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What Happened To Overend Watts?

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Errr.... Who? Bass player with "Mott the Hoople"

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Overend Watts was famous for his bass of choice which was a white Gibson thunderbird. Also famous for a multitude of thigh high platform boots wore onstage 1972..74 in a range of colours...white, black, red, green and leopard skin. Sprayed his hair silver with car paint (image is everything). Look out for his black handmade 'swallow' bass (a brute to play but looked fab). A true Rock'n'Roll star. Sorely missed.
Bobby Balloch
I have just heard that Peter passed away peacefully in his sleep following a long and courageous battle with throat cancer .
Rest in Peace .x
Tim Alsop
I know exactly where he is, and he wants to be left alone, spoke to him this evening actually, Pete's a real nice bloke and a good friend of mine, he'll let you know himself if he wants to be found.
Ivan Counsell
pardon the Senior moment, Peter! - 'The Dook of Bedford Park' was late 1980s (reconstructed memory by virtue of a particular boneshaker bicycle I was using at the time)
marcus Lecky
History keeps repeating - in about 1980 Peter had a shop in Chiswick in West London, called (in characteristic Overend Spelling....) 'The Dook of Bedford Park' - himself of course being the aforementioned 'Dook'. The shop seemed to have bugger-all in it, but every item was lovingly labelled, atrociously-spelt style! Love you, Pete - named my son after you!
Marcus Lecky
He's got the old band back together as Mott The Hoople will be reuniting for three October dates at the Hammersmith in London.
For a while he owned a retro style shop in Hereford called, 'The Dinosaw Market' (now closed) but now sells 70s style memorabilia over the internet. A great character and eccentric!
He turned up in a book by a female porn star - apparently he has an enormous appendage nearly as big as his guitar!
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