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Errr.... Who? Had 4 hits including "Sweet love 2k"

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Sabrina has a pretty little girl and now goes by the name "Mizz Teejah".
She is now a dancehall artiste who has a myspace blowing up tunes.
check it out.
A very big fan!!
sabrina goes by the name mz teejah and has a daughter.still rapping! and chantal now known as karamel is in a hot new girl group called 4flava! aisha seems to have disapeared!
dave baker
the lead singer was on never mind the buzzcocks with simon amstell in the line up and they had to guess who she was
Saw them at Urban Music Seminar 2003, have now reformed band and were performing new track. Are gettin a deal and should bback v soon! They were wikid btw had lonnng chat wit them! Lovely girls!
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