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What Happened To Edward Furlong?

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What Edward Furlong used to look like

Errr.... Who? Played the Kid in the Terminator films

How Edward Furlong looks now

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Eddie Is still alive a didn't die, he is recently filming in the projects:

He died from a suspected drug overdose
he was in the metallica video for the unnamed feeling it mightn't look like him but trust me its him
He was on tv last night talking about T2 as a talking head, looks a bit camp. Also got arrested reacently trying to save a monkey of some other animal rights nonsence.
the badger
Eddie is lovely and everyone should leave him alone, he's prob got a heart of gold but is bein influenced by the rest of those dumb arse actors. Poor eddie, i love u still! x x
Yeah, I got to admit he is pretty hot but, lately he has picked really bad parts in movies. American History X and Terminator were his best. The movie Pecker was so under him. I hope he starts picking better roles he has to much talent to waste it like that.
he's hot as hell...and still in movies and chillin in the young hollywood scene...see american history x, pecker, detroit rock city...those three happen to be some of my favorite movies
eat me
Involved in some drug scandal and is also one of Paris Hiltons ex's
He will be in london in October for the London expo, signing pics.
In 1999 he was in the movie "Detroit Rock City"
Post-prod on the next Crow movie called 'Wicked Prayer'
I heard that he was asked to be in Terminator 3 but was so f*cked up with drugs at the time that he coudnt be in it
last I heard he was doing time for assauly and battery of his girlfriend
played Danny in American History X
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