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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with J

J-Box - More socially acceptable than juice box

submitted by Steven

J-ism - An art form using white paint rather in nthe form of cubism dating back to the nineth century

submitted by spode

Jabam - It is a word that you can say giving emphasis to something that happens in your favor

submitted by XxDannixX

Jabberwockey - A person who says something and tries to be funny, bu sadly makes no sense and is a complete dumbass.

submitted by tam tam

Jableebles - Used to express shock or dismay

submitted by Charli

Jabroni - Is really an Italian profanity. It is slang for "ass hole" or "dumb ass"

submitted by phAnt0m 5p1d0r

JACK!!! - To be shouted at people from fast moving cars.

submitted by Drew

Jack and the beanstalk - A pothead with his weed plant.

submitted by SillyDaniel

Jack Russel - Used to describe any breed of dog, both canine and exceptionally ugly females

submitted by Koko the abused monkey

Jack-in-a-cupboard - When you shut the door of a cupboard really quickly and with stuff leaning against the door, to prevent yourself getting the blame for the stuff falling out and smashing.

submitted by ^her^

Jacked - To steal

submitted by EdWayne

Jackie Degs - Legs

submitted by Jon Aston, Walsall

Jafacian - A fake Jamaican, basically someone that thinks they are Jamaican but they're just chatting bum, e/g Hes a Jafaican

submitted by Danthemantrunley

Jaffa - It means something really good (ie 'That's well jaffa') mainly to be used when talking about an attractive person (ie 'he/she's a bit of a jaffa'). Can be used as a term of affection towards friends and basically just means someone tasty

submitted by operation ivy

Jagwacker - Someone who plays with themself a lot

submitted by a G

Jahugeuan - Very very big

submitted by therk

Jaja - Mexican for haha

submitted by ~Kizzara~

Jajaja - Mexican laughter (hahaha) but pronounce the J

submitted by not telling

Jalk - Jay-walk

submitted by jesus

Jam - A very wonderful mixture of all things sexually entertaining that's usually stuffed into a very attractive jar

submitted by jamzilla

Jam Rag - A sanatry towel

submitted by Jimi 89

Jam rag - Sanitry towel

submitted by Google

Jam Sandwich - A fat red head

submitted by belid

Jambulicious - Use it to be sarcastic with someone that is nerdy/geeky to you. They'll think you're calling them delicious, but you're NOT.

submitted by trinett

Jamima - Vagina

submitted by anon

Jamolt - A dumbass

submitted by mike hunt

Jamone - Come on

submitted by b-man

Jamtard - An individual who ruins the fun of others.

submitted by Nicole

Jank - Trashy, stupid, mean

submitted by Cooliott

Jankrow - A faker, someone who's nothing pretending to be hard

submitted by G

Janky - Wonky

submitted by Sally

Janky - If you did something and you're not good at it, you're janky. Or the turn you made was janky.

submitted by king shit

Janky - Contrary to a previous post it actually means you're a Jinx or bad luck.

submitted by Rue Harrell

Japarang Schpadangdang - A derogatory exclamation, commonly used by rednecks/hillbillies/whatever. My brother and I made it up. Anytime we come by some hick-ish white people, we simply whisper "Japarang Schpadangdang"

submitted by Ari.

Jarlicker - Lesbian

submitted by Alicia Rachael

Jawjappin - When a person is talking mad crap behind your back

submitted by Vaginal Infectiooon

Jawn - Anything is a jawn. eg "Hey, pass me that jawn right there"

submitted by sway

JD - A dj that doesnt quite get the audiance they want, like the ones at your wedding. Crap and outrageus

submitted by cozza cha

Je m'en fous! - "I don't give a f**k!!!" Say it with your head held high and fingers flashing

submitted by Ze Mole

Jebhead - Another word for an annoying person e.g. "What a jebhead"

submitted by josh b

Jebtastic - When something is well ace

submitted by josh b

Jeet - "Did you eat?"

submitted by irishmissie

Jeez-Louise! - Said in moments of frustration (as opposed to “jesus christ!”)

submitted by kelli xXx

Jehoysberg - A college

submitted by Heather

Jelbend - Fool; Stupid

submitted by Doraa

Jelly - An extremely sexy person who deserves lots of loving.

submitted by Paul Gonzalez

Jelly Whacker - Someone who masterbates too much

submitted by James

Jenkey - A load of sluts!

submitted by Spug-dig-donk

Jergenwipers - A phrase when you want to call someone and idiot but you're too mad at them to think of just the right word

submitted by ethan johnston

Jesi - Plural of Jesus

submitted by natjesusdude

Jesus Sandals - Flip-flops

submitted by becky

Jesus Sandals - Used for a flip-flops or opened toed sandals. See also Desert Wellies

submitted by anon

Jewed - When you get screwed or ripped off

submitted by tad kilmer

Jeweled - Drunk and high . . .at the same time

submitted by jally

Jewish - Something sucks or something is gay

submitted by jared

Jewish Porkpie - Very Rare

submitted by .:Azzar:.

Jezza - Joint/Weed

submitted by Komo

Jha-da - Means "f*cker" in the Tibetan language

submitted by Mr,Rongong

JibbaJabba - As in "shut yow jibbajabba"

submitted by flid(:

Jibble-Bibbled - The act of hitting someones breasts so that they wobble

submitted by Anon

Jiggle Jenny - A broad with big ol' titties!

submitted by Mac Dre

Jikky Jive - A dance consisting of only the hands and nipples

submitted by Ty

Jim Bob - Have a laugh

submitted by LOpez Gomez

Jimmied - When you leave someone by them self. eg "Oh my god that boy over there is jimmied!" or "Yeah the date was no good so I just jimmied her"

submitted by mazooza

Jimmy - To kiss. eg. "Ewww I just jimmied that wickedly ugly fag"

submitted by anonymous

Jimmy - To force open or break into. eg "Yeah I just Jimmied the door to that car and went for a joy ride"

submitted by Patrick O

Jimmy Riddle - I need a jimmy riddle means i need a wee

submitted by aimee

Jimmy Floyd - To have a wank, as in 'he's havin' a Jimmy Floyd' (from the name Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank)

submitted by Johnny Nocash

Jimmy Hat - A condom for your little Jimmy

submitted by Deluxe

Jimmy Hat - A condom.

submitted by M&M-K

Jimmy-Wally-Plonka - A very idiotic person

submitted by lozzzza

Jinglie - A person from the asian subcontinent, refering to the way they shake their heads as if a small bell was in it, as they speak

submitted by TJ

Jinkies! - O M F G !

submitted by FunaiDewd

Jismatic - On the same lines as orgasmic

submitted by madbird

Jitterbug - When you feel like dancing! e.g. "I want to jitterbug with you"

submitted by chazmeister

Jive Ass Turkey - One bad mother

submitted by funk e steve

Jizzster - To be a part of a gang of chronic masturbaters

submitted by Ty

Joan Ah - "Do you own a...?"

submitted by David

Jobbernowl - Also spelled "jabbernowl", this is a good old Tudor-period word for a foolish, empty-headed person. No one knows for sure what jobber means, but nowl is an old English dialect word for the top of a person’s head.

submitted by Jen

Jobby Jabber - A homosexual male act!

submitted by Kidney Thief

Jock - Gay

submitted by darren

Jock - Like when somone is bugging you, you say "Get off my jock", or "Stop Jocking me Kid."

submitted by Quick

Johanna - Do you wanna?

submitted by Sean and Cathal

Jokeshop - Someone who is a scruff and deserves to be laughed at

submitted by key key

Jola - A person who is so drunk they don't know their name isn't Jola. Used in a phrase "What a jola!" or "Oh no he's turning into a Jola" or "Oh no, I was such a JOLA last night aghh....!"

submitted by Jones

Jolly Rogerin' - To give a sexual pounding to your old lady

submitted by Mitch

Jonny no stars - A McDonalds employee who is rubbish at their job and henceforth have no stars on their badge

submitted by pretty_in_pink :-)

Joo - A person who states the obvious just to say something

submitted by bikerballs

Joshing - Just joking

submitted by SecksMuffin

Joygasm - Like an orgasm but without the sex

submitted by chris

Ju baager - Selfish or arrogant

submitted by keira leonard

Ju ju - Fart

submitted by Ema

Jualaba - When you do a poo, but when you wipe they is no trace that you ever did it. As when you look at the bog roll it is still white. {A Clean Poo}

submitted by нαиα!!!!!! --- вυтт_˘яυѕтιєѕ@нσт

Jubalishis - To be stupid or lazy

submitted by Holly

Jubb nuts - See winnits and dangleberries - the dried lumps of faecees that cling to the hairs around the arse

submitted by core_confusion

Jubbly Wubbs - Large breasts - eg: "Man she's got some great jubbly wubbs"

submitted by Curly Wurly

Judasssss - Used when something is out of control. Ex: if it is really hot'd say "JUDASSSS"

submitted by Lou Ann Meisod

Judianity - The hip name for Judaism

submitted by I-Hate-christmas!

Juekie - Anything nasty that could make someone want to throw up..for example snot dripping down someones face

submitted by JMAC

JuhLopenoes - Cracker version of Jalapenos

submitted by † Pope Ty †™

Juice - Beer

submitted by Caitlin

Juice fags - People who bring juice bags for lunch, then bust them on the ground

submitted by KennyM!

Jujy - A piece of candy.

submitted by Daniel

Juke - Same as the four letter "F" word. i.e. - "Was she trying to juke you last night?"

submitted by easttexas937

Jularious - F**king hilarious

submitted by Sabrina

Jumber Loo - Crazy person

submitted by katie leeeee

Jumbily Whoppers - Rather large boobs

submitted by moi

Jump bones - Have sex

submitted by Turquoise

Jumpabonable - totally screwable

submitted by Stacey

Junk - The whole package...down there.

submitted by Jake-Dogg

Junky (or junky-junky) - A word my brother made up meaning "stupid" or "rubbish". Eg. "He's so junky at football."

submitted by Stargirl

Jussis - (yuh-sis) South African exclamation like "wow".

submitted by cassie

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