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Errr.... Who? Australian singer of 'Natural' amongst others

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katie and peter have split up he got a new song out behind close doors and an album soon too hes also on twitter too if a fan please follow i do
julie south wales
katie and peters new shows now started.. peole hu go round judging katie n pete shud watch it! they jus real and down to earth people! i dont understand y poele call her fake. poele judge them n actualy no notin bout them! calin katie a slut wens shes a brilliant mum and married leave her alone shes an inspiartion 2 people! dont judge her wen u no NOTIN bout her!! i lv katie n pete =D x-x-x-x
You have to be very very stupid to not notice Pete and Katie (Jordon)in every blooming celeb mag...they released that terrible song A whole new world. Jordon was actually a better singer than her husband!
Are you sure you're thinking about the right people?? Rude and obnoxious kids??? One is severely handicapped and can't do anything for himself and the other is just a baby. I'm no fan of Peter Andre and Jordan but you need to get your facts straight dumbass!!
Yeah the Jordan marriage thing. They have a couple of the rudest, most obnoxious celebrity kids I've ever seen.
well i wonder if its for real but back here in ghana the rumor is that he is dead i mean out of the world is it really true?
he says he's meet his number one fan her name is mouair terei he meet her in 2004 and he says he will never forget her she lives in new zealand auckland and rewa
married katie price in a v v v ott wedding and they have a brat called junior, the poor thing!
Peter Andre is making an apperance to a night club where i live (Stoke-0n-Trent). The night club is called Liquid. he must be losing his touch if he's visiting stoke-on-trent
getting married to jordan, who is now expecting his baby. she's about 3months i think
he's getting married to the glamour model jordan aka katy price and they are expecting there 1st child 2gether.
peter andre lives in cyprus hes also getting married to jordan (katie price)that is who, might i add, i don't like her that much i dont no if they are married already but ow well i still think hes wicked
Yep...recently had a new album 'Insania' released. It's crap...but at least we know the steroids-man is still alive. Oh and he's been saying some bull on the radio about his girlfriend's talents. Apparently she wants to release her own album now. He says "I promise you...she's really good"

Why am I suddenly having an image of a bimbo with fake boobs?!!!

he is datin JORDAN (katie price) and has prerealesed his old single mystrious girl it got 2 number 1
Released insania n got to number 2 or 3.. not very impressed
He's just about to release the song he wrote while on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here. It's called Insania, and I think it's great! Very catchy!
Katy Ingram
Now dating fellow I'm A Celeb star Jordan (Katie Price)
hes no 1 over here just now and his face is all over the TV and the magz - still releasing the same old sh*t tho
his re-release of mysterious girl is now no 1 in the UK singles chars
after staring in the UK's reality TV show "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" he has decided to re-release Mysterious Girl. Good luck!
Jon Shaw
I heard that he is now a successful real estate agent in Noosa in Northern Queensland Aust.
Since taking the world by storm in the nineties with his six pack and his chart smash Mysterious Girl Peter Andre has opted for the quiet life, he now enjoys a laidback existence in Cyprus.
Jack Homer
he is starring in itv's im a celebrity get me out of here and he is a complete perve by the looks of it.
jenni yellow hat
hes on im a celebrity get me outta here
"Not sure, but I have joined the hunt: www.lawboy.co.uk"
Robby D
"He was actually in fact meant to be re-launching his career as a singer, i heard the track a little while ago im not very impressed!"
"After months and months of searching through all the thrown-out, one hit wonder "popstars", i've eventually tracked down Peter. Yes, he's still alive (i'd heard rumours that his "muscle" had become too much for his tiny skeleton to handle and he'd died because it just couldn't cope) . . . you can find him haunting the realms of www.peterandre.com (but that's not all) Peter's gonna return in 2002 to release another summer hit. (Oh, i can feel your enthusiasm seething through my keyboard!!) - So watch out! - he's back! (but without the muppet style hair-cut - it's just got worse!)"
"the reason that pete fell from grace is he got addicted to bananas and had a serious potasium overdose thats why he is known as monkey boy in the business. I know strange but true"
"The REAL reason Peter Andre fell from grace was cause his records stopped selling, not this excuse of some silly diet. His second album "Time" failed to make the top 20 and fell off the charts quickly."
"Hes planning a come back very soon"
Andy H
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