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Errr.... Who? First drummer for Blink 182

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hello, i am scotts cousin. he had a drinking problem while he was in blink. tom and mark kicked him out of the band. then went to rehab, then college for quite a few years. he still resides in poway.
I just met a guy claiming to be him. He's living in a halfway house in Brooklyn, so you have to question the authenticity of someone like that. However, after looking over photos on the internet (and finding my way here), I have to admit that this guy looks like the pictures of Scott after years of abusing drugs and/or alcohol. He has a ton of tattoos all over his arms and on his jaw/ lower lip. He is a hell of a nice guy... very sweet from the 15 minutes I spent talking to him. Regardless of whether he is Scott or just some crazy fan that was told he looks like him and stuck with it, I wish him the best of luck.
Scott is alive and well and kicking ass in Los Angeles. He is currently playing with a band called Fantasticas Bastidas that creates a dynamic blend of raw post punk, surfy, and ambient songs. It gets loud, it get sweaty, it sounds good. Check them out sometime if you are in the city! They are one of the best underground bands around.
I love the way some people state their opinion so emotionally and with such force(by using all caps) and have no sense of grammar what so ever! haha
Jason: .. the millions of girls humming along, "all the small things" -- I know exactly what your saying.. or at least I see where you are coming from. Was the idea of getting TOO big one of the reasons for your departure?

Scott: No, I have no problem with success on that level just not in that way. Music turned into music business, and I wasn't ready to deal with the game. And I was always the one saying, "let go this way" and they wanted to go "that way," and so did everyone else surrounding the band. So guess who got kicked, "overboard?"
I just want to contact Scott and find out my self and figure out the BS behind this. I'm hearing drinking problem vs College. I don't know who to believe, but if i could find the the guy and talk to him and find out his side vs blinks that would be great. I'd hate to see him go down without any recognition. He was the drummer on their first three albums before Enema of the state and deserves credit. Whether he was a drunk or a kid on his way to college or who knows, He deserves recognition.
Tom and Mark were bad friends.
and BTW, last post before mine submitted by Scott claiming they made that up to avoid controversy... is probably Scott Raynor. what a loser :| Google it, blink didn't make up shit.. Scott has admitted it on occasion
IT WASNT COLLEGE YOU F**KING RETARDS do some research before u post. scott was kicked out for drinking i just read a full interview BY scott if u dont believe me google it the interviewers name is jason. they asked him to go to rehab one weekend, he said he'd think about it and when the weekend was finished he said he'd do it but it was too late (according to the interview) the truth is he spent that weekend drinking THEN said he'd go to rehab but by then it was too late they didnt trust him anymore
He wasn't kicked out cuz of drinking, they just made that up to avoid controversy. They real reason is because mark and tom wanted to make the band a more professional career and scott didn't want to so they kicked him out and travis joined. But Scott still kicks his ass at drumming!
From what I know Scott announced he was leaving the band after the band's big LA show. Except instead he had to go home to his family which placed Travis as the replacement drummer as he was considered to be a really big fan and knew all the songs well. I do not know however if Scott left the band for college or if he had a drinking problem.
Avid Fan
Moyst Loyst is right.
does it really matter? travis barker is the most looked up to drummer today... No offense to blink, but mark or tom arent on the skill level of travis. But they havent been playin their instruments since they were four like he has either... Best decision blink made was to get TB!
yes scott had drinking habbit but to be honest who doesn't so they marked up travis who is cleaner.....please. scott had more punk non rhythmic beat to the music, i like old blink much more because of this. travis changed the band to a perfect pop punk style, and if you doubt me just listen back. i went to the dallas show (awesome concert) but you know which version of blink was more into the hey we are friends forever category i guess till mark decided that they could do without scott and travis has always seemed to regret that move
Chris Jones
He was kicked out the band to attend drinking college
i found this on wikipedia

"On February 8th, 2009, Blink-182 had reunited, but Travis Barker was recovering from surgery from his plane crash. DeLonge and Hoppus asked Raynor if he would fill in for part of the Summer 2009 tour, and he agreed."

just wondering if this is real or not?
Scott was basically kicked. He had a drinking problem that the band confronted him about and told Scott that he should attend rehab. Scott asked if he could have the weekend to think about it and the band agreed to it. So Scott went out and got drunk and the next week he told the band that he'd go into rehab to sort the drinking out. By that time, the band already made their minds up about the situation and said that he couldn't be trusted. So they kicked him out of the band.
scott left because:
yeah but.... travis barker is f***in sickk...
Thomas L.
to the ashole mike who left the last comment. blink is officially back together dickweed. but yeah scott was kicked out because he had a drinking problem which is f**ked up cuz travis barker does more than just drinking.
mike w.
whoever thinks he just "quit" the band to go to college is dumb as sh*t. he got kicked out cuz of his drinking problems. and who the hell cares blink isnt even getting back together. mark and travis are starting their own solo albums and tom is staying with ava.
It was neither drinking nor college, it was disputes between the direction they wanted the band to go and for reasons unexplained
Tom and Mark denied that the song "Man Overboard" was written about or had anything to do with scott raynor.
Heres the WHOLE STORY of why Scott left.
Blink 182 never started out with their current member Travis Barker but with their original drummer Scott Raynor. Contrary to popular belief, Tom DeLonge and Scott started the band and then Mark Hoppus joined, quit, and then re-joined. While the band's success was growing and Blink 182 was on tour, arguments were forming between the members.

Scott wanted to take the band in a different direction than Mark and Tom did, so all was not well within the trio. Scott started disappearing between shows and even skipped out on a few so Travis Barker of the Aquabats was asked to fill in a few times.

Scott Raynor kept pulling further from his band mates and at the same time he was drinking excessively. He was told to clean up his act and he asked for the weekend to think about it. Scott decided to quit drinking, but it seemed that it was too late and he was already fired. The Blink 182 line-up was broken and Travis was hired permanently.

The whole situation seems unfair, but that's pretty much the way it went down according to Scott's Absolute Punk interview. Mark and Tom remain silent on the subject so not many people know for sure what happened when the original Blink broke up. Scott is currently in another band and is still working with the organization Stand Up For Kids. Listen to Blink's song "Man Overboard"; it seems to explain the story pretty well.

From: http://blink182.punk-online.net/info/scottstory.html

Moyst Loyst
your right he did not leave blink because of college that bitch drank to much and went in rehab and he also like metal so travis came along
Actually he was kicked out for drinking too much, and he asked for a weekend to think about going to rehab when mark and tom demanded he stop drinking or quit. When the weekend was over, Scott told them he'd do it, they said he couldn't come back in the band.
No, he didnt leave to go to college, he drank to much and didnt show up to some shows. he also wanted to do heavy metal not punk so he was replaced with travis barker
Okay people! He was NOT kicked out of Blink! He left the band because he wanted to go back to college!!!!!
Kicked out of Blink for not goin to rehab... in some band called Grumpy. There were some rumors about him being shot dead but those were fake.
Mike W.
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