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DId Alan actually respond to your email? maybe you should have him email me also.... i wanna see hows adam is doing...

Luv, Ashanie
Hey Alan

Its Linda if your back on Email me when you get a chance I lost your mobile number how blonde..

Chat soon Babe

PS: Scarlet Elaine Fitz


Linda F
Well i wish i had info but i thought OTT were one of the better 90s boybands, Story Of Love is a class tune indeed!


OTT rock!!the best band and i miss them heaps : (
Those were the days eh. They seem like so long ago. If anyone wants to chat about their days following OTT, my email is: journo_uk@hotmail.com
Does anyone know if the guys have myspace pages?
Well if you ever come on this site again Alan.... do you remember Charlee - my daughter with leukeamia whom you met us on the big breakfast??? Well woohoo long time ago now - Char is nearly 15 and doing brilliantly.. If you kept in touch with the guys or Adam Lambert give em my love and get in touch. Asilnotlew64@hotmail.com love lisa
Lisa & Charlee
sorry had to type below in a rush ignore my crap spell check xx
gosh I used to be mad for this lot! I was hugely into alan an me and my mates gemma, Sarah and Joanne ( all from Blackpool)use to try and follow them everywhere we could we were only about 16 at the time. I mate some great people Zoe from oxford, Jude from Manchester, Carla from Manchester , debs from Dublin....if you lot are around drop us a line!

Alan good to hear you are doing well and this makes me want to pop over and say oi oi as now at least I am old enough to drink!

to all the guys hope you are well and happy

holly (Scottish)

ashanie, i recently met up with alan he's a great guy, i think adam is at university though i'm not sure where, if i can find alan and he's been out of the country for years all i casay is keep trying!!!!!!!!
Hi guys....im going to UK next month..... i really need to see Adam MAtes.....DOes anyone know where he is????? gosh i miss him.....
if anyone knows, pleaseeeeeee let me know.....
Thank ya' all......
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