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What Happened To Take 5?

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What Take 5 used to look like

Errr.... Who? Young boyband from Orlando

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How Take 5 looks now

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Yes, the boys all gathered in CA in Feb 2009 to record some music. (http://www.youtube.com/user/timchristofore#p/u/10/LKv60HZtcLg) Josh Keaton, from old boy-band No Authority, wrote and recorded the songs. Finances and distance made it difficult for the guys to get together again in order to complete an album and they have since all moved on with their lives.

Ryan completed law school and is working as an Entertainment Attorney in Los Angeles.

Clay completed Film School and is working as a Producer in L.A. working on the Grammy's set and Big Brother.

Tilky has continued his success in movies (The Guardian, Never Back Down and Every Day) and in television (One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and Single Ladies) and he continues to write and record his own music (Tilky and the Brigade).

TJ and Stevie live in Orlando. Stevie has a daughter, Syrie, and TJ is expecting his first son, Jude, to arrive Sept 2011. TJ continues to work in the music industry, performing in several different bands (The Current - http://www.youtube.com/user/timchristofore, HYPR - http://www.tskorman.com/?page_id=277, Pretiege and Dance Express to name a few, that play the local FL scene as well as travel the United States and neighboring countries. All 5 guys remain friends and very close. Hope this help update all you Take 5 fans out there. : )
Steffanie Christofore (TJ's Mom%2
on their myspace and facebook, tim "tj" christofore and stevie "sj rose" sculthorpe had posts confirming their reunion and that they had studio sessions in the first week of feb 2009 and there's even a photo of the 5 of them together :D
I heard one of the older blonde one has been in a movie on www.imdb.com. There isn't that much information about them on that movie site. Very cute guys, a bit too young for me. I went to see them back in Feb 1999 in Capital Radio Cafe Leicester Square. They were an hour late or so.
I heard through the grape vine that they are currently split up and one member moved to a nice home in Australia nothing has been said about a new album or the band ever reuniting
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