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Errr.... Who? Short-lived English Pop group

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two of scooch was spotted last week on the programme coach trip on channel 4
julie e
What has Eurovision done to deserve them?! Have to admit I used to like them, but I really don't like that song "Flying The Flag".

Mind you, I'm a Doctor Who fan so I'm not amused that the Doctor has been taken off air for Eurovision...

Katy Ingram
omg heard scooch new tune. how cheezy cheezier than their early stuff bout flight attendants or something kinda got bored n switched channels. russ aged a fair bit 2 (sorry any fans)
As of this year 2007 they have re formed to win a place in the eurovision contest, last nite march 17th) they won that place beating the likes of liz mcclaron, justin hawkins, brian harvey etc. They will now represent england in the eurovision song contest in may or june of this year. Russ b4 reforming in school worked on quiz tv, id watch him 4ages, he was very funny. Email ppl at becksfan86@yahoo.Com
Caroline is in the hit show The Producers in London. She's going on tour with the show soon round the UK. There was a picture of her in the paper the other day with Peter Kay!!!
Russ is taking part in an E4 show called Boys Will Be Girls, along with Martin from the Fast Food Rockers, In the show they will be trying to pass themselves off as a girl group... yes, you did read that correctly!
Katy Ingram
I do not have any info but I would like to know where I can get the scooch cd with the song syncopaded rhythm if any one can help me find it please email me @ disantis@firstlocal.net
russ dances in a gay nightclub in Manchester called essential, i've chatted to him a few times he seems quite a nice guy. check this picture out of him in action on the club's website: http://www.essentialmanchester.com/gallery/showpic.asp?id=12185
2005 Update...

Natalie is working on some new solo material (www.nataliepower.com)

Caroline is appearing in "The Producers" in the West End.

David has his own stage school in South Sheilds near Newcastle.

Russ is a presenter on Quiz TV on Sky.

"There website hasn't been updated since December 2000, which was four months after their last hit single, which reported that one member (David) was going into a Panto. I should imagine they are hopeing for a comeback as the site is still up, but I would say it is likely we won't have any more albums."
"The lead singer with brown hair is now in Fame the musical in London"
"they were jue to release a double a side in january 2001 but got dumped in december 2000 cause their last single 'for shure' only made number 15 and their album only made number 41"
"Natalie the lead singer is solo with Almighty Records and has released "Music to my Heart" and "Unchained Melody""
"Actually they split due to Natalie's pregnacy they thought it have been best. Now David has set up a stage school, Russ is dancing & also doing a track with ex-aqua from girl Lene & Natalie has a semi-succesful solo career with already 2 releases under her belt but I dunno what Caroline is up 2 on the dole maybe"
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