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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Newest Words

Frapped-Out - To be pushed or used to your limits I.e. “look how frapped-out Wendy’s looking!”

submitted by Stephanie

Zazzy - Flashy/shiny

submitted by BTSxArmy

Sliption - When your coaster falls off the bottom of your glass as you go to take a drink from it.

submitted by Warren (aka-Falcon)

Smaction - The noise made when the coaster that stuck to the bottom of your glass when you lifted it to drink it sliptions and hits a hard surface like a table.

submitted by Warren - aka Falcon

Stuction - When your coaster sticks to the bottom of your glass when you lift it to take a drink.

submitted by Warren King (aka- Falcon)

Ambalam - An ambulance

submitted by Ayesha

Joinked - High/crazy

submitted by Angel

Numb Nuts - Someone that makes no sense

submitted by Nanna

Dinkelfoper - Something to call your friends when they aren’t using their brain

submitted by Paul Docks

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - A weird lung disease caused by inhaling dust and/or ash particles, specifically silicon particles from a volcano

submitted by y u need to know my name, STALKER?!?

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