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Errr.... Who? Boy-band

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no, lee west was in north and south. i know im sad that i know that, and am correcting u on it...but it has to be done!
Alan is now working in Vodafone. He moved to Turkey as an entertainer in 2000, then to Lanzarote, before going to New York for a few years.
Alans Mate..From Turkey
hey i fink OTT r gr8! wot they up 2 now??????

email me: wil03021002@ndai.ac.uk thankz

Yeah the one who works for Vodafone was on my bus this morning, bless. But I heard him sing at a karaoke recently and he was fantastic! Should have made it on his own.
Alan is now working in Vodafone head office in Sandyford in Dublin as a Customer Service Rep .
Diana (dolly lolly)
Glen (real name Tiernan) goes to de Mont now. I met him in the union a while back. I think he's doing theatre.
Alan and Glen moved to New York but Glen is back in Dublin now. Alan is a barman in an irish pub
One of the singers, Lee Otter, sprang up as a solo artist a year or two back as Lee West.

He bombed.

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