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What Happened To Ellie Campbell?

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Errr.... Who? Sang 'So many ways'

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well when did she supposedly die? she and her sisters auditioned for the 2nd x factor not long ago
dave baker
I've been trying to locate any info on wether Ellie Campbell is still an active performer. I know that she went to Asia, but what has happened to here since then? Can anyone put me out of my misery?
Brian Philcox
Urm...not quite! She's working on some new dance material at the moment under her real name "Tina"...
i'm fairly sure she is alive. her first singles two flopped then she disappeared before returning with a new single in 2001. that flopped too. i would like to know what happened to her since she was incredibly fit if a little boss eyed.
christopher owen howarddevoto2003@yaho
she died! duh! you didnt know that? Yah she died when she killed herself. dont u read the newspaper?
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