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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with W

"What's your bobby?" - "Typical greeting, similar to "Hello", but to which there is no answer"

submitted by Aubrey

-worthy - Deserving of, as in "that was totally lol-worthy," meaning deserving of laughter.

submitted by Keera CULLEN

W.E.F.O - 'What Ever F**k Off ' normally used in instances when extremly annoyed

submitted by OlivaSulkinz

W.I.T.S. - What in the sh*t?

submitted by s.c.

W00t! - Either "Woo hoo!" etc or "wonderful loot!" (the latter definition comes from the MMORPG EverQuest)

submitted by Morc the Orc

Wa/Waa - Usually something you really like, but can also be used with prefixes to alter meaning (eg. hatewa, something you really hate).

submitted by rep. of amanda and jo

Waaa - "its an action, like a one inch punch. you push some using your fist untill they lose balance and stumble. while doing this you shout "Waaa"

submitted by Tall Guy

Waaaaaaaa - Term used when refering to wanking around women i.e. ''you know what mate i need a waaaaaa''

submitted by My fathers wifes second child

Wabawaba!! - When someone does something and you don't want them to do it.

submitted by Chris Welch

Wacadoodledoo - A dumb person who thinks he's all that when they're really not all that

submitted by kate

wackdest - The most wacked, crazy

submitted by jimmy zombie

Wacked with a wongo - You suprised me, 'You wacked me with a wongo'

submitted by master of pie!!!

Wadge - The male reproductive organ eg. 'to get ones wadge out'

submitted by Dik

Wadge - Female sexual parts

submitted by derekfv

Waffle Crapper - A girl that is so hot that she could crap on your waffles everymorning and you would still want more

submitted by travis m.

Waft - An elegant silent fart. also known as a sneaky.

submitted by Heinz Meister-Jäger Meister

Wahhhhh! - Used to take the piss out of chavs

submitted by berg

Wailord - (Whale-Lord) A fat ass

submitted by The Funky Dollar Bills

Wakadoodle - A crazy human and/or object!

submitted by Flooge Glooge

Wake-Me-Up-Sludge - Drug free coffee with about 5 table spoons of horrible instant with 10 tablespoons of sugar or more mixed with enough hot water water (not boiled) and milk in to sludge and sculled (drunk quickly) when you need to wake you for work or uni

submitted by anonymous

Walking Taco - Prostitute

submitted by billie

Walkulator - One of those flat escalators you get at airports between gates

submitted by Rhiannon

Walla-walla - The unintelligent sound of a bunch of people talking at once

submitted by MOH!

Wallet - A girl who over uses a sunbed to the point where she is brown and leathery and reminds everyone of a wallet

submitted by Boulton

Wally - The guys at work will say this if a hot chick is nearby. One says "Wally", the other says "Where's the beav?"

submitted by Matt

Walrus Lips - Same thing as a camel toe

submitted by kaka

Walter - someone who is clinging on you (e.g. "Stop being Walter")

submitted by linzy

WAMMO - What you say if someone hurts themself

submitted by anonymous

Wamps - Sucks

submitted by ashley

Wang - To throw or place something with a certain degree of force - ie "wang it out!" or "wang it over here"

submitted by xxJESSxx

Wang - The male sex organ

submitted by Door To December

Wanger - Smelly Private Parts

submitted by Jack Logan

Wangle dangle - Hanging penis

submitted by Juggs

Wank(1)/Wanker - Wank - to engage in hand-to-gland combat. Wanker - a person who wanks frequently,or just someone you cannot stand to be around. Ever.

submitted by Kazer91

Wank(2) - "something bad, crappy "that's wank!". Also used as "pile of wank", "pile of old wank", depending on just how bad the situation is."

submitted by Alison

Wank Seance - The eerie feeling that you're being watched by a dead relative while you whack off!!

submitted by roy-boy

Wank Stain - Someone who is of very low inportance and/or completely insignificant

submitted by Philamena

Wank-lag - The time difference between masturbating and experiencing temporary blindness

submitted by Michael Dennis

Wankapated - Stuffed up e.g. "That's wankapated"

submitted by nemanja

Wankers Tosh - The line of hair that travels from the belly button, down to the pubic region.

submitted by Paul

Wankster - A wanna be Gangster, one of those losers who always wears gangster clothes, and looks preepy at the some time. Also someone who whacks off way to much, because they cant get a girlfriend.

submitted by Super Cool

Wanus - Another (actual) word for the pinky finger.

submitted by KPPTTN

Waps - Normal sized or slightly bigger breats

submitted by Juggs

Warped - Something so bad that even sucks doesnt describe it

submitted by BRAD

Washea - Get the f**k away from me!

submitted by ANGLES-ON-FIRE

Waspoid - A rich stoner...version of wastoid (Thank you Gossip Girl!!!)

submitted by Felicia and Natalie!

Wasted - Drunk

submitted by Fairykez

Watch mi homies in da crib gettin' down wid dey bad selves - God knows what it means, but only cuz he's omnipotent. Or whatever, word it is that means someone knows everything. Like it actually matters.

submitted by Gosoefrag

Wawaskeesh - An american elk

submitted by chickenlover3000:)

Waz - A better way of saying "piss". e.g: "I'm just going for a waz"

submitted by Courtney Goy

Wazzemed - Stoned out your head

submitted by dave

Wazzock - If said with sufficient feeling, a way of calling someone a prat/pillock/d**khead without it actually sounding rude or offensive.

submitted by Big Yin

Wazzumed - Either drunk or stoned

Weapon - A person who is an absolute idiot and thick as a plank

submitted by scott dennis

Wedding Tackle - The male reproductive organs

submitted by ssajr

Wee-d-g-i-e - A fun way of saying wedgie

submitted by BB

Weebie - When your girlfriend/boyfriend or dogs & others are really really so cute and loveable you just can't get enough!!! Like you just want to hug and squeeze them forever and ever

submitted by Lauren Ashley

Weejees - Little mosquitos found in Ireland

submitted by Frondo Bagger

Weenis - A Very Small nearly Non Existent Penis

submitted by 4lyf

Weenis - The elbow

submitted by Blakeiss

Weenus - The extra skin at the end of your elbow (real word)

submitted by Joe W.

Weepy - Another word for sad; "That's weepy" :(

submitted by anonymous

Weet - Sweet - s = weet

submitted by imsorry

Wegro - Like wigger Except its a white negro

submitted by A-N-Tizzle

Wehyoo! - Other word for oh my god!!

submitted by anonymous

Weiner Patrol - This means a group of gay geeks (it also had alternate meanings that i'm unable to display).

submitted by Stick head

Weiner Wizard - Homosexual

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Weinis - (pronounced "Wee-Niss") Another way of calling someone a cock muncher

submitted by richard the albino

Weirdy Weirdy Custard - Strange and unusual

submitted by craftylou

Welk - Fat sticky pimple

submitted by wizzy

Well, slap me thrice and hand me to me mama! - Said when one is completely suprised by the turn of events. From "Pirates of the Carribean; At World's End"

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Well... THIS star farted. - Phrase usually said at parties/bars when most of the people are passed out or the excitement has ended.

submitted by Agent 348429

Welly-foiner - If you play a trick on someone, and they're so stupid they don't get the fact that you just played a trick on them, they're a welly foiner.

submitted by annie

Wench - A B-grade insult that is commonly followed by the phrase 'Dam Dirty' and is more commonly aimed at the older generation

submitted by Hairy Brute

Wendy - A Mole

submitted by jodie

Wendy - A polite way way of saying minge, pussy or fanny (used in england only I think)

submitted by Masta Rasta**

Wenis - The skin on your elbow

submitted by lauren

Wet Wet - Sex

submitted by Em

Wevorsit - Undo something/reverse it

submitted by Noff

Whack - A black person who thinks they are white

submitted by Smootchy

Whack-a-gnome - To vigorously spank a midget

submitted by elliot sudgen

Whale - Someone who is 'larger than life'

submitted by Aaron

Whaler - A girl/guy who goes after heavier people because they think they are easier to hook up with

submitted by Doug

Whaloada Tripe - Closely translated as "What a load of crap"

submitted by golden wonder

Whammy! - What you say when you see something hilarious happen! Good or bad!

submitted by brando26!

What duck? - Said to indicate someone's total lack of intelligence or alertness. Generally used behind their back. Comes from an inside joke; don't ask..

submitted by Kurasu

What tha????? - As in "What the f*ck????" Aussie Rove started this and it's still funny

submitted by seriously bubbly

What the Boofoo? - What the hell?

submitted by James

What the dump? - Another way of saying what; just with out all the bad words.

submitted by Cassidy and Kala♥

What the... - It's something you say when you're confused

submitted by shinzzle

Whatever McDonalds Worker! - If you think someone is really stupid and the only place they could get a job would be macdonalds. (Also if you want you can make a W then a M then another W with your fingers.)

submitted by Kate George

Whatever Tweeks Your Cookie - Whatever floats your boat, or whatever makes you happy

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Whats going down in china town cinderella? - What you up to tonight, luv?


Whatsimacalled - What you call something/one if you forget the name

submitted by Rhian_demon

Whawho - A right idiot

submitted by claire

Wheelie Bint - A girl so ugly she's only taken out once a week. In the dark. By dustmen.

submitted by Ben

Whexican - A white Mexican

submitted by elisa-faith

Whindians - An Indian who claims he's not one cuz he's white

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Whisker biscuit - Redneck term for camel toe

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Whisker Biscuit - A girl's cooch

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Whitey - When you are gonna puke everywhere when you are totally mashed! e.g “I am soooo gonna whitey!”

submitted by Lush and very single Lucy

Who Shot Jahn - Not looking up to par, looking bad

submitted by Whire

WHODAWHATTA? - What are you saying?

submitted by Nicole!

Whoha - Female's special place (vagina)

submitted by ADDME

Whom-paya - Dumb ass

submitted by face

Whomp - "It has absolutly no meaning - it can be used for anything, ex. Your a whomper, that whomps, or what the whomper!"

submitted by Asmita16

Whomstead - Another name for home e.g "going whomstead" (going home)

submitted by inight

Whoowhop - Stupid

submitted by Lady Cass

Whossa - It's a way of saying O.M.G or to just calm down

submitted by kybear91

Whrun - To talk fast when speaking

submitted by Rosha

Whytie - A white joke thats funny only to white people.

submitted by Truth Hurts

Wibblewibblebumbum - Inserted between serious words for light-hearted humor, especially useful when being arrested

submitted by hal69

Wicky wicky - Wicked

submitted by fuddage

Widget - Call someone this when they have a big nose

submitted by Bossche

Wigga - Like a Wigger but they speak ghetto aswell

submitted by onewhiteblackasss

Wigger - A white boy that dresses all ghetto and acts like he is from the hood

submitted by chris dostie

Wigger G - Like Nigger G But For a White Boy

submitted by Jackie

Wiggidy Wack - When something goes beyond the threshold of merely wack, it becomes wiggidy wack

submitted by anonymous

Wigwee - Greetings

submitted by Ali G

Wikipedia-it - Everyone says to always Google everything, but since I support wikipedia then, wikipedia-it!

submitted by Ash!

Wilbur/Norma - When you are in class and some smart shit makes an intelligent comment or answers a question in a way that pisses you off coz its too damn clever, the rest of the class should mutter under their breath, loud enough for all to hear, “wilburrrrr”/”Normaaaa”

submitted by Stuart

Wildebeest - Refers to a morbidly obese girl or a female of exceptional ugliness

submitted by Eat a Potato

Will-knots - Knotted remnants of fecal matter that will not come out of tangled butt hair

submitted by RMD

Willy of the Jungle - Really hairy dick

submitted by steppie and shellie

Willy Wonkas - When a girls tits are mishapen and one is bigger than the other. ie "Look at those willy wonkas"

submitted by Tyler Zombie fyd Mccain

Willy-nilly - To do an action half-arsed or without any enthusiasm

submitted by meza

Wilma - A really ugly girl is a Wilma, see also Fred and Betty

submitted by hotmark89

Wind yer neck in - Wise up

submitted by Chaz

Window Licker - The kids on the "short bus". "Dude, check out all the window lickers on that bus"

submitted by S.Toner

Window Licker - A retard, something you would call your friends

submitted by riley is the shizzzz:) much love♥

Wingman - Your buddy who takes care of the fat ugly girl so you can bang her friend

submitted by DJ Maximus

Winker - A wanker who is too young to wank ...

submitted by Winker P :)

Winkle - Male sex organ

submitted by ADDME

winnet - a.k.a "Sharockapod", used as an offensive word e.g "roy you winnet"

submitted by hoss

Winnet - Crusty leftovers after you have had a nice pooh.

submitted by Budmonkey

Winnie - "That girl" True west coast of ireland slang

submitted by roisin (robbed from corinne)

Winnit - Little poo balls on the hairs of your arse

submitted by boothy

Wishwashca - Relax and dont care about anything or anything close to that

submitted by tia

Wisker-Bisket - A woman's shaved privates with a "5 O'clock Shadow"

submitted by The Dawg-Father

Wizard Hat - Another word for condom.

submitted by Daniel Laura Erica

Wizard Sleeve - A vaginal canal large enough to consume your whole arm,

submitted by Knights of Bifkin!

Wizwoz - Sexual Intercourse

submitted by wayne king

Woggledosh - Spending a woggle of money

submitted by anieeee

Woggler - A mad person who likes to party!

submitted by Hannah n Keisha!

Wogwon - "What's going on?"

submitted by chelsamine

Wojamabober - Anthing at all

Wolf - Everything bad about one person put together. For example. Bitch, try hard, loser, wigga, follower etc. HAHA go us! such a totally awesome word! That way noone knows what your talking about!

submitted by mon + marz

Womanzz - Used at the end of a sentence, when you're a gangster! e.g "how r u womanzz??"

submitted by chazz

Wonderfuk - A better word for wonderful. This was an accidental word that happened when my friend made a typo on AIM.

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Wonderful Personality - Damn Ugly!

submitted by ken

Wong Dong - Chinese penis

submitted by Juggs

Wonky - Weird, strange, crazy

submitted by Karen

Wonky - adj./ v. being or acting stupid/weird

submitted by anonymous

Wooferd - A retarted kid. (Short buses in my town are made by a company called 'wooferd')

submitted by anonymous

Woohoo - To have sex

submitted by challenger

Woot - An exclamation of overjoy

submitted by Pete

Wop - You or a part of you is REALLY disgusting. Example: "You are such a wop!"

submitted by anonymous

Wop-dog - Name for a ugly person. eg "eughh you are wop-dog"

submitted by stephaniee x

Worm Burner - Used in the game of football. to shoot at goal where the ball doesn't not leave the ground. See also 'Bob Marley'

submitted by northern

Wrangler - The bulge you get in your jeans when you sit down and are wearing wranglers and makes you look like you have a hard-on. i.e. "Robert has a wrangler in his jeans."

submitted by trickstar66

Wrinkler Sprinkler - Someone who has the squirts really badly

submitted by tuff stuff

Wrongen - Used to describe someone who's just not right

submitted by Moose

WTF - What tha F**K, what to say when you don't understand something or when you ask a question and everyone just kinda looks at you.

submitted by Ryano

WTF - What The Fiddle-sticks

submitted by Hirgon

Wumbuh - Warm butt

submitted by nonyobeezness

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