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What Happened To Clair Danes?

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She played the part of the Star in "Stardust"
She recently stared in an excellent movie with Richard Gere, called "The Flock". The two of them are social workers keeping an eye on violent sex offenders.
she was in "The Family Stone" it should be out on DVD/VHS soon
Claire Danes is actually going out with that guy who stared in the movie Big Fish. The son. His name is Billy Crudup I'm pretty sure anyway. He's really cute even though he's older.
You must be living under a rock for listing Claire Danes on this thing. The woman's been busy! starred in many movies over the past couples of years. Last thing I watched was "the hours" with Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Julianne Moore. Bloody disturbing movie...

Well yeah anyways..she's still around. Darn good actress too...

Linda a
claire is in a film called stage beauty also staring rupert everett
Actually she and ben lee split up a while back. she is now dating someone else (i forgot who).
She's either engaged or married to an Australian singer, Ben Lee.
she starred in the film "The Hours".....Also starring Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Julianna Moore and Ed Harris
The name of the movie is Shopgirl. She also has another movie in pre-prod called Flora Plum.
"She actually has a new movie out, don't know the name."
"Has a starring role in T3: Rise of the Machines"
Ange Lobon
"She's goes to University now and doesn't know if she is going to go back to show biz"
"appearing in "Igby goes down" with Keiran Culkin"
"advertises on TV for ZA cosmetics"
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