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He's either the writter or producer of Neds Declassifed on Nickolodian. The Princess Bride was such a wonderful Movie.
I saw him playing Celebrity Poker on Fox 2 weeks ago.
He just got married and they talked about it in People magazine
robin fox
Fred Savage is the voice of Nickelodean cartoon character Oswald the Octopus!
hi its me again i just looked up that movie and its called "NO ONE WOULD TELL" Man gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.
Omg i saw that movie too with him a and dj on full house i cant remember the name of it either but man did that creep me out!!
He was in "The Rules Of Attraction". It was a cameo where he played a smackhead. King Smackhead actually. A Mess.
"I have no idea about his current doings but he was in a made-for-TV film where he killed his girlfriend, put her in a binbag, and dropped her in a lake! No idea what the name of the film was, but what a sinister change from loveable old Kevin Wonder Years!!!!"
"Around about the same time as Wonder Years, he was in the film "The Princess Bride" with Carey Elwes and Robin Wright-Penn."
"A few years ago he was doing movie-biz documentaries (Child Stars: Their Story in 2000, and As You Wish: The Story of the Princess Bride in 2001). Seems like he's aiming for a pseudo-come back for 2002 though. He is supposedly appearing this year in Austin Powers 3 (as himself, ? go figure), The Rules of Attraction (with James Van Der Beek and Jessica Biel as the leads), and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (directed by George Clooney)."
"The creepy boyfriend movie had Candace Cameron (DJ from Full House) as his not-so-lucky girlfriend. Can't think of title either. Saw that he's in an episode of State Of Grace on the Family channel. The guy doesn't age. Weird."
"he's in Austin Powers 3 as the spy with the mole on his face that Austin can't stop staring at. Classic!"
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