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Why the hell is he on here!?!?!?!?!
LOTR made him massive and too right. He was fanatstic in them.
Currently starring in 5th series of 24 as 'Lynn mcGill' - government agent brought in to ensure the 'smooth' running of CTU.
Sean Astin is also currently starring in the 5th series of 24 i believe. He may have also been in the others but i only saw the 5th series.
okay - so does NOT deserve to be on here!!! A bigger actor now than as a child.. LOTR says it all. countless other films, now also working behind the camera more. Sweetest guy in the WORLD when i met him
I saw all the Lord of The Rings Movies they were great. I really think Sean Astin has became a wonderful actor. He also starred in a movie named Toy Soldiers a long time back it was really good.Goonies was a classic though. anyway, I have no new gossip. I just wanted to put in a few good words for him.
Aug 2004 - Starring in Orange advert at my local cinema
Sean is not only in all 3 LOTR movies, but he also co-stars, with Luke Perry and Malcolm Jamal Warner, in the Showtime series Jeremiah
He directed an episode of Angel- souless
how nice was he in lotr - oh and he was in the goonies too
In addition to playing Sam in all 3 "Lord of the Rings" films, he is currently co-starring in "50 First Dates" with Brew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. He's also still pursuing his directing career.
"Surprisingly enough, Astin is still acting. He'll be in the Lord Of The Rings movies as Samwise Gamgee"
"He is having he's second child, just as he has finished filming Lord of the Rings."
"I just saw him in DC for a charity event"
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