Cheap and Legal MP3 Downloads

If you want to legally download music from the Internet, but want the cheapest files possible, then your best bet is to download from Russian websites. "Why is that?" I hear you say - well, it turns out that due to the copyright laws in Russia, it is legal for Russian websites to offer MP3s at ridiculously low prices, and it seems is legal for many parts of the world to download these files as you're essentially buying the music from Russia - where it's legal!

So, sign up at any site below that takes your fancy to get the best deals on cheap, legal MP3s!

Iomoio (I don't know how to say it either) is the latest Russian site to offer chart MP3 albums and songs for a very low price. Every song is just 16¢ (about 10p) and the quality of each MP3 track varies from around 192 kbps all the way up to 320 kbps for the same price.

Whereas the other sites reviewed look and feel very unique and are visually stunning, Iomoio focuses on usability and that shows as the website is very easy to use (and still looks great). Their search facility is apparently "typo-resistant", meaning you can find the song you want to download very quickly.

On top of all this, they offer great bonuses and reward schemes - for example, if you top up your account with $30, $50, or $100, you get the same amount added to your account again for nothing!

I'm not exactly sure what the "ike" bit means, but regardless of that, I would say that is without doubt the best designed site amongst all of the sites mentioned on this page.

Of course, the way the site looks is not a good measure of the service they provide, so you will be pleased to hear that downloads from the site are very quick and that every song on the site is only $0.15!

MP3 Caprice is another new website that offers very cheap MP3 downloads. As you can see by it's position on this page, it's not bad at all. They also have the lowest deposit amount of all the sites at just $10. And when you add this amount of credit, you even get an extra $1 for free! If you deposit $100 (there are also $25 and $50 options), they give you a bonus $40!

It isn't the cheapest website on this list with every song costing 12¢ - not that $0.12 is extortionate by any stretch of the imagination! - but with every song in their catalogue being 320kbps (that's a very high bitrate, good enough for excellent CD quality music), then their prices really are excellent value for money.

One of the features that makes MP3 Caprice stand out is the ability to contribute to the site in exchange for bonuses on your account. For example, you can add a review to an album for a $1 bonus, which is enough to download 8 songs! Another incentive they offer is a refer-a-friend scheme, for which your account will be credited $10 if you recommend their site to someone who subsequently signs up and refills their balance.

Ivave is the newest MP3 download site we have found, and is by far the slickest and easiest to use. Not to mention the cheapest! It takes advantage of new web technology in the way that the others don't, and the site is all the better for it, allowing you to find and download the music you want in seconds, without seemingly changing page.

But you don't care about that - you want to know how much money you can save by using them! And, put bluntly, that is "a lot". As with other sites reviewed here, you must top up your credit balance rather than purchasing songs or albums individually, but where Ivave differs from the rest is that you use one "iCoin" to download one track. Currently, one iCoin is worth $0.05, meaning songs cost just 5¢ each (or about 3 pence in the UK)!!

As well as being the cheapest MP3 download site, another great benefit is that payments can be made through PayPal, which I know will please a lot of people, especially as this payment method isn't available through any other site on this list.

If you still need convincing to use Ivave, just for signing up and confirming your email account they will give you 5 free iCoins (which, as you now know, will let you download 5 songs for nothing!).

Whilst it isn't the cheapest website on this page, the main advantage PayPlay has over its competitors is the size of its music archive. There are currently well over 5 million tracks in their collection, comprising almost half a million albums. So if the music you are looking for is a little hard to find, PayPlay may be the best place to start looking.

Naturally, though, their prices still aren't anywhere near what you would pay to other websites or service, with each track costing just 20¢ (or 13p in GBP). As an extra incentive, you get rewarded enough credit for 2 free downloads after confirming your email address after registering.

At MelodiShop, you can find almost any song you are looking for, and pay just $0.10 per track. That's right, each MP3 song costs just 10¢ each!

They have lots of bonus incentives too, such as when you top up your balance with some credit, they will give you some extra credit for free. How much this free credit is varies depending on their current promotion, so the best way to find out how much you can save is to visit their site.

Their site is sweet and simple - no frills, but plenty of savings to be made on the latest chart releases.

MP3 Million is another excellent site from which to download the latest music for a fraction of the cost of mainstream marketplaces. It's design doesn't leap out at you, but then that works in it's favor as it makes the site very easy to use, especially when searching for track you are looking for.

It's prices are very competitive also, being just 10¢ per track, regardless of length or quality. Account top-up options start from just $15, for which no extra credit is given, but if you purchase $30 credit you are awarded with an extra $15; Top up with $50 and MP3 Million will double your credit balance, and add $100 will better that by getting you a whopping $125 extra added to your account!

So, while not being a stand-out website, as you can see, it is a very viable option with some really great features.

Thanks to Buy Cheap MP3s for all of this information!


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