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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with R

R.A.P - Retard Attempting Poetry

submitted by MaDog

R.B.A - Random Boner Alert

submitted by Juju

R.D.C - Rapidly Deteriorating Conversation. When you are so high you can go from talking about space flight or the theory of relativity to acting and sounding like a seal

submitted by anonymous

R.E.D.H.E.A.D - Really Emotional Dumb Horny Emo Abusive Dude

submitted by meme

R.O.B - Rolls Over Belt - a fat person

submitted by Butlam

R.P.I - Random Pooing Incident

submitted by JO

R.U.B - Really ugly bitch!

submitted by Mo'nique

Raccoon - As in "I raccoon it's time to go to bed!"

submitted by Jon

Racist - Remedial Anglo Citizens Insisting on Systematic Tyranny

submitted by #facts

Rack - To rack someone- to kick them in the balls. WARNING Racking may be against penal codes. (Nudge, nudge, wink wink)

submitted by Kazer91

Rack - Colloquial word that means "to steal". eg "he racked the drinks"

submitted by Carlos English

Radish - To get into character for role playing

submitted by Nova

Ragamuffin - An urchin, sombody who dresses in rags

submitted by George

Rager - Crazy party

submitted by BEEF

Raggo - That's mad

submitted by Drew

RAH - (as in she's such a rah/sloane..) Rich Arse Hole... use to be Royal and Hiers.

submitted by sarah.

Rail - To have sexual intercourse

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Rainbow stick - Colorful sick

submitted by Chewy

RALMFAO - A substitute for lol - "Rolling Around Laughing My F**cking Ass Off"

submitted by Jammo

Ralph - "(Ralphed, Ralphage) - To puke. eg "I am gonna ralph", "I drank so much I ralphed everywhere", "I produced some mad ralphage last nite"

submitted by kelli xXx

Rammy - Disgusting

submitted by from estonia

Ramshank - Wicked

submitted by Libby

Ranch - "Rancid ho ("she is such a Ranch")"

submitted by Melissa

Randle - A way of describing a woman who can't stop being a cock tease

submitted by James

Random Arm - When you're lying side by side with your girlfriend and one or other of you has an arm that you don't quite know what to do with, or can't find a comfortable place to put it

submitted by Bellend

Randomer - A weird person

submitted by petae & Trish & lib & flick & katy

Randoms - Those people who arrive, usually drunk, in your flat at around 1am. They will criticise your general housekeeping skills while spilling beer all over your kitchen floor. Often they belong to some one eg 'Fred''s randoms' (for example).

submitted by Anon

Randy's - Randoms. Usually refers to late night

submitted by anonymous

Ranga - Same meaning as ginger (a red haired person). Comes from "orangutan"

submitted by Tom

Ranger - Someone that has orange hair

submitted by Taylor blue

Rank - Something thats really crap

submitted by aimee

Rank - Disgusting

submitted by da wee farmer

Rap Up - Shut up

submitted by bob

Rapage - When in the process or after beating someone. i.e That was some serious Rapage!!

submitted by Yma and Yug

Rape It.....Hard! - To do it very well

submitted by Buzza

Rars clart - Arse wipe

submitted by G

Raspberry Soccerball - A good word to describe someone you love. Can be used in place of honey, cutie, boo, or sweetie. I.e. "There's my raspberry soccerball!"

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Rat - Another word for a woman's front botty

submitted by bob

Rat - Whore or ugly (rat chick)

submitted by jimmy zombie

Rat Bush - A gross looking hair style for girls when their hair is normal looking in the front and all spiked up and messy on the back side (ex. "Eeww! look that girl has a rat bush")

submitted by Slang Tang Ninja

Rat-Arsed - To get really drunk

submitted by kelli xXx

Rats Arse Mess - Somebody who has bad hair! "she looks a rats arse mess"

submitted by tray n lou

Razabattang - Used to say something is cool

submitted by Joe

RCG - For all the men out there... the unexplained and completely random boner

submitted by Raz

Re Re - Cute way of saying "retard"

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Re-Re - Nice way to tell someone they are acting retarded

submitted by Fabrizio

Real - Down to earth person

submitted by Real

Red Dragon - Slapping your semi-errect penis across somebodys face

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Redonculous - F**ckin ridiculous

submitted by britt and mason

Redonkulous - Something that is unbelievable

submitted by Jeff Barnhart

Redonkulous - Silly, rediculous

submitted by amber

Reef - Used when something bad happens/is said/done (ie. "aww reef!!")

submitted by abby babby

Reet - Generally a "Hello" term. Can take more e's till reeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

submitted by Jackie Anne

Refukulate - To fix something that someone else has messed up.

submitted by Rex

Reintarnation - Coming back to life as a hillbilly

submitted by James

Relishishly-Flajellium - Being able to write with your left foot while playing a song to an apple with your ears

submitted by Ooberly Tooberloobie

Remix - When you are having way too much fun

submitted by Katerz and Curline

Remmer - A remedial, someone who is slow on the uptake

submitted by Chesney B

Renob - Someone being an idiot - especially while driving. (Instead of flipping someone off, you just yell 'RENOB!')

submitted by AwsmSteve

Renob - A retard, reject, or idiot

submitted by Nattyboy420

Rents - A persons parents - Get it?

submitted by Nathan & TaZ

Reow - Said when someone gets snippy or gets short and snaps at you

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Reprobate - Complete and utter F**ktard

submitted by Tommyhol

Rescue Dummy - Someone who swims out to sea to impress a member of the opposite sex and ends up being rescued by a far more attracetive and intelligent lifeguard

submitted by Martez

Retarded - Getting so drunk, everything just goes plain silly!

submitted by Loz

Retarded donkey block - A person who looks like a donkey who ran into a wall

submitted by jordan haris (i suffer from this desese)

Reverend Phelps - Pronunciation note: must generally be said in a frightened or urgent tone, even if it's whispered. This is used whenever comments about gayness (either male or female) come up, or to indicate subtly that someone is (or is acting) gay.

submitted by Kurasu

Reverse kanga - Sitting on a toilet backwards to leave skidmarks

submitted by iddqd

Revogilate - Reload

submitted by The one

Rhea - Short form of diarrhea

submitted by Lobster bandit

Rhinoculars - Binoculars with a rhino attached

submitted by didley

Rhoda - The less attractive friend of the girl you are trying to pick up

submitted by ssajr

Ribbing - Taking turns calling each other names, normally done in sessions. winner moves on.

submitted by yer mommaa aka yer mom.(:

Rice Burner - A term used by muscle car owners to identify a foreign car from Japan such as a Nissan or Mistubishi

submitted by the big guy

Rich - Means to 'shag', and can be used as a way to talk about sex in front of parents! Enter 'shag' in predictive text and you'll understand!

submitted by Nathan & TaZ

Richard Cranium - A way to call someone a d***head without being vulgar (dick is short for richard and head is another word for cranium)

submitted by richard cranium

Ricockules - Worse than ridicules, unbelievable

submitted by schula

Ricockulous - Absurd; preposterous; laughable

submitted by Jenelle

Ricockulus - Change the dick to cock in ridiculus

submitted by Adam

Ride the cotton pony - A woman's period

submitted by KennyM!

Ridick - Ridiculous

submitted by Rachelll

Ridicule Jam - It means you pwn someone by attacking them with a good comeback

submitted by Dylan

Rididng the porcelin express - Hugging the toilet all night because you were puking

submitted by sierra

Ridonkulous - Utterly ridiculous/stupid

submitted by jenny

Ridundulous - Stupid, crazy, incredible (it's a mixture of ridiculous and redundant)

submitted by Rosha

Ring Pirate - A gay person

submitted by Jamie Garrett

Ring-a-ding Kid - A guy with all money and no face. Proves the age-old belief that God really IS fair.

submitted by Zut

Ring-Sting - The morning after a curry that you regret, you hit the bog for a good half hour - the result of that horrible raw arse hole is.....RING-STING!

submitted by Chrisdarockstar

Risty - Out of control

submitted by Stripclubsanta

Ro-Ro - A Slag, from the ferry boats

submitted by key key

Road kill - Bloody ugly looking person!!! Resembles road kill!

submitted by MShan

Road Rage Dummy - A person who zig zags, passing cars at high rate of speed to next oncoming red light or a person who speeds continuously towards upcoming red lights

submitted by D Man

Roar - If someone really is hot and attractive, you can say "He's so roar!" But the pronounciation is more like: Ro-Aaaaar!

submitted by shnoob

Roast Beef Danglies - Another word for saggy or nasty vagina

submitted by Tito

Roast Ghost - A fart that is not suitable for vegetarians

submitted by Helsby

Robert - Wanker (im 14 and use it when describing people to my parents) named after a boy called robert who lives near me

submitted by Jamie Lee

Robin Hood's Bluff - Telling a fib

submitted by MIke

Robo-Rapian - A machine in the early 90's thats gay and rapes

submitted by USSJAnge

Rod - " A random fit bloke - "rod at 11 o clock" or "I pulled a nice bit of rod last nite"

submitted by Niki

Rodeo style - Similar to "doggie style" but while on the "job" shout the wrong name and see how long you can stay on for

submitted by boredinbelgium

Roink - Worse than rank

submitted by sinister clothcat

Rolf'd - To get drunk or smoked in the balls... as in.. man you got Rolf'd or... let's get Rolf'd tonight

submitted by Alex Kensgaard

Roller Pig - Someone really fat

submitted by killer kookiez

Romantastic - Fantastically romantic, very sweet (eg "Awwwww!! That movie is so romantastic!!")

submitted by anonymous

Room beats - To be shouted when in a room with mates and there's an unfortunate person that receives beats

submitted by lordthe

Rope - A long, thick, twisted and hairy type person

submitted by Mice

Rosary - A Boner

submitted by BicBoi

Rot Bot - Bad smelling ass

submitted by jim

ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT - Rolling on the floor laughing so hard my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco

submitted by Jessie

Rotund - A word to be used to politely describe an overweight person

submitted by OISH KIRBIBBLE agent4815162342 ♥♥♥♥ LATE you all everybody!!! xD

Roundwee - Dick head

submitted by hannah and billie

Roy Keane - Someone who is so keen on getting a shag are known to be 'Roy'

submitted by bigstu

Royal Apple - A v. fit man!! ;)

submitted by xxPwetty Pwincessxx

RSB - Rusty Sulfur Butt...when you drop ass!

submitted by hottiebeshka

RT - Short for retard

submitted by Natalie

Rtard - A self-proclaimed retard.

submitted by ted

Rubba Dub Dubber - A gay person

submitted by KennyM!

Rubbing - A quick fumble eg. "Becky gave Eden a good rubbing!"

submitted by McDee

Rubbing - A quick fumble eg. "Bex & Eden had a good rubbing last night!!"

submitted by McDee

Ruda-Bega - An awesome friendship! And inside joke!

submitted by Bega

Rudabaga - A funny sounding word for a vegetable that's yellow!

submitted by Bega

Ruddy-Nora - Annoyance and bewilderment of the first degree. e.g "Ruddy-Nora tis raining in the wide blue yonder what is our fandabbydosy world!"

submitted by Flo!

Rude Boy - People that drive around pumpin out crappy dance music

submitted by adam

Rudepelstiltskin - Very rude indeed.

submitted by Reno-kun

Ruffle Shuffle - Something worse than waddling; done by someone who is way too fat to even waddle properly

submitted by Kaytlyn

Ruffle some Feathers - Get into a fight.

submitted by Doug Keil

Rufus Rough-Cut - Person with a bad hair cut

submitted by rutter

Rug muncher - A lesbian

submitted by Christina

Rug-back - A ridiculously hairy ass

submitted by Benny J, London

Rug-back - A ridiculously hairy back

submitted by Benny J

Rump - A word that happily fits into any sentence to make it worth listening to

submitted by Claire Amy Laura [Mackam Vegetarians]

Rump Ranger - Another word to describe a gay person

submitted by sheite101

Rumpeledstiltskin - Vagina flaps

Rumpy - A fat female that looks nice, and with which you'd definately climb in to bed with

Run the Rugs - Simply means to vacuum the rugs

submitted by tylerb

Russian Snog - When someone sits on your face and tenses their ass muscles to try and butt kiss you

submitted by Adam. A

Rust cut - Ginger

submitted by Rutter

Rusty Bacon Strips - Another word for a part of a womans vagina

submitted by Conor Keenan

Rusty Bullet Hole - The stage after two days of not wiping your arse.

submitted by Dr. Bumfluff

Rusty Lick - To lick someones asshole

submitted by meza the humble servant

Rusty Trombone - A term used to describe the act of a woman giving a man a reach around while eating out his butt ex. "Dude i met this chick the other night and she gave me a wickid rusty trombone"

submitted by Brain

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