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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with H

A Harrison - A code name for a boy when you don't want anyone else to know who you're talking about

submitted by Keera CULLEN

H.A.R.F - Half Ass Retarded F**ker

submitted by missinghim14

H.B.S - Hungry Bum Syndrome, when your arse eats your knickers

submitted by BB

H.H - Holy Hell

submitted by Hirgon

H2Hoe - Group of think-their-too-nice girls who should be locked in a tower and drowned!

submitted by ruth

Habberplabb - Exclamation of frustration

submitted by Owen Davies

Habberplabb - Exclamation of frustration

submitted by Sophia P.

Hack/Hacking - When your trying to figure something out.

submitted by Tim

Hacky - Happy and wacky

submitted by khumo..sweet stuff rampa

Haddock Pasty - A Lady's 'Axe Wound' with special reference to it's odour.

submitted by Danny the Fanny

HAG - Hot Ass Girl

submitted by berkeley

Hag Nipple - A person with screwed up nipples

submitted by warren

Haggard - Messed up or incredibly cool

submitted by random hero

Haha...Good one, me neither. - When you say something that doesn't make sense, say this phrase to change the subject.

submitted by J to the Mizzeel

Haints - Scary homeless person

submitted by Tator bob

hair gremlin - Getting a haircut / haircutter

submitted by luke

Hairy Pairy Quite Contrairy - A bald person

submitted by Jamie Parr

Hairyolas - The remarkable (and dick-shriveling) feature of hair around the pigmented area around a woman's nipples

submitted by Keith Schneider

Halfwit - Not right in the head

submitted by meegann

Ham Wallet - Another word for a vagina

submitted by Homies

Hamburger - The arrangement of one's tesicles and shaft so it takes on the apparence of a hamburger

submitted by RMD

Hamburgler - Someone who prefers fattys for sex

submitted by Ty

Hamflap - A flappy vagina

submitted by Peeloy Vargas

Hammed - Drunk to the point you're hilarious

submitted by Twisty

Hammered - Really wasted, drunk

submitted by Leelee

Hamokash - Help

submitted by mohammad

Hams - Man Boobs

submitted by tyler

Hand-to-Gland Combat - A vigorous masturbation session.

Handitard - To be so retarded, it handicaps your ability to function

submitted by Ty

Handsome - One who masturbates a lot or masturbation (like twosome, threesome, foursome...)

submitted by dya

Hangaburger - Another word for hamburger

submitted by en

Hank Marvin - Said when you are really hungry (starving)

submitted by MACKY

Happy Vest - Straight jacket to a crazy person

submitted by Catherine

Haquioktaha - A noise you make whilst mimicing a pig

submitted by rawwrstfu

Hard Glass - A promise that will not be broken

submitted by cozza cha

Haregu - Sexy girl

submitted by wedi belay

Harmon - To undress another man with your eyes, or to radiate extreme gayness

submitted by fuzz

Harpoon Lounge - To say when leaving a place

submitted by lopster wrestler

Harry monk - Another term for gentlemans relish

submitted by shirin

Hasbian - A woman that used to be gay

submitted by ddotcom

Hatchet wound - Camel toe

submitted by Jimmy Boy

Hawaiian Hot Box - To smoke weed in a bathroom while running hot water from the shower

submitted by Bri*

He-Bitch Man-Whore - Male Prostitute

submitted by El Stumpo

He-bitch-man-slap - An incredibly camp man's slap, or used as a threat ie "Don't make me He-bitch-man-slap you!"

submitted by Lizzie and Sarah

He-she-man-bitch - You don't know if someone looks like a man or a woman

submitted by anon

Head - The name you call a person who is being their dorky selves and its a greeting. Like for example: "Hey, how are you doing head?"

submitted by bobo

Head! - Funny shaped Head

submitted by Aaron

Headuparseitis - Someone suffering from this disease is said to have their own head that far up their own arse that it must be permenant.

submitted by Sugarmumma

Healthy - A really good looking person whos not overweight or underweight and sexy!!

submitted by jade

Heart - Someone who never gives up and tries really hard ie "What a heart!"

submitted by Stuart

Heavy-Duty Judy - A fat woman-hence, heavy duty

submitted by Britter (again)

Heblew - Gay jewish language

submitted by suddam hussein

Heebler - A person doing strange things all alone in the dark

submitted by Flinker

Heffa - Someone who is faaatttt!!!!!!

submitted by lemon

Heffer - Really fat girl or a pregnant cow

submitted by pilly

Heinshit - Ugly

submitted by Savvi

Helium Heels - Someone whose legs go up easily...

submitted by Jacques Liebenberg

Hella - Super, a vastly large amount. ex. That hella sucks

submitted by Robby

Helladank/Hellatight - Supremely awesome or cool like cheeseburgers to a fat guy.

submitted by bob

Hellbaby - Hot girl

submitted by hellbaby4eva

Helmet for your little astronaut - A condom

submitted by KennyM!

Hench - Big. ie "That gold chain is hench!"

submitted by Drew

Henry - As in Henry the eighth, 'I picked up a henry tonight'

submitted by Ninety

Herb - Someone who is so outrageously out of style with whatever is normal. ex. a room of goths, a hippie. the 'herb' would be the hippie.

submitted by Brittany of kentucky (i do wear shoes)

Herchan - Lots of many/plural

submitted by natjesusdude

Here's your sign! - When someone does or says something completely stupid, this is the reply you should come up with. Inspired by the Travis Tritt song of the same name.

submitted by Kurasu

Hermaphroditishlike - Describing something extremely gay or lebionic: eg. "Those stupid telemarketers are hermaphroditishlike"

submitted by St. Charles, The Unlikely Bastard

Hermtarded - Half retarded, half hermafrodite

submitted by KP

Hero Sandwich - A Giant Idiot

submitted by 4lyf

Herpaganaciphilitis - Herpes, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis

submitted by Matt

Herpaghonasyphilitis - A combination of Sexually Transmitted Diseases; One Dirty Ho

submitted by ExquisiteRage

Hershey Squirts - When you fart so hard sh*t comes out

submitted by nohershey

Hershey-squirt - It means you have got crap in your pants

submitted by Kerry n Vinnie

Hev - Heavenly

submitted by MBD

Hexleflux - A state of confusion- i.e- "I'm in a hexleflux"

submitted by tom

Heyss - Safe - respect - cheers!!!!

submitted by Martin

HFFA - Hot From Far Away

submitted by anonymous

hibida-jibida - When you bust ass on a trampoline and then you fly up in the air and hibida-jibida is the word you scream when you're in the air shouting uncontrolably

submitted by ryan stanley

Hicklypups - hiccups

submitted by von

Hid - Hideous

submitted by MBD

High owl-itution of the Oztuhpeedious - Upset Stomache

submitted by Grandma Norma Jean

Hilare - Abbreviated "hilarious"

submitted by irishmissie

Himglish - Man speech

submitted by kayleigh

Hinkydinky - A Penis

submitted by I'm not telling

Hip to the Jive - Anything that you find cool or awesome

submitted by Katie

Hipples - Hairy nipples.

submitted by ted

Hippocrocadillopig - The lowest score in the order of rating girls.

submitted by Kingjellybean

Hippodogacrocomooseapig - FUGLY ol chav slapper

submitted by prince willie

Hippopotomonstrosesquipidaliophobia - Fear of long words

submitted by flannipherious

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - The fear of long words.

submitted by Your Mother

Hispanisize - To think lusty thoughts about hot Latinas

submitted by Terry

Hissilicious - Great, fun to be with. My 5yr old came up with it!!

submitted by two texts

Hit and Miss - The act of going to urinate or piss

submitted by sprogg daddy

Hizzle Mc Fizzle - Nose

submitted by Jon Aston, Walsall

Ho Butt - dirty person (usually sporting a mutlet) and is going nowhere in life

submitted by gorgio

Hoares Bath - To only wash your face, armpits and vagina

submitted by Polly

Hoarkin' the Swazy - To do with oral

submitted by turd furgesen

Hoax Poke - To air f**k something

submitted by Ty

Hoba - Female hobo

submitted by maemae

Hobbledehoy - The awkward stage between a boy and a man.

submitted by i'm in a tizzy!

Hoblab Cockian - Used when a man says the wrong thing at the wrong time making him a d**k head

submitted by NELL

Hoburger - An unclean girls privates

submitted by nemisis

Hoe - The cheaper alternative to going on a date

submitted by Kev

Hoebag - An unattractive prostitute

submitted by chris

Hoebag - Prostitute

submitted by Dandunne has cahonnes

Hoedown - In the hood it means your sister is dead

submitted by KennyM!

Hog Roast - Fat girls who think they are dead sexy

submitted by pudwaa

Hoga - Weird!

submitted by nerissa

Hogo - A stink. Use it as "What a hogo..." (Actual word that rarely anyone uses anymore)

submitted by Tally

Hogwarts - An STD you develope from watching too much Harry Potter

submitted by KennyM! MitchM!

Hogwash - Nonsense

submitted by Sean

Hoikenschlager! - Geez! Oh my God!

submitted by Kat Blomquist

Hojax - To punk someone, or to punk yourself

submitted by Sherrie

Holacalhatchi - Holy cow

submitted by zachary

Holla! - Used as a "ghetto" term, meaning "indeed", or "yes, i agree!"

submitted by ADAMS APPLE

Holler - "Usually said to member of opposite sex as in, "Hey baby, I just want to holler at you." Meant as term of's like saying "Hey cutie, I want to get with you."

submitted by Emily

Hollow Wood - No Brains

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Holocaust Child - Someone who is so skinny you can see their bones

submitted by killer kookiez

Holy Guacamole - When you are shocked say it

submitted by chris

Holy Sh*t Premiere Package - The best ever

submitted by jbob

Holy shark bandanas - Holy sh*t!

submitted by Courtney

Holy Shiz Nips! - Holy crap!

submitted by bumblebee

Holy Testicle Tuesday - Say that when you see something messed up or off the wall or someone really ugly

submitted by Tyler ZombieFyd McCain

Holybejoinkers - It means Cool, or awsome, or anything you want it to

submitted by Js & Ks

Homanahow - To fully appreciate something. for example: "omanahow this cookie is delicious"

submitted by the moo crew

Home-made Hotdogs - Putting your weiner in a woman's buns

submitted by hey its franklin12

Home-skillet - Cool person

submitted by louie

Home-Slice - A really bad gangsta word for a person

submitted by bikerballs

Homeslice - A really lame homie, friend

submitted by ilsnob

Homeslice - A good mate. e.g. "Ma homeslices were hanging at my house!"

submitted by chazz

Homophonic - Original a term a music. As you can guess this version means someone or something that sounds gay.

submitted by JustB3N

Honk - To throw up.

submitted by Philip Fosdyck

Honk - When you see something really disgusting and it makes you want to be sick you say, 'it made me Honk'

submitted by lube-in-a-tube manchester x

Hoo Tang - A Tang Party

submitted by Robert M. Hensel

Hoo-rah Henry's and Their Unicorns - Those annoying upper-class t**ts who parade around in Mercs and laugh about how rich they are- and you aren't. They have unicorns because they're sooooo much special-er than us mere mortals. Bastards.

submitted by Kirsty

Hoochie - A sluty girl or a whore

submitted by b-rad

Hood Rat - Ghetto girl

submitted by bre

Hoodrat - A townie or lower person, commonly spotted sporting a hooded top.

submitted by SteveDave

Hoofy Gid - A girl or Woman kissing other girls or Women

submitted by Kade

Hooley - A real boring person!!

submitted by woodzy

Hooper - A very hot woman

submitted by Housty

Hoopti - A ghetto or broke-down car

submitted by Kiko tha freeko

Hooshavitsa - It is alternative way of cussing in a different language

submitted by THE PIPE

Hooty Scream! - A very funny funny Person

submitted by Hooty 1, 2 ,3 , 4, 5

Hoover girl - Someone who sucks hard!

submitted by Lib

Hopspankula - The tiny heart attack you get when you slip on ice...

submitted by BJ

Horizontal Polka - Sex

submitted by OliviaSulkinz

Hornswaggle - To confuse someone. Bamboozle.

submitted by Tommygun

Horrendufied - Adjective to describe how drunk someone is (eg "he was horrendufied last night")

submitted by absgtcd

Hosible - Hospital

submitted by brianna

Hoss - Cowboy Slang: Hoss can be used to replace words such as dude, man, buddy, bro, etc.

submitted by Jimi Hughes

Hot box - To smoke weed in a van and get everyone high off the second hand smoke

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Hot Carl - To take a dump on one's mouth/face/forehead.

submitted by bongos

Hot Rodney - Getting head from a girl while taking a sh*t at the same time

submitted by SDeB

Hotbox - F*#kin hot chick

submitted by Ben G

Hotdog - To insult, speaking low of

submitted by BmKbomberman

Hotdog - You say it when you want to change the subject randomly

submitted by kathie

Hovis - Someone that is fat and has rolls

submitted by seratian

Hovised - When someone has a head shaped like a loaf of bread.

submitted by Lauren-May and Gemmer-Louise

How's your father? - Refers to the state of your penis as it is the father of your children

submitted by TML

How she doobie???? - A phrase used to greet another - in replacement of "Hi, how are you?"!

submitted by Marta

Hoxinated - Hot and you know it

submitted by bobby

Hublahjenkins - To shout out when you are extremely happy, random, or pissed off. Is for the main use of happy and randomness. Is the awesomest crazed word around!

submitted by Faith Huffman

Hudubuwah? - Pronounced "Huh-duh-buh-wah?" Response when someone says something confusing and strange.

submitted by Morc the Orc

Huffer Crocker Moose - An expression used by me and my dad to describe fat, ugly women

submitted by ADDME

Huffer Moose - An expression used by me and my dad to describe fat women

submitted by ADDME

Huggum - Dried up blood in your nose

submitted by KennyM!

Hulabaloo - Noisy

submitted by Eloise

Humanoid - Someone who is not existing or answering you. Example: if you text someone and they dont respond like they usualy do, you respond "Humanoid..."

submitted by bobo

Humm-Ding-In - Really Smelly Individual

submitted by Jack Logan

Humpadge - Same as 'Knobadge' but with the girl on top

submitted by von

Humpologist - One who majored in the study of humping

submitted by USSJAnge

Humvintage - Old fashioned, German, sexual intercourse.

submitted by Badger Goil

Hunda - Stupid. eg. 'he was being all hunda' or if someone had a stupid idea and you wanted them to stop explaining it to you, you would shout "HUNDA HUNDA!"

submitted by Josh

Hunga Punga - Getting done up the arse by a 6 foot black man (The '6 foot' isnt his height)

submitted by Dan

Hungry humper - A fat nimphomaniac

submitted by dean, amy , claire

Hungry Pants - A constant wedgie where it looks like your ass is trying to eat your pants

submitted by NotoriusTee

Hunk-a-blunk-a-whoo - Wow!

submitted by anna

Hurtin' for a Squirtin' - A slut who is desperate to get laid

submitted by jmonahizzle

Husamoboba - Its kinda like when your annoied because no one will listen to you, you say really loud "HUSAMOBOBA" and they usually go quite. HUS-A-MO-BO-BAY

submitted by Axel

Hutchnelpsnot - A fat chick who wears her clothes way too tight

submitted by jesus

Hwunnie - Another word for something going badly e.g "you have had a hwunnie"

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Hymnglu - Phone

submitted by Nobogal

Hypocolozerflozer - A person below all other people(hypo) who hangs out with some lozers (colozer) who is a lozer himself (flozer)

submitted by lish

The horizontal vomit fountain - To lay on your back and chunder everywhere

submitted by El Stumpo

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