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What Happened To Eiffel 65?

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Errr.... Who? Sang 'Blue'

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Some of you are idiots and have no idea what you're talking about. There is a thing Wikipedia or YouTube, you should try it.
Eiffel to Bloom
A rumor I've been hearing is, 'in Aberdeen, i will bleed, i will die, i will bleed, i will die' because Aberdeen is the place they toured. But the band thought is too dark so that's why it sounds like i'm blue da be de da be die but his voice is to auto tuned. And it says blue is the felling I have, blue is a feeling when you are sad. Also one of the members had chronic depression and all he saw was blue and he felt blue.
Eiffel 65 I'm Blue was the best song ever!
The way I found the song was I was on YouTube of Sonic the Hedgehog and I love to draw with the song meanings!
I showed it to my mom and she said the song came out when she was in High School.
It's been my favorite ever so far!♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️️❤️️💋
I really dont know if the rumors are true but to me the song does not say In Aberedeen i will die, or those other ones to me it says Im in need of a dye. Thx for your time

Antrax Dilo
Ok. Some has been putting that the guy that wrote Blue killed himself, Well hate to break it to ya no i didn't. So quit talking crap. thank you.
D Pertell
Scope Records
David Pertell
No one in the band committed suicide. The guy that wrote the song committed suicide. It doesn't say "da ba dee da ba die" or "If I were green, I will die." I heard "In Aberdeen I will die" and "I will bleed, I will die," but I can't tell what it is because his voice is so autotuned. D:
The singer from Eiffel 65 is not dead and Eiffel 65 just got back together go to their website and look.
old snake
I think they got back together now. I went on Wikipedia and looked them up and it said 2010-present. And thats just retarded to say that the singer died. He's too smart to do that. If you thought that I hope someone make a nasty rumor about YOU one day, 'cause that was so uncalled for ok?
I would hear this all the time as a baby but when my father died when i was 10 that song made me cry
the lead singer of eiffel 65 is still alive and the lyrics from (BLUE) does not say anything related to killing himself or being gay those are just retarded rumors
you guys are all stupid the ones that say the singer is dead. Eiffel 65 broke up in 2005 because Gabry Ponte (the DJ in Eiffel 65) wanted to do a solo career and not with the group. the singer and the keyboard player made a new group after that which is now called bloom 06.
Why would the main singer want to commit sucide? He was a singer and this song brings me back memories but know it makes me sad because he's dead
Yes, I know what I say don't mean much without proof....so I suggest some sites to check out. First, Eiffel 65 did 3 studio albums, before their fourth album (Crash Test 01) Gabry Ponte left the band and so far brought out 2 or 3 albums. The 2 remaining members renamed the band Bloom 06 and are still making music starting with "Crash Test 01", the title that was supposed to be giving to Eiffel 65 fourth album. Bloom 06 also released "Crash Test 02", "Club Test" and Club Test 02. Some short notes about the Crash Test albums: they're supposed to be one complete album, Crash Test 01 is supposed to be the darker side of the band and Crash Test 02 is the lighter side (on their site they say it's more like the earlier Eiffel 65), the album art work is almost the same except for Crash Test has a darker cover while Crash Test 02 is clear. Look for their albums on Amazon.com, look them up on Wikipedia, and go to their site for info. and one more thing, no member of Eiffel 65/Bloom 06 killed themselves nor is "Blue" a suicide note.
Actually, a bigass rumor is that, if you listen closely you hear him say "In Aberdeen i will die.". Five days after the song was published, the lead singer committed suicide in Aberdeen.
i did not know that they split up i just heared from this site that he killed himself thats gay they were my favourte band when i was young that sux they rock
hahaahah dude your f*ckin stupid the song doesent say if i was green i would die hahahaha it was saying im blue da ba dee dabba da-ee dabba dee-a dabba da da ba dee dabba da dabba dee-a dabba da da ba dee dabba da dabba dee-a dabba da da ba dee dabba da...lmfao those are the lyrics hahahaha and if anything it would sound like im in need of a guy
its: in aberdeen i will die
the guy who wrote the song committed suicide a little after the song went big, the song was a suicide letter, that nobody knew til people questioned the lyrics that say i'm a blue if i were green i would die, if i were me i would die, now i'm green
none of the artists are dead...

Gabry Ponte is now working solo as a DJ.
meanwhile, Jeffrey Jey (Gianofranco Randone) and Maury (Maurizio Lobina) are still making music under the name of "Bloom 06"
in the song he says "in albany i will die" and im not sure but i think he commited suicide at a concert in albany
in the song blue it doesnt say da ba dee da ba die. it says in aberdeen i will die!!! freaky
I love the guys but i do not think they should have broken away just like that.........love them....i really miss them. right now I'm listening to there songs right now!!!(this is not a lie)
The best song
are they all still alive and are they going to get back together anytime soon? why did they change their name?
Oh no, no suicide at all!
The "spikey head" Gabry Ponte left the group in 2005 to pursue his solo carreer, which ironically had been quite successful until that move, much less later on.
The same destiny seems to have affected the new project, i have never heard their new songs anywhere in italy.
They changed their band name to Bloom 06 if you need proof go to www.myspace.com/bloom06 or go to www.myspace.com/eiffel65music and it'll direct u to bloom 06 which is them Soooooooooooooo thats that and i think one of the band members did commit suicide just not the lead singer the short haired spikey head i think did but i dont know yet i need to get confirmation on that ne ways Hope yall enjoy there new band name & cd's
eiffel65 change label before release their 4th album and maybe change their name im not sure about that ,one off the new single is im coming tall in oslo i thing album is release in this summer.
Honestly, I like Eiffel 65 & When they came out with the song "I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee)" back in the 90's That song waz the best and I dont have a problem with them its just that they disappeared and went to europe and stuff. My point is they pretty much burned out over here in the US. IF someone doesnt agree, just make a comment.
Excuse me? The Blue Man Group is a COMPLETELY different band. I guess I can see the connection, though. But yeah, they've been a band longer, I think, I don't know.
the dude that sang blue is now the jack in the box dude. the others? they do voices for some gay ass kids' show.
I heard that they changed the name of the the group to the 'blue man group' and they do the commericals for the pentium 4 (or whatever it is now) processor ads. They have also made a cd and its awesome.
John Doe
"Actually, for ALL your informations!!! Eiffel 65 are currently in Italy, they've just recorded their second album and they're about to release their TENTH HIT SINGLE "80's stars", so HA! BEAT THAT! :oD *grins* That's more than i can say for some shitty bands! *grins* Anyway, Eiffel65 haven't been banned from the UK, coz the UK can recognise TALENT (which makes me wonder how the FUCK some bands got to relaes shit over here :oD) and the reason they haven't been onver in a very looong while is becauseL ONE: they've been promoting new stuff in other countries and TWO: Because their record Label "Eternal" went bankrupt, and so Eiffel have to look for a new record company! *grins* if you want to argue with me, then feel free! Emmae65@hotmail.com Have a nice day, and don't EVER diss the Eiffel! They do fantastic work, and don't diss it till you've listened to it, because i bet YOU couldn't write and produce what they do! :oP"
"Still doing bad euroshite as can be found on random Italian dance compalations (e.g.Euro dance 4) Banned in UK but Italian girls seem to like it"
"The lead singer guy killed himself. Blue was his so-called suicide note."
"Saw them recently in London. They were DIRE. 5 wasted. Apparently they still think the're "it". People were laughing at them when they did "Blue". I grimmaced all the way through it."
"Their record label went bankrupt ... obviously the records didn't sell that well and were rigged into the charts!"
"Oh, Eiffel 65 are just swell; although their contract with many record companies around the world has ended for the time being, they're doing well with the release of their 2nd album, "Contact!". None of them are "dead" as someone said; they are only resting.

As a matter of fact, their official site (www.eiffel65.it) has been updating quite a lot for some time and ofcourse their fans are there; thousands of them! :)

Eiffel 65 are alive and well, and doing great success in Italy, out of all places, and hopefully they will come back to America, Europe, UK, and maybe Australia, where I live."

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