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Hey, I miss north and south so much and have been searching high and low for their album and the tv series on download or DVD! Anything ... Why has Lee and the other guys vanished off the face of the earth?? Come back! :( . oh Lee was always my fave to 😍 he's gorgeous. Gutted they got dropped. Big mistake! There's talentless idiots about like could name a few but they don't get dropped why? And u can get Miami 7 and LA 7 on DVD n stuff but no sweat? No where to be found. Also someone must have the album allsorts?. Thanks for any help. Xxx email me mrssalvulcanorfc@gmail.com
Is this Iain otter who lived in southampton about 10-12 years ago?
Hello lee, I met you in year 2000 working in pinewood butlins mine head, I approached you for your autograph as the girls were too shy lol I bumped into you in jumping jacks and you got me a drink and we had a dance to eminem on stage, doubt you remember me but will always stay in my memories, xxx
Here is the North & South album if anyone is still looking for it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/zbwuwu33xpbnul8/North_and_South-_Allsorts_%281998%29.rar
Coco Lee
so called river otter ha very funny by the way almost laughed, you are obviously from rushden and still there sleeping with your mum, along with your uncle and grandmother, please visit bedford it has grass and trees, bring your mother or sister or whoever she is xxxx
iain otter
Lee and Ian Otter were both complete assholes that rated themselves and always thought they were hard but really they was a right couple of pussy holes.

They are both gay now, and live in bedford.

North and South was a complete flop.
River Otter
I met Lee when working with his dad as side kick on karaoke nights. If Lee is still the same lad I last met in 2002 then he is still a lovely lad and very polite and down to earth.
Lee's whole family are fantastic and I miss them lots.
Rod, miss you loads too buddy!
Chris Weatherley
if you have a problem with my brother come and see me i will kick the living sh*t out of you i promise, please leave a message if you think your big enough you bunch of pussies x
iain otter
knew the otter family when i was younger has anyone got joshues email adress as would like to get in touch again
I went junior school with josh and would really like to get in contact again does anyone know where they live
i used to work for lees family in the queens tavern and am friends with them all and they are all really nice especially their dog 'ruddles' they are nothing but down to earth lee has still got it in looks and in talent he is totally hot and they didnt think they were better than anyone and the tavern was always busy when they were running it not like the dive it is now i totally loved working for them and drinking with them cause they know how to have a laugh, i miss them being there, they were the good old days!!!
Hey guys....

i want to say something about the otter family....so they´re all okay....but joshua is a freak -.-

can anyone give me his email address, please?
i´ve lost it...that's a tragedy :O

kisses xxx
Franzi B.
can i just say and make a point that "honesty" is so honest that he dont even give his real name lol!
I CURRENTLY RUN A PUB IN BEDFORD AND ALSO JAM NIGHTS! im proud to see the otter family turn up... as i am any other talented musician... carlos, dave spencer(adopted son) fergus (cuddly gorilla) adam pitt (bossy barman) these guys work hard to share their talents for nothing! losing their voices..just to please the audience! these guys are dedicated musicians ..not money grabbers...so back off and appreciate the talent... the otter family included... talent!
lee and his whole family are a local down to earth family! they are anything but cocky on the fame thing! maybe jealous people should visit the home town of bedford and realise how humble and respectful these talented guys are! ...simon cowell eat ya heart out... all of the x-factor are from one town! talent beyond belief is in bedford.. and me being a geordie has known nothing like it!
Honesty.... Is that what your parents called you or is it a made-up LIE which makes you not honest.. either way it makes you twat as usual. Why don't you challenge Lee to a fight if him being famous bugs you that much!!!
I reckon he'd beat the shit out of you and I'm willing to bet £1000.00 on it. Are you willing to accept the bet?

Dave Lewin
i just have to say i was a huge fan of north and south esp lee for all you people to say bad things about him and his family have you nothing better to do he got to do sumthin some people only dream of,i would just like to say good luck to lee with everything he does and congrats to you and your fiance.xx
Lee's just as talentless now as he always was. He didn't make it, his attempt at a solo career was simply laughable and it's really rather sad how the whole family clings onto local jam nights. Seriously guys, go back to your sad manual labour jobs. Don't get me wrong I'm sure Lee is a fantastic tiler, but at the age of twenty nine he really should stop dressing like a Backstreet boy.
hey i know sam chapman and still see him now and then he was my lecturer

ya he teaches at boston college

put in youtube sam chapman boston uk

and you will see them all
I went to infant and junior school with lee's brother, Luke. Would be good to see him. If anyone has any contact details could they please email them to me. Cheers h_gharudc@hotmail.com & k0524299@kingston.ac.uk
Lee played at our wedding in Rushden Northants (Where he went School i believe) 7th July 2007. Go check his web site. www.uncle-albert.co.uk they were awsume. Far cry from his early stuff! Wicked.
Russ Brown
I would do anything to marry Lee. I think he is super talented and very sexy. I'd love to go out with his brother just to be near him, I hope this Sarah realises how lucky she is.... Anyway if you read this Lee I hope you're okay and single! xxxxx
It's great to see that so many people are still interested in what Lee is up to now. He still performs in Bedford, one of my friends Sarah sees him sing often as she is going out with his brother Iain. She says the whole family are talented and that Lee is a lovely guy. Keep up the gigs Lee! I remember you were one of my first crushes!
not really info just wanted to say we used to be the biggest north and south fans ever!! (Lynette-Lee Charlene-James) we used to drive our parents daft makin um drive us all over the country to see um! we met them tons of time and i bet they grew sick of seein us!! (lee, if you read this i had the first ever n&s tee with the babies on cuz i got it printed myself!)that was when we were 14 and 16 and we're now 24 and 26! still sing thier songs though and will never forget the "na na na na na na na na"!! life's no fun now we're old...would never get away with it nowadays!!!well all the best Lee if you see this xxx
Lynette an Charlene
Well he does plastering and lives in bedford... i know this cos hes my cousin.
The whole family used to live in rushden (rod otter .dad. angela otter .mum. luke, lee,Ian and josh otter .sons.) I go visit josh every now and agen cos where both round bout the same age group. want any more info .... check out my myspace strip_me_social@hotmail.co.uk
Mathew Tomkinson
omg i remember north n south wen thy wer first startin out thy did a gig at my skl in grimsby n i got my man not a boy cd signed lol those wer the days
I met Lees brother ian in town the other week!thought it was lee they look like twins. hope lee is as good a kisser as his brother. made my night as ian is defently a "man and not a boy".
my best friend lives with (and loves) lee's brother.....for a small cash sum we will take you all to him....entries on a postcard.
Lee Otter is literally a man and not a boy now.

I wonder if he was ever rich? Maybe as a boy, doubtful as a man.

Teacher? you're taking the piss right? he tiles floors, and damn good at it he is.
Lee Otter now works as a music teacher at his local college!
No info on Lee but Tom is in the USA and is at College there, I know because he got through to the second round of American idol

For all you fans that want a reminder, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMWSWKdZ5mE

hi michelle if u have tried to email me i wouldnt of got it cos i think i gave the wrong address its iainotter@yahoo.com try that,if not its the first one c u later ugo.
iain otter
No info. Have been looking for a copy of the album for so long now, just wondered if there was any website u can download it from or if someone is reading this who has a copy. It would be greatly appreciated.
lee otter was the first guy on tv i ever fancied. i first see him on top of the pops singing man not a boy and i can remember the white and black zebra type shirt he was wearing. i looked at him and i was hooked. i thought he was the most gorgeous guy ever,+im sure he still is. any girl wud b v lucky2have him. I would love to hear what hes up to, if he is in a band and if so what its called because i thought he voice was fantastic+wud love2hear some new stuff so email me if poss. i tried4ages2get the allsorts album (i wanted 'cold as ice') +even2this day but havent bin able to. thanks earthgrrl_2001@yahoo.com
hi michelle,glad you got back to me,i dont know how to get in contact and i did not want to leave my number either,it is a bit hard using this method of contact.but i may aswell leave you my email address and you can give me your number that way,i am sure i will know it is you leaving the message,just give me a few clues,it would be really nice to see you again.email me at iainotter@yahoo.co.uk hope to hear from you soon.iain.
iain otter
hi iain great to hear from you its been a while. Hope your ok.Would love to meet up soon to catch up with you! message me back on this website and we can arrange something (dont want to leave numbers on the internet)! cheers michX
michelle orpe
nothing to do with lee,just trying 2 get in touch with michelle an old friend,if u read this im still in bedford,mum and dad still live in the same place,need your number.Iain
iain otter.
I heard about this site from one of my friends and can't believe how many people still give a shit about my brother. ha ha! I'm only writing to set 2 things straight. 1. Lee never wore a wig to hide his identity, it was just his brother (not me, but another one) with long hair and a beard.
June 9, 2006

Hi Lee mate,

Hope all is well buddy.

Incredible the range of reactions our brief stint of superstardom has provoked!

Just remember, we were a British pop sensation and no one can ever take that away.

Cheers to the best room mate I ever had! Your voice is legendary.

Na na na na na na na na
Proud to be North and South


ps. Let me know where I can see a photo of the new wig. Surely it doesn't rival our No Sweat Glam Rock days. Tee hee.

Just reading through and had to repost, Hi to both Lee and Ella hope your both ok not heard from you in ages (by the way its clare from clare and james in bedford next door!)glad your both still doing ok and just wanted to say hi keep smiling :D
Just wanna say Lee is a lovely guy, had the pleasure of having him as my next door neighbour when i lived in Bedford and he is a very nice guy, hope alls working out for him
Clare Hough
i was about 8 when north n south were around and me and my mates thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. and we really fancied lee.
lee if u eva read this jus to let u no that you and your band mates and your show made myself and my mate aimees primary school days complete!! it was a fukin mint show and i can still remember the na na na na na na no sweat tune after all this time!!!

all those dishing out dissings buy a budgey and learn how 2 knit stop being mean!

Sorry, I have no information about Lee Otter, but just in case Lee or people who knows him read this message, my name is Ann and I'm from the United States.

I discovered North and South when MTV played their song Tarantino's New Star and I recorded it on an audio tape. I love Lee's accent!

I wish him loads of good luck in his endeavors and I am happy that he has found someone who loves him!

I would like to receive an autograph from Lee Otter and know what's going on with him and his career.

My email address is longlivefootie@yahoo.com


Ann x

Hello Lee
Remember me, here's a couple of clues

We were strike partners at Eltham Palace
I frequently kicked your arse at pool
You and Daniella came to mine and Marias wedding
All a long time ago now

Hope you're both keeping well

PS everyone knows you serve a danish pastry with a knife and fork.
Dave Francis
I used to livein Rushden round the corner from Lee as a child he used to be friends with my brother Francis Antonio Casale. If their is any chance that Lee sees this it would be great. Just thought you would like to know my brother died in 1997 aged 17 in a motorbike accident. You were friends till you were about 11 I think but I am not totally sure as I was only about 3 at the time but I am grown up now. His death was really hard for our family it totally destroyed our lives. I still think about him everyday. I remember watching No Sweat just after he died it made me feel better for some reason. I loved that show and your songs. I had the biggest crush on u when I was 9. Anyway let me know if you see this it would make my day. xxxxx
I have info on the band that Lee is in now. It also has recent photo's. Contact me for details dave.lewin@virgin.net
Dave Lewin
Please get in contact with me if you have any conatct details for Lee Otter at newtonvelji@tigeraspect.co.uk.

We have something in development of interest for him.

Please no hoaxers! POSTED: 24th march 2006

So do any of you people know does lee's new band have a website? Would quite like to have a listen to his new music.
Firstly i would like to say that iam new to this site. Secondly i feel that this site should be for celebs of yester year to be remembered and not slaged off as some kind of childish battle field.
North and South i can remember from around 1997 realesing around 3 singles one called man not a boy? and one called tarantinos new star which was the first cd i ever got around the age of 14.
They had a tv series called no sweat and had there cards in cheese strings if i can remember rigthly.
Yes they were shit but then again who here can say that they dont envy them(Anon)
You see as lee said earlier that he was ofered a career in the industry and who can blame him for taking up the offer. I personley listen to metal and many bands first albums are what they want to put out and after that its what there told to.
You have your hole life to write your first album and 6 months for your second.
So leave lee alone and get on ith your own lives if he makes wrong descisions(as we all do)there his so leave you nasty comments out of this forum.
Good luck lee and all the best.
William the bloody
I've had the pleasure of knowing Lee for about a year now, he sings in my band, and is the most naturally talented singer I have ever heard, and is one of the most un-assuming and pleasant human-beings I have had the pleasure to meet. He has a better voice now than he had a few years ago, and I am honoured to be in a band with him, and to be a friend of his.
Dave L
Saw Lee at a gig at the weekend and thought he had a fantastic voice and very good guitarist. Much more talented than half of the people who are currently in the charts! Seemed like a decent guy!
Hi everybody, after nearly ten years since the rise and demise of North & South, I have to say how suprised I am that there is a website with my name on it. Thank you to everybody for there messages. Basically at 16 someone said to me do you want to be in a band as anybody would I said yes to an oppertunity that only a handful of people are offered, 2 years later it all finished like most boy bands, since then I've just got on with my life having no regrets as flattered as I am that people remember me, maybe some people should do the same. ps To kelly yes I know who you are of course you are joanne's daughter Hi from all the family xxxxxx
Lee Otter
I dont thinks lee otters parents had to give up the pub as they had to give a lot of notice bedfore they could leave and a lot of the customers put in a kitty and sent them to Ireland for a weekend must have been really bad land lords? they also gave a party before they left all drinks and food where free all night to all customers they own a convertable sports car and a house in london as well as in bedford so I dont think they done to bad do you for all their hard work. I think you all ought to get you facts straight really.
Hi I'm Maz, I've been good friends with Lee ever since he moved to Bedford. I'm actually best friends with his fiancée Ella. We found out about this page by a mutual friends of ours. I was really shocked and find it really sad that people feel they have the right to attack someone just because they are jealous of what this guy did?!? What's even more disgusting, these imbeciles feel it's ok to attack his family and fiancée. Jealous, cowardly, snakes!?! Jealous because it's plain to see that his time in the music industry has obviously burnt some of your arses, most people can only ever dream of the things he's experienced. Cowardly.....why slag someone off then don't finish off your views with your name? Snakes, some of you know an awful lot about Lee and his family.... why be two faced?? Nothing frustrates me more than two faced and jealous people. In fact in my opinion that's the worst quality in a person. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't show your burning jealousy by slagging people off, it's not big nor clever and you just make yourself look like a total dick head. (Specially as you made the effort of finding this site and writing in....I mean after how many years, and Lees still on your mind!!) Well as I said earlier, I know Lee really well, and I've had some of my best times out at gigs with him. Believe me he's still good, he's very talented, he has a wonderful voice and plays a good guitar. It's a crying shame he gave up on his solo career, but when love strikes??!!?? Now there's a fantastic quality...... he'd wanted to put his girlfriend before his career, and luckily for them it's worked out just perfect. Lee I can't wait to see you play your next gig. Love you and still think you're dead sexy....(shhhh don't tell Ella) x
Hi guys, heard about this site through a mate... I'm Ella! I'll update you on what Lee's up to now. We have been dating for 5 years and engaged for 3! We have a lovely house together and been living there for 2 years (and in the process of buying a larger one). FYI Lee was never dropped from his record label. He left, because he wanted a life with me. And luckily for him it was a good move!! Lee is 5ft 4" and I 5ft 7", (this is for the jealous arses' who thinks I'm 2 ft taller... or what ever). Lee is currently running his own business and I'm a Business Development Manager, (and have just been promoted and brought myself a wonder new MGTF). So for you guys who where hoping he and I weren't doing too well, I'm sorry to say.... we are!! For the faithful fans, Lee hasn't given up his music. He plays in a band and giggs twice a week. He also writes his own music and gives guitar lessons. He's still got it and still looks good!! All the best to you all, and enjoy this web site.
Lee and his family did own a pub called the Queens Tavern on Queens Drive in Bedford until they had to sell up because of the mess they made of the business!! They held monthly karaoke nites, or should I say monthly concerts of Lee and Ian Otter (Lees brother) they were top priority over the PAYING CUSTOMERS which is probably why they had to sell the pub!!! Lee is completely full of himself, as is his girlfriend ella (who is about 2 foot taller than him). He now works as a labourer and has nothing to show for his minor success other than a bruised ego. Ps: I have a friend who knows Lee 'intimatly' and apparently his height isnt the only SMALL thing about him!!! and he has chicken legs and wears thongs!!!!!
I met lee otter at a bliss road show in the metrocentre and at the clothes show at birmingham NEC. I though he was absolutley gorgeous and would like to do some jamming with him myself!
Saw lee out in bedford last week, heard him sing a few songz, fell in love with his voice all over again! Nice one Lee x
Check out Tom Lowe's new music at http://www.soundclick.com/tomlowe
Paul Gwyther
Lee is still doing his music and Jams with myself down many jam nights about town. He still has his fantastic voice and is a great friend of mine. cheers Robby:)
lee was from my home town of rushden northants and was a complete wanker. one of my friends gave him a good kickin and we made him cry!!!
I run a website devoted to North and South and I am in regular contact with members of the band. Visit my site and view the guestbook to hear about people are doing now - www.freewebs.com/north_and_south
I heard Tom was singing in the west end in a musical at some point recently.

Loved North & South back in the day though. Been searching for a copy of their album everywhere. It had good reviews in Smash Hits and on Channel 4 teletext, twas called Allsorts.

Well Lee did make 1 single and it was on a TV show one Saturday morning but the single didn't chart as far as i am concerned and i can't say i know what he does now but i do know that his band mates Sam lives in Spalding and i met him once and James works in London a friend i know went to school with him. I wish though North and South would have released their album but sadly it was quickly deleted i have all the singles cause i liked them sadly not sure what Tom does now
hes engaged now to a girl in bedford i think. i used to fancy him, and pulled him, so will remember that, altho i dont think hes as nice now!
Ugly? He was gorgeous! I fancied the pants off him, very nice!
He used to go school with my brother and last I heard is working on the building sites and part-time in the pub. He mum enjoyed bragging to my mum about his record deal! How the mighty have fallen! They were all too ugly to succeed!
I liked the show and fancied Lee. It was called No Sweat.......and the theme tune went na na na na na na na na no sweat!
he was in a tv show on cbbc and it's been bugging me for ages cuz i can't for the life of me remember what it was called! someone has to tell me. I'm sorry this is not actual info but you gotta help me! no one else remembers!!! email me on mangled_fish@hotmail.com if anyone knows! jade
I would just like to say that I am a distant cousin of Lee West, and his parents definatley do own a pub. If Lee is reading this then Hi, I am your mums cousins daughter!!
"Working on a building site somewhere in bedford after a brief stint in the post room at the NHS offices"
"Released a solo single which flopped, so went into recording business behind the scenes as a director or something"
"seen in bedford clubs wearin a wig so ppl dont recognise him, apparantly his parents own a pub called the queens tavern in beds, but not sure!"
"Changed his name to Lee West, released a single called "wishing" - thought it was quite good! guess he got dropped by his label as havent seen anything for ages now!!!"
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