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Strangely, I was trying to find a way to get back in touch with him when I came across this website. I didn't know anything like this existed. It seems rather strange to me, but I guess if there is a call for it, then it should exist:) Matt is a very nice and open minded guy. He likes to take his time to get to know people well, but will open himself up to you if he trusts you. He is not a judgmental person, and didn't ever distinguish between someone who is gay, or straight, or bi. He never tried to label anyone, or stick them into a pre-fab box. He was very open to liking whomever he got along with, and didn't judge people by whether or not they were famous, etc, even. After the interesting talks I had with him I would say that he would not be bothered to call himself straight, or gay, or anything else of that nature. He would just be who he is, and like whatever or whomever he likes. It was a treasure knowing him, and I wish I hadn't lost track of him when I moved across the country. It is nearly impossible to get back in touch with someone that used to be famous, if you lose touch:/
Worked with him in the 90s
I would Gave anything to see Mattew Please Matthew call me I am in Valdosta Ga
julissa clapp
I am posting this letter on here knowing quite well that there will be people who will pick it apart and use it as an excuse to dish out their own brand of hatefulness. Personally I have had a life full of hate and whatever you say about me or this letter can be nothing to what I have experienced already. So I will just say take you're best shot and least I will have the consolation in knowing that if you are talking about me then that's means you are leaving some else alone. I post my life history here in the hopes that someone who knows Matthew Laborteaux directly will forward this letter to him. I don't have too much time left and it is very important that he knows what he has done for me. Without his and Michael Landon's portrayal of love for each other, I would have been just another statistic. Unlike others on here I could care less what his sexuality is and only want to thank him for the person he was. Please if anyone knows him, make sure he gets this letter and i would be forever grateful. Make an old man's wish come true. In the end I would say that if you were an orphan such as myself then by all means watch this LHOTP and feel the moment. You will never forget it. My email address is kingjames5555@gmail.com

September 13th 2010

Dear Matt,

Let me give you a little history on myself and then maybe you can understand why I felt compelled to write you. I was born on July 14th, 1951 , I was an orphan my entire life and was in boarding schools for my whole child hood. I was one of the unlucky ones I guess when it came to adoption. I guess no one wanted me. I was peddled from one school to the next and it seemed no one could control me as I allowed no one to get close to me. I became very hard and trusted no one and, went out of my way to make sure no one trusted me. It was the only way for me to survive.

At the age of 15 years old I had enough of the boarding schools and ran away and lived under highways and alleys here in Chicago and, done some things that I am not proud of to take care of myself during this time. Life had no meaning for me and though I thought of suicide often I was too much of a coward to do it, and I knew one day, I would lose this fear later in years and actually do it.

I always thought in my heart that I done something wrong for my parents to leave me. The guilt was overbearing and forced me into a world of solid stone, where I allowed nothing to touch me emotionally. I also believed in no God and never prayed to him to give me what I desired most, just a family, I only wanted someone to tell me that they loved me, but this was never to happen.

My suicidal thoughts were getting stronger and my fear of doing it myself was dissipating and I knew it was only a matter of time and, this feeling made me feel the best I had ever felt. Most of my problem was I was very intelligent for my age (I donít say this to boost up my profile) but, it was true. I had an ability to be able to listen to someone and not only did I know what they were going say before they actually said it but, I was able to pick apart what they said. I was actually too smart for my own good. It would have been better if I had been illiterate, at least I wouldnít know when someone was lying to me. I hated being smart more than anything cause I could not fool myself. This became apparent with dealings of people who tried to get close to me and, though I knew it was what I needed and wanted most I knew they were lying in most cases.

The rest of my teen years was spent sneaking into the library at nights to stay warm in Chicago and reading what I could during the late night hours. Unfortunately this was not enough and never did fulfill my loneliness and I think I was ready to die at this point in time but fought very hard with these feelings and they were taking over my entire thought process.

In my 20ís I was content to die but just fought with myself over the process in which way I would accomplish it. In my teens I had stolen everything there is to steal but was never able to get my hands on a gun though I wished I would have. I tried once to hang myself late one night in the library but the cloth I used ripped apart when I jumped off the table and ended up laughing about it. I remember saying to myself ďjust my luckĒ. I always stayed away from television as I would be punished every time a movie came on about a family and would turn it off not subjecting myself to this torture any longer. However this was to change on Sept 18th, 1978 a day I will never forget.

This year I had already survived for 27 years by not letting the thought of suicide win the fight that was in me all this time, at this point I had turned the thought of death into a game between me and my brain and I was not going to let the system win (the system that stole from me my child hood), I wanted a reason to live just didnít know at the time what would be the reason that could make me want to live again.

One day while reading a newspaper I had the television on to watch the news as this was all I ever watched anyways and I donít know what made me look up at the television but when I did, I seen you running with a blue lamp and Michael Landon chasing you to an under the stair case dwelling. I really canít explain what feeling I had at that point but I just knew that I had to watch this. In that moment in time I knew how this was going to turn out. Like I said I have a knack for figuring things out and I knew that he was going to take you with and eventually adopt you. This is the first time that I had actually wanted to watch a family situation and I think to this day that what made me comfortable was I could not pick apart what was happening. I had no experience in what was going on in front of my eyes on television but, for some reason I wanted to see how everything turned out for you. I was able to relate even at 27 years old to the situation you were in and I wanted to see what would happen. At this time I found my self waiting for the next episode.

I was hooked on what was going on here and I couldnít explain it, I still get goose bumps at my age when I think about it. Throughout the episodes I found myself feeling things I didnít think were possible and it scared me. I even had to question my own motives as I found myself attached to a young boy and didnít know why. In the episodes when you would cry I found myself crying and I was an older male who isnít suppose to be doing those things at his age. I had been sexually abused as a young boy in the boarding schools but I never had sexual feelings towards anyone of the same sex. This was scaring me really bad and my intelligence here was not a help for I was in an area I knew nothing about.

It had finally dawned on me after much soul searching that what was different here and what made me so comfortable was the fact that I was living my own childhood through your eyes and was finally able to see and understand that it was not my fault that my parents gave me up I remember crying myself to sleep many nights asking Mom and dad why did you leave me? Only to find myself now saying Ma and Pa why did you leave me.

You made the Albert character believable even to me. I found myself with feelings once again in my life. Through this story I was able to have a childhood even though pretend as it may have been, it changed me. I was able to cry once again and knew that if I could cry then everything would be okay. I think my favorite episode is youíre last episode where you are dying of leukemia because you handled it with such courage gave me the courage to face anything in my later years and I knew that suicide was no longer an option in my life.

In my later years I never married though I wanted to a few times but did not trust myself to be the father I should be or subject my children to what I went through. I mean I would have never left them but Iím not sure I could have loved them the way they needed to be loved, the way Michael Landon portrayed his love for you and I could not take that chance. What I went through I wouldnít wish on my worst enemy. This series has changed me in ways I didnít think possible and, I can honestly say that if I were to die today I would die not only happy but content. To feel the love that you and Michael Landon portrayed in this series as father and son and more importantly for me as Albert Ingallís was adopted is by far the best gift I could have ever received from anyone. I believe if a situation moves you to tears then you have felt the moment and it does not really matter if it was true for the tears are real the love is real and the experience is wonderful.

I know I donít have many years left and Iím too old to worry about change and I have had my share in writing pretend letters (the ones you write to your parentís but have no where to send) but felt compelled to write you this letter. What I have spoken here I have never spoken to anyone and only write it to thank you for what you have done for me. I also owe gratitude to Michael Landon as it was both of you who taught me that love is real and it wasnít my fault that my parents gave me up. I know Michael is dead now but lit a candle for him in church and Iím sure he saw me do that.

I think this series should be shown worldwide every 2 years or so to reach out to all the orphans so they can feel what it is liked to be loved by someone, what it means to have a family, the hardships of a girlfriend or a boyfriend, the ups and downs of life and the word that can conquer it all, Love!!

In conclusion Matt you are one of the lucky ones as I just found out something I didnít know and, that is that you and youíre brother Patrick were adopted in real life. How ironic but, it makes sense to me. This is why I believe you were so able to get most people wishing they had a son like you a brother like you, a friend like you. Emotion canít be bought not real emotion. I do miss the real Ma and Pa in my life and will always wonder what I would have become if they stuck around. I would like to think that it was the way you felt it, the way you showed it, the way you handled it in LHOTP after all I do believe that is the way it should be.

NoteÖI have written this letter many times knowing that I would never send it and it keeps coming back to me and feel now is the time to send it if I can hopefully find an email address on you. I want nothing in return but I would like only an acknowledgement that you received it. An acknowledgement by you of receiving this letter would complete my quest of setting things right in my life. Throughout my years I have been emotionally cruel to most good people who did attempt to help me and now I know that some of these people were sincere in their efforts and, though it is too late to make amends to them I will try by letting you know that youíre honesty in the portrayal Of Albert Ingallís was the only thing that could make me believe it was all possible and I'm not 100% sure that this is the way it goes but I do believe that this is the way it should be. Thankyou so much. Jim.
James Cichochi
Matt your so handsome, from the time you were 12 till you were 25 i had a crush on you but i got over it ,i had so many hollywood crushes from age 7 to 12 but like i said i got over it. Im 18 now and i have a boyfriend and he kinda looks like you when you where 20 Brittney P.S. I wish i would have known you in your early years. xoxoxoxoxoxox
I have read online that Matthew has a form of Autism called Aspbergers Syndrome. I believe his brother Patrick (of JAG series) has said that his brother is no longer acting but does do voicework.I wish the guy well. Hope this helps someone as curious as I was.
I luv little house on the prairie! i wasn't born until 12 years after it ended but i still luv it! I started watching it when i was about 6. I didn't see the 1's with matt until i was about 9 i have had the biggest crush on him since! Also he seems sooo sweet! u don't c guys like that everyday! He also had extraordinary talent!!
In 1982 I attended a celebrity softball game at Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Matthew Laborateaux was on the field and I was standing with a group of girls waiting for Matthew Laborteaux to come over to us and sign autographes. A boy about 16 was on the other side of the gate, who had a VIP pass to be there. We asked him to go get Matthew for us and he said, "Maybe you should have me go get someone else, maybe Michael Damian? Matthew is gay." Well we wanted him to get Michael Damian too, but first Matthew because he was closer to where we were. Matthew did come over, and he told us a story, and there was something in his mannerish that seemed a little odd as he told a story from the night before at the hotel he was staying at with his parents.

I don't know it as a fact, but I thought he was gay.
I was hoping to find true information on Matthew. I often wonder what he has done after Little House on the Prairie. I hope he is doing well!
no name
I just found this web site. I have been looking for info on Matt for along time because I have always been a fan and wondered what has happened to him. I am 61 yrs. old and have seen all the Little House episodes at least 100 times each. Personally, I dont care about his sexuallity at all !!! I just know he was a very good actor with so much heart and talent. I also know that he did not ever come back on the show as a Dr. The last show of him was the one where he was told he had leukemia and was dying. That was it. I just wish that Matt would make some more films and act, because there are not many good actors these days with his talent and ability to break your heart. You take care, Matt, and just be yourself. That is all that God wants for you...Sandy
Sandy S.
I can't believe what i'm reading.
Ya'll are pathetic for believing those nasty rumors about Matt.
What's wrong with you people ?
You guys are a joke.
All the people who are spreading these rumors :
get a life !
And for the record : i'm very sure that MATT is not going to read this site.
Because it's full of bullshit.
Everyone needs to shut up,and leave Matt be.
Stop talking crap about him.
And don't pretend like you all know him personally.
IF he would be gay,and i say IF,then it doesn't matter.
As long as he's happy.That's important.
But personally i believe he is absolutely NOT gay.
I heard that Matt is living happily in NYC.
That's great.I'm very happy for him.
And let's keep it that way.
I sure can name the great and positive things about him.
He's a great guy.He's an amazing actor.
He's cute.He's hot.He's sexy.He's sweet.
He's funny.He's charming.He's smart.
He's clever.He's adorable.He's awesome.
He is everything! I love Matt.I miss Matt.
I have a huge crush on Matt.I'm in love with Matt.I'm Matthew's biggest fan.For ever.
MCL fan
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