggo - A guy who thinks he has muscles

submitted by Ping

Preggo - A pregnant lady

submitted by samthaman

Pretarted - The stage before your retarted

submitted by Tyler

Prettifulous - Being overly pretty, beautiful, and gorgeous

submitted by Doug

Pretty boys - Lads who have nice cars and no that they are good looking! How vain! Normally have a bee-atch in the passenger seat.

submitted by cornwall

Pretty Tatties Mr Fish - A Cornish expression of delight, meaning something is excellent

submitted by Jess

Prettyful - Someone/something who/that is both pretty and boodiful

submitted by kitty kat katy (meow)

Pretzel - A twisted penis

submitted by ollie

Price Check! - When you see a really hot girl you say this or you can say this just for fun

submitted by monkey

Prickle Dick - A general insult to somebody who is being an asshole.

submitted by Profressor Pickle Snatcher.

Prison pocket - Where a male inmate would hide his contraband. Up his poop shoot

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Prisser - a p* a guy that gets married when you think hes hot and you wanted him or something like tom delonge from blink 182 hes a prisser!!!

submitted by trisha

Prittler - To be annoying and weird, but popular

submitted by Baylee

Problemette - A minor problem

submitted by moi

Procrastibating - Masturbating to delay something you should be doing at a later time

submitted by Will

Procrastibating - To masterbate out of boredom, or to avoid work.

submitted by Tyler

Proggy - Old persons way of saying burnout

submitted by Anonymous

Prolly - Probably

submitted by Leo

Proper Bo - Well Good

submitted by Big Pete

Proper Job - It's a cornish expression which means that everything is going well. eg "How's it going pal?" "Proper job". Must be done in a cornish accent (no piss takers plz)

submitted by jess, cornwall

Prostatutative - A male prostatute

submitted by Kimmeh + Sazza

Prostitot - A prostitute under the age of 15

submitted by Seaghan (sam and meaghan)

Protecter Against Evil - A condom

submitted by kelli xXx

Psshhh! - Used to end conversation you don't want or to shut someone up. More effective when you used the talk to the hand movement

submitted by Tyler Durden (A.K.A Les)

Psycopathyvaginism - Use when someone is acting weird as to say.... "You need to go to a psycopathyvaginism doctor"

submitted by monkey balls

Pubeup - Placing a pube on every sleeping person at a party

submitted by finneranandbill

Pud Douchler - The highest level of gayness and fagishness

submitted by ryan and joe

Pudd - Fart

submitted by MC

Puddification - What happens to pudding when you put it in the fridge and it thickens

submitted by Adair

Pude - n, abbr: Abbreviation of Pudenda, or a lady's Snatch.

submitted by Pleb

Pudge - Penetration without completing the task

submitted by PLK

Puffer - Someone who likes to smoke an illigal drug

submitted by Nadia B

Pug fugly - So ugly it burns!

submitted by darth

puketastic - So good it makes u wanna puke all over

submitted by random hero

Pull - To get off with someone who is not your girlfriend, and has not been preorganised

submitted by Nathan

Pull a Mikey - Tell on someone

submitted by Luke Swanky

Pull A Ringo - Make a right, the opposite of "Hang A Louie"

submitted by Sharona

Pulling a Papas - When you do something stupid you say "Hey he just pulled a papa's!"

submitted by your mama

Pumpity - Fart

submitted by laura

Punani - Pussy/vagina

submitted by Goth Princess*

Punannywambow - The act of eating pun-tang

submitted by Kirby

Punch Dat Ho - When you go up for a dunk in basketball, your friend says "Punch that ho". That means dunk it really hard.

submitted by J easy

pundril - a person or animal thats really cute

submitted by ruth

Punga Punga - Pretty

submitted by sophia

Punjabi Prawndick - Rhyming term for a very small penis. Based on the stereotype of Punjabi men being "three-inch fools"

submitted by Bhangra Girl

Punk Ass - Something that is very cool and punk.

submitted by T-SAMP

Punk Cock - A Penis that Is Pierced

submitted by KennyM!

Pure - Like the actual meaning of pure, it means when something is REALLY something, but the adjective is implied (eg: 'austin powers is so pure', meaning austin powers is really 60's)

submitted by rep. of amanda and jo

Purple headed warrior - A penis

submitted by andy smith

Purple headed womb ferret - A penis

submitted by IsaacMattAsh

Purple Headed Woom Broom - Similar to joy stick

submitted by Davey Wavey

Puss Puss - Kiss

submitted by lovebird

Put the rocket in the socket - To have sex

submitted by asherlaa

Puta - "Whore" in portuguese

submitted by Tuga

Puttsy - "A "proper" name for fart"

submitted by anonymous

Putzing - Walking around the house rubbing your belly wondering what in the HELL to do

submitted by Wendel--

PWAPS - Perky tits

submitted by Juggs

Pwn - Own to the fullest extent of of all humanly possibilitiness

submitted by Robeastondioso

Pwnagizer [bunny] - Pwner that keeps going & going & going

submitted by robeastondioso

Pwnology - The science of pwnage

submitted by Teh Uberness

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