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Errr.... Who? English all girl group

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Haha, Simon H - funny your comment bout my face. Unfortunately I'm neither pale or scaly..and it's quite racist by the way. however just posted what one of them does now and can't help it if she is no longer famous. so get over it simon and live your life
Algarvegirl you have no idea do you! Why don't you crawl back into your hole so you don't upset anyone with your scaly pale face!
Simon H
one of them, the one who actually cant sing or dance and constantly changed her name (abdi, roberts and so on) lives in albufeira, saw her at the strip. Obviously she tries to live on her old fame, doing some kiddie choir and giving shit interviews to the local expat newspaper there...and by the way claiming she is the lead singer of platinum girl group the honeyz etc..quite funny actually. She looked old and much more chubby and was followed by a small, quite ordinary (nice word for neither ugly but defo not good looking) bloke with no hair
the girls now play in butlins i saw the honeyz in march gone and they were fab
julie e
Naima was in Alien Autopsy as the french woman and Celena was in the 2007 Luton panto
Celena released a song a few years ago with some other girl...They called themselves Anotherside and the song was called "This is your night"
I think it just scraped into the top 40!
the lead singer celena cherry has a solo album to buy on her site www.celenacherry.com the band itself are recording new material after appearing on itv 1's reality show 'hit me baby one more time'. they have also done som gigs recently around the uk
Yeah, don't suppose you go to Lufbra uni?

They were at my freshers ball, but I decided to go to the bar when they came on and get some major drinks in.

Jared Harris
Unfortunately played my uni freshers ball! Mimed along to their own track and..well..weren't the most captivating act!!
Saw them at a nightclub in Norwich a few weeks back. They have a new album coming out but they only performed old songs!! Plus I swear only one of them was one of the original 3
One of them is on Dream Team, sky one 8pm sundays :D
hey they were on 'baby hit me one more time' but lost coz they were baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
"they were dropped from their last record label caust their last 2 singles flopped 'not even gonna trip' number 24 'i dont know' number 28 they are lookin for a new label"
"Their 2nd version of 'wonder no.8' only made no.38 in album charts and their last song 'i dont know' only made no.28. last i heard they were looking for a new label but that was in september last year."
Andrew Hunter
"Now a year on cinse their last single was out and still nothing ,but i did hear that they are still looking for a new record label after a year"
Andy H
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