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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with T

-tacular - Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as toast! Examples: "Cooltacular/Cool-tacular!"

submitted by anonymous

-tastic - Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as fruit! Examples: "Sweet-tastic!/Sweettastic!"

submitted by anonymous

T-Bag - To rub your balls on someone's face.

submitted by DUB

T. F. BUNDY - Totally F***ed But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet

submitted by Sessy

T.A.D.S. - That's a DAMN shame

submitted by Lissa oliver

T.I.L.F. - Teacher I'd Like to F**k

submitted by Nurp

T.T.T.T.T.T.T - Trinket Trading Tick Toting Toothless Tired Tramps

submitted by sid

T.T.Y.L.B - Talk To You Later Bitch! Say to someone you're pissed off at or to say goodbye to really close friends who know you're joking :)

submitted by Alice Cullen LOL

T.W.I.T.T - Teenage Women In Their Thirties - Women who act like they never grew up.

submitted by VIkki Stump

Ta'at - Tap that

submitted by steve ingrassia

Ta tas - Large toes with ugly toenails

submitted by jeffm!

Tabbospeez - Idiot

submitted by hannah g

Taboozing - Tabogoning on any hill you can find

submitted by Moosh

Tac - Something that is ultra cool! (Ah thats well tac mate!)

submitted by gorgeouslilgirl

Taco - Vagina

submitted by billie

Tactical Nap - When you sleep (pass out). Can be shortened to tactical.

submitted by e.l & m.

Tactical Vom - When you throw up, due to alcohol, so you can drink more

submitted by e.l & m.

Tae Twa - It means "shut up" in French

submitted by aleksey martinez

Tae-fuck - "Used as a figmental place where things that go wrong belong e.g. "ach tae-fuck with it"

submitted by PINKLLAMA

Taint - Part between your ass and your balls (it Taint your ass and it Taint your balls)

submitted by villie

Tainted - When you have had too much to drink and it needs to be mixed with something else

submitted by kunumnum

Take one for the team - The amazing fellow in your group who shags the fat one so the rest of the lads can score with her mates

submitted by Onceca

Takiin - Something that smells gross

submitted by Darrell

Talking to the great white telephone - Puking

submitted by herman

Tall Loved - To love someone or something to the end up to death

submitted by Elijah P. Massaquoi Sr

Tallyhoe - A cool name for a keg stand thought up at my redneck family reunion (keg stand: handstand on a keg, while someone holds the tap in your mouth while you drink as much as you can)

submitted by Bones

Tallywacker - A penis

submitted by dreabia

Taming a Whale - Hitting on a Fat Girl

submitted by PIP

Tampoon - Tampons for the large ladies

submitted by KennyM!

Tangle eyed - Drunk

submitted by chase

Tangle-weed - Messy bush hair

submitted by dude

Tangoed - For those girls or feminine lads who go on the sunbeds/wear fake tan until they're glowing orange

submitted by key key

Tank Meat - The area twinxst anus and scrotum a.k.a the grundle or the choade

submitted by wassabi

Tard - An extremely dumb person

submitted by boredinbelgium

Tard - If you ever think that retard takes to long to say just say tard it sounds better =]

submitted by becky

Tardcake - Someone who is being EXTREMELY retarded

submitted by faithD

Tarded-Again - (or “Tarded all over again“) RE-tarded (When you want to say retarded without malice aforethought in a politically correct world

submitted by Lizardbreath

Tater tot - A hooker

submitted by BrEaNnA

Tators - Lumpy breast milk

submitted by george

Tats - Refering to something really good

submitted by KennyM!

Taxi - Said when someone does or says something stupid - "Taxi for so & so!"

submitted by Big dave

TAXI!!! - Yelled out by a group of people when an individual close by drops something (glass/plate/themselves) as they clearly need to be picked up

submitted by turtl3

Taxing - To steal or "borrow" i.e. 'You taxed my chair you bastard'

submitted by THE troublesome three

Tea Bagging - To dip the scrotum into the tea is made

submitted by Jesse

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

submitted by ARIF

Teapot - A term for a gay dude. You know how gay guys stand with one hand on their hip and one hand in the air

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Teaslut - A whore who discusses sex over a cuppa tea and a biscuit

submitted by Megandy

Technicolor Yawn - To puke

submitted by Johnny 5

Ted - Affectionate greating for friend or aquaintance (especially if Irish)

submitted by Mal

Telegraph pole - Another word for if you're hung like a horse

submitted by chi

Teletubby - A man with a very small private part.

submitted by Lissa oliver

Telewhacker - Someone caught in the act of jacking off to video, tv etc...

submitted by Ultimate Insults

Telingana Black Snake - A very big penis

submitted by Bhangra Boy

Tender - Someone who is soft - scared

submitted by anonymous

Tententehnen - Having sex/to have sex

submitted by Bong

Terdnipples - Used as any of the "bad words".

submitted by Kayla Lynn

Terrid - Mix of horrid and terrible

submitted by dana shahvisi

Tessalate - Doesn't sound right does it

submitted by The one

Testi-Cool - A fun way of saying "that's really cool" as in "thats not just cool,that's testi-cooooool"

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Testiclees - Greek God of balls

submitted by lionsden84

Testosteroned Ballsack - To be used when you have done something stupid. ie oh you big testosteroned ballsack

submitted by the bat

Testticulate - To stand while waving your arms about and at the same time talking bollocks

submitted by Mike Barnes

Tetanica - In spanish Teta means boob and nica come from Titanic. In spanish Titanic is spelles Titanica and we just put the teta in it!!

submitted by Mari

Tetrified - When you are petrified and terrified at the same time!

submitted by fee

Tetris - My boss is dyslexic and said I had tetris instead of tourettes lol....I don't actually have tourettes though :)

submitted by nostalgic_for_disaster<3

Textical - Someone who can't go five minutes without texting

submitted by MENZ150

TFTF - Talent For The Future

submitted by Mollyolly!

Tha Gret Knacker - "You big wally" - to be used in yorkshire

submitted by the bat

That's beat - A shot in basketball that is put up real weak and you say it when youre about to block it

submitted by ynotyy

That's musicology - That's some good music!

submitted by sam n stu

That's pro - "Good job" or "Well done"

submitted by gossip bitch

That's rock 'n roll - That's life

submitted by stu n sam

That Really Pimps My Ride - When you are angry, instead of saying "That really ticks me off" say this instead

submitted by Kirby4134

The Bibble - It's a bible for all the stupid, retarded and people who are naturlly blonde minded...This is your excuse..and it IS your religion!

submitted by Bibble preacher

THE Bollocks - Amazingly brilliant, big emphasis on THE

submitted by Gareth Furbank

The Dalla Von Dellic - An extremely hard ejaculation manouver

submitted by Dempsey The Lord

The Great Flood - A fat womans period.

submitted by E!i

The Hitler - Secretly smearing fresh poo on a best friends upper lip

submitted by Mr.FishFarts

The Infestation - To refer to "children"

submitted by Pat & Ash

The melted crevice - When your anus is red hot and burnt after a bad bout of the scutters or just after non lubricated butt sex

submitted by Plumberjack

The Nasty Nasty - Sex

submitted by Me Person

The Phantom Queef - When someone queefs and it seeps through the cracks in the door, you have just experienced "The Phantom Queef" (dun dun dun!!!)

submitted by The Phantom Queef

The Six P's (P.P.P.P.P.P.) - Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

submitted by -=C. Cates=-

The Uncle Sam - To punch your girl in the teeth after sexual activity

submitted by Ty

The V - The v shape that is formed around your crotch when you wear tight jeans.

submitted by trickstar66

The Willage People - A pack of gay men

submitted by 4lyf

The Wizard - The name given to the father of a child with a deformed head resembling a pear, the childs nose may also be mis-shaped in the form of a boulder.

submitted by

The Yoddler - A little person that yoddles inside of you and sends a message to the brain that you find funny and begin to laugh for what everyone around thinks is no apparent reason.

submitted by cfizzle

Thigh Slap - To stand naked, usually in front of your partner, and thrash you hips side to side so as to slap your penis against your thighs creating a slapping sound

submitted by Blackdog

Thighkles - A cross between thighs and ankles...EXTREMELY obese people have this problem

submitted by Chuck

Thingie-ma-bob - When you can't remember the name of something eg. "Wheres the thingie-ma-bob?"

submitted by Angel28187

Thingimajigalibob - Is used when you can't come up with the word you're looking for.....i.e. "can you get me the...ah....'thingimajigalibob'"

submitted by ufo

Thingy-ma-bober - Something you forget the name of

submitted by Hirgon

Thirty One - 24 + 7 = 31. Something that's going on all the time

submitted by twoandahalfmen

Thisselstopemfloppin - German word for "bra"

submitted by Jenn

Thoinga - Loser

submitted by Murphy

Thrahssenburrn - Adj. A good insult i.e. "That insult was a thrahssenburrn!" Pronounced Thra-sh-en-burn.

submitted by _-=+(DOITALLOVERFORME)+=-_

Thrass - The thread that gets stuck in your asscrack from a pair of new boxers

submitted by KennyM!

Threvil - When your throat's feeling a bit sore. For example, "I'm threvil"

submitted by anonymous

Throw-Mance - Referring to romance (when someone's so in love its disgusting!)

submitted by Sarcastic_Sadistic_Bitch

Thrush, A - Someone who's extremely irritating and won't go away

submitted by Alex

Thunder Blunder - When you let out a mega fart and the whole room shakes.

submitted by VampyOfChatango

Thundercrotch - A very large vagina

submitted by Matt

Thunderware - Big girl (fat) panties

submitted by Zach

Tibby-reght - It will be right in morning

submitted by hozzi

Tick - A really good looking person, the same as Buff or Fit.

submitted by Lisa and Emily

Tick - An outrageously tiny dick.

submitted by ted

Tiddiobiggie - Big titties

submitted by jessica

Tiff - 'Fit' backwards, can be used when one is describing a good looking person but u dont want them to know that

submitted by chuck

Tig-o-Bitties - Big-o-Titties but switched around ... funny to say and some people might not know what your talking about!

submitted by Stan

Tiggo Bitties - Giant boobs

submitted by Louie

Tight White Boo - That's pimp, cool, awesome, dope

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Tight-arse - A bird with a good looking arse. More commonly a guy whos arms are shorter than his pockets deep

submitted by Kev

Tiki-Hut - An all encumpassing word that can be used to describe emotions from anger to rejoice. Its all about context baby!

submitted by ROCK GOD- YBJ

Timmering - To hang on the edge of (eg her nose was timmering on the edge of her face)

submitted by Pablo

Tinkle - Pee or poo

submitted by Jason

Tips - What you call someone when they say something obvious Ex. "Thanks, Tips..."

submitted by Jenn

Tipsilated - Drunk

submitted by AuntBaby

Tish-wash - A polite why of saying Bollocks

submitted by Kev

Tit-rat - A skanky female, who's always seen on the streets. Usually found around skate parks and bottle shops.

submitted by anonymous

Titarific - Amazing boobs!

submitted by nicci

Titteriffic - Someone with nice or big boobs

submitted by nicole

Tizzy - Awesome; cool

submitted by Joey Chastain

To Make Pocahontas - To poop yourself

submitted by JeffM!

To put a spoon in your mouth - Hearing voices that aren't there

submitted by Ines & Elise

Tobogganing - The opposite of Teabagging. When a man's testicles glide down the slopes of a woman's bum

submitted by Ginger Vitis

Todge-podge - Ass-hole

submitted by Danzo

Todger - Males special place

submitted by ADDME

Todger - Another word for willy

submitted by devo n tasha

Todger Dodger - Lesbian

submitted by Swanny from Jersey

Toeface - A word used when you can't think of anything else to call someone.

submitted by yoho from antrim

Toerag - It's what you call a girl if she is seedy and gets her rat out

submitted by stefan

Toffee Teeth - Minging Teeth. Yellow and brown

submitted by Dinsdale

Toidi - A nickname for someone who's an idiot. (It's idiot backwards!)

submitted by SydneyD

Toilet ducks - A group of girls that go to the toilet together

submitted by Paulie

Tolanweyu sa! - An expression of seeing a beautiful girl with a big breasts.

submitted by Karum-Sakaal

Tom Tit - Sh*t

submitted by Robert

Tomjanovich - To be used when you do not know someone's last name. i.e. "I saw Peter Tomjanovich the other day."

submitted by Peter Lotsahair

Toodles - Slang for ovaries

submitted by Nick Stergiou

Tool - A loser with the classification level of a nerd, but not as smart

submitted by kyle2cfool7

Tool - See Tallywacker

submitted by Kev

Tool - Someone who does other people's dirty work

submitted by VENOMdeSteb

Tootered - When you fart!

submitted by Princess Holly

Toother(s) - Alternative/Code word for cigarette(s)

submitted by Heavy smoker

Tootsie - Foot

submitted by A.H.

Top Bollocks - A fair pair of womens breasts

submitted by Sense - England

Top Quality Hattage - An expression of something that is incredibly good.

submitted by Bazz Evans

Tops - Something that is excellent, very good

submitted by anon

Torpoodo - A sh*t that flies out of your ass really fast but creates no splashback

submitted by THEFEDZ

Torrididdle - Bewildered, almost mad

submitted by dog10014

Total Dude - Someone who is cool; A party kinda guy who is fun to hangout with

submitted by danno

Tough as old boots - Means some one is really hard, e.g "Bacon ed is as tough as old boots"

submitted by hoss

Toutan - A lie or a bluff

submitted by Alex E

Toutanator - Someone that is always telling lies

submitted by Alex E

Toxic-Zombie-Jam - Cool/Awesome

submitted by Brandon

Toy's are bust - A name for the shop Toys R Us

submitted by cozza cha

Traf - A fart that never leaves your ass, it just goes back in.

submitted by Beej

Traffication - Really obnoxious rush hour traffic

submitted by salacious

Trag - Tragic goth

submitted by Rik (Stole word from chris though)

Tramp - It means a trap on the streets

submitted by jessica jayes facebook

Tramp Stamp - A tattoo located on the lower back of a female.

submitted by Joders

Tranny Fierceness! - Instead of saying "cool!" or "awesome!" just say "tranny fierceness!" or just fierceness, or fierce.

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Treetrunk - A fat person

submitted by Chloe Dawber

Trench chumper - A homosexual man

submitted by Jon Marler

Trench coat - A condom

submitted by KennyM!

Tress - To tress is to chill, to be calm, to relax. If dis-tress is suffering, pain, sorrow, anguish, misery then tress is the opposite of this (distress without the 'dis-')

submitted by Lanky Bastardos

Tricky McTrickerson - One who is sneaky

submitted by skatmaster

Triffy - Terrific + Insane. Insanely terrific.

submitted by Brigita Augyte

Trigz - A skinny ass white boy

submitted by ya boy

Trikkets - Womens Breast.

submitted by The Todd

Trim - Small dick, or cool (wasnt origanally meaning cool but we changed it)

submitted by ADDME

Triple Bagger - A girl so ugly, you need three paper bags to sleep with her; one for her, one for you in case hers falls off and one for your dog so he'll respect you in the morning.

submitted by Flirty_Bertie

Triple T K A - Time To Totally Kick Ass

submitted by white chick

Trollied - To be ever so slightly pissed out of your mind

submitted by golden wonder

Tromboning - To masturbate while taking a dump

submitted by Garrett

Trophy - A person's offspring or child. Example: "That girl over there is fine, but she got 3 trophies.......DAMN"

submitted by Damien G.

Trouser Burp - A cool way of saying fart

submitted by Mr. Sexy

Trouser trout - A penis

submitted by ryan!

Trublems - Troubles not yet big enough to be problems

submitted by Mice

Trucker - Fag, of the gay sense, likes men

submitted by Carl Yagley

Trudge - A penis that is wider than it is long

submitted by Jake H

Truffle-hunter - A perfect description for that girl accross the dance floor eating all of the party food with a face that recently ran into the back end of a bus

submitted by Kev

TT - Chinese slang for condom.

submitted by sharon chang

TTUL - Talk to u later

submitted by HANR

Tuba - Hot guy ie. "Oooh look at that tuba!"

submitted by idunno

Tubba - Small Penis

submitted by Jay

Tubber - To have sex in a bath tub

submitted by KennyM!

Tubs - What you call a fat person

submitted by manda

Tude-e-at - A backward attitude aka mentally f**ed

submitted by anon

Tuff - Cool. As used in the 50's

submitted by Aimee

Tuls - Something you call someone who is a wannabe slut

submitted by pilly

Tunage - It's a song that is really quite good. i.e "that is tunage..."

submitted by Stumpy

Tundra Wookie - A large, hairy and poorly bathed woman from interior Alaska. These creatures have been known to migrate to the lower 48 states.

submitted by Tommygun

Turd Tickler - When someone acts like a damn retard and doesnt know it

submitted by Idean Nassiri

Turd-burgler - A person who is gay.

submitted by Andrew E.

Turd-cutter - It means when a girl has a but so big it can be cutting turds

submitted by -c-dizzle

Turgelence - A mixture of the word turd and turbulence. A way to describe the experience of following through!

submitted by kayla

Turi - Crazy, stupid doing

submitted by ousman, lisboa

Turinteh - A crazy or stupid person

submitted by ousman, lisbon

Turkey tassels - Stretched out vagina

submitted by irishmissie

Turkeyscrot - When someone has a face like a turkeys scrotum

submitted by chris

Turner - An ultimate brown nosing suck up. Easily angered whn accused and fully beleives they don't suck up and that they have a lot of friends, but they don't.

submitted by Laybourne

Turtle Boner - Small Penis

submitted by Lor

Twanging your doobrie - It's what is professionally known as masturbating (flogging the bishop, spanking the monkey etc etc)

submitted by Doj

Twangus - When you accidentantly sit on a fork and it gets jammed up your ass

submitted by mark

Twanka - Its a mix between wanka and twat - so its its 2 swear words rolled into one!

submitted by Superman (yeah right!)

Twanky - Twenty two

submitted by B-Rad GZ

Twat-face-monkey-raper - The extreme aff all abuse - ie 'F**K You, you Twat Face Monkey Raper'

submitted by gibbs

Twat-faced monkey man - Someone who really should know better, often with a beard (Tayside colloquialism)

submitted by Mejoolie

Twate - A posh twat

submitted by Dynamite Heady

Twatface - Someone who metaphorically has the features and attitudes of a c**t. Used in the same way as dickhead or wankhead.

submitted by Sprogg Daddy

Twatspangle - An idiot of immeasurable proportions in the Scottish language

submitted by Alex

Twattock - Stupid Person

submitted by Jessi

Twazzack - Twat and a wazzack

submitted by Nick

Twazzock - Less offensive term for a twat and a wazzock

submitted by Steb

Tweed - Nerd;, oser

submitted by Vannah Mata

Tweener - You are a crackhead

submitted by Katie and Mysti

Tweety - Vagina

submitted by loop

Twelve-Pounder - I need to take a 12 pound sh*t

submitted by Josh the face - Said after a sexual remark is made. eg - "I wanna f**k her" and the response being "Yeah, twice... in the face!"

submitted by Claire Amy Laura Dean [Mackam Fags]

Twiddle - To fiddle with something

submitted by June

Twidget - Vagina

submitted by jimmy zombie

Twiff - Weed

submitted by G

Twig-n-berries - Penis and testicles

submitted by dano and colm

Twinalaughacow - A cow that has inherited the rare genetic trait of possessing two laughs and the usual moo

submitted by nimily

Twink - Hot young gay guy

submitted by maemae

Twinkie - Some one that looks really bored or plain; someone fat

submitted by mary and allie

Twinkle - Another term for crush, Ex. "She has the twinkle for josh."

submitted by mathafuka

Twinks - Something cute I call my mate

submitted by Mice

Twinni - When someone is lying about their age

submitted by Franv Vliege

Twitter - To chat

submitted by Hirgon

Twittern - Narrow path between hedges

submitted by dog10014

Two Dollar - An Asian Chick

submitted by 4lyf

Twoddle - Twat, but too polite to call the person a twat

submitted by chipmunk + bizzi

Twonk - Its a slightly less offensive word for twat, something more suitable to say infront of your teacher without getting strung up by your shoe laces. Or twonkette for the ladies if you're feeling particularly pollitically correct.

submitted by Nic

Twonk - Mixture between Plonker and Twat

submitted by Ellie

twurd - A cross between a twat and a turd

submitted by stacey

Twushie Muncher - When somebody is really p*ssed off or angry

submitted by anonymous

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