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If you and your friends/family use words or phrases that only you know the meaning of, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!! Let everyone share your wisdom here and soon people from the other side of the world will be using it, if slightly mispronounced.

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Funny words beginning with M

Ass like a japanese flag - Sore ass

submitted by lola

M.B.A. - Mono Brain Adult

submitted by Pero

M.M.M - Mama Mia Moment! Singing for the sake of singing even when you posess the acknowledgement of tone-deaf-nosity! Very fun

submitted by Flo!

Macadamia - Subtle name for a crazy person. ie "Here comes a Macadamia"

submitted by Lyn

Macchi - Perverse, sick, wrong.

submitted by Reno-kun

Macginn - Annoying cling-on. something you can't get rid of, like a bad smell!

submitted by cbs alc

Macked-out - Horribly old-fashioned and uncool, ie huge cell phone from early 90s or enormous 80s American Buick

submitted by Sally

Mackloid - "When someone sniffs their nose and they swallow their snot. example: aww man, that was a nasty mackloid! Or as an insult - "don't be a f***ing mackloid!"

submitted by waffle

Mad as beef - Absolutely mad

submitted by laurie and emma

Mad dog - That's heaps cool

submitted by AnNi

Mad Nuts - That's awesome or cool! eg ''Hey that's mad nuts bro XD''

submitted by SillyDaniel

Mad wae it - To be excessively disorientated due to alcohol

submitted by Conly

Mafo - An extremely handsome individual

submitted by James M

Maggoted - Totally Pissed

submitted by Whits

Magic - Something someone does really good e.g "that's magic, that!"

submitted by LIL-simo

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