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Errr.... Who? Kids TV presenter of the 80's

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Just taken the kids to see him in Panto (Sleeping Beauty) at Porthcawl. Same routine as 20 years ago - mallet / glasses / hats / blah! - but the kids really enjoyed it, and he worked the crowd well.
Kevin Stroud
There is a new on-line petition to get Timmy knighted. Arise Sir Timmy! Sign it at: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/TimmyMallett/

The last petiton ended but there has been no response from Mr Brown yet!

Timmy Mallett fans may be interested to know that there is a petition that is currently being lodged with the Prime Minister to get him recognised in the New Years Honours list.

You can sign the petition here:


He makes a cameo appearance in the video of "500 Miles", the Proclaimers song that is the unofficial Comic Relief one for this year (2007, if this is in the future...). Other people in the video include Bonnie Langford and the gorgeous David Tennant.
Katy Ingram
Last i saw him was in a supermarket with his wife and brother-in-law (i think) in Maidenhead, Berkshire.
He's also been seen in that town being horrible to kids, i heard he hates them, nice coming from a guy who used to work in childrens TV.
Check out big game tv :)
was at karisma 2003 and moods 2005 in doncaster, playing Mallets Mallet live on stage and performing his Huge Hit single Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!
saw timmy at EDGE HILL UNI, still doing mallet's mallet and looking like hell! loved the girls and ignored the boys...timmy mallet -we salute you!
Got a picture of me and him on my phone in Zanzibar in Chesterfield, was too pissed at the time so cant remember much or what i said to him, i think he tried to speak to me but i just walked off!
PELD - Chesterfield
Is a season ticket holder at oxford united so is there every weekend, doeas a mallets mascot scheme with local kids.
Timmy signed my chest at Jumping Jaks, Swansea
Appeared at Sheffield Halam Uni a couple of months ago
"He's in panto (Cinderella) in the Forum theatre, Billingham, this year (oooh lets all go see that why not.)"
"last seen trying to ram a large mallet into him self. the depths these fallen stars go to."
tall guy
"Did a PA at our Uni earlier this year, worryingly the man with the rubber mallet and stupid specs managed to outclass most of the chart PAs we had around that time"
"Guest at a club in Nottingham last night (Mon 19th Nov), "playing Mallets Mallet live on stage and performing his Huge Hit single Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!""
Vicki Gee
"Last seen at Southampton University's Fresher's Ball and yes, he was very good. That is good for an old man with no talent!!"
"Just been to see timmy at the forum using the same gags but always amuses the adults and kids alike."
"He saved a woman from drowning in Hartlepool's Marina!"
"Came to Warwick Uni. Played mallets mallets on stage - sell out night! Timmy was on form! Just like the old times!!! well done Mr. Mallet"
"appeared at creation night club in Hanely (stoke) on 25/02/02"
"We saw timmy at CREATION in Hanley, was quality."
Paul Walker
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