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What Happened To Jonathon Brandis?

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i can't understand why he took his own life, he was still working, pretty recently too, i saw recently he was in the movie harts war with bruce willis and collin pharrel.
Jonathan Brandis committed suicide by hanging. This was brought on by depression, a suicide affect that was atributed to some acne medication he was taking at the time. The medication has since been removed from the market after a tragic increase in suicides in the patients that were using it.

Very tragic indeed...
3080 :)
I too got a huge shock upon discovering that Jonathan was dead. Although I read all the available information, I still think it all sounds a bit sus, like some kind of bizarre prank. The fact that it was late at night and one of his friends was there just does not ring true if it was indeed suicide or an accident. I'm sure all the facts are not evident even at this point in Feb 2007.
I'm sure he is sorely missed by all who knew him as well as by us, his admiring fans.
Long Live the memory of Jonathan Brandis and Seaquest DSV!!
I can't believe he took his own life. I remember seeing him when I was little in "Never Ending Story" and I thought he was so handsome- I developed such a crush! And he seemed to have a lot of acting gigs. It just goes to show you you never know what is going on behind the beautiful faces. So tragic. I won't forget him.
I didn't want to believe it when I was watching one those E hollywood shows. I ran to my computer to see if it was true. I am sooo heartbroken, he was truly a sweet and beautiful actor. I guess, he was used to smiling on the outside; no one truly knew of his torment on the inside. We have truly lost a wonderful soul! I haven't been this somber since the death of another actor close to my heart; River Phoenix! Doesn't anyone care anymore about these poor souls....I mean they give up a lot to entertain us! I will never forget you, Jonathon!
its came as such a shock really. i just saw a rerun of one of my favorite children's movies with him as the lead role (Never Ending Story HBO) when i decided to look him up and see how he is now. this year, 2006 of April, is the only time i found out about jon's sad departure. with all his legions of fans and friends and family, i'm sure he could have shared his problem, pain, heartbreak to anyone of them and be spared from his choice of suicide. In all his picutes, he never showed one ounce of an internal problem on his beautiful face. that goes to show that everyone on the planet really needs someone and that those someones should be reaching out more often especially during these times.
It's October 17, 2005 and I had no idea this had happened . I just found this site and was looking through it. It's so sad. I always liked all the movies I saw him in. He always looked like such a sweet boy.
It has been almost 2 years and i barely found out today that jonathon had died. its sad to see that some one that looked so happy and professional was really hurting inside....makes you wonder about the people that you are close to....whats going on in their head...
He committed suicide by hanging in 2003
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