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What Happened To The A-Team Guys?

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faceman aka dirk benedick last week he was in cardiff cos he was in a play he was in clumbo playin in the new theatre
julie e
Murdock `Dwight Schultz` plays Mung Daal in Chowder from Cartoon Network.
Mr T created the mohawk on World of Warcraft and is in the advert for WoW because of that!!(he hacked)
Mr T is in a snickers ad!! Get some nuts!!
Vicki x
dirk was in the big brother house
one of them is in the celeb bb house
The A Team were on the Justin Lee Collins show 'Bring back the...'
apparntly there was a program on itv i think recently about what happend to the a team
Face was in ucd dublin this year chairing a debate so he's still around.
according to newspaper reports b.a is actually back in the gym ready to appear in the next installment of the rocky franchise. rocky 6 if you didnt know.
the a-team is back on tv!! uk gold 6pm evry night joy!!!
mr t is still just there being a general legend
i think i saw BA in "the new guy" which stars kyle from road trip and eliza dushku. but was a bit pissed
Face is making money off his A-Team/Battlestar Galactica past by running Caribbean Cruises with himself as guest of honour. If you find his website, dont ever express an interest - He'll spam you on a more than regular basis!
Mr. T starred in a Canadian show about 10 years ago called "T 'n T", and know that "Face" was Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. That's why the A Team credits showed Face on a movie studio lot looking surprised when a Cylon walked by!

George P. died several years ago, cancer I think, and also believe Mr. T has been ill on occasion with it but is in remission.
Presuming Ed
I heard he is being treated for cancer. I wish him well if that's the case...
saw MR T doing an interview for an old cable channel "game tv", he was being interviewed about some game that featured him. He also acted in the film "not another teen movie".
p diddy
saw face on channel four not so long ago, he was doing an interview about a space type programme he used to be in i think? Battle Star Galactica or something like that. So he's still alive
"BA Baraccus Doing long distance telephone commericals here in the states."
"Mr T is a preacher and teaching kids about god (still wearing those gold chains)."
"murdock occasionally appears in star trek as reg barklay. he is quite good."
"I saw him a while back on Star Trek Voyager - he was a some kind of mad inventor"
"Murdoch apeared once in star trek episode voyager is it?

A freind of mine susspects that he has appeared more than once

Does any one know what has happened to face?"

"Yep, Murdoch is on Star Trek on a semi-semi-regular basis, appearing on The Next Generation and Voyager."
"George "Hannibal" Peppard's dead. Dwight "Murdoch" Schultz is doing a lot of voices for things. He's been in a few computer games, and I saw his name at the end of Family Guy the other day. No idea about BA or Face though."
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