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Errr.... Who? Dad in 'Little House on the Prairie'

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hahaha...I see Matthew is reading this site!
also not an acquaintance....
Matt, who not only continues to work in the entertainment industry, was in "Deadly Friend" which is arguably one of the best movies ever to come out of that period whereas "an acquaintance" is a nobody who swallows sausage in an effort to feel better about their worthless life while having a go at everyone else due to his incredible jealousy. I wonder who the happier of the two is...
Not an acquaintance
I have know Matt for 3+ years now. I play World of Warcraft with him. He lives in California and has a home in NY. He claims to have a girlfriend but she is never around and my gaydar says differently. (I am gay) He is pretty conceited and contrary to what most people think I do not think he is a nice guy. He can't find a job as an actor so he does voice over work. All you people who idolize him should get a life or find a more worthy subject. So yeah.
an acquaintance
Matt is doing ADR work. I know that for sure.
Ethan Tudor W.
Matt's birthday is December 8, 1966. I talked to him yesterday. He is a great guy, and a good friend.
A Friend
I wish people would stop saying 'could care less'. It is could NOT care less, the other way makes no sense !!!!!!
maybe the reason people might think matthew laborteaux is gay is because of the last line of his bio on wikipedia: "Laborteaux is the adopted brother of actor Patrick Laborteaux and actress Jane Laborteaux. He is the adopted son of Frances Marshall Laborteaux. He's also close friends with violinist Joshua David Bell." no info about wife & children, just that he's close to the violinist joshua david bell. I thought they meant he was gay when I read it and I figured others might have thought that as well. either way it doesnt matter....he was great as albert ingalls and I still enjoy his acting. :-)
I want to tell the woman who said he had a son with autism, that probably Matthew had some form of Asperger's more than autism. If your child has autism, follow what your neurologist and psychiatrists tell you to do. ABA is especially effective. Also be very consistent and be an advocate with your child's school. Also, if he can follow directions, you could try acting and choir singing. He can improve, though whether he'll be able to live a basically normal life depend on how serious his symptoms are and how much he is affected on his cognitive area.
I'm an Asperger myself, I was adopted at half past four with a diagnoses of autism, but my psychiatrist believed it was really Asperger + something stress and attachment related. Now I'm on the lowest pint of the spectrum. I don't have stable relationships and I'm over organized, plus I still retain hypersensitivy to smells and tastes, and noises. Otherwise I'm typical, even qualified as a foster mother myself.
does little house on the prairie still come on?
if it does plese let me no sexiislutalldaway@gmail.com

or just write a mesge here
plses and thx

o and bout matt i used to no him i had a little seen in lhotp i do no that hes in new yorkit was just when i was a year or so
Ok PLabyorteaux is Patrick's Twitter username. I waited 4 my previous post to show up b4 I posted this. (see my previous post)
Saffron N
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