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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with C

C-Doi - C stands for Colby/Child - he likes younger girls. Used jokingly towards younger girls.

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

C.C - Council Class

submitted by Wiggy

C.H.A.V. - Counsil House And Violence

submitted by Masta Rasta**

C.H.E.V.R.O.L.E.T. - Cocks Have Erections, Vaginas Rip Open , Limpdicks Eat Turd

submitted by Kaetnunonpylmqawckp

C.O.H.F - Cum On Her Face: For example, when your walkin with your friends and u see a hot girl, point to her and say "i'd COHF" and pronounce it just like cough

submitted by j-mac

C.R.A.F.T. - Can't remember a f**king thing

submitted by Unknown

C.S.D - Compulsive Singing Disorder. Sadly I am infected. Well, what can you do if you can't stop singing??

submitted by Goosefrag

C.S.I - Cute, Single, Intelligent, Really a rear bread these days

submitted by x_claire_x

C.T.G.F. - Came-to-get-funky

submitted by MntalMndedMstry

Cabbage - You say it in stead of "tut" or sigh "oh well"...after a while its hard to stop saying it to be fair....

submitted by anonymous

Cabbaged - [Zonked] Really tired or hungover [mostly after sex]

submitted by Claire Amy Laura Dean [Mackam Fags]

Caca - Poop, dirty, nasty

submitted by HAHAHAHHAHAA

Cack-handed - Awkward

submitted by Rhian_Demon

Cack-neck - A random word to describe someone who looks like they're trying to lick their own shoulder all the time. Or an extremely hated person

submitted by ?????

Cacker-mush - Westcountry (wiltshire) mildly offensive term, as in "what are you looking at, cacker-mush?"

submitted by core_confusion

Cactus - A girl that is so ugly it pricks at your eyeballs when you look at her.

submitted by Ray

Cadbury's Girl - Girl who gets drunk on a glass and a half

submitted by jenne

Cahonnes - To have guts/balls

submitted by Duffman Oh YEAHHHHH

Cajunkajunk - A man's fun parts

submitted by me

Cake - When someone exhibits an overtly faux homosexual or corny attitude

submitted by Mistress Doomslice

Cake Taker - Australian slang for one who takes advantage. A basic insult

submitted by anon

Cakeing - To flirt with somebody

submitted by Your flows ass

Caking - Laughing a lot

submitted by MBD

Calapidgion - Having shapely buttocks

submitted by lenny

California License Plate - A tattoo located on the lower back, above the butt

submitted by Rex

Callipygous - "Also callipygian--"having beautiful buttocks"."

submitted by ElectricDark

Cambria - A made up disease for when someone starts acting up for attention eg. "she's got a bad case of cambria.."

submitted by Camsillia

Camel - Perfect figure but still ugly (came from a joke about how god made camels)

submitted by dya

Camel Toe - When a girl has tights clothes on

submitted by shannon

Camel Blanket - Another term for a bra

submitted by lala

Camel-Toe - When (normally a girls) underwear (trowsers may also be) sucked up inbetween her special place (vagina)

submitted by ADDME

Camofart - The art of disguising or completely hiding audible flatulence with a well-timed cough.

submitted by Gordo

Camwegeltoe - Camel-toe weggie combination on a person with really tight pants

submitted by nelly

Can't wanna shouldn't have ta - Rule breaker

submitted by whitney & geneva

Cankles - When you are so fat your calves and ankles are the same size.

submitted by Lance

Cannon - A large joint

submitted by ssajr

Canoe Butt - When a woman sits on flat hard surface and her butt cheeks flatten out so much it looks like they'll cut through the sides of her pants.

submitted by Anonymous

Canucklehead - A total Canadian person. Sounds like it should be an insult, but it turns out, anything to do with Canada is pretty cool.

submitted by Jonesinorth

Caositoss - Something that is incredibly amazing and makes you want to rip all your clothes off and scream

submitted by jesus

Capital - Very cool indeed

submitted by Rach numi

Capital - Very cool

submitted by Aliyah

Capsi - Short for capsicumuma, which means something is really good

submitted by onion man

Captain Crust - Someone who is crusty, normally in the personal areas

submitted by Phil

Carpooling - Leisure time

submitted by Milogirl

Carraffufee - A mix of caramel, toffee and fudge (tis nice)

submitted by lor

Case of the Skittles - Lesbian. Ex. "I'm watching a case of the skittles" or "I am a case of the skittles"

submitted by rebbekca miles

Castaway - Someone who is not paying attention/Someone who is acting really distant lately.

submitted by living is easy with eyes closed 4 8 15 16 23 42

Catfish - Used for a girl thats average, for example "Man, she a catfish, theres plenty of other fish in the sea!!"

submitted by Mika

Catywampas - When you fall down and hit your head, and when you get up, every thing is catywampas

submitted by Donkey

CBA ATM TBH - Can't be arsed at the moment to be honest - abbreviations to the max!

submitted by key key

Censor Squid - The mumbling Sound one makes when trying not to say something inappropritate, usually accompanied by a Hand o'er the Mouth (make sure it twitches!) and mumbling Sounds, as if muffled by a Squid.

submitted by EnigmaSigma

Chafe - When u walk or cycle too much and ure groin gets a nappy rash and its sore.

submitted by The man - the legend

Chapflaps - When a girl is acting very bitchy you say "someone has chap flaps!"

submitted by skeezafacerich

Charlie - A heroin addict/Cute guy who is adorable, but like a litle brother, or weird best friend who has been in love with you since you met/Funny British person/One-hit-wonder/Person who's name you can't remember (ie "He's a total Charlie. He got high last night!" "He's cute, but kind of a Charlie..." "He's a Charlie." "")

submitted by Sugar Junkie 4 8 15 16 23 42

Charv - (Charva) Teens from newcastle! Get pissed, wear a berg, rocky p's and gold!

submitted by me

Charva - Townie, Pleb etc

submitted by jamie lee , 15

Chat - A polite way of saying something is sh*t. eg. "That is sooooo chat!!"

submitted by kc

Chat - Dirty, seedy, disgusting

submitted by stef

Chav - Townie, Pleb etc.

submitted by Dave durrant boi

Chavelry - The jewlery of a chav

submitted by Dan

Chavmo - Someone who can't quite decide if they are a chav or an emo! Make up your f**king minds!!!

submitted by very bored

Chavtastic - Someone who is an ultimate chav

submitted by Dan

Chazo - Taking a huge sh*t into a small item: Tissue, Coke can, etc.

submitted by Johnny

Che Fan Le Mei Yo? - [Chay-Fan-Ler-May-You] Chinese for "have you taken your rice?/have you eaten yet?" Fun thing to call people, because they think it's an insult :]

submitted by Keera CULLEN

Cheatermentarianism - One who is addicted to cheating

submitted by Guest

Chebs - Breasts (usually female)

submitted by Devvo

Check up from the neck up - Meaning you need your head checked :P

submitted by Jo

Cheddar Gorge - A lady's front bum

submitted by Danny the Fanny

Cheeby - Idiotic girl. It's japanese

submitted by CHARIS J

Cheeew Wooopp - A means of saying hello (out your car window to a hot young lady)

submitted by Isaac McSnackleDorf

Cheek the seat - Share a chair with someone

submitted by Dayne

Cheese - Something naff said by someone who think they are being cool. Can also be something tacky, like the crap you get in Christmas Crackers

submitted by sprogg daddy

Cheese - For use in any conversation that has slowed to a point where it is becoming boring or something difficult to reply to pops up...'I luv u'....Cheese

submitted by Mr Bailey

Cheese It - To exit an area post haste

submitted by El Stumpo Earthworm Jeem

Cheese Grater - When teeth are used in a blowjob

submitted by zach

Cheese Smackme - Old, hard, grilled cheese sandwich

submitted by Frog

Cheeser - A guy/girl whose kisses are really nasty tasting... kind of like cheese

submitted by Your Best Friend

Cheesus! - Cheese + Jesus. Useful when religiously-challenged people are listening

submitted by Chery Poppins

Cheesy Basset - Where you put a boiled sweet in your foreskin and then take it out and eat it

submitted by Ed Gauntlett

Cheesy Grundle Hair - Residue on the hair between your asshole and your balls

submitted by salmon kenny

Cheetle - The orange stuff on your hands after you eat cheetos

submitted by maggs

Cheezing - "When someone smiles at you a lot. "Why you always cheezing?"

submitted by YO-YO

Chester-drawers - Chest-of-drawers

submitted by me

Chesticles - Tits, kahoonahs, top bollox, thruppeny bits

submitted by Sir Slip Digby

Chesticles - Saggy boobs that are wrinkly. Half chest and half testicles

submitted by Boulton

Chesticles - Breasts

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Chevvy - Pretty damn good/coolio/awesome

submitted by RHIANNE:)

Chew - When you really would like to bone a girl you really would like to "Chew" on herr

submitted by Beau from warrington

Chewby - "Its a cross between "cheerio" and "goodbye"

submitted by alex!

Chexican - A Chinese Mexican

submitted by Caleb

Chexican - Chinese-Mexican

submitted by (C)(A)(M)

Chez Long - When someone annoys you. e.g "Omg she's being such a chez long!"

submitted by chazz

Chezz - good freind

submitted by sarah & becky

Chi chi - A womans breasts

Chi Chi - A cute girl

submitted by Kaylia

ChiChi's - Breasts

submitted by Anonomous

Chicimono - (pronounciation: cheeky-mono) A word you can use for anything, when you either don't know what you're talking about or you are too lazy to actually say the whole word (ex. "hey, could you hand me that chicimono(book) over there?", or "whats that chicimono that you sweep the floor with?"). It is also shortened to such things as chic(pron. cheek), mono, icimono (pron. eeky-mono) chic-chic, chicilic (cheek-a-leek) monochic, chicalino, and any form of the word chicimono

submitted by the chicmonster

Chicken Head - A girl who's not doing anything with her life or trying to

submitted by dreabia

Chicken Chasing Feet - Big ol' feet

submitted by Applex

Chicken Fajita - Holy moly!!! (suprised) ie "OMG CHICKEN FAJITA!!!!!!!!!!"

submitted by old greggggg

Chicken Head - A very fellatious woman

submitted by Rabbit

Chicken Nugget - Cheap white meat (slag, sleeparound, tart etc)

submitted by big cock fat bum

Chickenleg - A name I call my business studies teacher. Basically a name for a *nob ed

submitted by lauren-may and andrew baby

Chief - To smoke Marjuana

submitted by DT

Chigga - A chinese nigga

submitted by anonymous

Chigger - A Chinese Nigger (Chinese Person Who Wants To Be Black)

submitted by Shaker-Maker

Chilaniz - Chill your nips

submitted by william

Chillax - When you are relaxing or chilling whilst doing something e.g. Eating whilst camped out in front of the television

submitted by Robeanio' of the Shire

Chillax - Chill and relax

submitted by Liv

Chillaxed - An ultra relaxed state in which nothing matters

submitted by UnclePatty

Chillibomb Head - A really irritating person who is really hotheadish

submitted by maybe_its_nothing

Chillihound - Someone who relentlesly orders the hottest dish on the menu in an attempt at masculinity and then produces an incredible display of vomit and poo

submitted by Martez

Chilly Willy - When you can't pee you have a Chilli Willy

submitted by chris

Chimichanga - A burrito

submitted by Madam Obvious

Chimoe - It can mean love, hi, or bye!!

submitted by Caitlin=]]

Chimpstiffy - This is what a monkey gets when it is pleasured by a woman.

submitted by Chad Geier

China White - An average white person who has the facial features of a chinese person

submitted by Boulton

Chinese Fire Drill - When stopped at a red light, multiple occupants of vehicle open doors simultaneously and run around car at least twice, changing directions and such until all occupants have switched places and simultaneously re-closed doors.

submitted by Ping Chow Ping

Chinese Red Eye - Mooning someone then spreading your ass cheeks

submitted by the A-TRAIN

Chingus - An item you dont know the name to, like "thingymajig"

submitted by Smel Gibson

Chinpak - Half Chinese/Half Pakistani

submitted by Max

Chipmoo - An offensive term for a bitchy, argumentitve female. Or gay male.(halfway between a cow and a cookie.)

submitted by Momiji =)

Chiselmonkey - somebody who INSISTS on annoying the hell out of you

submitted by Agent 348429

Chita - (add spanish accent) Dumb mother f**ker

submitted by rawker

Choad - Very Short Stubby Penis

submitted by Furbone

Choadsy - Someone who is short and fat

submitted by manda

Chocolate Chimney Sweep - Someone that sweeps a man's chocolate chimney! (bummer)

submitted by Adam .A

Chocolate Potatoes - Poop

submitted by mary

Chocolate Sheriff Badge - Anus (see also chocolate starfish)

submitted by anon

Chocolate Starfish - Anus (see also chocolate sheriff badge)

submitted by anon

Chocolate Wasted - Hankering for chocolate ice cream

submitted by Silly Daniel

Chocolate Well - Old fashion word for toilet

submitted by emily

Choda - Chubby penis

submitted by ballin

Choda - Space between your ass and nut sack

submitted by Yellow snow

Chode - Space between balls and ass; also something to call someone when they annoy you

submitted by LOUIE

Chode - A penis that is wider than it is long

submitted by Fairview HS

Chode - The area between the penis in the anus.

submitted by Some guys in Oklahoma

Chode - An extremely fat person

submitted by anonymous

Chode - A penis that is fatter than it is longer

submitted by will

Chode - Someone with a small, fat penis

submitted by Dominic

Choice - Awesome/cool eg: "That was totally choice brew"

submitted by B*tchPlez

Chokin' the Chicken - When someone is singing extremely badly

submitted by en

Chonged - To get stoned i.e "I'm gunna get chonged tonight"

submitted by Lucy <3

Chooch - A womans no-no area

submitted by Rymc

Choom - Chew me

submitted by MBD

Choonage - Rather excellent song

submitted by amy claire and laura (slags united!)

Choppin' - Yet another word that is used so out of context that it holds no meaning. It may be thrown into every sentence, just for effect. eg "Dude, that's choppin'" means "Dude that's whack, or gay for that matter"

submitted by Steph and Georgia ROCK!!

Choppy Chap - An ugly old woman with excessive hair

submitted by beak

Chork - "Its a mix of chicken and pork, its an insult to a person who is always scared and eats alot. This word can also be used in such phrases as "That was so gross i'm suprised i didn't chork it up!" or "Look at that F***ken chork!"

submitted by Cassie

Chubby chaser - You like fat girls

submitted by nigger

Chubby Chaser - Someone who's attracted to fat chicks

submitted by rory

Chubby Lovin' - When 2 obese people have sex

submitted by Claire Amy Dean [Mackam Fags]

Chud - A short fat penis.

submitted by Chudmeister

Chuff - Yorkshire word. To take it up the ass

submitted by mushypeasuk

Chuffer - Vagina

submitted by billy-elliot

Chugly - Cute but ugly

submitted by cindy

Chumpfart - A real loser

submitted by Ben Dover

Chunder - Aussie version of throwing up

submitted by Skippy

Chunder - Vomit

submitted by rOB

Chunder - Throwing up after drinking too much

submitted by Lilyy

Chung - Extremely sexy

submitted by chloe

Chunky dunk - To have sex with a fat person. i.e. "He likes to chunky dunk"

submitted by pervert

Chunky dunk - To have sex with a fat person ie "he likes to chunky dunk"

submitted by the man

Chussy - A chubby pussy. eg 'Mike did she have a Chussy?'

submitted by The Elite

Chutiya - One who doesn't get something in his mind easily

submitted by Monis 'Mendax' Ahmad

Chutney Cannon - What your face becomes after a long evening of Indian cuisine & Kamikazis

submitted by Ralph O'Rourke

Chutney Ferret - A male homosexual

submitted by Graham Norton

Ciara - Cock in a round ass

submitted by Richard M

Cider Visor - Beer Goggles for the young drinker.

Cider Visor - See: Beer Goggles

submitted by anonymous

Clam Jack - The comparative term to the male "cock block." It means to effectively stop a female companion from getting laid.

submitted by citropia

Clam Jousting - The act of lesbian sex

submitted by Jo Bob

Clappard - A clapping retard. ie When someone claps 30 minutes after a show has ended

submitted by Temoire

Clawset - Hiding out

submitted by staceyforpain

Claxon - Way of saying you are stupid

submitted by Lloyd Norval

Clem - Backwards ass mo fo

submitted by Matt

Cleveland Steamer - Dumping on the girls chest before f**king her (not a BJ while on the crapper like posted)

submitted by Ken

Clevland Steamer - Getting a blow job while taking a dump

submitted by Jake-Dogg

Clicker - Remote control

submitted by Laura

Clickity - Another Name for Remote Control

submitted by Mari

Cling Cling - Ice Cream

submitted by ines

Clingon - A dry bit of turd that clings to your bumweed (also spelt with a 'k')

submitted by Benny J, London

Clitnit - A crab infested woman

submitted by hairy cheese

Clock Springs - Pubic Hair

submitted by sacred

Clod hoppers - Big funky shoes

submitted by Smel Gibson

Clopper face - To hit your face on the ground

submitted by ME

Cloud-Sniffer - A person that's really tall (opposite from ankle biter)

submitted by lu-lu

Cloudnine - Hyper, high-acting, pyscho

submitted by Rosha

Clown-shoe - When someone has a ratarded moment

submitted by JOE L.

Cloyster - A vagina that you can compare to a clam/oyster, or just an unplasant vagina.

submitted by Kaytlyn

Club Duvet - Going to bed

submitted by fuf

Clumatic - A really dramatic, clumsy person

submitted by Keysa

Clunge - Word to describe hot chick i.e. "Check out the clunge over there"

submitted by ^him^

Clusterfuck - An event that takes place that is so unorganized that it is described as a "Clusterfuck"

submitted by Bigmike

Co-op Lot - The group of delinquents that hang around outside your local co-op at night drinking cheap cider and smoking mayfair until the early hours

submitted by Mike

Cobber - A friend or mate

submitted by Sherry

Cobbly-jonka - Answer to "Aye-yup", no real meaning but it's fun to say

submitted by JoshMars

Coblamasian! - Caucasian-Black- American-Asian

submitted by Keydoooo!!!

Cock block - Someone or something that prevents you from getting laid

submitted by louis man

Cock Block - Someone who is stopping their buddy from getting some ass

submitted by arian nassiri

Cock Dock - Vagina

submitted by asherlaaa

Cock sock - A Condom

submitted by cozza cha

Cock Watcha - A straight guy that watches porn and concentrates on the cock more than anything else

submitted by meza

Cock-Knocker - When one plays with ones own male organ

submitted by Tosser

Cockalumiaus - Your face is very very ugly

submitted by Andrew Brackin

Cocknodding - When somone has a boner and they tense the muscles in it and it moves up and down

submitted by cozza cha

Cockologist - One who majored in the study of cocks.

submitted by USSJAnge

Cockology - The study of cocks.

submitted by USSJAnge

Cocktoepussy - An octopus conjured primarily of penis, vagina, and toes

submitted by Ryzor

Cocky-bojangle - One who is egotistical about their special device

submitted by Guest

Cocky-Dick - A conceited person..

submitted by Cocky-Doo

Cocoachoka - To be choking while eating cocoa or some form of chocolate

submitted by Anonomous

Coddleflop - The stage where your penis becomes unerect during sex because you're making love to a fat heffa.

submitted by Jism

Coinkidenky - How coincidence should be said - pronounced co-inki-denky

submitted by Dinsdale

Col - Another word for Lol. It mean Cackle out Loud

submitted by Cassidy

Collonial Invasion - To describe someone who has taken it up the "dirt track"

submitted by My name is Adam, why?

Comf-a-ford-table - Not the best but it's all you can afford, such as the crap chair you found by the road one night.

submitted by Jackie

Comface - To be of comedy value.

submitted by Chris the wannabe Jesus.

Common Jester - A comedian or jester of the common variety

submitted by Chaz_cfc_1

Commy Nutjob - An insult, e.g. "You commy nutjob". To used when all other good insults fail to come to mind and/or the individual is an actual commy nutjob

submitted by Dynamite Heady

Comsplastique - When something is confusing

submitted by Heretical Scribe

Concrapulate - As in "i need a poop" - "i need to concrapulate"

submitted by trevor and magoo

Concrapulation - To concrapulate ie whenst in need of a shit

submitted by stegal and rich

Concrapulation Station - A toilet, dunny, shithouse, portaloo etc

submitted by stegal and rich

Conevious - Coniving and devious at the same time.

submitted by xxxxxxxxxxxx :)

Confoozling - "Its a mix of my two previous used words which were "confoosing" and "confuzzling". Its my hyper way of saying i'm confused."

submitted by Cassie

Confuddled - Confused

submitted by oobie doobie

Confumbled - Confused

submitted by McDee

Confunkled - When your pants/boxers gets all messed up inside your trousers

submitted by von

Confuse-a-ma-tate - I am confused a lot by you

submitted by abby

Confuziated - Confused

submitted by leila

Confuzzleated - Bewildered

submitted by country roads homie

Conglomerated - Like when you don't know what to do anymore, and everything's just in a big old mess...its conglomerated

submitted by Molly

Conikey - When pikeys con you

submitted by DODDY

Conkey - A git

submitted by kirsten luvin jake

Conniemono - A weird kid

submitted by fasdsafd

Constipated Weiner Dog - Call someone this when they look messed up, or just when you want to confuse someone

submitted by Emily

Coobul - Best friend. eg "You're my coobul"

submitted by kathleen

Coochie Sushi - Very squishy and liquidy discharge.

submitted by Cassie, Hannah, And Bella.

Coockoomongoseeka - Crazier than can be explained

submitted by daisy

Cookie Cutter - Someone who has no individual personality or style, usually an upper class yuppie

submitted by anonymous

Cookie Monster - When a woman's nipples point in different directions - like Cookie Monster's eyes

submitted by ssajr

Cool Beans - When something goes exactly the way you want it to you say "Cool beans!"

submitted by Loren Maguire

Cool Story, Bro - A sarcastic phrase expressing no interest in what the other person is saying

submitted by Bro

Coot! - Holy sh*t! or Goddamn!

submitted by Nattyboy420

Cooter Cleavage - Camel toe

submitted by Nicole Crocker

Copulatorium - The Bedroom

submitted by ssajr

Corcoed - "Dropping unconscious and having your "mates" cover you with make-up"

submitted by dave

Corked - Had an ice cream brain freeze

submitted by anon

Cornhole - An asshole

submitted by lin

Cornobbled - Hit with a fish

submitted by kate

Cotch down - Hang out, chill or sleep

submitted by chloe

Cougar - Woman who looks good from behind but scares you after turning around

submitted by Doug

Cougar - A good looking older women that can be found around some pubs

submitted by Ben Dover

Coughbot - Its just a name we made up

submitted by Spog and Speedo

Counsilscraper - Multi-story council housing unit

submitted by dogmadic

Counter-inturdgency - The act of proving the innocence of the inturdgent's victim and naming the actual perpetrator by either the victim himself or someone who knows of the original inturdgency.

submitted by Gordo

Country gal - Girl with blonde hair...big boootie...big boobs and bad-ass teeth (horribly dismantled teeth)

submitted by old gregggggggggggg

Coupons - My dad's way of saying tampons

submitted by somebody

Cousty - Nice or good, spot on

submitted by cbs alc

Cove - Mate, Friend, Homie. You know the score!!

submitted by LozPieLetterkenny!!

Cowhead - Foolish

submitted by P Shankle

Cowinky-dink - A Coincedence

submitted by dave

Coyote Ugly - A truly unattractive woman - if you woke up with her sleeping on your arm you would gnaw the arm off rather than wake her up

submitted by ssajr

Crab - Junky vehicle, cycle

submitted by jimmy zombie

Crab - When something is awkward or strange you can say "err that's so crab"

submitted by cheeky monkey

Crabble - Man hoe bitch whacker

submitted by cozza cha

Crack-a-lackin' - AKA: Whatsup!? (ie: what's crack-a-lackin'?)

submitted by JEMMA!!!!!!!!!!

Crackalastic - It's like cool or fantastic, i.e. "Damn dude, look at her she's so crackalastic!!"

submitted by Aich

Crackcident - kid too many

submitted by Rickster

Crackpots - Crazy people

submitted by Emmalee

Crafty butcher - Bum Boy (takes his meat round the back)

submitted by Sir Slip Digby

Crafty butcher - A gay (takes their meat round the back)

submitted by ryan!

Cragina - The skin on the inside of your elbow where your arm folds

submitted by Donald

Crambapulous - Outrageous, far fetched

submitted by Ty

Crang Scrotum - When your ball sack shrivels up and looks like a brain (e.g when sledging or after a dip in the cold sea.)

submitted by mr D

Crank Yank - To jack off

submitted by Ty

Crappit - A way of sayin "crap" and "shit" at the same time without anybody knowing that you are cussing (its great to use when in front of teachers and parents!)

submitted by allie!

Craptacular - Really quite bad

submitted by Anjelar Spanjelar

Craptacular - A better way of sarcastically calling something spectacular

submitted by amanda walker

Craptastic - Fantastically crap

submitted by ridelikeaturtle

Craptastic - It's soooo bad, it's good!

submitted by jokeyou

Crapulous - An extremely bad hangover

submitted by Plexi G

Crash the Ash - To ask someone to pass something to you

submitted by netto-rebel

Crazkers - Crazy (alternative for Quackers)

submitted by Annie S

Crazy Mike - The neighborhood retard we all know

submitted by MikeyD

Creased - (Crease, Creasing) Laughed, Laugh, Laughing .. Depending on the time

submitted by TheVampireDiariesRose

Creme brulee - Overweight girl or a girl with a fat crusty vagina

submitted by colm

Cribbo - Someone who everyone hates, and has an aura of complete hatableness.

submitted by Retyu

Crimes! - Oh no!

submitted by Dayne

Crippling - When you would shag someone so much you would do them permanent damage.

submitted by Philbert

Crisp - Awesome

submitted by Tia

Crisp packet - Cheap condoms. we suggest cheese and onion

submitted by THE troublesome three

Crisper - Refers to those guys who are obsessed with working out , tan too much, and gel their hair. Don't they look crispy?

submitted by Patricia Sikorsky

Crochedy - Upset and/or Uptight

submitted by KaRiiByTchEsz

Crompt - When acting hyped/crazy over nothing

submitted by Sabrina. S

Crool - Cool and crazy mixed

submitted by shindybob

Crop dusting - Farting while walking

submitted by Rex

Crotch Rocket - (or rectum rocket) Motorbike

submitted by El Stumpo

Crotch Moustache - If a bush is so big that it starts growing down your leg

submitted by Frondo Bagger

Crotch waffle - Similar to tampon

submitted by jay

Crotch-light - When a torch is shone on your crotch accmpanied by shouting of CROTCH-LIGHT!

submitted by THE troublesome three

Crudgie - A frontal wedgie

submitted by ollie

Crumpet - When we were v lil nan use to use "crumpet" as an expression for vagina

submitted by ADDME

Crumpet - Another word for group of fit girls

submitted by ^him^

Crunch-A-Curly - To accidently chew on pubic hair

submitted by McDee

Crunchy - Used as "Don't you feel crunchy? Crunch, crunch." =) means the same as "salty". It can mean "embarassed", "stupid", "guilty", or anything similar [jealous, crushing, etc]

submitted by Jolene. Copywrite > Ismar V & sister =)

Crunk - Type of word related to awesome

submitted by secretive master

Crunktagon - Drunken brawling in your living room

submitted by Chaysa

Crunky - Extremely drunk; Messed up beyond all belief

submitted by L.D.B

Crustash - Pronounced "crust-stash". A disgusting, thin, mustasche with food stuck in it. The second stage of a dirt-stash.

submitted by TinaBear

Crusticles - A really attractive woman

submitted by Moist Misty

Crustified - "Someone or something generally nasty and disgusting, like "you're so crustified - I cant believe you haven't taken a shower all month" or, "eeuurrrgghhh...what a crusty cat..."

submitted by oobie doobie

Crusty - Something that is low quality

submitted by Ariel

Crusty weenus - The fat kids elbow

submitted by Tyler ,mike,baker,KAV

Cubetard - Someone not cool

submitted by rawrr im a dinosaur

Cudededed all up - Stuffed up version of saying cut up.

submitted by paris hilton

Cuggles - Hug & Cuddles

submitted by Grace

Cum bum - A gay person

submitted by cozza cha

Cum Junkie - Someone who is so addicted to cum that they become dependant on it to function, like coccain addicts with crack.

submitted by Insanity Pirate

Cum Rag - A whore

submitted by killer kookiez

Cum-Dumpster - A person who's only purpose in life is to get filled with jizz.

submitted by Insanity Pirate

Cumbrella - Used for protection at the XXX theater.

submitted by Pee Wee Spermin

Cumeleon - Someone who is good in bed and can provide multi-orgasms. A very rare creature indeed

submitted by kelli xXx

Cunfuzzled - Confused

submitted by ashley

Cunge - Another word for any kind of vaginal discharge - A mix of C**t and gunge.

submitted by JustB3N

Cuntract - A pre-nuptual aggreement

submitted by Donald Trump

Curly Curly Ting Tings - Another word for the pubic region

submitted by juggalette keena

Cushion - An insult reply meaning "who cares". Example: "I got straight As" "Cushion"

submitted by LoX

Cushion for the pushion - To have sex with fat people

submitted by jfjsdfngvjdn

Cuss - A term giving to the process of throwing an insult at someone

submitted by Meaow

Custard - Vicious insult - a cross between a c**t and a b*****d

submitted by Big Dave

Custom - Cool, better than stock, something different

submitted by schula

Cut the Shurtains - A demand to shut the curtains while drunk

submitted by Pablo

Cwtch - (pronounced as if it rhymes with butch) It's a welsh word-means to snuggle/hug

submitted by Mememememe

Czechxican - A Czech Republic Mexican

submitted by O CzeChXiCaN

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