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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with N

N.A.D.S. - Nasty-ass dangling sack.

submitted by ted

N.E.R.D - Not Even Remotely Dorky

submitted by FunaiDewd

N.I.G.G.A - Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Naab Jaab - Another word for a blow job...

submitted by via blake

Naboozy - A word to describe terrible disappointment or feelings of sadness. Opposite of "Bahoovy".

submitted by Vickie Bellefontaine

Nacker Tash - Just A Funny Word

submitted by Yeadon

Nan - Means nothing, nada. i.e."I have nan money"

submitted by jedda

Nancy - A male who exhibits an anti-male quality. e.g. - "Zach couldn't open the water bottle...what a nancy!". Also a "Mary"

submitted by danno

Nang - A cry of pain when in a weird position

submitted by Sampo81

Nang - Same as "Peng" - Strong/Good - usually describing weed

submitted by G

Nangs - Neck bangs (the short baby hairs on the back of your head)

submitted by k-star

Nap-sack - When your balls stick to your leg...and takes a long napp.....

submitted by JordanKK TylerMM

Naples - No, nay or disagree

submitted by jimmy zombie

NARB - No Aparent Reason Boner

submitted by nikka Nerkal

Nards - Balls, nuts, testes

submitted by Jake-Dogg

Nark - A goody goody, who obeys/follows the rules all the time

submitted by catherine

NARP - Non-Athletic Regular Person

submitted by Anonymous

Naughty Bits - Any part of a human, male or female, which cannot be shown on network television.

submitted by Dick

Naughty Fag - A person thats gay in school

submitted by cozza cha

Naughty tortoise - Funny way of saying someone is naughty!

submitted by Murray

Nausdah - Worse than Nasty

submitted by Lori

Nava - Not A Virgin Anymore

submitted by radani

Navinger - A vagina with ginger pubes

submitted by Crooked Ronnie

Ne naw - Horrible next door neighbour

submitted by Lamla

Neard - Neck beard

submitted by jonny

Neck - When someone says or does something stupid you say "Neck" and hit them on the back of their neck

submitted by Rico

Neckbone - Loser, fag, dork

submitted by Charlie

Neckmeat - When somebody punches you

submitted by unkown

Necropeedofile - Person who digs up dead kids and shags em

submitted by the seer of all

NED - (Non Educated Deliquent) Gang of prettens to teens who hang around a street corner, get into trouble from the police and like a drink called buckfast

submitted by kx8uk

Ned'ed - Just like Tango, except you just got ned'ed

submitted by Gav

Ned Bawbag - A chav or ned who is a ball bag

submitted by johnny vodka

Nedantsin - A very very extremely naughty sin

submitted by jesus

Neddy - A headache

submitted by Jasminbelle

Needle dick - Someone with a small penis

submitted by Dominic

Negative boob - A girl with boobs that are way too small

submitted by bob

Nekroplasmatonical - Said after really good sex

submitted by TJR456

NeNe - Some one a dumb bland will listen to

submitted by Janene and Sarah

Neob - (“Knob”). To be said in the style of a flying aeroplane like when you are feeding a baby and you go “nneeeooooww” when putting the spoon in its mouth. Like that but really loud and in unison with all your mates when someone does something embarrassing.

submitted by kelli xXx

Neonate - "Baby" or "Infant" (human or other primate) in clinical terms; try it out with new parents: "What an adorable neonate!"

submitted by Tom

Nerb - An affectionate word for nerd

submitted by carly

Nerg - An utterance uttered when annoyed.

submitted by Josephk

Nern - One who farts in the bathtub and tries to eat the bubbles.

submitted by Brain

Nerp - A mixture between a nerd and a derp

submitted by The Fun Guy Dan

Nesbit - Light.

submitted by Kamerlissa

Netflix and Jill - Similar to "Netflix and Chill", but instead of having sex whilst watching Netflix, you're masturbating. Example: "My girlfriend was busy, so I kicked back and had a nice "Netflix and Jill" session."

submitted by Kaytlyn

Nevved up - Getting very drunk

submitted by Jon Marler

NEY!! - NO!!-- (a Wiganers term)

submitted by Jimmy Savil

Ney Slapper - It's to be said when someone does something funny! (ex- "You're a ney slapper!")

submitted by Your Mama

Niblet - Tiny chunk of poop

submitted by Flinker

Nienti - (pronounced knee-en-tay) Nothing (when you don't want to tell somebody something)

submitted by Cathal

Nifkin - Region of skin between the balls and butthole.

submitted by alpha cheeba hawk

Nifty - Something really sweet or awesome

submitted by Tetyana

Nifty Picnic - Awesome, sweet, cool

submitted by Kiersten M

Nigga rigged - Something that's temporarily fixed (eg A t.v. with a wire hange and foil for the antenna)

submitted by oops!

Niggle or Niggaler - To criticise or to worrie. Niggaler: the person. Its a real word!!

submitted by JAMES DAVY

Nimptoed - When your dick is so sore, you can't even touch it

submitted by KennyM!

Ninch - The action of pinching someone's nipple or nipples. (ex: "I just ninched your sister.")

submitted by ted

Nincompoop - A nincompoop is a fool

submitted by Elaina

Ninja - What you say when someone does something cool (e.g. "that was soo ninja!!")

submitted by The Unknown One

Ninja - No Income No Job or Assets

submitted by Russ and Tony

Ninja Potion - To cup a fart in your hand and open it in front of someone's face, yelling, "Ninja Potion!"

submitted by Plexi G

Niplet - A third and very small nipple

submitted by jesse

Nippers - Something used for pulling or squeezing

submitted by naoheyo15

Nippy noodles and my nunga nunga's are gettin hard - Basically it's cold and my nipples are hard

submitted by alex ackrill

Nizo - Balls, grapefruits, testicles, Nuts

submitted by xXxHeavilybrokenxXx

Njord - A retarded incident happening... like seeing a naked man spring from bushes in a zoo.

submitted by Marc

Nobby - When someone says a stupid comment or acts stupid

submitted by boothy

Nobo - Made from the word noob, originally created from some players from the game "Arcanist"

submitted by zappy_flash

Nobyulus - A person who is acomplete nob. Sounds latin.

submitted by Karakazov

Noggintosh - Basically someone who is a pr*ck

submitted by I-EAT-NOG

Nolte - A really stupid person who acts like a fag n thinks hes the shiz.

submitted by Matt n dan

Nolte - In replacement of gay or crap. Ie. "that is soooo nolte", or "you nolte!"

submitted by #6 #9

Nomp - Idiot, in a teasing but friendly way: 'Of course Bored at Uni isn't about how to be bored at uni, you nomp!'

submitted by Aissy

Nonabon - Not amused

submitted by anonymous

Noo nog - ery stupid person, the type who would be best left under a rock trying to beat their way into the evolutionary

submitted by aimee

Noob - To be new and suck at something

submitted by jeff kyte

Noob - A person of little faculties.

submitted by davjam89

Noobette - A female noob

submitted by melissa

Nooblet - Same as noob, but with a let on it, and you can cook them up on a frier grille oven microwave etc because they're so bad you just pwn them that much

submitted by ROBEASTIE

Noobzor - Lete for noob

submitted by robeastondioso

Noodle - Someone stupid

submitted by Boo

Noonan! - Typically used as a jeer during games where one wishes the player to choke at whatever they’re attempting; field goal kick, free-throw shot, etc. Derived from Caddyshack.

submitted by Ashi

Nooner - Having sex at lunch time

submitted by cbelott

Noonthirty - 12:30 pm

submitted by kevin fitzgerald

Nor - It can mean either "no" or another word for "lame" etc.

submitted by Kate

Nordsap - Someone who thinks they are big but really they are just stupid

submitted by Leroy Jankins

Norm - Someone who fits in way too much, posesses few distinguishing characteristics

submitted by jordan

Nosebleed - Geek/uncool person

submitted by A @ Chi

Nosestache - A mustache that grows out of your nose

submitted by Erin

Nostalmo - Having a "Nostalgic Moment" a very common occurence in the land of the old zimmerframe-bound human things. Best example - "during the war"

submitted by Flo!

Nostration - When you laugh while drinking something and it comes out your nose.

submitted by National Council for Nostration

Notorious F.A.G - A rap artist who is homosexual (stolen from Will And Grace)

submitted by Bazz Evans

Nouwnt - Midlands way of saying nothing. pronouced "now-ent". example: "theres nouwnt on telly"

submitted by MeZa

Nub - Someone who is purely shite at something

submitted by mr facehead

Nub - Nerd or Geek

submitted by Nun uv yo bid nass

Nuba - A man's first erection

submitted by KennyM!

Nubbinz - To hit someone under the arm pit with a pointed hand

submitted by oginger

Nubliai - The central core of a Noob. Example: WTF, you stole my J-10. You are nothing but a Nubliai

submitted by Necrium

Nucking Futs - F*cking Nuts: if an adult is around you say this

submitted by anonymous

Nudite - Getting frostbite from being nude

submitted by jeff.m

Nuffnuff - When you forget what you're saying mid-sentence. Or to just brake the silence.

submitted by Megan :)

Nug - Sexy

submitted by adriana

Nugget - Can be used instead of cool

submitted by Ines & Elise

Nugget Dweller - Sh*t stuck between your arse crack

submitted by 4lyf

Nuggets - Cutie

submitted by Nakyba

Nuhel - No hell no...

submitted by jxebchvtgu4

Nuker - A microwave oven

submitted by ssajr

Numbnuts - A dullard. A wally just going through the motions, with all the gumption of a deer in headlights.

submitted by Betty Swollocks

Numpty - To be a simpleton and/or dopey

submitted by Joel himself

Numpty - If someone is a little dumb, they are a numpty

submitted by jaffa

Numsac - Completely thick bloke

submitted by howard

Nunga Nunga Holder - Bra

submitted by Julie

Nunga-nunga's - This word is what my mates brother calls girl's breasts

submitted by Olivia

Nunga-Nungas - Another word for boobs!

submitted by Lizzie and Sarah

Nunya - When someone asks you a nosy question, the answer should be "nunya" no matter what they ask. When they ask "what does nunya mean" tell them "nunya business".

submitted by Littleone

Nunya Beezwax - None of your business

submitted by CyberGoth

Nurkey - A very special best friend

submitted by Pam

Nuskin - A womens vagina that is wider than it is long

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Nut - Use this when something mildly okay or slightly above average happens to you. Can be used as an exclamation or an adjective. Examples: "oh nut!" "nut!", "that's pretty nut", "omg that's nut". Use in moderation

submitted by schmartaquilf

Nutt-huggers - Extremely tight pants on a man

submitted by derraj nosliw

Nuttenexpress - In Austria you call that a train

submitted by Swissboy

Nuttknot - When you get your pubes in a knot

submitted by bow chicka wow wow

Nutty Hamjam - Nuts in your poo

submitted by kym welch

Nyeap - Kinda like "yup" but way cooler

submitted by Chad Selix

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