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What Happened To Dean Cain?

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Errr.... Who? He played Clark Kent in The New Adventures of Superman in the 90's

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last i saw of dean cain he was in smallville
Did he make an appearance in the show, called "Las Vegas" on the cable channel #551?
Laura N.
Who recently guest starred on Smallville last year (season 7) as a villain in 'Cure'.

In 2003 he played Sanaa Lathan's husband in Denzel Washington's movie 'Out of Time'.
said in smallville mag there trying to get dean cain to be in smallville i hope he says yes to be in it the there is too hot boys to watch then yum
julie from swalbes
He's been in Hope and Faith... was a news reader that dated Hope when she was a weather girl.
He recently starred in a movie on the USA network about Scott Peterson. The resemblance was uncanny...I thought it was Scott peterson on the cover of TV guide, but it was Dean Cain.
I think he was on Las Vegas as some big rich guy
Sweet angel 85
He appeared on Channel 4's "The Curse Of Superman" last Saturday (15 July 2006).
Katy Ingram
He has a bit part in the movie Rat Race - as the guy in the swimming pool. I think he plays Amy Smart's character's boyfriend.
He was in a really bad film (possibly a made-for-tv one) about some futuristic sport. The name escapes me....

Futuresport i think it was

Last I saw of him he was in 'Out of Time' with Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes. He played the crazy boyfriend.
Minty Chick
Currently the host of Ripley's Believe It or Not or at least he was.........
Michael W.
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