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Errr.... Who? English singer - "Naked", "2 Faced", "Stuck in the middle with you"

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She's also been starring in an advert for WiiFit recently where she talks about and does a short demo for the Yoga part of that.
she presents the clothes show on uktv style or something, plus that size 0 program recently
she was on that size 0 programme
She had baby Charlie a year or 2 ago, her & Jamie Redknapp still make appearances in magazines... one of those lovely couples that make you sick!
well im 2003 she had a hit with pandoras kiss (sure it was top 5). And she's puttin the finishin touches to her album :)
Being married to jammie redknap will mean shell never have to work again,one of the many perks of being a woman.
William the bloody
She is currently pregnant. After the birth of her baby she'll be releasing a new album.

She recently won an award for Sexiest Woman Of The Decade as voted for by readers of FHM magazine

Last year she scored a top 5 hit with her comeback single Pandora's Kiss

She won the FHM woman of the decade!?

And shes really fit ;)

Shes pregnant
she is still tryin to be a singer. its not workin, is it? she keeps saying that she'll sing with my college's choir but keeps cancelling due to "security fears". Like she needs security? I wouldnt know her if i fell over her in the street!!
shes's back!!!..i saw her video the other day on one of the music channels..shes still creating a load of B.S
"After her last single in 2001, she was dropped by her label. She now is a housewife and married too a footballer (a very famous one, name slips mind right now)."
"After her singing carrer ended with poor sales of her single "Beautifiul Inside" (a minor top 30) she married Jamie Redknapp. She dosen't do much now, but then again when you've got 10 million in the bank you don't need too."
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