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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with R

R.A.P - Retard Attempting Poetry

submitted by MaDog

R.B.A - Random Boner Alert

submitted by Juju

R.D.C - Rapidly Deteriorating Conversation. When you are so high you can go from talking about space flight or the theory of relativity to acting and sounding like a seal

submitted by anonymous

R.E.D.H.E.A.D - Really Emotional Dumb Horny Emo Abusive Dude

submitted by meme

R.O.B - Rolls Over Belt - a fat person

submitted by Butlam

R.P.I - Random Pooing Incident

submitted by JO

R.U.B - Really ugly bitch!

submitted by Mo'nique

Raccoon - As in "I raccoon it's time to go to bed!"

submitted by Jon

Racist - Remedial Anglo Citizens Insisting on Systematic Tyranny

submitted by #facts

Rack - To rack someone- to kick them in the balls. WARNING Racking may be against penal codes. (Nudge, nudge, wink wink)

submitted by Kazer91

Rack - Colloquial word that means "to steal". eg "he racked the drinks"

submitted by Carlos English

Radish - To get into character for role playing

submitted by Nova

Ragamuffin - An urchin, sombody who dresses in rags

submitted by George

Rager - Crazy party

submitted by BEEF

Raggo - That's mad

submitted by Drew

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