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Errr.... Who? Had two top 40 hits including 'Body rock'

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they were a good pop group. shame they didn't really blow up. Natalie by far the prettiest.
they have a download only single being released later this year according to their my space page!
LEAH from tymes 4, is focusing on song writing now more than singing adn has just given birth to a baby girl with her boyfriend RUSS from damage xx
Friend of LEAH TRIBE
melissa had a hit last year with supafly inc and taymah had a baby boy.
dave baker
I saw Tymes 4 at my school and on tour - they were great. Body Rock was fantastic. They were never the same after Holly, the prettiest and most talented one left. She had a hit with "I'm in Heaven" with Jason Nevans. Guess what I have just found out that she is in the Starlight Express tour - in England. She's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Layla De La Pena
They released their album, 4 Story, in Holland and in several countries in Asia... but it didn't do well, and the girls split! Now, Leah and Taymah are going together as a duet... In late 2003, they've got into the final ten of the UK BBC Urban Talent show hosted by Trevor Nelson... and then, in early 2004, they worked on their demo with producers Black Cherry... To see their live performance at the BBC Urban Talent show, click here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/talent/urbanmusicprize/vote2/urbanmusic1.shtml
The girls went to europe and japan after england and had quite a lot of success... They disbanded compleatly a year ago and now natalie, mel and leah are doing solo stuf and taymah is writing music for other artists.
felisha robain
one of them left to have a big club hit last year with a song called Im in hevaen it had that Human Nature sample in from Michale Jackson
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