Bored At Uni

If you're a bored student, you've come to the right place! Even if you're bored at work or just at home looking for things to do, Bored at Uni is here to reduce your boredom for a while.

We were always bored at university (and college, school, and work for that matter) so we decided that students needed a place to visit for some fun instead of thinking about coursework, revising for exams, or the pain of a hang-over from a night out.

Latest Funny Words

Over the years, thousands of words and phrases that people have made up for use in their own conversations have been submitted to us and we have published them in a kind of alternative dictionary. These are the words that we've received most recently...

It means 'Most Idiotic, Nerdy, Dumbest, Low on Enthusiasm and Stupid Subject'. It's for the subject you hate the most.
Rude in a funny way
Bits of dry poo on bum hair
Lay a Steaming Grogan
Do a poop
Pets name or a term of endearment

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