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Errr.... Who? Corey from 'Boy Meets World'

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I actually just saw Ben Savage on an episode of Chuck! I was like, WHOA, it's CORY! Hahaha. He looks around the same, maybe a little chubbier...? He was playing a nerdy guy who used to know Sarah in high school or something.
Justin B
All i know about Ben Savage is after he did the show of Boy meets world he went to college got a degree in political science did a movie on Car Babes. And now people are saying he's dead. He's not dead people it's just a silly and sick rumor trying to cause trouble for Ben Savage.
Melissa Daly
My latest movie is currently in production,it's called Car Babes and i have the main role as Ford Davis, it promises to be very funny and is about the lives of car sales men!
Check it out!
Ben Savage
I never could stand Fred Salvage. I thought i wouldn't like ben either but once i started watching boy meets world reruns I noticed he was a way better actor than his brother and alot funnier.
Ben currently lives in Washington D.C. Not sure if he is attending school or acting but that is his current place of residence. Some advice: Don't talk about Topanga. I guess he really used to have a thing for her but she denied him for the NSYNC dude. I would be pissed if I were him too.
He's attending college at San Diego State he rides his bike to school my buddy and i saw him. dont know what he is studing yet.
He attends college at Stanford. He tried to kick my friends ass because he was talking to Ben's girlfriend.
So basically, Ben has spent his years since 'Boy meets world' shrivelling in the aura of greatness from his shiny, shiny brother...
Rachel is a cowgirl
Actually the mole was Fred also, not Ben
He was The Mole in Austin Powers Goldmember, You can't miss him...Look for the mole on his face!!!! :p
um, no. Fred Savage (Ben's brother) was the one in The Rules of Attraction. He used to be on that show "The Wonder Years."
He was in "The Rules Of Attraction" playing a cameo as a smackhead.
"Just signed a acting contract in the USA"
"Still acting. Currently working on a new film called "Swimming Upstream""
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