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Errr.... Who? All those 80s movies (Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club)

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She's on a new show called "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" or something, on ABC Family or something. I don't think it'll last long ha
Was in an episode of Medium, this year 2006.
I heard some producer wanted to try and get all the people from The Breakfast Club to come together and make a part two. When I read this (can't remember were) everyone but, Emilio Estevez had said they were up to it.
I saw her in the West End last summer (2004) as Sally in When Harry Met Sally. She was good.
Shes a major charactor in the mini serise, The Stand, a steven King novel in tv form, you can see it on the Si - Fi channle if you have Sky.
She was in this bad Australian horror movie called \'Cut\', made 99? 2000? something like that.
i heard their making 32 candles, a sequel to 16 candles.
I don't remember which magazine it was, but it was a summer issue from 2003, and it showed Molly 8 months pregnant. It said that she was married to a director now, and I think that it is her first child w/this guy. But I don't know.
had a cameo appearance in 'not another teen movie'
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